Why doesn't both the mainstream and alternative left accept any responsibility for the explosion of single motherhood...

Why doesn't both the mainstream and alternative left accept any responsibility for the explosion of single motherhood around the west?
I consider Single motherhood as the Lefts own version of Climate Change for right wings, something that to many modern leftist, can never be attributed to the lefts own effort in deconstructing traditional patriarchal institutions and subverting behavioral norms that existed for a many good reasons, other than controlling women.

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Because it's false. It's capitalism that's destroying the traditional family.
Capitalists want people to be narcisistic fags who spend money on smartphones and traveling instead of having children. People have become so narcisist and alienated they go MGTOW, they want to fuck sex dolls, they abandon their parents in retirement homes. Mariage and relationships are hardword. Modern western people are lazy and narcisistic, hence they jump out of marriage when things don't pan out like in Hollywood movies.

Capitalism is the thing destroying "Muh Beautiful patriarchal men work wife keeps the home" society the most tbh because capitalism will always need new workers to keep shit moving thus forcing women to work

Even if it was true there's nothing wrong with single motherhood.

this is YOUR fault, right-wing faggot


It would be cognitive dissonance if you were actually correct and not just a brainlet caught in a false cause fallacy.


Capitalism doesn't concern itself with society's problems (that would be socialism), nor with the long-term consequences. It simply cannot do it, because the single parameter it relies upon is immediate profit.

Lack of family means much cheaper and much more thoroughly exploited worker drone (who neither requires expense nor time for family). And as for reproduction - you can always tap into overseas human resources via outsourcing or immigration.

Now tell me, where the single motherhood flourished: the Soviet Union, Maoist China, or, perhaps, Ameirca? The answer is obvious, as is your mistake.

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Single motherhood in those countries plummeted because
A) they just made up their records, and
B) they ate their kids

Actually it is you retard.

Not as a result but despite its short term focus. Its called an internal contridiction

Oh, you aren't interested in a rational discussion. Should've made it more clear. Hope the thread is anchored soon, bye.

do you honestly think people make plans so far in their future about
their own fucking kids paying taxes to keep capitalism rolling
it's about self interest only, and people today would rather have a career and do shit instead of actually trying to form a family

You need materialism, son.

The patriarchal nuclear family rested on a certain economic foundation, slecifically the widespread availability of jobs that could support a family on a single income. Through union busting, free trade and austerity, Neoliberalism had already destroyed this economic foundation. The rise of liberal feminism came, not as the destroyer of the patriarchal family, but as the ideological justification for a process already well underway.

The irony is that it was none other than your own reactionary lot that destroyed the bourgeois family you so cherish, but you're so addicted to crude, idealist cultural explanations for everything you can't see the economic suicide you're committing, how the neoliberal bullshit you support makes your ideal society impossible.

Don't worry, just keep cleaning you're room and straightening yourself out and I'm sure 150 million $55,000-a-year year jobs will drop from the heavens :^)

And that sentence still makes little sense. The Walton family sits where it does today as a result of short-term focus?

I'm not saying Joe at the steel mill is thinking about his grandkids' retirement options, you willfully obtuse cuck

Survivorship bias

The Waltons' example stands isolated only by its magnitude, but not by the premise of my point. Go to any city in the US and small town in between and you'll find multi-generational businesses thriving.

90% of all startups fail within the first two years.

When only 6% of the US are business owners and 90% of all new businesses fail any example you use is survivorship bias

fixed that.



Attempts at forcing an inherently unstable and short term system into a long term one

thread could end here tbh

Pic related
The radical left gains quite a lot by breaking up the nuclear family. Single mothers are more likely to vote for socialist policies, children raised in broken families are overly dependant on left leaning state schools to teach them about basic things their neglectful single parents failed to teach them, like Gender roles. They can be easily brainwashed than children raised by strong fathers. They're also more likely to be single mothers themselves. Generational welfare dependency is a leftists dream. Feminists also see both see the nuclear family and marriage as patriarchal constructs

Just a coincidence.
Not saying neoliberalism didnt contribute, but you're just being intellectually dishonest by discounting of the very movement which has blatantly expressed its aims to subvert the nuclear family, marriage and other "oppressive" patriarchal institutions, the very institutions needed to keep society stable.

Feminism doomed the non radical material left, which I used to support. Drop Feminism and the commie Shtick


Are you saying leftists policies can’t be passed by right wing politicians to gain more leftist votes? There’s a reason reagon won in California.

Out of interest, what makes it inherently "liftwung"?

stupid assumption
don't know why capitalists would want this
why wait for kids to be born when you can have immigrants now?
read boy, read.
redpepper.org.uk/Their-crisis-our-challenge/ - how capital solved the western labour shortage of the 1960s.

by discouraging (western) childbirth you achieve two goals.
1. rich westerners can continue to live as extended teenagers, enjoying the consumerist fruits of "youth culture" for eternity
2. families can work much longer and turn the extra income to consumption goods instead of child supporting goods.

The nuclear family is garbage. Extended families were where it was at

Hi /liberty/

Welfare is a product of capitalism and all the problems of single motherhood that arise because of it. Point to one thing that single motherhood is a detriment to that’s directly tied to socialism and not capitalism

The rights shit understanding of its own enemy is why it will fail, aside from its shit ideas



Under capitalism there is literally no need for families. Much cheaper and more effective to just have uneducated single mothers pumping out a nice servile reserve army of labour. There is no incentive for families to stay together under capitalism. For the man, a family is burden that stops him from attaining capital, for the woman, a wedding ring is the outward assertion that she has given up her sexual capital, further, capitalism encourages capitalist "gender equality" meaning that women and men both now compete to work more and more, meaning that women who aren't getting knocked up are getting stuck into a career so they can become capitalists, they do not gain any capital at all by having children, they lose it, and the means to get it, either by themselves or by getting another to get it for them.

When you pushed everyone off the land and made everybody work suddenly nobody had time to raise kids.

Funny that, real fucking funny, the kids work also. Hahahahahah


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basically this . Nuclear family is shit. I want to return to this days of my grandmother when the sons and daughters would take care of their aging parents.
I'm glad my super hardcore commie family which has a portrait of Lenin on the living room, didn't abandon my grandmother in a retirement home and she currently sleeps in my old bedroom, because i don't live with my parents anymore.

And ok, i can easily conced that, feminism is a retarded movement. Any feminist mvement after the original is essentially useless and it only seeks power, not equality. If one wants equality it should call himself a "humanist" not a "feminist".
But what it's really to get through yur heads is that you seem to believe communists are some hivemind, when literally every country has different communist parties. The communist party of my country doesn't fall for such bulshit. It's very conservative. It voted against the legalization of weed for recreational use, it voted against homosexual couples adopting children. It defends the return of the mandatory military service.

are you Russian?

That's a rightist talking point, not a fact. Is this your level of discourse? Pathetic.

The graph clearly says "unwed mothers" not single, plenty of parents aren't married but still together

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Parenthood is a terrible idea. Squeezing out crotchfruit doesn't make you qualified to raise children. Children should be raised in multigeneration homes or by the community, so that people with actual experience and learning have a hand in raising children. The idea that 20-30 year olds should just be tossed in the deep end on their own is neoliberal bullshit

Not that guy, but banks destroying families isn't really a contradictory statement