Confession thread

confess your lefty sins comrades
plz no shitposting about cathcucks, you get the point of the thread

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I used to blamed fellow proles trying to help me for my problems when in reality capitalism was slowly sucking my soul out of me, turning me on my fellow man.

Class consciousness has brought me far more than just understanding.

I voted for shillary

I recently bought a flag and ushanka from Amazon.

Pure red or has it got stuff on it?
Also, there aint no problem with a few LARPs

I'm not a leftist

Soviet flag, soviet ushanka

also my sin was that i bought them of amazon

I mumble through the whole "There are no supreme saviors" part of the Internationale in order to avoid blaspheming.

I make OPs with less than 200 characters

I aspire to be a petty bourg

Hobbes is my favorite philosopher

I'm into sneakers.

Hobbes is one of the only sort-of materialist anglos so it is OK.

this is the worst one so far

I'd post something but I'd get banned so I'll keep it to myself.

My son, the sacrament of confession is sacred.
No one will overhear your misdeeds except for myself and the Holy Spirit.

i keep telling people how defeatism is bad but i don't believe a word i say

I voted for Ralph Northam in Virginia cause I was so scared of Gillespie winning

That's a shame…i wish you lived in a place with a different communist party.
The one we have has lots and lots of christians(catholics). I used to be an edgy atheist growing up, but talking to them made me realize they're good people, and shouldn't be killed nor forced to abandon their faith, they help the party the best they can. Also it made me realize the whole religion thing Marx wrote is out of date. Consumerism and sports competitions are today's opium.

I cyber-bullied an Ancap to the point of suicide, and he really did it. I shouldn't feel anything. But I do…

pic unrelated

How and why

that's because you still believe in human rights bullshit comrade. Pull your shit together, he was an worthless cunt and a waste of the planet resources.

I spend money on $500 shoes and this makes me unrelatable to most proletarians.

comrade, as penance you must convince 2 ancaps not to kill themselves

I love Death in June.

i genuinely like rw memes

i think trump is better than hillary

How is that a sin? HIllary was pure sociopath. We would be under ww3 by now, had she won.
Trump is just a loudmouth retard that spent his life in a bubble, so he can't really grasp how real world works.
He's hilarious and the best thing that came out of USA. I hope he stays until 2024.

Trump is great, he's accelerating the decline of US power and that is bringing some good outcomes like North and South Korea talking.

You did better than anyone here who voted for Gruph.

Good job.

Don't feel too bad user, we all wanna touch children sometimes it's only natural.

…and the nsa

I'm actually pretty against immigration. Nothing against people trying to do whatever they can to improve their lives, but I think they're just coming here and fueling the neoliberalism because dems pay special attention to them. They aren't rioting or starting a revolution, liberals just offer them residency/citizenship and some free college and they turn a blind eye to anything else. Some of the 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants in my area are actually conservative, thinking that they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps so why can't everyone else? Immigration does not equal more proles, it's just keeping the system alive.


I never understood the porky flag on here, my only thought is that it's purposely made for falseflagging and not under the assumption that it is actually for people who are actually bourg

Falseflagging and ironic porky posting.



I don't seed the torrents I download, not even the rare ones.

I was only able to read any theory when I was in college and since then I have been lucky if I get through 10 pages.
And because I radicalized during graduation year…I was only able to finish one book… since then i've been trying to read das Kapital but keep backtracking because my time gaps make me forget what the fuck was happening in the last few pages.

that's pretty pathetic

just get banned then fagogot.

Immigration was always a capitalist-minded issue. Whichever way a talking head chooses to paint it, it typically comes down to whose friends are making the most money from drugs/labor or which voting block is being shuffled.

Had a TA in a lab class several years ago who was exactly as you describe - up by their bootstraps with significant government assistance. He always emphasized that he'd fought so hard so that we wouldn't have to write a research paper, and always complained that the state/university wasn't giving us enough money to do "fun stuff"

I'm a catholic

are you me?

I pretend to know more theory than I do and I'm afraid that I just bully people into accepting my position instead of finding the best answer.

nothing wrong with a little holy spirit, user

I hate this kind of thinking. Capitalism doesn't have an inevitable end, in fact it's greatest ability is to keep itself alive. We can't just wait around for a revolution forever. A constant flow of immigrants coming to the US to work shitty jobs for low pay masquerading as some sort of moral gift is what helps prevent change. How can workers strike effectively if the boss knows he can just hire an infinite supply of scabs?

with a basic understanding of economics one should be against open border immigration, brain drain harms the poorer countries as much as devalued labour harms the host country.

But this is Holla Forums so I dont actually expect anyone here to understand economics.

Brain drain doesn't apply when borders don't exist, for one.

Plenty of us understand econ just fine.

even without borders the whole planet doesnt just equalize, some territories will just produce more money.
If you genuinely believe in the labour theory of value, not you dont.

and people will flock there until the population balances out, and fewer people are exploiting larger tracts of less-productive land which has just been vacated. This is the trend in all historical cases.

I should steal more at work

historic cases without borders


I've read a ton of theory and could explain most people's questions at a satisfactory level, but i low-key hate my fellow proles for being uncultured swine even though i realize they're simply products of their environment and i'm not special in any way but simply a product of my own environment myself

Except that you're self-aware.

i've done nothing that anyone else around me couldn't do. nothing is hard if you actually bother, but no one bothers or cares. people are reduced to animals, they simply live their alienated existence from one carnal escapist dopamine rush to the next depression.

im just glad to read theory and have a few people around me i can truly connect with. managed to get my girlfriend into advanced theory (vaziulin,Ilyenkov etc), more like manipulated her into it so she doesn't feel inferior tbh, and i'm content with that. explaining marxism to laymen and hearing the same 20 stupid things repeated at you again and again just kills you on the inside bit by bit

It's not about what others could or could not do in your stead. You made decisions which led you down the path to your current ideology and paradigm; don't steal that agency from yourself.

Be careful not to fall victim to the reverse Dunning-Kruger.

the realization you were born in the pre-communist barbarian ages is a bit soul-crushing in any case

ah well

I came to a conclusion that communism sucks
It's hardy a sin though

I'm pretty much a brainlet who has done nothing to further the cause of leftism ever and I'm fed up of life in general.

just don't grow sour and stale, check other interpretations and aproaches of the revolutionary outlook, however exotic, remote, and new/old

its idealistic to the extreme
whats missing is how to implement it so it lasts

No, what I meant is rather -
"let's fight to bring about communism"
And they did fight, they killed, they sacrificed, massacred and imposed their holy inquisitions.
So, the material conditions of communism are here, and it seems to me that the whole purpose of the "communists" was to participate in the process of struggles for the sake of it, for when it comes to the present, they have some big, big problems, and do not differ from any other metaphysical sect with its God ("communist reality"), who is always "not there", in the future, which is absolutely ridiculous in the present situation. We must get rid of communism altogether.

horrible take

ok, correct it

Thats a pretty big sin tbh
I bought medicine from Amazon recently. God what have I done?

not worth, just begone

great accommodation

I-I like fast food too much, it's not that I eat it more than like once every two or three months, but when I get the urge there's really not much to stop me from buying like 8 burgers from McDonald's or BK(the only fast-food in my town)
I guess it has to do with the low price and lack of dishwashing afterwards, but I really shouldn't be supporting those two corporations.
I should probably point out that I'm not fat or out of shape.

i also eat fast food hamburgers quite often, but it's mostly because i'm lazy and hate cooking

I eat too many sweets, I got to stop because it's gonna fuck my body and fuck further my already bad teeth. I'm not out of shape either. Eating cookies and chocolates nibs as I type this.

i;m legaly married to my right hand

I'm 25 and trying to get back into college with shitty grades, so I'm retaking my English and Maths. I should be doing an assignment right now, but I keep putting it off and playing Total War.
They don't count towards the grade, but my tutor will be expecting it to be done soon. I have my exams in June and I feel like I procrastinate too much to get a worthwhile grade. I just want to get out of retail.

I was in your situation last, except I was 24. I studied my ass off (alone, btw, so you already have an advantage on me) and managed to get pretty good grades on the entrance exams I applied to. You really just need to suck it up and put your face in the books.

I think the Confederate statues should've stayed up and the entire issue was a distraction from bullshit that actually matters
I voted for Trump cause accelerationism
I'm a business major in college and was pro-capitalism until about a year ago
Forgive me Marx, for I have sinned.

Eh on the confederate thing, that is mostly fine. Taking the statues down isn't dialectical, but pissing of fashies IS fun.
Accelerationism is a meme and tbh you should feel bad about that.
And Engels was a literal member of the bourgeois.
The church of marx does not give forgiveness, forgiveness is earned by the self.

I'd prefer a nationalist and racist social democracy to what we have now if it meant financial stability and social harmony

I hate 99% of self-described internet communists (especially if they are women), and most of my friends are pretty left of center.

Race is probably real (but tribalism seems dumb)

Incels were/are oppressed by women. And prostitution and other intimacy for hire services is extortion if you look at the larger picture.

Arranged marriages were better because men are thirsty retards and women are social darwinist elitists

The Green Party would be terrible in federal power (probably)

Capitalism helps with material poverty, but will continually worsen social poverty probably

Trump seems smarter than Obama

Most people are terrible by nature, people need to be domesticated

How do you figure?

This thread shows Holla Forums has a sizable population of anti-communist reactionaries.

BO didn't go far enough with the purges.

le english utilitarian

I'm so terrified of the void of postmodernity that i have thought about unironically converting to catholicism. Post-1960s capitalism is based on encouraging people to let go of their repressions and express themselves, but this ends up turning into another form of control. Despite my liberal upbringing, I've always felt extremely alienated from society

Duh, postmodernity was dead for a deacade, if you didn't notice.
Catholicism is dead for more than 100 years now, along with Christianity in general.
Quit this delusion.

So "Settlers" was right? Am I just gonna be thrown under the bus when the revolution comes?


I didn't know about this shit
don't blame me I saved that image a while ago

I used to be an MRA, didnt change much of my views on gender but I totally stopped paying attention to anything to do with them because theyre hopelessly classcucked and reactionary in almost every aspect.

if you really like burgers, eat them at some other restaurant
you'll get a burger for the price of a whole "meal" at the big fast food ones but they'll taste better and actually get you filled

you wont be able to eat 8 of them and instead you can buy some really good fries and depending on the place even a beer
it'll be an improvement, just give it a chance

I can't bring myself hate fascists who oppose the american empire more than I hate liberals who praise imperialism as humanitarian.

Objectively, having the BNP in power in Britain would be less hellish for the international proletariat than Tony Blair's New Labour. If anyone has arguments against, I'm glad to hear them.

I cant get rid of my working class disgust. I believe that western world working class almost all deserved much worse fate than they currently have, that 90% of the working men and women are absolutely unessential and that these people really should be physically removed from society, because there really isnt infinite resources out there.

I think that investment funds/banks are extremely beneficial to society. Fuck you, investing money takes a legitimate, phd in math/logic tier skill. Not everyone can be a successful investitor/stock trader, and not everyone is. Knowing when is the right time for a hostile takeover, or when to dump stock, or when to buy in and get a chair on the exec board and influence, or how/when/where to lobby, AND ALL THIS FOR THE SAKE OF PROVIDING A SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW, CHEAPER, is amazing. Huge corporations are not these boogymen, they just want to sell shit. And in order to sell it to you, they want to make it as best as possible. And in order to make it as best as possible, they have to make a lot of it, to make it available, durable, healthy, blah blah….. evil porky is a strawman.

I dont not consider anyone a worker unless he is doing a scientific work. Manual labor with stone age tools, you can train a monkey to do this, or automate it.

I do not believe in classes. Operationally, this has to be the most retarded dichotomy, ever. A capitalist might end up increasing my quality of life MUCH MORE than any worker. I dont deal with people based on their class. Hell, Engels probably did more for leftism than 99.9999999999999999% of all working class people in the recorded history.

Whoops, forgot flag.

I'll consider doing that, I just get kind of sad when I realize the moment after that I paid 20$ for one meal, I'm the kind of person who thinks about how many burgers I could have had if I invested that money in minced meat and buns.

Why are you even on this site?

holy fuck I hate amerikkkans just die already lmao you fatty

I'm starting to see international class conscious revolution as a pipe dream. Every socialist revolution that had a modicum of success was far closer to Blanqui's ideal than Marx's. The 'mass support' for Leninist revolutions is always romantically overstated by their leaders. Leninism is nothing more than Blanquism that pays lip service to Marxism.

In short, Blanqui is our only hope.

yeah well i dont care
modern "workers" are outdated farming equipment, and glorified coffee dispensers

not even to mention that the guy curing cancer feels much more relateable to a capitalist than a "fellow worker" street sweeper

if you can make them yourself then you should do that
btw nothing is more important than a good sauce then, but if you're already planning to buy half a dozen burgers from trash fast food places then invest that money for a quality one instead
then it's not money you would've spend on ingrediences that you "wasted" but money you invested better instead of buying trash

I pretend that I don't like Lenin and Stalin when trying to radicalize liberals.

>explaining marxism to laymen and hearing the same 20 stupid things repeated at you again and again just kills you on the inside bit by bit

I feel your pain, comrade.

I’m a social conservative

Literally who? besides partisangirl

I'm not American and as I mentioned previously, I do it very rarely, I pretty much never go out to eat.

I live off student grant and I dislike cooking with the tools that I have, I do it sometimes but the lack of ventilation and the fact that I live in a single room apartment makes it sort of gross to me, can't stand the smell.
But thanks for the advice! I will definitely check out a local burger joint in the near future!

I can't really remember who wrote about it, but I remember reading a while back a book or article talking about how the major problem of global liberal capitalism is that there is so many actors moving in their materially similar but ideologically different self-interests that it makes it exceedingly difficult for any developing revolutionary group or person to know who or what to target or combat first or for the proletariat to look at the system as a whole and figure out what the problem is to begin with. Fascism is inevitably inherent in capitalism given enough time, which is why you need to target the broader structure of capitalism first before it forms, yet with its development comes the "benefit" of having the capitalist structure fully fleshed out for the entire populace to see. The enemy becomes directly presented and not obfuscated like in liberal capitalism. That's not to say fascism is desired in any sense, just that its more easy to rally against.

the paris commune of 1871 was led in part by blanquists, together with Jacobins and members of Marx' Internationale. But the revolution was above all the product of the parisian masses who met in political clubs to figure things out. too bad they got completely massacred by the versaillais. The revolution will have to make use of all available tactics, most of which will have to be discovered in practice.

now this is direct action

I think a lot of people are starting to get that impression, I know I am guilty of the sin of imagining myself forcing socialism on the people of the world at the barrel of a gun. It’s so easy to get hopeless.

fucking wrong

That's pretty awesome

I fully agree.

Used to be Holla Forumstard Evola reading self-identified fascist for about 3 years

What changed?

My gf is black.


Figuring out that all the positive elements of fascism (anti-globalism, national unity, protection of culture, increasing the birth rate and promoting procreation) can be found in Actually Existing Socialism, particularly DPRK and Ceausescu's Romania. They had all these things, but without the autism of "master race" BS, and without selling out their countries to wealthy "industrialists" like Mussolini and Hitler did.

I don't see why that would change anything


i like some nazi songs

Go back to >>>Holla Forums nazbols.

you can't deny this is catchy as fuck

i realised i was actually lonely and afraid of everything. fascism provides people with the illusion of community

Obviously they are not talking about a communist uprising world.

Nothing wrong with that

I used to be an SJW from late 2014-early 2017.

Famalamajambam, I get why you don't like the smell, plain meat frying in nothing but salt and pepper does not smell appetizing. Rather, get some cumin and garlic, even garlic powder like, half and quarter teaspoon respectively, per patty and mix that in to your ground beef. It'll smell and taste way better, my dude.

I was almost lulled into the "rational centrist skeptic" meme back in 2013/14 until you beautiful boys dispelled it and communism came'a knockin', and I was all like "Fuckin' right, that's what's up!"

My man

objectively wrong

SJWism was my only exposure to leftist critique at the time, but I knew in my heart that I hated it whenever it was actually put into practice. Once I found Holla Forums I stopped it.
My sin is that I like decadent things, and don't actually really like most people in general. However, I remain hopeful enough that socialism will force people into being stronger, for the sake of competing against each other in the social sphere.
Maybe I am not really a socialist if I don't believe that people will get along and that social hierarchies are on some level a good thing. But I do believe that socialism is the only way to go forward.

I def took a turn to the left around 2008 though, figuring that bankers and corporate elites should be held personally responsible for their decisions, much stronger regulations on businesses, and nationalization of key industries. That's probably what kept me from putting on the polyester button-up flame-print t shirt and going full "anti sjw" rad-cent.

Not so much a sin but since there's no origins thread atm I'm saying it here. I became a communist after listening to union music occasionally and paying attention to the lyrics, and eventually stuff like the Internationale. Family has a very industrial history, with my mothers family coming from farmers and my fathers family doing factory work usually. I'm not one of those elitist "only industrial workers!!!" but it's definitely an inspiration to me. I'm pretty sure my parents are engaging more with leftist thinking, though perhaps only to social democratic positions.

Unions here get smashed a lot (I'm a Canadian, which that's not uncommon here – we're honestly worse than the US in class-cuckoldry). A trucking company's workers were organizing to form a union, and they agreed not to if they got better job security and that kind of thing. The company had lied and never gave a single thing. Infuriates me. Worst part is I know someone who works at it, and they don't live all that well in a tiny house with two kids. I even vaguely know the owners kid, and he's a fucking dickhead who lives in a big house with a literal lake all to himself.

I actually have one confession to make, and it's that my brother's a neo-Nazi who talks about "the Kikes." Not my fault, but it's something I need to take note of.

Mimi is unironically the only female worth following on twitter. All the others are just vapid thots.

Same. My exposure to leftism actually came through the shitredditsays community, funny enough. I had been more libertarian-right before then, but after going full SJW I abandoned libertarianism because it was unable to deal with power dynamics and oppression and hate speech. I eventually split with them when there was a big fight in the IRC about materialism and so-called "class reductionism", although I was still SJW. It wasn't until the controversy over so-called "Bernie Bros" that I finally saw how toxic callout culture and idpol actually are, although I knew it somewhere in the back of my mind.

I'm still an SJW sympathizer, though. Probably because of my hormone skittles.

I unironically listened to and enjoyed Sargon of Akkads videos for years until he started talking shit about communism then I realized how retarded he was.

Will you attempt to stop be from having sex with cute boys?

If you're fucking in your bedroom and not having gay parades then go ham. The only parades allowed are the annual celebration of the revolution

I honestly don't care about alienation and atomization, I think almost all people are trash (which communism wont fix) and ultimately prefer comfort over "real" relationships with others.

All I want is the planet to not die, full automation, and abundance. I talk a big game about community and shit, but I really couldn't care less.

I'm friends with an organizer of "micro aggression week"

Start a coop instead.

start a co-op, not a chicken coop

You are retarded. If the revolution didn't have the full enthusiastic support of the masses, the Soviet Union would have lost the civil war and capitalism would have been restored in a few years. The Soviet Union had an inferior military and almost no development. The only thing they had going for them was conviction on the part of the masses.

Fuera, sionista.

i daytrade on robinhood

Pure ideology

Same here, I think their hearts are in the right place and they do genuinely care about people (they just get easily distracted and go about things the wrong way in my opinion). Also, my brother is an SJW and he's Transgender. He is an Anarchist (better than being a liberal) which is good, but he does fall for liberal bullshit sometimes.

Read Lenin, faggot.

But I don't even really need to argue this because that point about the civil war proves it. Explain to me how capitalism wasn't restored in 5 years if the Bolsheviks didn't have popular support. You can't, because you're illiterate and get all of your political education from memes.

I traded short-term for a few months and made a very small amount of money on it, more than I would've made than from a savings account.

I consider it justified because it helps with my low wages to get through college. Someone who doesn't use it to make a living but simply to enrich themselves further is pretty bougie tho.


No you fucking idiot, immigration saves capitalism.

this tbh

I don't think you can be a commie without community though

To be fair, I only voted for her because I was worried about losing my health care (depression meds). Looks like I'm going to anyway with the way things are going.

I have never finished one book of theory…

I've tried so so hard, but i get overworked to the point where my brain shuts down and I start looking at things to try and get that dopamine running. It's only thing that gets me through the rest of the day in most cases. Whenever i try to read theory literally nothing makes sense to me or my brain can't concentrate, because I'm looking at a PDF which constantly has "new tab" in the corner that's so tempting to where I eventually fall to my desires of "just try and make yourself happy". I can concentrate with normal books but I'd have to import and recent tariffs make it rather expensive, especially for Marxist and anarchist theory books which aren't as mass-produced as liberal or rightest theory.
And if I'm not overworked, I'm sick; so I can't focus on reading theory while sick either as I just want to sleep and recover.
Everything sucks and I hate myself how the farthest I've gone in most cases of theory is reading the Wikipedia article and short reviews by Marxists or anarchists.
I've been on the left for about 3 years now and have tried reading theory since I discovered here 2 1/2 years ago but I just can't focus and hate myself every day I say "I'm going to read some theory" before work, only to try to sleep or fill myself with dopamine when I get home.

read something short like "wage labour and capital"

I often sing old confederate war songs my petty bourg southern dad taight me when i was a kid. I also used to unironically wish the confederacy had won because muh spooks.

German imperial support

I got into leftism because I wanted a girlfriend and originally didn't care about politics at all

I had the same issue for a while. Try reading Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. It's short and uses enough references to novels, films, etc. to make it a lot more accessible, while also clarifying the arguments of guys like Deluze and Zizek, making it easier to get into them. Each chapter is like a 10 page essay in itself so you could just read a chapter a day. Good luck fam.

wow that's fucked up you feeling bad is a legitimate human response because you did something pretty evil don't listen to these edgelords that tell you what you did was okay that was horrible and you should reevaluate yourself and worldview

Oh my god I know this feel so much

I'm actually totally and utterly right wing individualist in my personal outlook and stick up for my favored spooks. Politically, I'm a communist because I'm a proletarian and it's rational from a class basis. Economically and historically I'm a Marxist because the analysis just makes sense.

I personally favor myself and whatever group I am forced into over any other group. This seems rational to me, ironically in light of the fact that human beings can't resolve towards a perfect system rationally. You might think this would lead me to fascism, but my status as a white man isn't one where I'm in much danger of death just by virtue of it. So I actually think class struggle is of primary importance, being that my status as a proletarian is the one that holds the most sway over my survival. I'm not even some kind of stupid nonsensical nazbol or anything like that. International solidarity is a necessary part of the proletarian cause, and has to be for it to be successful. All I'm saying is that I haven't internalized that as some kind of genuine feeling, nor am I trusting enough to want to.

So my lefty sin is that I really don't care about muh workers of the world. I care about who I actually know and have vetted. I strategically support international solidarity entirely because it helps me and the people I actually care about. Normally that localism is a conservative impulse, and I would never dare voice my disinterest in the altruism based aspects of leftism in real life, because people would either think I'm a sociopath or a rightist. In any situation talking to leftists in real life, I make sure to shut my mouth and go through the motions because what's important is the struggle. I wish signalling games weren't such a big part of it, but it is what it is.

It's only natural that leftism caters to people who have outgroup sympathies, even if Marxism is much more straightforwards and materialist than that. Caring about the workers attracts people who care for the downtrodden in general, and I'm not saying I don't care about individual downtrodden people, but I really hate the cult of trust towards minorities among leftist groups. It has to be this way though, if you think about it. I think in theory there's room for leftist propaganda to appeal to emotionally collectivist people with one kind of message and to low trust people like me with another kind of propaganda. A lot more lolbergs would be won over if leftism was treat more like a global alliance of proletarians than some kind of love in where we aim to abolish all prejudice for good. There's a fine balance there, and I think there's too many emotionally collectivist people at the top of leftist groups, so until we can actually achieve communism, I promise to grin and bear it, because porky will starve me and everyone I love to death if it made him more profit. I can't promise that I will remain aesthetically leftist in an actual communist society, however. It's just too much stress.