What does Holla Forums think about the Democrats first rebuttal of trumps State of the Union?

What does Holla Forums think about the Democrats first rebuttal of trumps State of the Union?
He spoke spanish and they blasted clapping.
I've never really heard of him before tonight.

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wow, just realized how bad of a screen grab this was….


Yeah he spoke well but I don't think it was anything special

If anything this will be blamed on Idpol actually…

It was all idpol. Really.
100% empty speech.

Boring cuck Conan O'Brien lookalike




was garbage; hope his state removes this garbage. This was an American night and they tried to make it about liberal policy. retarded dems.

holy shit you weren't kidding. dude, this is my favorite guy right now. even more than bernie, becaue he has his finger on the pulse of youngp eople.

sure, he's not perfect, more a socdem, but i'll fucking take it. he's funny and knows how to cut through right wing bullshit. love jimmy

Locked in the basement an undisclosed location, keeping his damn mouth shut!

Hopefully the curse will strike again on him and the rest of the dynasty

Dude is too pure for this world.

He needs to move further left

So how do you guys feel that the Dem party is officially over after tonight? My favorite part of the rebuttal was the part where he didn't propose any legislation.

He speaks like an overacting theater nerd.

Bernie should become a Maoist tbh



He doesn't want the blame, so he does not lead. Trump has many flaws, but this is chief one.

Fucking kill me.

I'm fine, and I was fine even before Bernie ran.

The Dems are only "useful" for advancing milquetoast social policy on anti-communist lines and I've accepted that for a long time now.

Regardless, Dems are still a shit show and it is depressing since they're the "alternative" to our march to fascism.

honestly dont get it tbh

jimmy doesn't really say that or buy into that sooo…

I was referring to Bernie.
Jimmy was disgusted with him.

it's unfortunate how he is spending time on idpol

like, ok, i get it, yeah, discrimination = bad, freedom = good, lets move on ok?

oh, sorry, fuck im retarded. totally agree with you lmao

"It would be nice for there to be a socialist vanguard" - Jimmy Dore

better than Trump. damn leftypol is filled with a lot of Nazi subversion who want Trump to stay prez. you got to be gullible as fuck to think this is a lefty leaning room.

impotent neoliberal

the only thing he has going for him is name recognition but only boomers really care about the kennedy family dynasty shite. he is too white male for the idpol crowd, too "system" for the bernie voters, and joe biden will get a lot of the neolib center votes. i don't see how he wins a hypothetical 2020. also hes anti-weed

Pro surveillance too. Fuck him.


He is just a establishment failson.

trump is good in the long term because he rips the mask away from the capitalist state. He does the same horrible bullshit previous presidents but this time liberals hate him because he's rude or some dumb shit so it's easier to redpill them.

"oh no our party is on crisis yet again!!! let's solve it by shilling yet another family member of a famous Democrat POTUS and by drowning the populace in idpol!!!"

kys faggot


Trump is literally the best president for America right now. He will destroy the empire.

America is literally run by aristocrats.

ngl would unironically support Burning Sandals if he outed himself as an ML and started forming a vanguard party to seize the state by force.

Trump is destroying America.

Am I supposed to be upset?

That pic looks fucking awesome.

Trump will destroy USA and I will cheer for him.

Whoever the Democrats hired as communications director is either a Republican plant, or criminally incompetent.
I mean, really.
Someone actually thought it would be a good idea get Teddy Kennedy's son and A) put him in front of a wrecked car, B) have him talk about privilege and violence against women, and C) let him address these things looking like he just sucked every dick in Cum Town dry.
You can't fuck up this badly on accident.
They had to know having a rich, white, privileged descendent of a bootlegging crime family would look bad, but they did it anyway.