Papers, Please

Is this game leftypol-approved?

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I couldn't ever do a job like that, I'm too sympathetic to people's bullshit. Someone wants in for just a few days to see their kid? Sure ok. Next thing I know I'm responsible for a terrorist attack.

Have you ever worked in the service industry? You get tired of people's shit pretty quickly.

The theme gives a great impression of life under Stalinism


Yeah in seriousness that's why I never put it on my list. Life in the GDR wasn't great but I don't think you got sent to a death camp for hanging up pictures from your kids.

Vulgar Stalinist aesthetic aside, the game is first and foremost about how cruelty and callousness can be built into systems and how that gets normalized over time. You could feasibly replace it with an immigration official in the US and the message would still hold, would be a bolder artistic move too imo.


way ahead of you kiddo except americans cant into irony

I'm more of an adventure communist.

Then why do over half of the people who lived there prefer it to post-unification Germany?

Sure is, makes you think.

Because west Germany was shit and treated the former DDR like a source of value. I have no doubt that if the DDR didn't get that it's likely Former DDR land would become another Poland "everything is amazing! Haha! Thanks USA and EU for giving us so many subsidies to prove SOCIALISM TOTALLY FAILS! Best to drift to Fascism now!"

Papers, Please proves videogames can be art. If all you see is "muh soviet bloc" then you missed the entire fucking point of the game.

No, no games, not even Meme Gay Suckdick are good enough and they do not count as art you Holla Forumsirgins.
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No sir, you.

Forgot to add "good enough to count as leftist."