Is Jason Unruhe a Pedophile?

"Just in case anyone is interested Dakota Fanning turned 18 today. #lolwut #pedo"


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I think the age of consent should be 16 personally. If you can drive a car, basically a giant hunk of metal you can send into a crowd of children at 80 miles per hour, then you should be able to suck a cock.

Being attracted to post pubesant teens is normal and healthy.

Didn't Jason wrongfully accuse some guy of being a sex tourist for having a qt Asian wife? What a hypocrite.

He just deleted his Twitter account
Really piques your pecans

at least he waited til 18

Jason is a card-carrying member of NAMGLA.


That's not really what a pedophile is. There's nothing wrong with pedophilia by the way, as long as it's consensual.


I think the issue is more that Jason has wrongfully accused people like Tim Sakada for supposedly being pedos when he's a pedo himself.

Most countries have lower Age of Consent laws tbh
As long as we aren't talking lower than 14 I think it's fine to debate the age

Well the reason is obvious, it's just like how male feminists are all sex offenders, and anti gay preachers love getting sucked off in the men's toilets.

Yup, he's projecting.


Wouldn't be surprised, fatfucks always seem like they are hiding a pedophile side. That being said this isn't exactly rare.

Age of consent in the United States varies by state. Some states have it at 18, some at 16, some (like New York) at 17.

Fuck off anarchopac.

Yes. Tim Sakada.

I highly doubt pac would sink this low. She's a pretty level-headed person.

Someone send Jason this thread. He deserves to witness all the slander against him.

OP is probably Esoteric Entity.

In fact, I'd posit the @comradedankman account was EE all along.

Jason was calling EE a "furry pedo" during his livestream (which he suspiciously removed after a short time), so it makes sense EE would try to get back at him.

fucking EE is ruining the good name of us furry pedos on YT.

From my understanding, isn't it illegal to bone someone outside the US if you're under 18. Seems weird to me how each state has different ages.

why? what year was this printed?

no state can have it below 16 by federal law.

e-celeb trash


There is no age of consent in Pakistan because sex outside marriage is illegal. Legal minimum age of marriage varies from 16-18.

early 2000s, the relevant bit is the caption on the bottom left (15) and the hysterical pedo moral posturing, kinda like roo I guess eh?

I mean tbh in seriousness I don't think he really tweeted anything wrong there, I just have to seriously question his taste, I mean Hermionie maybe but who was getting their sexual awakening from dakota fanning.

You know a year ago or so some poster kept making threads about Jason being an alleged rapist, claiming they knew him personally and even said to "curse" him. I wonder if you're the same person.

Most likely.

Is it possible to get unroo involved in the Kraut and Tea Holla Forums drama?

Just talk to him via Twitter and rake him in.


Good, there is nothing wrong with pedophilia and I wish more people on the board would see that.

Hi Foucault.

Literally who

AoC is weird anyway
kids cannot say no? they can, and they do
and more important they do not say yes either
if you trick them into sex then they still don't like it, otherwise you wouldn't have needed to trick them
noone who ever wanted to fuck a kid was stopped by "AoC",
instead kids need access to info and help
afaik they're also usually not abused in front of others who can just yell "AoC!" to make a case but the kid talking about it to someone eventually

not saying that attraction itself is cause for crime but it has to be dealt with rationally, not normalized

in most parts of europe its 15 or 16, inb4 americans call all europeans pedos for not conforming to their ideas of pedophilia

how do you not know who foucault is


what the fuck

Ah, but user: you have to be MARRIED.
Also tbh not surprised for a nation where 90% of the populace is addicted to one drug.

i think there is no age requirement for marriage but the law restricts sex with prepubescent wifes.

Holy fuck.

Rule of law has collapsed in Yemen anyway, so it doesn't matter.

It's because Mohammad married Wish a when she was 9.


It was for political reasons though. Muhammad wasn't a pervert.

I really don't like how the older AOC is red (conventionally a color for "bad") and the younger AOC is green ("good").

I see…

ITT: The idpollers of the Anarchopac Internet Defense Force dredge through six years of Jason's internet history to find something they could possibly use to proclaim him as an unperson. Absolute coincidence this exact tactic has been done to death by the SJW cabal who have so poisoned the reddit leftist communities. Absolutely no possibility of liberal idpollers attempting to subvert the board here.

What makes you assume this?

Also, has Roo seen this thread?

Posting images and links to tweets from 2012 speaks for itself. Beyond that, I can't be bothered talking to you.

t. roo

Daily reminder Roo is a delusional fuckwit who wishes death on comrades, is probably schizophrenic, and has an ego the size of an elephant.

Roo did nothing wrong :^)

Yeah, nah the Straight AOC in the UK is 16 while the gay AOC is 18 which should obviously be questioned.

but to answer the original question I would say he's an ephebophile tbh


Unruhe is a strongly underappreciated meme, like Terry A. Davis.

Anyone interested in writing a piece on him for my internet tech and humor blog? Don't care if it's pro or con as long as you make sure to carefully word any accusations as being just that– fuck fake news. $10 monero.

Email in field. I am serious and you will be read by thousands.

Idea 1: Could read like a profile with a history of his mishaps and drama, and some thoughts on where he might be going.

Idea 2: Straight reporting on current accusations, plus some overview and history in closing.

No. Roo is a fucking idiot.

Ok. Want to write about it?

If nothing else it will result in a sweaty spaghetti response video.

Increasing pay to $15, also I can pay in any crypto except bitcoin

16 is AoC. Not underage.




I mean, he's not wrong a far as America's laws go.


Jason is done.

And the only parts of Japan with the age of consent at 13 are unpopulated islands.

Actually he said that he's hoping that FinnBol will respond. Not himself.

He will respond as well, just wait. I'm guessing it will take the form of two minutes of angry yelling, not countering anarchopac's main point(s), and at the end telling her to go through with her suicidal urges. "FUCKING KILL YOURSELF!"

Here's hoping.

It's going to be kino anyway. Besides the obvious misgendering:
He uses the same lines in every responce video. I still kinda like him though. I think it would be way more pleasent to go have a beer with Jason than having a beer with Anarchopac.

Only because Roo doesn't possess the intellectual capability of understanding complex concepts, so he has to oversimplify everything. The positive of this is, he's able to rake in simpletons given that he explains Marxism in a language they can understand. Of course, his actual grasp of Marxism is piss-poor. Not a Marxist, not a Maoist.

t. Anarchopac

What does Roo get *right* about Marxism and Maoism then?

The only thing that I agree with him is that in the 21st century, you can't still refuse to apply the law of value on a global scale and the deny that the relations to productions are a bit different depending on whether you live in the Third World or the First World. I think Marx would agree that this needs analysis.

There are some old videos where his theoretical stuff isn't bad, but someone on here told me it was another guy ghostwriting for him, not sure if that is true.

As far as Marxism goes, that class is socioeconomic in nature. That's better than anarchopac. Go and look at anarchopac's twitter. Anarchopac is pushing the "class is an identity" line so beloved of the liberal identity politics movement today.

6 when they were married, 9 when it was consummated
so yes, he was a pervert

How is anarchopac wrong though? You could easily understand gender and race as class systems as well.

The overarching system of enforcement (capitalism) is not equivalent to membership in a group (woman, African) that tends to get the shittier end of the stick from that system.

But *why* do women, blacks, etc. get the shittier end in capitalism? Obviously, if we're materialists we need to understand why these things originate in a materialist fashion.

most likely
i hate… that's about it, i just hate this pile of pedo crap

I don't care. My interest is in destroying the system of enforcement. I am not interested in quibbling over the breadcrumbs provided by the system, which is what you seem to wish to do. This conversation is of no further interest to me.

Patriarchy and white supremacy are also systems of enforcement.