Daily News Thread 2/1

Cuba hands note of protest to U.S. over internet task force

Cuba handed a note of protest to the top U.S. diplomat in Havana on Wednesday over the Trump administration’s creation of a Cuba Internet Task Force that it said was an attempt to violate its sovereignty and carry out subversive activities.

U.S. missile defense test unsuccessful: official

The U.S. military carried out an unsuccessful test to shoot down an incoming dummy missile from Hawaii on Wednesday, a U.S. official said, amid heightened concerns about North Korea’s developing missile and nuclear program.

U.S. Envoy for North Korea Says Military Option ‘Not Close’

The United States' special envoy for North Korea said Thursday that America is not close to taking military action against the North.

Israel threatens Lebanon with ‘full strength’ ground invasion in case of conflict

Tel Aviv is ready for an all-out ground invasion of Lebanon in the event of a military conflict with Beirut, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said. His comments come as relations between the two neighbors continue to sour.

Polish lawmakers back Holocaust bill, drawing Israeli outrage, U.S. concern

Polish lawmakers approved a bill on Thursday that would impose jail terms for suggesting Poland was complicit in the Holocaust, drawing concern from the United States and outrage from Israel, which denounced “any attempt to challenge historical truth”.

White House 'to release' secret memo on FBI

A Republican-drafted memo alleging FBI bias against US President Donald Trump will be released on Friday, a senior White House official says.

India unveils 'world's largest' public healthcare scheme

India has announced an ambitious health insurance scheme, which is designed to be a safety net for millions of people who struggle to afford medical care.

US: Rex Tillerson Embarks on Latin American Tour

After visiting Mexico, Tillerson will travel to Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

US Navy releases new footage of controversial Su-27 encounter over Black Sea

The US Navy has published several more videos showing the allegedly unsafe encounter of an EP-3 spy plane with a Russian Su-27 fighter jet over the Black Sea. Moscow said the interception was not as risky as the US claims.

Mysterious fireballs fall from South American skies leaving authorities baffled

Peruvian villagers were stunned after they witnessed three massive fireballs crash down from skies over South America.

US Army is looking at artillery guns to fire 'hyper velocity' shells to down ballistic missiles

The US Army is turning toward their existing heavy artillery guns to shoot down ballistic missiles as the threat of enemy missiles gets more real by the day.

Over 200 Companies Operate in Illegal Israeli Settlements: UN

The United Nations report slammed such companies for being involved in confiscation of Palestine’s land and exploitation of its natural resources.

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Trump's $1.5 Trillion Public Works Plan Doesn't Say Who Pays

President Donald Trump wants $1.5 trillion for infrastructure. All he needs is a way to pay for it.

Artificial intelligence now deciding if suspected criminals can walk free

New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky and Alaska using AI for legal rulings.

Cryptocurrency mining malware infects over 500,000 PCs with NSA exploit

New cryptocurrency mining viruses have lately spread to infect Windows computers as virtual currency-related malware becomes popular and profitable among cyber criminals.

Deepfake porn videos deleted from internet by Gfycat

Pornographic videos that used new software to replace the original face of an actress with that of a celebrity are being deleted by a service that hosted much of the content.

Israeli rights group sues women who persuaded Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv show

An Israeli rights group is suing two New Zealanders over an open letter they penned and published online urging pop star Lorde to cancel a performance in Israel in protest at the country's human rights record.


What Kids Are Really Learning About Slavery

A new report finds that the topic is mistaught and often sentimentalized—and students are alarmingly misinformed as a result.

6 Elements of Police Spin: An Object Lesson in Copspeak

The linguistic gymnastics needed to report on police violence without calling up images of police violence is a thing of semantic wonder.

Patient Dumping: A “New” Cost Savings Strategy for Hospitals

Some hospitals have put indigent patients out on the street, clad only in hospital gowns, something that was previously unthinkable.


Here's your opening, North Korea & China.

Seriously though I can't wait for America to get BTFO and confirmed to be the paper tiger that it always was.

I would love to see the type of stuff they're posting


If India pulls this off how will the argument

hold up. I'd imagine it would embarrass the fuck out of America it succeeds. It would show the population that there really was no reason they were being withheld proper healthcare at all, and numerous family members died because the US Government lied about what it could and could not do.

That's gotta sting.


South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued a proclamation Tuesday afternoon calling for everyone in his state to stand for the national anthem during the NFL’s Super Bowl LII in a show of support for the nation’s military.

I believe it. Having graduated in 2016, I remember that there were active attempts to make us think that the Civil War was over "States' Rights". It was everywhere and I recognized that it was just not true.

First I was like, cool, a UFO encounter. That shit is like a needle in a haystack these days.

Turns out its just space junk

North Korea Calls Trump Administration Racist Billionaires’ Club

Kim is a roast machine

This would depress me except I'm pretty sure you could pick any historical topic, American or otherwise, and a huge percent of public school students wouldn't have a clue. Our education system is an embarrassment, particularly in regards to history and civics. I know several of my friends would have absolutely no idea what the three branches of government are.

No, they will continue to think America is an extra-special snowflake. The EU is larger and more diverse than the US but they've had healthcare for over a generation. Most Americans can't point to India on a map let alone comprehend how their healthcare system could serve as an example (see my previous paragraph).

Remember this when liberals and conservatives screech about Stalin making people clap

I really think this is a complete over exaggeration.



Probably not


I am positive this software is programmed to be non biased as possible, and there are no possible holes in its HAL 9000 like logical capabilities about ethics and human life in the American court system. Which I remind you, has more prisoners than China now.

I am sure this is all programmed to actually, be a good, moral, and just, paragon of wisdom and justice.


No, I really do. It's rather impossible. I think most of these studies of "LOOK HOW STUPID AMERICANS ARE" are click bait that are dubious.

I mean sure, America is stupid. I don't doubt that. But that stupid? That's really pushing it into hysterics.

I would like to think so but honestly I'm just not sure. If given a map absent of political borders I absolutely believe most Americans wouldn't be able to point to India, but I also think this probably isn't unique to America.

And americans can not afford it…

How is this not virtue signaling?

It depends on the state you go to, I suppose, but even then it's mandatory for US public schools to have geography associated in Elementary School; so somehow either all children are being homeschooled instead of public schooled (which does not seem likely given the population of public schools), or, they just forget at a certain point.

Which is also, unlikely.

The only thing I can think of are people over the age of 60+ who lived in rural enviornments in states that fought infrastructure. Which do exist, and I don't doubt they don't have much knowledge of it.

But as a whole, when we think "American" in the negative, we usually think of someone else, other people not in that demographic. If you poll anyone under that I'm going to be extremely skeptical that there is that level of misunderstanding, because it simply does not make sense.

This has been a standard in public education since the Cold War, and before. I'm not sure how long before, or if it was widespread enough post New Deal. But I'm just skeptical about this.

That is absolutely possible. I learned in school how to locate all 50 states on a map and name them (and their capitols) in alphabetical order. I can still do it because I never forgot but there's no way most Americans can.

I've worked in inner-city schools. Poor education isn't exclusive to rural areas, trust me.

Castro freezes Cuban private sector, throws future in doubt

No, it really is not possible for someone to forget a nation that large. If you said, "Where's Croatia" or "Where's Serbia" or "Where's Chechnya" you would have an argument.

But I think this population demographic is people over the age of 60+ who specifically lived in areas with a lack of public education, which represents far larger a demographic than you would think.

Otherwise this does not make sense.

And also, particularly during a time where nearly everyone has access to the internet, they probably know where India is at. Whereas the Demographic I just mentioned, still would not use the internet.

I'm fairly certain they're picking up a certain age group over, if I'm being generous to your argument, 50.

The study I cited here is actually young people ages 18 to 24.

Not sure why this bothers you so much. Americans are bad at geography, this isn't a secret. I said I've worked in inner-city public schools and I believe it without a doubt. Just because something is 'required' to know doesn't mean students are learning it.

Because it sounds like a bunch of bullshit. It smells. It sounds like they overlooked something, because given the basic knowledge of even simple social studies and geography each grade of elementary school, going into junior high, then high school, add in the internet

There is practically no way a population that large can realistically not know where India is. I'm not "upset" I'm simply saying they must have come to the conclusion wrong because there is no way it accounts for a population that large.

That's not just me being charismatic or idealistic, I am saying materially, that is actually impossible.

American education makes sure you know every single major world power that's friendly or hostile to the US and cram it into your head. With the exception of Russia (lots of people over the age of 30 tend to just group everything in the former USSR as Russia) and "England" they'll be pretty okay on it.
Everyone I've met will always knows at least Canada, Mexico, UK (or "England"), Germany, France, Israel, India, Russia, Japan, Italy, and of course China. But as soon as you go outside of the world powers, people can become completely clueless. That's why if a terrorist attack happens in Angola people'll be forgetful compared to if one happens in France.
Outside of people we directly border or "helped/fought" us we know jackshit about where they are on a map or if they even exist.

Well then you obviously have no idea how much your job at a public school involves doing everything you can to keep kids from dropping out let alone reach the bare minimum required to graduate. Civics and history in particular are so glossed over it's a joke. Doubt it all you want but public schools in America, especially in urban areas, are frequently abysmal.

I myself graduated despite definitely NOT learning everything I should have in math. I doubt I could even pass a high school math test today. If others are equally confused by geography as I am in trigonometry then I have no doubt the study I linked is accurate.

this is just fucking disgutsing, delete this abomination
also good on Raul for telling faggots who create private schools to fuck off. Private schools shouldn't exist in the first place.

It literally does not. It covers India. It covers Ghandi, and the British Empire. You learn of India's existence in elementary school, following, you learn it in history. And once in high school, even the basic basic basic BASIC non AP classes, still cover India in one way or another in World History following Middle School/Junior High.

This has been this way for decades, and in fact, it's only become more comprehensive. Depending on the state, but it's either stayed the same or became slightly better. Not saying much, but it is fairly fucking difficult to fuck up this hard.

Combine this with the internet and the liklihood for someone to somehow fall through the cracks this fucking often must be a fucking Ernest P. Worrell slapstick character who somehow trips on a banana peel too many times and forgets everything.

A population that large is simply impossible.

This still isn't an excuse, because even basic classes cover geography through elementary school up into High School, and it is required, to get a GED to bypass it.

Someone can drop out of high school and it would still be fairly impossible for them not to know where India is at given everything prior.

This just does not make much sense, and I am seriously skeptical of whatever conclusion they came to.

Sorry I misread your comment in particular. You're right, it's mostly AP World History classes that learn specific countries. But I hardly think that's a uniquely American issue. Europe is probably better at it, but I doubt nations in Asia know smaller European nations either.

I don't know enough about every nation's education system to comment, but that seems to be my hunch. But to not know a nation as large as India, in a population that large, in that age group, given the circumstances, I just find that extremely hard to believe.



America is so fucking bad at this. But I guess that's what happens when all your best engineers are working in wall street running financial algorithms instead of building weapons.

To be fair, missile defense is by itself a fantastically misguided and difficult concept. The fact that it fails as often as it does shouldn't be surprising to anyone and has less to do with American incompetence than its technological feasibility.

I don't think people realize what a monumental task creating a consistent missile defense battery really is

u just need to freeze the atoms in the missile

no biggy

U see
U launch nuuk in sky
Blow up
It release emp
Emp turn off nuk

You're watching a government self destruct with this bullshit.

What if we shoot a missile going at high velocity that's increadibly hard to intercept, with another high velocity missile. You just shoot the missile, with the missile

These are desperate attempts from desperate men who unleashed the power of the atom to avert the responsibility of their almost Biblical level mistake, from someone breaking deterrence.

The truth is, the only succecful missile defense, is deterrence. If everyone is scared shitless at the possibility of everyone's team throwing nukes at each other, chances are nobody wins and everyone has to recover and rebuild civilization from the ground up. Worse, radioactive fallout travels through the air, it's impossible a lot of these nukes aren't dirty ones that carry a heavy extra load of radiation on top of their massive destructive capabilities.
That does not sound fun. That ruins everyone's day for over a century, it rips through the genetic code like a knife through butter depending on severity. You get birth defects of all living things, you get radiation sickness, you get dead children, scarred faces, lost hair. Massive fire storms lighting forests on fire, or the mass of dry brush in North and Central America, Australia, will carry the radioactivity faster through plumes of smoke there.

Now add on top of that the fact we have no reached the point of no return in regards to Global Warming/Climate Change. Nuclear War happens, deterrence breaks, we now have no way to geoengineer, we have no way to put either genie out of the bottle. We have effectively lost control of civilization and in the following centuries rebuilding from the ashes will be extremely difficult. From birth defects from the dirty bombs dropped and plants not growing, to entire regions being rendered infertile and uninhabitable for human life (let alone animal life) from climate change that is now progressing well on its own.

Everything would be completely, totally, irrevocably fucked forever. Each generation following the event would end up becoming smaller than the last, and we are talking billions of people. There has been no recorded disaster in human history with this loss of human life, climate change combined with a nuclear war would simply be deadlier than the bubonic plague. As a matter of fact, after civilization dies, I'm fairly certain plague would make a comeback in these population centers left. Already suffering through rations, or what horror survival awaits.

The whole entire scenario is so horrific that I don't know if it's better or worse for deterrence now with more powerful nukes, and definitely more deadly ones in terms of radioactivity.

But let's assume for a moment someone does launch a nuke, unleashing the deadly automated chain reaction, Armageddon happens and if we're being generous, 30% of the current human population is wiped out.

No amount of missile defense will stop this from happening. The idea "WE CAN STOP IT, WE JUST HAVE TO SHOOT A MISSILE AT THE MISSILE"

Isn't a smart idea, it it is pitifully stupid idea. But it's the only idea, because these people aren't stupid, and they're grasping on to the only hope they have that things will never go that far.

Right now we are two minutes from midnight. The highest nuclear tensions have been since the 50's. This is not in the realm of science fiction, this is simply science fact. We are close setting off a chain reaction that would open pandora's box, unleashing such devastation the likes of which we have no record for in human history. Billions of people slowly dying generationally over the course of 200+ years.

Every single one of you would be effected in this scenario if deterrence breaks, if the only effective missile defense breaks, most of you won't have the fortune of dying quickly. Nuclear War combined with climate change resulting in famine and disease, is the only event that currently has the destructive potential to set mankind back that far. Of course the missile defense plan is stupid, it's all they have left short of deterrence. The idea "There is no possible way to stop what has been done" is an unacceptable option to anyone, everyone wants to cheat their way out of it, but the fact is they can't. It's just there as a warm safety blanket, not just for the public, but for the military as well. Because they would be the first to be hit. There is only one defense left after deterrence, and it is not missiles.

Prayer. Or suicide. No military will ever accept such a fate, but it is the inevitable result.

I bet Soviets would have actual laser point defenses that work by now.

Is missile defense ever going to become a reality or are we just going to be forced to pray that the retards in charge of them aren't going to fire them?

The USSR lost any recovery after Brezhnev and was simply doomed once Brezhnev died and a successor was needed.

1905 moment soon, by 2020

And on top of that, he allowed liberal corruption to run rampant. I hate MLs but liberalism is worse than any disagreements on leftism I could have, and him allowing it to run rampant proves he was a horrible shit

Rising White House fear: Nunes memo is a dud


Oh the suspense.

A dud even after Nunes edited it? Exactly just how incompetent are these people?


Turkey court 'reverses release' of Amnesty head Taner Kilic

erdogan doesn't even try not to appear as a dictator

Missile defense is not going to become a forseeable defense. Maybe by miracle it destroys one.


That's not going to do anything in nuclear war if it just stops one.

It's explicitly designed for minor nuclear states like North Korea, and how likely it'd defend against any attack depends an awful awful lot on how many nukes are fired, if there are multiple waves, how much warning the US gets, and, most importantly, plain luck.

Who was that random dude Turkey demanded be brought to the US during their attempted coup? He lived in the US. I completely have forgotten who they wanted

*brought from

do you mean extradited from the us to turkey?
if so fetulah gulen

Any significance about him? I seriously completely forgot about the guy.

You're definitely talking about Gulen. Last I heard, of him was back when Flynn got exposed for talking with Erdogan about being paid to abduct Gulen and bring him back to the US.

Who knows if Gulens actually pulling any strings, I can't take anything Erdogan says at face value given his reactionary track record.


For anyone gungho about nuclear war, I would suggest you all watch Threads. It just recently got a bluray rerelease. It's just a glimpse of what the future might be like after a nuclear exchange, and it is dated. With the exchange being between NATO and the Soviet Union. It was an analysis of the realistic effects a nuclear war would have on an urban population, in this case Britain.

But it's actually deadlier now. Nukes come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of levels of radiation that can travel by wind and soot and fire. There's no off switch if one nuke is fired, it sets off a chain reaction that is almost completely automated in order for every nation to survive unscathed and their military left intact. But it's paradoxical, it also leads to everything being fired by nuclear capable nations. Obviously India and Pakistan would follow any nuclear exchange, North Korea at Japan. Japan at North Korea. Australia at North Korea. North Korea at Australia.

Once it goes that far all hell breaks loose and you have effectively lost control of the situation and everyone's nuclear payload is dropped.

No amount of "missile defense" will ever stop the number of ICBMs traveling at that point. Combine the global devastation with our now current awareness of climate change, you may be looking at a slow mass extinction event. We are already are currently in a mass extinction event if that tells you anything, the radioactive consequences of nuclear war and an atmosphere increasingly hostile to life as we know it, will simply kill off most life. Crops will be near impossible to grow eventually. Everyone left will have to migrate North, which is bound to start ethnic conflict and war. Even after a fucking nuclear war, there would still be war. There would in fact, probably be genocide of dying immigrants from everything south of America, to everything south of Britain and France; in order for the northernmost population to sustain itself. It's hard not to imagine Russia and Canada becoming global super powers at that point, Siberia and the Yukon might very well be the last place capable of sustaining human life after a 21st century nuclear war combined with climate change.

But all of it will be futile anyways. Slowly everyone would die until you go from billions of people.Let's give this a magic number, let's say nuclear war happens at 8 billion people. Over the coming decades, after 2100, the number would be reduced to only millions who may or may not have been effected by radioactive fallout, and are still facing ecological catastrophe that is beyond your worst apocalyptic dreams and plagues I doubt they could ever combat as effectively in the world that existed before men who went mad decided the best we could do in the face of adversity of climate and race, politics, the end result was as it always was. War. War with the technology and the unfortunate timing to cause a loss of life I don't think men have the capacity to fathom.

Until your family dies. Your friends, they die. Everything dies. Nothing is left. There is no escape. There is nowhere to hide. Men cannot sustain themselves underground without conflict, they cannot sustain themselves on the surface as in the next 1,000 years the ecological damage done would even leave the safest places mostly barren.

It's funny to imagine Americans dying, but lest we forget. North Koreans would die. Australians would die. South Koreans would probably die. Japanese people would die. After that point, nuclear war is inevitable. And everything you hold dear will go away slowly. If you are injured, an arm broken, hospitals would be too overwhelmed with the dead to help you. Year after year, they would be perpetually overwhelmed with the dead. Every lover who loved, every child who walked on the beach and smiled at their parents, every aspiring poet, every mother and father, all of it gone.

In fact, the elderly and the children would most likely be the first to go. Imagine how many mothers in the world would cradle their child, who either died from radioactive fallout or famine or sickness; while they themselves were dying.

Imagine all of this, with 8 billion people. An amount of people, you cannot even fathom.

Things would suck. And they would continue sucking. The best thing you could do for you or your family's safety, is to keep a loaded gun after, pick straws. And whoever picks the short one, shoots all of you, then themselves.

The future would immediately look like a combination of Threads and Children of Men.

Let's just joke to ourselves that posadism will save us, but really, by the time any aliens arrive, there would be nothing they could do.


I meant bring him back to Turkey

Climate Change has already fucked humanity, user don't worry. That's just slower.

It will never be as bad as threads:
the perpetual retardation of humanity legit scares me

As Threads opening scrawl suggests, I assume as much is true, the only thing that keeps us from ripping ourselves apart is the threads that connect us together emotionally. Family, friends, community, etc. Not letting race separate us, not letting bad seeds who want these seeds to overwhelm our immediate reaction to tell them to fuck off.

I have a feeling because of pressures from the environment, the advent of the internet, the recession, has lead most of these "threads", so to speak, to snap. Racism and embracing an identity that isn't even there own, is back and vogue, I don't think it's going anywhere.

People want purpose in this world that seems increasingly purposeless, the immediate before us is fear of the Other. You see it everywhere now. This terrifies me more than anything, because it tears communities apart. Whatever community these people want to make with whatever identity only, that's fucked too, there's no way it survives without infighting. All of this goes on in the internet, a perpetual library of human's naivety to its most bitter post 9/11 cynicism the 17 years after.

I feel that capitalism caused alienation of the population, and resource strained ecological problems brought on by climate change and our disregard for the global ecology, our hatred of immigrants in such a scenario, and the gigantic gulf of inequity we haven't seen in centuries driving all of the people into further and further desperation, add some salt, and some pepper

It will only lead to one conclusion, the conclusion that all organized society confronted with this many problems faces. War.

The only problem is we were too damn smart for our own good and created the ultimate weapon.

If it ever does happen, it will be threads fused with children of men.

Pray I'm wrong about my analysis of humanity's odds. But I think a little bit of all of us knows that we aren't going to recover from this one. The threads that held everything together are being broken at a very fast rate. Once we're all disconnected from one another, war is inevitable.

Oh shit, I knew someone who was in that film.

You'd be surprised, I go to an international school and this american chick couldnt point to where germany was on a blank map.

Sometimes i thank god NYC has so many abandoned Subway, sewers and bunkers tho i know i will die and the first decades of undergound life do to flooding of the subways or food shortages.

anyways this is hilarious, the FBI is simply going to stop handing over info the Congress now like the CIA

Tillerson raises prospect of Venezuela military ouster of Maduro
Get ready for dog rape dungeons round II.

Fidel Castro's son commits suicide – Cuban state-run media

The son of Cuba's revolutionary icon Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, 68, has committed suicide after a battle with depression, Cuban state-run media has reported.

I love it when the fascist party and secret police get into a tussle. The GOP has revolutionary potential.



Baruch Dayan haEmet

May his soul and the soul of his father have an aliyah in Gan Eden.

It'll be worse than that. The FBI is not going to take this shit lightly, which is why the Senate is staying the hell away from it.

The House GOP basically stuck their dick in a hornets nest to protect their daddy.

That's hilarious.

What's gan eden?


TL;DR - Heaven

Nothing about this on either Granma or Juventud Rebelde. What state-run media is reporting this?

Rest in power, comrade

Reuters states Cubadebate

Also graduated in 2016. Nice to find fellow peers having a similar ideology.

Yeah I just found it. Also, check this out


Cuba stepping up its social media game

Ha! So long, faggot!