White Fragility Incoming

To put it frankly, I'm tired of the " fuck all crackers" rhetoric in leftist circles. Whatever, remove this thread, I'm a reactionary, etc, go ahead. I have read most of the post-colonialism, 'anti-blackness', critical race theory, etc. canon. I am often pat on the back for being a 'good white boy' or something… but I constantly hear "can't wait till all crackers are dead", "the white men fucked up when he was born", "thankfully the crackers are dying out and were taking over" (all things ive heard). I think this is really harmful, and it actually creates reactionaries and gives no chance to "open productive conversations about race" (whatever that utterly banalized phrase means). fucking first worldists… what do you think?

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I agree completely. I'm on Twitter and I have to see this shit in my feed constantly from my mutuals. And the few times I've called it out I lose followers.

Thank god all of the edomites are going extinct so I can have my designated shitposting flag back

Why not solve this with an ethnostate for blacks and an ethnostate for whites? I'm serious, those Burgers seem to be so much at each other throats then why not just let each have their own slice of land and see how it goes.

Because you would have to ethnically cleans both regions first you retard.

Am I not hearing this stuff because I'm fromthesouth or because im not on twitter?

this is in person in a midwest city

Yes cleanse less than 10 people per square mile, the horror. There are vast habitable and non-populated ares in the USA.

who woulda thought

how can you be white if youre american?

Simply this. Stupidity comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Is this ethnostate thing supposed to be a meme? Or do people actually believe that the US government could draw a line in the map Berlin Conference style and mass deport every single ethnic group to it's respective sub-country?

its disgusting in that it encourages right-wing rhetoric.
if people are thinking that blacks want to destroy their race and their race is dying out, they're going to hop onto that white ethnocentrism as a way to feel safe. it also scares some nationalists into thinking that immigrants really are taking over europe, and that its a race-wide plot to overthrow the hwite man.
either way, all nationalism does is fuel aggression between people of the working class.

Why do people approach it so stupidly? How about take some unpopulated (relative to the size of the USA) silver of land, designate it as an ethnostate, and let anyone who's interested to go live there without other peoples. It wouldn't need to be big since almost no one is interested in this besides white nationalists and even fewer black nationalists, it would rid society of stormfags of all colors and make it much more bearable. ideally this would come about during the balkanization of the USA or at least be a precursor to it, which is the actual thing I'm hoping for

It's just weird twitter doing their usual self-defeating ironic shitposting. Ignore it.

it's a dumb proxy for identity, instead of indulging such absurd fantasies we should help people understand the real causes of their alienation. Holla Forums LARPers are universally unhappy and afraid, they understand the world through memes. The socratic method works well on them. it only takes a small nudge to make their whole world crumble.


wow genius
i wonder why we're floundering hmm…

The smart way to go about it is to set up those "slivers of land" with extermination camps, and when ethnonationalists get there, you kill them.


You mean like they did in the past only under much more gruesome natural conditions and far less advanced technology? You mean how they attempted at Liberland but ceased only because of government intervention? Fact of the matter is, given a relatively easy opportunity like that, unlike the Zambian Holla Forums fantasy, the extremists of the movement would flock there (and you're forgetting the entire fucking movement is extreme). The city dwellers even more so, considering most of them are young people looking for jobs and moving places all the time, will be tempted in by the untamed land to homestead and actually own something in their would-be ideal state. Then if it's of any promise the rural hicks and KKK hobbyists will come over.

This is actually a really great thing, because the moment "niggers and spics" are no longer to blame, the moment there isn't a Jewish 5th column, class consciousness will begin to develop. And it makes sense too; get rid of the distractions, get rid of the other denominators that differentiate them from other people in society, and the only thing that remains is class.


Imagine a fat, basement dweller stormfronter kekistani leaving behind his spoiled life to start a new country in the same conditions as the american colonialists lived on

If that is the kind of people that will live there then I concede. You've completely changed my mind. I'd love to see them slowly die of lack of medical care, lack of sanitation or any other death caused by the lack of services that require people with higher education.

Don't most contemporary leftists already want to do that but with white people?

Idpolers and SJWs are liberals, and liberals aren't leftists. They get the bullet too.


It's not even bait (sorta was), but I'm being serious. There are SOME leftists that really have no other political views other than kill white people.

But that's the majority of the contemporary left now. If you oppose this maybe you're the one who will get the bullet?

Their foothold is entirely artificial and propped up by mainstream media and alphabet soup, just like fascism used to be. Or do you not find it suspicious that they somehow made it from being despised on Plebbit and being in the darkest armpits of tumblr to being on the forefront?

Nazis aren't leftists kiddo

I entirely think that SJWs are antithetical to a more powerful left, but contemporary communists buy into all this SJW bullshit too. If you haven't noticed all the guys complaining about Idpol are white guys, and that quality alone warrants dismissal from most of the left. So I dunno, I think you're delusional if you believe you're going to outnumber or beat the SJW's

Honestly that sounds really tin foil-y
But at the same time its somewhat believable

I still think you give the FBI too much credit though.

Yeah, that's kinda horrifying, actually, especially since you don't have any empirical reason to do so other than "There are currently racial antagonisms which we could supposedly solve by shipping them somewhere else." The reason cleansing doesn't work is because those ten people per square mile are probably not going to be happy that you're wrenching them out of their lifelong homes and saying "whites get this area, you get a different one". If they react poorly, then what? You would have to arrest and probably kill them, and all for a feeling that they'd be better off "over there somewhere".

They will scurry back into their holes the second they realize that shit has gotten serious.

I would stand beside a black nationalist before i stood by someone who believes that the fears they have about genocide as a race aren't justified tbh. Same with a white man who has experienced just a little too much antagonism. Maybe the solution is to have a system that lets everyone live with people they want to live with? A system where white people can just pack their bags and move some place with people like them, and the system itself will allow this… Something like a township, or a commune or something, where people work for the common good together or something. Am i a librul?

And then, how do you stop non-whites from moving to that area? "Shitskins Keep Moving" signs all over the place?

Dewd you think u r aloud to make cents?


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lost followers holy fucking shit dude wow what a shock that your movement gets fucking nothing accomplished.

"I said the truth and lost FOLLOWERS so now I don't say the truth anymore! Oh well we will get this figured out in the next fake election!" - Retard

Have a more polite sign that says "this is a majority caucasian area. Please bring cheese and ugg boots!" or something.

white lefties trying to grapple with the fact that their own "comrades" want them exterminated because of their race


Idk it got a bunch of Jews gypsys Americans gooks chinks and king worshipping euro faggots killed in ww2 so it can't be that bad

Fuck it I'm summoning ww3

I'm still not sure what kind of false flag this is building to - but for future reference, Holla Forums generally despises this sort of idpol shit and we're pretty open about it.

Wow somebody posts a good idea instead of talking about some 200 year old book and it took the government this long to send in one of their sociopaths. Go get shot like a good piggy.

The fuck are you on about?

You subhuman street shitting animals are all going to starve to death when we're gone. I hope you die of starvation cholera super nigger monkey people aids. Eek eek in hell you disgusting shitskins.


Impossible. Just look at Brazil. Brown people with light skin will suddenly become the new "white people" if all pure caucasians were removed from America.

Oh, so this is what it was leading up to.

Not really surprised.

t. future victim of communism

Idpolers are to be exterminated.

shhh let them both go at it

this is prevalent on twitter the most ime

but i agree its fucking stupid listening to that shit. in fact, i usually stop talking to anyone that tries that stuff. its dumb and counterproductive for the left.

nah, those are just reactionary blacks. seriously, modern black nationalists use that rhetoric all the time and imo they are not left wing at all… just fucking right wingers dressed up as communists or "revolutionaries". they just happen to get a pass because they're… well, black,.. and history of course.

i've even seen hispanics do this too with their fucking mexican flag waving. man, as an actual communist, that shit pisses me OFF.

they fucking wave their shitty fucking bullshit oppressed nation flag, like anyone gives a fuck whether it burns, like it is even fucking relevant to the struggles here.

i fucking hate nationalism man, all of it.
the only "nationalism" i've ever understood is Tito style, which was solely purposed for the construction of a socialist state. Everything else can fucking burn

This is only half true. I like people like the BPP. Those guys had goals and were doing real work.

Having a struggle session every five minutes because someone is a Zionist gets super fucking old. IMHO, that shit does not belong in a left wing forum, or any form of nationalism for that matter. full communism or gtfo

this is bad bait and you should feel bad
you deserve to be banned

that second point is so god damn funny. lmao. lmao.
just look at la riots 1992.
korean shop owners v black ppl . oh yeah. so fucking peaceful. lmao.

blacks and hispanics have problems in south central la too with unemployment as well as gang relations. you are so idealistic and stupid its not even funny gtfo g back 2 twitter

t. Xi Jinping

It's kind of funny how this person refers to a "racial bourgeois".

So, basically, just ignore communist theory and make up your own shit pretending nobody will notice. This is the idpol'ers M.O.

[wants to post in this thread but doesn't want to get banned by triggered mods]


original poster: seems this thread has attracted a few reactionaries, and i think its good that Holla Forums is kind of out of this kind of stuff. but my concern is that in Real life all the people in actual physical leftist meetings just fall for this shit hook line and sinker, like supporting black lives matter is going to end racism… it brings no revolutionary potential and it only furthers the terrible whiteness/blackness divide in burgerville. its not just liberals, 96 percent of leftists are like this. im gonna move out of fucking burgerville i swear

it's like that all over the west, worse in some cases. don't get your hopes up

are you mentally impaired

Where do we go to avoid reactionaries and liberal idpol

reactionaries are everywhere. but if you want to get away from tumblr-style idpolers, the third world is your best bet, ironic as it might seem. there are no blm activists in the congo

turkey and greece sort of did it


bullshit, they'll just find another excuse

you heard what? nobody talks like that in real life,
go visit something else besides your basement

True, most people are pussies in real life including Holla Forumstards and stormfags

Every single activist group does, you would know this if you took your own advice.

Birth Name: Logan Alexander Paul

Place of Birth: Westlake, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 1, 1995

Ethnicity: English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, German, at least 1/16th Ashkenazi Jewish

Logan Paul is an American Youtube personality and actor.

Logan is the son of Pamela Ann/Anne (Meredith) Stepnick and Gregory Allan Paul. Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, is also a Youtube personality and actor. Logan’s mother has English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry, along with some German Jewish, Hungarian Jewish, and Austrian Jewish roots, as she has stated (at 3:25).

Logan’s maternal grandfather was Wilbur R. “Spike” Meredith III (the son of Wilbur R. “Rob” Meredith, II and Lillian Max Buxbaum). Logan’s great-grandfather Wilbur was the son of Wilbur R. Meredith and Mary Davies. Logan’s great-grandmother Lillian was the daughter of Isidore “Harry” Buxbaum, whose parents were Jewish emigrants from Germany and Hungary, and of Lillian McLean/Maclean, whose father was English and whose mother had German parents.

Proof that morality does exist, but is actually statistically pointless considering the average person. Let us, for example, analyze the idea of innocence. If we take the assumption that an innocent person does not deserve punishmemt, and a non-innocent deserves punishment, then the obvious connection is made clear. Most people are noninnocents, and morality is clearly and statistically useless.

Just notice these people are wolves in sheeps clothing have you? Well done.

Let's not delude ourselves, all of these chuds assume that whites will get the best land and MoP and blacks/latinos will get internal exile to literal bantustans. These poor excuses for human beings have zero interest in ending racial conflict, they want ethnic cleansing and they want to loot the rest of the country to line their own pockets and they will use whatever linguistic gymnastics it takes to try and obscure that from the average worker.

I wonder why people raised in an environment of exclusively liberal values would uncritically receive political thought based on liberal logic.

We just don't want to live with subhumans. With no subhumans everything becomes better. And of course we would put an end to racial conflict because the subhumans would be gone. No subhumans no racial conflict.

Shut up non-white.

So go then. Move. Leave. No one's stopping you from moving to the wilderness where you won't have to be bothered by people who don't look like you.
Of course, you haven't done that because what I said was true: you want to live the good life by genociding other people and then stealing their shit. You aren't actually willing to sacrifice anything for your whites-only utopia.

It is no surprise that nazis and fascists are responsible for the deaths of millions of white people.


Why should I go move to the wilderness? Maybe you should go back to your jungle shithole. I'm adapted to indoor plumbing and organized city streets, if there is anybody who should live in a tree house it's you.

and in the moment we move they will came after all some races are incapable of take care of themself and need to be taught ,if european colonialism would have continue 50 years more all non european would have south african tier country ,with the basics istitucion built .
we dont need them they need us and the logical step should be to recolonize them and and take care of them in patriarchal way

I couldn't agree more. We SHOULD get rid of nazi's

But you'll have your glorious white ethnostate!
It's waiting for you in the wilderness, go go!

You are then invader, you are the one who has got to go!

What did the brainlet mean by this?


Why do neo-nazis always have such atrocious grammar?

Wait, I guess I answered my own question.

Stalin did it.


citation needed

he probably also did your great grandmom, whiteshirt.


that pic is from early Holla Forums when ancom was flavor of the month.

I've seen the pic posted plenty without boxes around text.

the pic with the boxes is also from the same era

Tankies were around then too. What is your point? That a flag being popular at a certain time makes content from that time those people's responsibility? I was trying to ignore your point because it embarrassingly bad.

No, they got banned.

Really? Was there a different mod team and BO, or did they all have a massive mental breakdown that every ancom suffers when reality sets in?

And I used to be such a nice guy.

vols on /leftpol/ claim BO was a raging ML from the start, but I think this is what actually happened to >xir.

luv 2 do larping slap fights

There were 2 Stalinstache posters who used to btfo people on the USSR. Then they got banned.

were any of them the obnoxious retard who screeches about libcucks at the slightest provocation?

I wasn’t here from the beginning but I remember not so long ago the BO threatened to ban people for critcizing R*java. Life comes at you fast

Not that I remember

Isn't that exactly what the new Black Panther movie is about?

Black Kings and Queens create an all black Ethno State in Africa, prevent any other races from reproducing with their black women, build a gigantic wall to keep outsiders out, They are isolationist and prevent all diversity, they are anti-refuge and traditionalist.

I mean, how much clearer could it be?

That.gif is so tiny that the pistols muzzle flash looks like pixel art.

if you haven't been banned for supporting methamphetamines In the face of american mod imperialism you haven't lived

do you dress in soviet WWII garb and literally slap people across the face?

what a fucking flagrant faggot lmao