This is a light hearted, not all that serious thread. I wanna talk technocracy with people...

This is a light hearted, not all that serious thread. I wanna talk technocracy with people, and how basically I dont think any other future is possible than technocrats dominating it, and quite likely exterminating everyone else….

So lets begin with economy, and Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Zucc, and all these other proto-technocrats are 90%+ of the fortune 500 (the richest companies around). Lets stop talking about economy, its boring, and basically technocrats are already taking over just like the first man with a pointy stick forced other men to farm for him, and just like how the merchants later on had more men with guns then the crown did.
So, lets talk guns. You know, real guns, not small arms, but guns that claim 80% of the casualties in the modern armed conflicts. I am talking artillery. Satellite guided, faster than sound, bunker busting artillery. NSA is almost whole math degrees. Half of pentagon generals have a physics degree. Basically these proto technocrats are the military, and the intelligence, and the guns, and the command….
Lets talk labor, and how technocrats basically build cars in Japan and Germany with 0 human input. Hammer and sickle are basically stone age technology today. Human labor is getting more and more obsolete by the minute, just like Marx predicted, but instead of automated luxury communism for everyone, the technocrats who will have all the power are going to exterminate the population with nukes and viruses and have Earth as a paradise for the few of themselves.

Now lets get to the technocrats themselves. Quite literally every single one of them is a full on rabid Randroid. Every single one of them is holding the world on their shoulders, and you better make sure you acknowledge it or they will get angry. My gf is a chemistry student, and I dont have any friends so I hang out with hers, and basically everyone there was unpopular kid who will now "show everyone" and have his "revenge" with his 6 digits salary.
They see all service sector as glorified vendoring machines. They see the masses and the public as cattle, who preferred staring at sports and celebrities instead of them, and so they are angry at it now and see nothing good in it. Some are even openly racist, and said they went into math/engineering/science because of how white, polite, clean, and free of "feral minorities" it is (the weirdest thing with racists is, asians get a pass), and basically, let me break down all the people I've met there so far (in this country, its a huge building that is being used as uni for all of them, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, etc etc):
Either they are future zillionaire lolberts who are more genius than everyone else and you must agree with them on that
or they are these enlightened, dignified men of high culture and reason, who are better than all the pseudo-scientist (all social science is pseudo science to them, unreliable, shitty, producing 0 results and having 0 uses, relying on statistics, something real science doesnt) quacks, mouth breathing manual laborer grunts, welfare job service sector/glorified vendoring machines, or race realists, who are not racist, you are racist for thinking they are racist, they want to exterminate all 0 nobel prize races that are unneeded in society but they are not racist because they are just race realists and that is just what the facts (that are based on statistics this time, oh lol) tell them, and art also doesnt even exist but discussing, cherishing, enjoying in, watching and indulging in videogames is allowed…

Now of course not all of them are like that, but make no mistake, these psychos do hold all the real power, are smart (in the money/industry/military sense), and they are ABSOLUTELY ready, willing and able to do their thing.

I just wanna talk about them with people who talk about politics. What do you do with them?

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Yeah nah

communism will never happen for the working class because the technocrats are going to kill them all, along with the capitalists and basically everyone, weak and unfit technocrats too

I have more of a rant regarding these types.

I am a computer """programmer""" (I write javascript for a living). A large chunk of techies are like this. They do something simple like write code in high-level languages and all of a sudden they turn into right-libertarians.
ANYBODY who knows high school level algebra could go to codeacademy and learn to do my job in a couple weeks. We need more leftists so go for it.

Yes but the problem is that programmers with phds in mathematics have the exact same mentality as the highschool level math technicians do. I know these people, my girlfriend is basically demanding from me that I do at least basic academic studies in one of the approved categories by the time we are 30, or she will not marry me.

Also, as people are getting more and more pissed off with politicians and politics, it is only a matter of time before they willingly give the wheel to the technocrats.

I am off to sleep now but I hope I will read a scenario in which the technocrats do not wipe out the capitalists and the working class when I wake up and come back from work. I just dont see it.

1) they (the technocrats) have all the power
2) they see the capitalists the same way communists do, worthless and unneeded
3) they also see the working class the same way they see the capitalists, whatever the working class can do, they can do better

It is mere logical conclusion they are going to get rid of everyone who isnt them.

I remember you, so I wont bother reading all that, but no. This is YOU projecting what you would do if you were God Emperor because you hate everyone you considder "weak".
The "technocrats" are capitalists, you motherfucking moron.

What approved categories are those?

OK boys, give me the skinny. What field(s) would make you a technocrat/Capitalist?Hard work unimportant, asking for a friend.

How are they capitalists? They all want to start out from their garages, employing only themselves, or working for a wage for someone else to acquire seed capital.

Any that use mathematics above highschool level. So various chemistry degrees, almost all math degrees, almost all hard/natural science really. But not too academic, it has to has some real world industrial implication, or use value outside of academia and in the market.

Plasma (physics) might be a good example. Can be used for all sorts of industrial applications from
plasma induced lasers and cutting, to medical applications, to the latest energy research and development, on how to hold fusion reaction in place…. can bog down in academia, can settle for a safe and solid industrial job, can also get into high clearance important, secret research stuff such as developing a new energy source.

And clearly you do not see yourself as just another fellow worker while doing it.

Yeah I've been thinking lately and this seems like the most likely outcome in the next 30 or 40 years.

So fuggin wat?

I have to say that it is a distinct possibility, much has been written on the subject.

My answer is that, if necessary, we hope to win the guns‐and‐grenades class war. To be sure they have the material advantage, but we have to hope the numerical advantage and what tools that are at our disposal will suffice.

Many cases in modern warfare demonstrate an inability to extirpate or even put down a rebelling population despite an absolutely massive technological leg up.

The way I see it, as the class war becomes more and more likely the most promising path will be a preemptive strike — root them out while they need us. But it will be an uphill battle to achieve the necessary consciousness before the technocrats start doing our work for us.


Our consolation in the event that we lose is that technocracy, while more stable than capitalism, must necessarily result in class hierarchy as the technocrats and their harems populate the planet (and maybe more) in their image. An antagonistic hierarchy must periodically emerge, and unless humanity can go on exterminating the lower class every now and again mankind must meet its destiny (communism).

First of all, unified working class is a pure larp. Over half of the working class masses are right wingers for example..
Second of all, USA losing to Vietnam was because the liberals and hippies thought agent orange was too much. Remember, these are the actual book definition psychopaths, with absolute and undefinable powers. They will not care about watergates, or scandals, or public opinions, or what journalists or who ever say what.

The technocrats would most likely have nuclear orbital artillery, that only they themselves would develop, because who the fuck else would ever even feel the need to develop weapons in the 21st century other than them????

In all previous epochs of history, there were the exploiters and the exploited. Technocrats transcend this. Aristocrats had peasants, capitalists have workers, but technocrats have machines. Only competition would be among themselves. For fun. Just like in their total war / grand strategy games these people tend to have on average 2000 hours put into.

So no. I mean they will have communism. But no one else will. Is there any even future for the workers, or not-technocrats in general??

sounds like an ideal commie to me

You are forgetting the part where they dont need the prole on top of actively HATING the proles. They see them as outdated farming equipment, and glorified vendoring machines. Look at the gif in the op. They do those things for fun now, but they hated every single second of having to study higher math.

Not a single one I've met see that time spent as joyful, or as a hobby. They resent the whole human population, because no one had to suffer trough high math like they did. I am basically quoting. They see everyone but them as lazy and indulgent and undisciplined, hobby over job prioritizing type, while all of them are Randian ubermensch who did job over hobby, and now want to enforce what they suffered for.

when they look at you they see you the same way they see porky, as something sapping at them and those like them so it can live while sitting on its ass and pretending like this is natural and the correct state of affairs and they are correct

If you think the working class won’t know what’s good for them until it’s too late and nobody can say anything to change your mind, what the fuck are you doing here? Are you trying to justify your hedonism to yourself?

All of you bloody Americans that misuse that term are an embarrassment.
Especially when that association was started in the 40s as a propaganda tool to turn people away from the alternative to capitalism offered by Technocracy Inc.

Hey Space do you know any short introductory text to your meme ideology you would rec?

Engineering major here and I know exactly the kind of person you are talking about. I remember a conversation with a few of my classmates and they wanted to use prisoners and welfare recipients for drug testing, medical experimentation, and pharming. It would be totally fine for welfare recipients because it would be voluntary. So maybe these people won't kill off the lower classes they will just make them into cattle and lab rats.

You can justify mass murder camps just as easily, you don't even need to lie just say it's better for the ecology or something like that.

A lot of these people are more interested in transhumanism than the environment. They will atleast keep enough people alive to test new drugs on.

okay then they'll use them to justify mass internment experimentation camps

my politics rn are basically Alex Jones + Walter Benjamin. come on, let's explode the continuum of history. human counterstrike now

ITT: technoautists project their autism on smarter people.

OP don't say this as good thing, so yes he's light hearted in a way.
On the contrary, I remember a thread where a technocrat predict the same thing and consider himself and the other technocrats as a "Titans", he wanted to eradicate non-technocrat for "existential purpose".

Your gf sounds like a bitch, don't marry her.

the bogdanoffs are technocrats

Wait a second.. Aren't you the guy who thinks Crab robots are going to be used as Deathbots by the Zucc to murder everyone on earth?

No, but the technocrat sentiment is spreading around. Technocrats are more class conscious than the workers.

Since the world is already ruled by the CIA/mafia anyway, I dont see why technocrats cant form a mafia/CIA type organization that would take over trough brute force, intimidation, silencers, freak accidents…
The world would still be exactly like it is, democratic, fair, meritocratic, liberal, pleasant, fun, sympathetic, etc etc everyone knows these things, but behind the scenes the politicians would have to pass their laws and police chiefs would have to pretend they didnt see their things and the media would have to pretend they do not exist.

Until their take over is so overwhelming they dont even need to pretend anymore. They may pretend they are universities or government defense researchers, using their laboratories for public good. Tomorrow, they will get rid of the public.


As a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧phd student🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 in the field of plasma physics, I fit the bill of the archetype of a technoautist.

The years at university cramming all the theory on mathematics, physics, programming, are definitely a chore. But a necessity to be able to gain those intellectual tools to analyze complex problems.

Maybe it is a fault of badly designed educational system. Or merely a byproduct of the way research is being done today. Especially grant agencies giving grant money, research institutes shaping research and so on. And to top it all, industrial R&D has different requirements that you have actively teach yourself.

A hobby would be making a replica of IMSAI 8080 8-bit computer in your workshop for fun. A chore is designing main board for a smartphone/router/whatever gadget with a system-on-chip integrated circuit, because your manager told you to do so. And you end up doing it because nobody else bothered to push himself through engineering school.

The technology is what makes the world run, along with labour of course. But when someone is visibly disinterested in learning about these two things and instead prefers their position in the structure of the company, becoming a cog in the machine, it is disheartening. And it is easy to hate such person especially if nobody pushed them to try being any better than that. Maybe that is where the hate of proles by slightly better off labour aristocracy of engineers comes from.

Give him time and he will come to the conclusion that he is the same blob of organic slime just like everybody else. If you want to help, send him a copy of Alexander Spirkin's Introduction to Philosophy.

Whether you see yourself as a fellow worker or not depends on your class consciousness. Independently of what you do as long as you work for a wage.

Also movie night recommendation for your girlfriend, Grapes of Wrath. Then They Live.


Either you die fighting for the western libertarian states of atlantica or the peoples mechanized liberation army of asia

Maybe he's just analyzing the facts? It doesn't necessarily mean you'll like what you hear.