Lazia Cus

Lazia Cus aka the king of the internet has been organising a raid group to shut down leftypol with his "Alt-Right" buddies moustache Matt and nick Fuentes
So far a small group of us have infiltrated his discord server (links in the ghost in) and gathered as much info on him as possible.
We've flagged his YouTube for racism twice now.
Any one heard of this guy before?
Apparently he's a Bulgarian fascist who lives near Newcastle and Studies at Durham University.

Other urls found in this thread:

You know the thing about these foreign fascists who move to Western countries, wouldn’t it be a shame if they were to get deported over some routine immigration technically? Just thinking out loud here

speaking of which

Apparently he's been training to kill his enemies and works out every day.
See results in the pic

Post in his discord server that all bulgarian women belong to me

Are you ready to get stabbed in the neck leftypol? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚




Lazia "Bulgerian ratman" Cus.

Excuse me?

It's always the non-whites or scrawny nerds.

Is he a global mod?

From what I recall you can be banned from 4chan (not perma) for even mentioning Holla Forums so him being one or the other seems more likely than that dude somehow being a global vol for both

yeah hes a mod on 8pol

So this is what it looks like to be so fucking mentally ill you're both an admin and a mod

Dude probably thinks he's fucking Sun Tzu Machivelli and he looks like a god damn monkey fucked a frog hahahahahaha




Whats wrong with your faaaaace

Wait so he's a 4chan mod?

Hey Jude! I am the ideal aryan' πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
I joined a raid on another fascist server with him to listen in to what he says and some British Nazi called "Wolf" spent 30 minutes calling him a "Turkish Jew" to which lazia replied he was actually a descendant of Bulgarian royalty

Kristiyan Mechev (?) Velchev Aka "olerus kikerus" Aka "Lazia Cus" home address postal code : NE8 4SP attends durham university, Durham City his project ←—- inactive ←—- lazia teespring store [email protected] ←——-HIS EMAIL memeflows ←——-his instagram ←——-his twitch Malvus ←——-his League of Legends [email protected] ←——-HIS EMAIL lazia postcode NE8 4SP lazia steam page

this shit writes itself

what a fucking nerrrrrrrrrrrrd


He really knows his fucking angles lmao

But I doubt there's an angle of this dude's amphibian looking salamander face that looks good

Well at least he admits he has autism

He doesn't know if he wants to be a fascist or an Islamic supremacist



in a nationalist fascist state this man controls the gas chambers πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

what the fuck are those glasses

My man looking like diet cum

i think this is his vk? he looks lonely

Where is his chin


Don't feel too bad, he doesn't look human

My man wasn't born he was fucking grown

Bulgarian ROYALTY and emperor of the fascist pan european super state minus the chin

He's using his jacket to hide his chin hahahahaahahahahahahaha

So OP only has a history of posting ITT
I'm not sure if this counts as desinfo

Some of Lazia Discord "Fascists" who "like 14 year olds"
When the pedo nazi squad comes to bash your local proletariat

I checked out his info he's a nazi

ok lazia

Virgin Bulgarian

What do you mean?

hope this is proof enough that the info is genuine.
ive spent literally MONTHS having to larp along as his "friend" on discord… the man is genuinely a disgusting human being who is racist homophobic and misogynist. I only WISH i was joking about him.

First off he has nazi shit shit associated with his face all over it

Second of all his vk has nazi shit

Fuck my dude must be being set up

ive been infiltrating Lazia + Moustache Matt's discords they operate a network of Nazi Shills that report YT videos and slander and down vote people on social media.
Lazia initally had several extreme racist facebook pages and was associated with several prominent figures in the American Alt-Right. Now it seems he is their pawn in Europe for "alt-right" politics and is trying to influence impressionable youth into fascist ideology

Moustache Matt and Lazia are on a discord known as "inner heaven" with is a containment server for the "outer heaven" trolling/raiding discord servers.

once again im not a shill just some one who has spent months deep in this shit and im genuinely glad that i can reveal this stuff and crack open the alt rights european shill operation

Thanks for the info. But why spend so much time and effort on this? Just to expose them or is there something else?

Yes you're doxing him and stuff, I just find suspicious some of you don't have a previews posting history

I have a previous posting history what are you talking about

Lazia is actually running several "Roblox" servers where he is attempting to "Groom" underage children and corrupt children with hatred.
I am posting this to help raise awareness on the issue.
Fascism must be fought where ever it raises its ugly head.

This is autism

Haha holy shit
Now this is fucking praxis

I mean the guy, holy shit. This is autism. Fucking "grooming kids on roblox"

Yes you have, I'm talking about the other guys

You should try reporting him to discord admins and roblox admins

well i am not trying to disinfo this guy

here you can see every user name and detail corresponds to all the information ive given.
he admits he is a fascist. that alone should be enough of a condemnation for you trust that i am attempting to highlight that Lazia and his discord of shills are congregating to harass leftypol, children on roblox, women, jews, homosexuals and ethnic minorities not casually or by chance but with malicious intent

That's okay tho I think reporting him to the admins of those sites will be more productive

so far ive been cataloging his activities.
I have indeed contacted Discord who are "investigating" but as you can clearly see he has moved from facebook to google + to discord and spreads his fascist ideology to anyone stupid enough to listen

Well okay, continue with that tho maybe posting this stuff to other sites maybe more productive since Holla Forums is so obscure.
I'll leave now but with be watching this thread. Hopefully other vols won't touch but if you get banned or anything another site should really be a better platform

can you list some sites you think would be appropriate ?

Tweeter and leddit, outrage rolls better there
I'd recomend you to use a throw away account

since when are they mutually exclusive?