What does leftypol think of the Jews?

What does leftypol think of the Jews?

(P.S. I'm Jewish.)

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We don't.

Being booj, liberal, religious fundamentalist, or fascist(Zionist) does not become okay or condemn you any harder if you were Jewish or not.

they're literal child eating blood drinking Satanist and they don't even hide it, they're into all kinds of weird occult shit and demonology and try to summon golems everyday using kabbalahistic magics, I say this as an atheist, this is literally what they believe, it doesn't matter if you personally aren't religious and consider the supernatural silly but this is what THEY literally believe

Pretty much this. I have no strong opinion one way or the other on Jewish people or traditions, and neither do most leftists.

Jewish liberals get the bullet, too. Not because they are Jewish, but because they are liberals.

Don't really care but death to Israel, of course.

Really don't care. Ashkenazi Jews are mosty genetically European despite Holla Forumss denialism. Israel is a borderline theocratic ethno-state. Zionism is stupid. Orthodox Judaism is pure trash and Reformed Judaism seems pretty pointless.

Nice hats tho.

Not a fan of the "Chosen People" shit TBH

They're okay but you need to understand they're not monolithic as it may seem, tho Jewish exceptionalism is really hammered hard from early on like the user above mentioned.

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you don't know shit you're talking about

Israel is a turbo capitalist apartheid state. They had a choice between democracy or Judaism and they said no to both. It's hell. It's the future.

Why did he even bring up Jews in that sentence then?

Because someone asked him his opinion on Jews?

For example there is a law you can't marry outside of a religion. This means secular marriage is banned and all marriages must be approved of by Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

Check out this PDF, it's under 20 pages and provides an interesting insight. Also this is pretty much how I imagine eastern and southern European immigrants would be treated in an American white ethno state.

it really isn't

Yes and there other religious penalties as well like no public transport on Saturday. Believe it or not but it's still far from a theocracy despite these laws. Also civil marriage IS recognized if done abroad.

didn't post for some reason

I never called it a theocracy just said borderline to point out it's like one.

Read Stirner. Everyone is a unique individual and is judged individually.

All religion is a mental disease, similar to homosexuality (although more severe of one) and also autism (less severe of one in this case.)
Capitalism is fundamentally based off of the Jewish morality system, so we communists hate Jews more than other religions.

We don't care about ethnic Jews, as one cannot choose to be ethnically Jewish (I myself am 1/8 ethnically Jewish.)


The majority of Holla Forums isn't willing to admit this because then Holla Forums would be right in at least one way but, thank you for your people's contributions to communism.

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Why? Can we just limit Israels powers instead?

israel colonised palestine
we should free palestine, and the only way to do that is by destroying israel
if israel is allowed to exist at all, then the palestinian people are oppressed

they're pretty hebraic I guess