Cursed Liberal Images Thread

ITT: Really fucking SPOOKY cursed liberal images. The ones that make you want to vomit. I'm not saying pic related is a CLI, though.

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Considering that Wonder Woman is a power fantasy for women (and liberal feminists in particular), the comparison between the figures of Wonder Woman and Hillary Clinton is more apt perhaps than even the author thinks, albeit in a completely different way.

bump because I'm tired of being non-suicidal today

ok you asked for it, when i get finished with breakfast i'll post my cursed feminist imperialism images



Let them drop purple bombs for femenine representation!

Well, yes you are right, but the thing is the analogy, hillary the superhero(an imperialist one like lmao the next film is going to be about how she tackle down latinamerican guerrilas or something) and trump is the villain

as if they weren't the same neoliberal company-slaves imperalistic shit

ok done


I've come to fucking hate the allegory of the cave.
While it might on some level be used to describe how what we see, or what we're allowed to see, shapes our understanding of things, Plato originally intended it to hypothesize on how our perception of reality is limited by the chains of our physical bodies, how our limited senses and our limited "reach" into reality probably give us only a skimming touch on the deeper nature of reality.

Nowadays every other pseudo-intellectual goes around misusing it in order to drive their own silly cause while mistakenly or purposefully missing the core point of the matter, perverting the common understanding on the subject.
Coming to think of it… Isn't it sort of ironic in this context how the MGTOW and these rabid "rational" anti-feminists seem to barely have a surface-level understanding on the subject and that their opposition is mostly based on anecdotes of equally rabid radicals across the aisle?

Don't quote me on this, I'm merely semi-educated on the subject and releasing my frustration

Wow the poster on cuckchan was actually pretty decent. Also a mate of mine met Malala at uni, apparently she is nice.

Elaborating: the subject the MGTOW and "rationalist" ironically seem to barely have a surface-level understanding being wider feminist theory which they claim to oppose… and the allegory, too, coming to think of it.



The way the allegory is used nowadays is basically "everyone is sheeple except me" so yeah, you're right to be frustrated

Thanks. This really triggered my own hidden insecurities.
[worried laughter]

Is that Laci green tweet real?




it's definitely a joke or deliberately dishonest

She definitely is the warmonger that Hillary is. :^)


Just end it now

If I had any talent at all, I'd make the exit to Plato's cave actually be another part of the same cave that lead deeper in the mountain. Possibly off a cliff.

defend feminist imperialism against male sexism!


That entire movie was propaganda, Sir Patrick Morgan spends the film pushing for a armistice and the twist is that he is Ares the god of war.

it was NRx as hell, they made him look like he was a Labour MP, since he was for women's rights and everything so essentially pacifism and internationalism = against human nature/the work of the (greek) devil, the "righteous" and the powerful should rule the world with an iron fist because otherwise human nature will create perpetual conflict. also peace is really just a tool to create more war and instability so that 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 can rule the world unchallenged, kind of like what far-rightists think of the EU.


That jet looks like a pink dildo of death

The pink jet is a museum piece built in the 50s and cannot fly. The finest virtue signalling.

In Pakistan "socialism" has a completely different meaning.

Well? Are you going to keep us waiting?

How do I express my dislike of liberals without sounding like a conservative?

The other day I said "I hate liberal virtue signaling" and I got asked if I'm an altright Trump supporter.

you don't

Say that it centers entirely around the issues of the middle class and not issues that surround workers or those affected by imperialism in 3rd world countries.

You can't, everyone's political spectrum is either extremely narrow or has nothing left of center.

Ask Jordan Peterson for 200 petrodollardoos.

Say it while making this face

Only express it if you are displaying communist symbolism on yourself i.e. a hammer and sickle shirt.

attack altright for the same thing, make your statement general against the entirety of the bourgeois political faction

For Yugoslavia.

How did we end up here?

It's just a right-wing populism phase.

Trump supporters are usually petite bourgeoisie or desperately desire to become one. They aren't really working class.

Just took this screenshot, enjoy

This whole subplebbit


Hold my beer





Gee, i wonder who's behind this post?




Saying "the things you believe in are stupid" is usually the wrong way to convince people.
Finding common ground is typically a better approach.

FDR wasn't that bad.

use comming jargon. say you're a communist. tell them liberalism is right-wing. tell them there's no left in the us



You read Republic user? I got from it that its a justification that the few enlightened people who can divulge reality should be our feudal lords and or vanguard party. Of course Socrates means his philosophers, but nonetheless it poses that others need to be “saved” by some “great man” or collective.


Bruv there a loads of shit like that.

FDR is one of the greatest capitalists of all time, for that I have to respect him.

Natsuki is the worst possible girl my dude

Will you please elaborate? I know next to nothing about Pakistan


This is an obvious joke tho.

I wish comrade Malala would deck hermoine in the face

Natsuki is best girl, Monica is trash. Sayori is good too, needs protecting. Yuri is just odd.

Now hold the fucking phone
Of course



Sayori is the only girl worth even looking at, the others are hoes

Sup nigga you got a problem?


Honestly, FUCK Bernie and his campaign for poisoning the discourse.


yeah no lmao

Tell a doomsday prepper you're a liberal and watch their eyeballs bulge, faggot

I know a.liberal dooomsday prepper

DRUMPF just got ==BTFO==

Does this count?

That's a good one. Keep it in mind if you bump into a drawfag.

What worries me the most about these socjus types, especially Hillary's zealots, is seemingly willing they delude themselves. The old fanatics, it was commonly understood, was highly misinformed and disinformed and kept away from dissent, so he could easily handwave away any few criticisms that he came in contact with. But these socjus partisans spend their fuckinglives on the internet. It's unthinkable that they aren't well aware of the consequences of their sweatshops and drone attacks, to say nothing of the fact that Hillary is more rotten than Reagan's corpse. Yet they still fight tooth and nail for them


Monica is Autho-Right, Natuski is Autho-Left, Sayori is Lib-Left and Yuri is Lib-Right

Natsuki remains best girl

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That second one have been copypasted too many times, it is starting to be riddled with artifacts
Have png

Cheers lad.

Isn't that Hubbard the one faggot that tweeted about how the successful people worked while others took vacated, and when he got shit for it he was "lol whatevs I'm off to spend some weeks vacatoning in the Caribbean, peace out"

this is a joke post tho