Jimmy Dore's power level has been revealed
Callling for a fucking vanguard party
The memes worked our man is a genuine left winger

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It would be pretty great to have Jimmy "prepare the floor for class war" Dore far-left if only so there's a good far-left news source on Youtube that has a significant following.

"It would be nice to have a real socialist vanguard."


Maybe we should shill Dore memes on the Jimmy Dore subreddit?

These lot are woke anti-idpollers.

Uphold Marxism-Doreism



Also anyone who talked shit about his wife can fuck off, the fact that she even read this question without squirming makes her a comrade too.

calling for a revolution is just Jimmy Dore's way of cursing out the government that he hates so much. it doesn't really mean anything significant.


I know this is good, but

What is the problem with being happy about people moving left? Jimmy has a sizeable audience. He remarked yesterday how far he's come in one year of doing the Jimmy Dore Show. He was doing numbers on the SOTU comparable to TYT's numbers on fucking election night.

It's just a shame this is a win for socialism

Doesn't leftypol only have like 600 active contributors?


Pro-Kremlin puppet Jimmy Dore is an apologist for the Stalinist "vanguard" system that was responsible for the ethnic genocide of over 20 million Ukrainian men, women, and children




checks out

haven't people criticized her for not being as radical?
hell her name is "the miserable liberal." as of late she seems to be coming around

Hah! But yeah that other poster is right, they'd be throwing out the 100 million number.

name one single well known and respected person in the US who has recently called for a literal revolution

"the hacker known as 4chan"



Stop with these pictures damnit. It's gotten annoying.

i like them, just waiting for further deformations to trump up the last ones in "arguments"

So they're, what, like pokemon?

kek, perfect reply

Anyone else think his wife is hot?

requesting a 'mehmet my son' meme where it's like: "liberal, my son, it is time for you to choose: do you want, hysterical COINTELPRO 'progressive' Cenk & co. TYTfeed, or butiful Jimmy 'arm the poor' Dore TYT revolutionary news network?

why do overachievers love capitalism while underachievers love socialism?

She's a milf, not my kind of thing but I can see it.

Explain why literal geni are socialists.

let's not forget Steven Hawking

sagan and einstein lived the capitalist bourgeousie life. specially einstein, he was a terrible human who exploited coworkers and his wives/mistresses.

It matters not what your class is, but what class you fight for.

Oh really, what means of production did they own?

the content they created and the staff that worked for them. you know how publishing, patents and rights work?

Not MOP, that is the product of their labour.
Most of them were employed by agencies (like NASA) or the institutions they worked at. A scientist doesn't lord over their lab workers, they are employed by the institution for which they work.
Publishing yes, and scientific institutions need to sort them out. However one does not garner income purely from publishing a paper nor is that the MoP. Still not the faults of Sagan or Einstein. Patents, to my knowledge neither of them invented anything patent-worthy. As for rights, last time I checked general relativity wasn't copyrighted nor did Sagan get rights off the voyager probe.

In summary, even if you accusations were true they would be petit-bourgeois at best, however they aren't: neither Einstein nor Sagan owned any MoP that they had proletarians work for profit. Stop misusing the term bourgeois you dolt.


Oh lol, didnt' realize she was his wife.

Sure, if one guy calls for a revolution, it's his way or blowing off steam, but if a million workers do it then it's time to polish your nuggets.


nice bait,but go on any libertarian forum and tell me they're "overachievers" lmao


Explain pic related


Doreist theory when

Einstein literally wrote pamphlets that were socialist propaganda you dotard

Funny, because the only people who love capitalism are fat fucks who got rich off exploiting workers or inheriting daddy's money.


Dore is on fire in his stream rn

Ron "I was just gonna say" Placone

He talked openly about a Dore-Turkish split, he especially got mad about some debate between Cenk and Kyle Kulinski about Russiagate. Cenk is apparently buying into some parts of the Russia gate stuff and Jimmy is mad as hell about it.

He also talked about Michael Wood, the Baltimore anti-cop cop had talked shit about his show. Apparently Michael had said something like "I dont wanna have three comedians talking during the interview" and probably something else. Then Jimmy said that Michael has a "cop's brain". Gotta love the leftist eugenics, he didn't say what we should do to people with cops brains though

Jimmy's on Joe Rogan's podcast tomorrow.

Einstein, Sagan, Orwell, Malala, HG Wells, Picssso, Oppenheimer, Hellen Keller, MLK, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Wilde and even Danny DeVito.