Is there anyone else who was actually convinced by Holla Forums to change their views?

Is there anyone else who was actually convinced by Holla Forums to change their views?

I used to be an ancap until very recently, but I was always put off big time by the kind of libertarian who uses "muh free market" to defend and justify their own racism, misogyny and other reactionary biases. Gamergate and the American election caused those people to come out in droves as actual fascists and join the alt-right. "Hitler was acting on the NAP", Pinochet memes and bullshit like that. I eventually fled to leftypol since it was the only place on the internet not overrun by aut-rightists or smug liberals.

Initially I only posted in threads about idpol and making fun of aut-rightists. I still disagreed with leftist views and believed in the invisible hand and good porky. But eventually I absorbed the memes and became convinced that capitalism and reaction are inseparable and there isn't such a thing as a struggle between the "free market" and the state, they are selfsame. Now I am trying to read theory and become a good muslamic gommie.

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lefty paul has a lot of smug liberals though

cosmic communism is the future, comrade

Black Pigeon Speaks, is that you?

Yeah I OP, I did. I'm more skeptical towards capitalism and stopped falling for bourgeoisie morals.
what a low bar

That wouldn't be him since he isn't that libertarian to begin with, he said that socialism or some socialism could work in a culturally/racially monolithic society. he isn't nazbol either he's just dumb enough to conclude that because he lives in Japan


Before I started posting here, I had assumed that anarchists were merely a minor nuisance comprised of overly idealistic teenagers with a poor understanding of the world.
I quickly realised that Anarchists are a legitimate danger to civil society, likely mentally ill and belong in a recycling vat right along side any capitalist should their views fail to mature.

They would be a legitimate danger to society, if they wouldn't be so insignificant. I am convinced that anarchism can never be anything other than a small band, a consequence rather than the cause of the collapse of the government. At absolute worst, the Anarchist-controlled territory would be like Pol Pot's Cambodia.

What about being convinced into indifference? I used to think that communists and most leftist ideologies were completely laughable and that nazis at least made a little sense, but now I'm completely on the fence and literally don't care what happens since I can keep my toothbrush.

Ironically though, I'm 100% free spread of information and will steal or modify anything I can get my hands on, legally or not. Just kidding FBI :^)

cybercommunism is the future, posadism is a meme

Holla Forums unironically brought me over from socdem land to true red territory

not if commisar Rafiq is in charge

think again fuckface

Probably not. This entire board only breeds pseuds and immature children posing as "leftists".

Is there really any other board whose posters hate their own board as much as Holla Forums?

Historical materialism is the only good historical analytic tool Marxism has produced, dialectal materialism being a mere fucking extension of Hegel's usual delusions.

HistMat uses dialectics, dummy.

I agree with the poster you replied to. HistMat, or Marx's work, has little to do with dialectics - and it would be hard to find anything in his work were he actually "applies" it as dialecticians commonly argue.

If he could shit on almost irrelevant theorists, then why couldn't he have expounded upon dialectics more then a couple of vague sentences.

In all honestly, it was Engels who took up the realm of dialectics in his Dialectics of Nature - which is a very unscientific work that imposes a priori dialectics onto nature. Not to say we shouldn't read Engels ( I enjoy many of his contributions and works such as Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, Conditions of the English Working Class and Origins of the Family) but alas, it would be best to ditch such Hegelian mysticism.

To prove the point further, compare "Marxist" dialectics with religious mysticism: 02.htm


Alright, please provide counter-evidence.

What's wrong with religious mysticism?

you were never an ancap, you were and still are below even them, you are a western liberal

I used to be somewhat right-wing but my mind wasn't changed by leftypol, i got acquainted with left-wing ideas outside of this board. Leftypol introduced me to some good literature but let's be honest, it is best suited for shitposting and sectarian shit-flinging.

and that's why i love it

Whats muslamic

I wasn't full ☭TANKIE☭ until Holla Forums

I'll take a western liberal over Mad Max: The Ideology.

I was a Ron Paul type rightist, then I became disillusioned by politics in general, then I came here and became some kind of general Marxist, learned a lot about anarchism and became a Marxist-Leninist.

Why do some of you people with defined non-leftist ideologies bother to come here in the first place?

Did you guys actually read marx, bordiga , zizek when people told you to?

I started coming here because I could actually discuss my ideas here, when I could not on Holla Forums.
That is one of the reasons this board took off in the first place.
While the anarcho-kiddy influence has sadly made this place less open to non-leftist ideas over the years, this is still an all together great place for political discussion.

I used to be a huge anti-commie alt-right idiot who said that liberty and free market went hand and hand, but I decided to go to leftypol, read some literature and decided that I was a Marxist and basically just an ancom.

Plenty of my friends were ultra-triggered when I told them I agreed with Marxist economic theory, molotove cocktail and AK in hand.

Always been a leftist, but Holla Forums was important in helping convince me that idpol really is cancer, both by showing what shit it reduces left movements to and introducing me to based Adolph Reed.

(You) won the battle of bantz when I came here, so I started to lurk and read theory. I had normie-tier understanding of communism then, but I'm gommie now.

I started browsing as a socdem and I'm now a hardcore communist leaning ML. I wouldn't say that leftypol was responsible for me growing further to the left but I'm grateful for being exposed to a variety of tendencies and in particular, conflict between those tendencies, regardless of how stupid and puerile chan debating can be.
Of all the chans and all the boards on them that I've spent time on Holla Forums is by far the least dumb. Which isn't a massive compliment but hey, it's something.

I was a MTW before I came here and now I've moved to more "first wordlist" positions

*first worldist 09_01.htm#Marx-And-DM--11

Ctrl+F Weston and the article falls apart.

I mean if you ever read Marx he states that the first major division of labor between mental and physical labor resulted in religious ideologists.

Not me, even though I am prime target. My political vies are formed by two realizations:

So far, so lefty. But I don't thin equality exists, that its natural, or inherent, or desirable. I like hierarchy, and I think that the strong helping the weak should be voluntary charity, rather than forced via excessive tax or regulation. I also don't think that all cultures have value, or all behavior should be accepted and tolerated. I think freedom, including freedom of speech, should be a tool to keep the structure together, not an end towards which we sacrifice.

A few years browsing here on and off, and my views haven't evolved at all. Nobody here has posted compelling arguments to convince me. At most I went from being so-so on private entities owning mineral wealth, water, bridged, etc, to being strongly opposed, but that has little to do with the trash on this board.


That site is autism and has already been refuted by FinBol.

I love how you haven't read any of it.

Also refuting that bootleg video by FB (as much as I love him)…

And finally here:

Best regards, and hope you finally ditch this nonsense and actually focus on the class struggle one of these days.

So you realize the faults inherent in capitalism but don't believe in the things that will fix it. Interesting.
"True equality" and "all cultures have value" are things I don't believe in either. Some people are just better people and some cultures produce better people.

Also if you would like a collection of the full critique of him, please refer to here:


The problem with private charity is that it is absolutely impotent at solving the issues that it just barely assuages. The lesson we should learn despite the billions pumped into private charities and rhetoric revolving around their contribution is that they are by and large a total failure. Again, they temporarily lessen the suffering in a given area experiencing a given problem but do close to nothing in actually solving it.
Socialism is not when the government funnels tax dollars into welfare programs. It is about empowering the actual productive force in society, that being labor.
Pure ideology. The "strong" under capitalism are the ruthless, the connected, the lucky, occasionally the smart or talented, but in any case even those who do possess some merit are just as routinely exploited and if they are savvy enough to avoid that fate, do the exploiting. And all of these dumb, lucky, or rarely gifted men are absolutely worthless without the labor that produces the things they envision. No doubt those talented few deserve praise and reward, they do not deserve the position of slave-driver and owner of men and their labor.
This is not so much moral condemnation but a declaration of intent, the position of communism is that we shouldn't give it to them and force may be necessary to see that through.
I'm tired and don't feel like addressing the culture shit. Halfway because it's vague, but also because "culture" beyond things that are inconsequential, like food and clothing customs, are usually veiled ethnic essentialism or just bourgeois ideology. What good ideas exist in tradition can be taken without their baggage.
I'm not trying to debate or convert you I'm just rambling because I'm tired, fuck you.

I would rather be "an exploited slave", such as a mechanic or a clerk, in a very wealthy, stable and secure country, than to be a "free equal man" in any of the mid 20th century communist regimes.
This slave-oppressor thing doesn't work in practice, because poverty oppresses you more than your boss ever could, and in the last century we saw that creating wealth is something that market economies do better than planned economies.


And now read what self proclaimed socialists actually say, and what modern socialist movements have on their agenda.
Since most people already have the equality Lenin talks about there, that is equal rights in front of a judge, they are going for different interpretations of social equality, gender equality, sexuality equality, etc.

he's talking about equality ie. the abolition of classes, and in what world do the rich and poor have equal rights in front of a judge? what a joke.

The rules of most states dictate that, yes, they do have equal rights. It is the fault of corruption, not the ideology, that this isn't the case.
Corruption is something that also existed in the socialist states. It is of course a perversion of the idea, and shouldn't be used to discuss the ideal.

Sucks that such an existence depends on a permanent underclass in the third world. Would be a shame if something happened to that.

Cheap phones depend on african kids in mines, cheap clothes depend on bangladeshi kids in swamps, cheap coffee depends on latino kids in jungles.
However this doesn't influence me negatively. It doesn't even influence the world as a whole negatively, you can argue. Its immoral, but efficient.

We absolutely do not have social equality, I.e. abolition of class. I care little for what vulgar "leftists" are positioning themselves on. Dealing with them is a matter of politics though, not theory. And there is no basis for a naive and incoherent sense of equality attacked by reactionaries and liberals in the actual Marxist literature.

Inefficient and unsustainable. We are evaporating our resources, boiling the oceans, and the contradictions of capital will only increase the kick-backs we receive as the engine of production grows larger and more monstrous. You won't have to wait long for it to become your problem.

Bumping an interesting thread.
How a dead board manages to push shit to the lower pages is beyond me. So many new and empty threads created all the time.

How does it feel your ideology is litterally posadist-tier and being able to use a computer doesn't qualify you or anyone else to run society? Stay mad, faggot. Lol, go back to LessWrong. btw there's nothing wrong with killing cops.

Wrongo, read Orwell, Homage to Catalonia.

Always ignored 4chan Holla Forums and pretty much ignored this Holla Forums, but in the gamergate boards there were plenty of left leaning people who were sick of the aut-right nonsense. Holla Forums was made and I came here because I wanted a place to discuss politics without reddit-cancer. Was slightly to the left of liberals but thought commies were silly 15 year olds. Kept reading posts that distilled the insane amount of literature from the past few hundred years into easily digestible meme format, then started to actually read the literature. Was impressed. Now an un-ironic communist.