/leftitaly/ 2018 elections edition

Italy is about to have general elections for the first time since 2013. For those interested Italy is a parliamentary republic with a mix of proportional representation (61% of the seats) and first pass the post (37%) and 2% remaining elected by Italians abroad. Parties must win 3 per cent of the national vote to gain a share of the proportional seats. If they are allied to a larger coalition partner, votes for parties that earn between 1 and 3 per cent are transferred to the stronger party.

The latest polls (26-28 January) are as follow:
5-Star Movement - 26,5% (Populist movement. Considered by most the "protest vote". They're not officially aligned left or right)
Democratic Party - 24% (Main center-left party lead by Renzi)
Forza Italia - 15,9% (Main center-right party lead by Berlusconi, yes he's still there)
Northern League - 13,8% (Right wing party supporting the separation between North and South Italy. Allied with Forza Italia)
Free and Equal - 5,7% (Splinter party of Democratic Party of those that did not enjoy Renzi's leadership. Will likely follow the Democratic Party anyway)
Brothers of Italy - 5% (Nationalist party allied with Forza Italia)
We with Italy - 2,8% (Christian democratic party)
Plus Europe - 1,7% (What it says on the tin can)
List Together - 1,6% (What remains of the Socialist (read social democrat) party and the Green party)
Civic Popular - 1% (More Christian democrats a hair more left leaning than the other guy)
Power to the People - 0,4% (What remains of the radical left, mainly Rifondazione Comunista)
Südtiroler Volkspartei - 0,4% (/) (German and Ladin speaking Italians party)
Other - 1,2% (+0,5%)
Abstained - 32,8% (-1%)
Undecided - 14% (-0,2%)
Did not answer - 2,4% (/)

Center-right coalition - 36,65% (Lead by Forza italia)
Center-left coalition - 27,59% (lead by the Democratic Party)
5-Star Movement - 26,5%

So basically we're going to have Berlusconi 2.0 Electric Boogaloo. Thank God he cannot be elected himself.

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lol. italians really are stupid

I am trying to think of a witty comeback, but I ain't got nothing.

That said Berlusconi is the purest product of the marketplace of idea. He owning a good chunk of all media in the country might have a small impact on his popularity.

If Berlusconi somehow gets fucking power at the same time as Donald Trump and we have two real estate assholes as heads of state we deserve the hell we wrote for ourselves.

One real estate asshole of the West is enough, one at a fucking time.

My Italian friends, you know Berlusconi would hit it off with Trump, and Trump would be vacationing and having all sorts of time in Italy. Following this, every #MAGA Chud Roman Statue Avi Asshole from here in the states you fear will flood your nation after Trump boasts "Beautiful country folks, birth of Western Civilization, can you believe that? Rome, what a sight! It's beautiful folks, believe me!" Burlisconi will be responsible for a tourism boom from America, and it will be greeted as an economic success and a demonstration of his """diplomatic abilities"""

Please, before you do this Italy, ask yourself. Outside of accelerationist rhetoric we sometimes hear, just think about it for a moment.

Do you want this. Do you want every "Rome Aestheticz" chud to bounce their bellies across Rome taking in "The Beauty of Western Civilization ;_;7" harassing non-white residents just because Berlusconi and Trump hit it off and Trump can't shut the fuck up about how great Italy is on Twitter.

You don't want that. You don't want these fucking Floridians as your tourists. Italy, don't do it. Don't you fucking do it. Don't let it happen. Imagine a world where r/The_Donald and r/Burlisconi exist and are flocked by fucking Holla Forums and vice versa. No amount of acceleration is worth this. Nothing is worth that.

Not. Two. Real Estate. Tycoons. At. Once.

So Power to the People is /our party/? Can we meme them into parlament?

You're kind of preaching to choir here, buddy. I doubt anyone frequenting this place would vote Berlusconi. I sure don't, personally I don't know if I should waste my vote on that poor excuse of a communist party that we have or write a dick joke on the voting paper.

Also Trump is not alone in the slightest. As Zizek said this new phase of capitalism seems to be characterized by the rise of the authoritarian state, China, Russia, Turkey and now the USA (and next in line the EU I'm pretty sure) are progressively dismantling the democratic framework in favor of pure market.

I know what Zizek says, my point is for Italy's sake you don't want Trump and Berlusconi to hit it off, everything everywhere on the internet would become twice as insufferable and you would be flooded by the worst Florida has to offer, believing Rome to be everything they represent. Worst of all, such a tourism boom would be heralded as good. So Trump would never shut up about it, as long as Berlusconi kept slapping ass with Trump and vice versa.

It's not good. It would be too fucking stupid.

Well don't worry friend, Berlusconi is a convicted criminal, so he cannot be elected. That said he still has 100% control of his party, so it's really a small victory.

These look two together like fucking Francis Bacon pieces

Well, that's slightly good news.

Kinda? Rifondazione Comunista is what remains of the Communist Party of Italy after the 1991 dissolution. They're not bad, but they're really small.

Italianfag reporting here, i'm in despair.

For a commie the options are basically:

-Power to the People, can maybe reach the 3% minimum to enter in parlamient and it would be a cool thing

-Communist Party, a bit more orthodox than PttP but it's very personalist about his leader Marco Rizzo and he has about 1% or less

-Free and Equal, they're sort of socdems with some good people in it but also a lot of assholes and idiots that destroyed our glorious biggest Communist Party in Europe during the '90, and also there is the risk that they're going to make an alliance with the Democrats.

-5-Stars movements, basically a group of populists and conspiracy theorist without any ideology or level of organization but at least they have the habit of taking radical technichans (sometimes far-right but more often far-left) from outside of their party when they are in need of them cause no one there has idea of how to govern kek.

if democrats (they're more or less like U.S. ones, progressive on social issues but pushing neoliberist economics) or Berlusconi's slaves have the numbers to rule, they're sure going to make an alliance and it would be a FUCKING DISASTER of mafia and privatization. So i'm thinking about the possibility to vote those idiots of the 5-Stars Movement, because if they win there is a veeery little possibility they make an alliance with Free and Equals (and it would be the leftier governement we could hope in) or more probably there will be total ingovernability for one or two years and then there new elections (and it would stop neoliberalism from advacing for that period of time, i'm happy with that in this horrible situation). I'm now choosing wich to vote between them (but it's painful cause they're absolute void demagogists) or Power to the People, cause if they manage to enter in parlamient it can be a start for a broad leftist movement like spanish's Indignados/Podemos.

I wanted to vote Pirate's Party for protest, memes of da power of free software and to thank them for all the torrents, but they haven't presented thir list :🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

About Holla Forums tourists in Rome we are already full of burgers, i hate them but i already survive economically by renting them a room of my house so i can't complain. One of them took a shit in the kitchen once, but all in all they're not SO terrible and at least i have fun stories to tell. Anyway there are not so much Holla Forumstards in total U.S. population to be a danger in terms of touristic mass and the city's administration is trying to limit tourism.

Wait, I thought both CPs were in PttP? Also if it gives you any help, apparently they are getting help from UK Labour's Momentum org which has 11/10 praxis.

I too thought they were both in the PttP.

It is made up of them a load of pressure groups. Honestly it has potential long term.

On the Momentum thing btw.

Wait what the fuck, there's an Italian secessionist party with over 10% of the vote that's allied with one of the biggest parties? Is separation of the country something that could really happen in the future?

Nah no chance in hell. This is not like the Catalonian movement, most of the party just wants more autonomy for every Italian regions, but maintain the facade of being a secessionist movement because their main audience are North Italians hating the South.

The only thing that makes me think this country may be saved. Still think it deserves nuclear fire, just to be sure, but there's hope.


I'm more or less on the same boat, however I would never vote for the 5 stars movement, they are terrifyingly incompetent as we've seen with how they handled Rome and Turin and are always liable to pull some crackpot populist shit like antivax, plus with the Casaleggios pulling the strings pretty much uncontested you just know that the guys you actually vote for are not gonna count for shit and just do what they're told by their masters.
I'm kind of leaning towards Free and Equal, I'm not thrilled about enabling parasites like Vendola and D'Alema, but they're the only left-wing (ish) party that stands a reasonable chance of getting 3% and take some seats away from Renzifags. Not exactly sure, might end up not voting at all, but this seems like the best course of action right now.

No, they've just been literally larping about it for 30 years, but the "fuck terroni" populist rhetoric works wonders on uneducated northerners, especially in rural ares. Basically you just dangle the prospect in front of them at a couple of rallies and you're guaranteed a seat, that's how that party makes a living.

HA - fools
thinking there are only 2 communists party here
sectarianism is an art

the one i was referring to is the second bigger CP after Communist Refoundation, called simply "Communist Party", which grew a lot lately and who's leader is Marco Rizzo. I feel his decision to run separately from PttP in the elections is stupid and can split the vote and maybe even prevent PttP to pass, but this is left's problem since ages. There was also a 4th communist party (Communist Party of the workers) who wanted to participate in coalition with some other tiny movement, but i think they haven't even reached the signatures needed to present themselves at the elections lol.

naah, they were really decided in the beginning but then they tasted the power and, like every rightist does, decided they cared about it more than they cared about their original ideals. Now they're softening even more their separatist charge cause they want south people's votes, they mantain it only as a facade in the north like said.
Italy, due to being a country with a millennial history but unificated only since 150 years, is full of separatist movements (sardinia, südtirol, veneto and lombardia, etc.) and people usually feel much more attached to their city/region than to the country itself,but most of those movements, even when they say differently by words, in the end only advocates for more autonomy instead of full secession.

At least in Rome the Urbanistic and Culture assessors were pretty left-wing (altough the first is gone the second is now vice-mayor so not so bad), but, most important, absolutely nothing happened for these 2 years they were at power. Surely that isn't a good result, but a thousand times better than Meloni or the local Democratic Party. I'm disgusted as you by many of their idiotic and populist positions, but if i vote them it's only because they're Berlusconi's most succesfull opponent, and another government with him will morally force me to become a terrorist hi DIGOS i'm only an innocuous armchair weeb venting with other armchair weebs on the internet pliz don't arrest me and also cause it is fun to see a meme party trying to structurate itself or miserably fail.
Anyway i think i'll finally vote PttP.
Also why don't you like it? Free and Equals are surely getting to surpass the 3%, but D'Alema and the other living corpses there makes me want to vomit, and they have no perspectives for the future. In difficult times like the ones we are passing through now, radicals can be more attractive to the general population than moderates, and if PttP passes the 3% (and they need every single vote for that) they are surely going to grow once their existence gets broadly known. Not trying to make propaganda anyway, i'm not one of the guys from Lotta Comunista that knock at your door at sunday morning like Jeovah's Witnesses to talk about the proletariat, but it legitimately suprises me that a leftist on Holla Forums votes FaE instead of PttP.

PttP feels like too much of a gamble, and since I think the endgame here is to nick as many seats as possible from Renzi, FaE are going to be more effective at it. Sorry, user, I don't like them either, but I don't want to take any chances with wasting my vote.

user, you can still vote for Renzi at a local level and PttP at a national level.