Questions I want True Communists™ to ask me

This'll be my last thread for the next 3ish months(Unless one of you fuckers decides to delete/anchor it).I've read a handful of communist approved books(Utopia, Conquest of Bread, The Communist Manifesto, Theories of Surplus Value), and I still disagree with you guys.
Let me give you my perspective of each important groups of communists, by order of how smart they are.

At the top we have ☭TANKIE☭s. Who only make this spot because they are the only group who has shown to be able to lead a strong country. Their problem is authorianism, it's either their way or the gulge. They are violent people, who would if given power, give no say whatsoever to the people, and are in fact, worse to those under them than the Russian Bourgeois of old. I suggest any ☭TANKIE☭s reading this to read the book Non-Violent Resistance and any law book discussing why we allow protests to happen. Noted ☭TANKIE☭s include Stalin.

Next we have SJWs(anfems for those triggered commies reading this). They make this list by beginning the least communist(in the traditional sense) than any other group here. Them being equal outcome for all regardless of race/gender scale, and the rest of you being equal outcome based on economic/class scale. They make this list, because I don't believe they'd be any worse than the christian church was. Like how enlightened geniuses where able to, after a long time, fix society of the authoritarian church. I believe the same would eventually happen under the church of social justice. If any SJWs are reading this(which I doubt), I suggest you read the book 2081 and rules for radicals. Noted SJWs, include Anita Sarkeesian.

Now we got the communist in between ☭TANKIE☭ and anarchism, for simplicity's sake I'll call you guys "Bwets"(BTW leftpol fags get triggered if you call the Bwets). Bwets are the moderates of you communists, they want some government, but will often confuse the public sector with the private sector. Bwets make the 3rd smartest commie because like the SJW, they too believe some government is good. But often think people appointed by the community to protect them(i.e. police), aren't government for some reason, but the people. If they got in power, it'd be a matter of time before the ☭TANKIE☭s took over. I suggest any Bwets reading this to watch this video . Noted Bwets include BadMouseProductions.

And lastly we have the Ancoms. These are the stupidest/most idealistic communists, who don't understand the reason why or how governments were made. They for somehow believe believe a group deciding what to do with the community(i.e. a comune) isn't a government. If by some kind of unholy miracle they took power, worst case scenario their "country" gets taken over by their fellow country men who are in favor to thunderdome death battles. Best case scenarios are, a wild west type of towns, another country coming in, and creating stability, filling up the filling up the void of power left, or a city not unlike what you'd see in a Fallout game. I do not believe any anarchist system can exist for long before it develops a hierarchy. Any Ancoms reading this, I suggest you read the book Two Treatises of Government. Noted ancoms include Marx.

Now I want you guys to ask me questions, and try to convince me why you're right and I'm wrong.

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Just because you fail to properly understand anarcho communism does not make it idealistic.
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I have no questions. You first.

Your classification is bullshit. There are two political groups of Marxists:
Communists-Social-Democrats(There was distinction between the two in the times of Lenin, but not anymore) and Anarcho-Communists.

SJW's aren't Marxists, and identity politics directly contradicts Marxism.

What's the point of convincing you in such weird way, though?

Jesus Christ you're still posting here. I wish you'd stop.

This is objectively false, and it would still be false if you replaced "Russian' with any other nationality or "old" with any time period ever.

eyyy, we got a deep thinker over ere

What the fuck are you talking about? Modern social democrats are completely removed from Marxism and socialism. They're liberal reformists. If anything they were more closely aligned with communists in the late 19th/early 20th century.

How long was theorys of surplus value and why did you read it after the first 3 volumes of capital?

What do you think of this quote in regards to your first picture?
"But one man is superior to another physically, or mentally, and supplies more labor in the same time, or can labor for a longer time; and labor, to serve as a measure, must be defined by its duration or intensity, otherwise it ceases to be a standard of measurement. This equal right is an unequal right for unequal labor. It recognizes no class differences, because everyone is only a worker like everyone else; but it tacitly recognizes unequal individual endowment, and thus productive capacity, as a natural privilege." - Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme

You seriously think the OP has read Capital? The real question is why did he even pick ToSV

ToSV is volume 4 of capital.

What leads you to think the USSR was non-democratic?

You don't say.

Yep. Its a 1,754 manuscript that Marx never really finished and Kautsky had to publish after his death. No way he's read it.

I dunno op, I can try to convince you but tbh I can't discuss anything with you when I don't know what you believe.

Also I know where you're coming from calling Marx an ancom but even Stalinists often believe the state will wither away so just don't go there.

First, marx was not an ancom, kripotkin was
Second, ancom are not against government, they are against HIERARCHICAL government and all forms of hierarchy in general (more correctly ancoms are against rulers but not against rules)

kripotkiD amirite


youre baiting
even if you read those books youre going to continue to strawman since by the looks of your writing you cannot have an open-mind to learning new things.

How about you convince me that you have any braincells.
Isn't that a book by a medieval Christian! God help you user…
A book written by an Anarchist that Marx disliked…
Could you have chosen worse books?
Never heard of it, what the fuck. Apparently it is by Marx, but I have never once seen it recommended.
Kill yourself.
Marx would agree with that.
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Okay user, now it is time for you to convince me that I should argue with you/try to educate you/interact with you in any way outside of entertainment?
Post more Anime titties or I call BO and have your thread removed.

Its a random unfinished manuscript for capital volume 4. He almost certainly hasn't read it.

Why, out of all the books you could read by Marx, would you choose an unfinished manuscript written by Kautsky?
This is what "Karl Marx on Kautsky" returns in Google.
Doesn't sound like the kind of guy you want writing your manuscripts. If stupidity killed, this user would make Adolf Hitler cry.

Its also about 1,700 pages long.

Does capitalism reproduce itself primarily from the top down within the superstructure by a pricess of ISAs interpellation bourgeois subjects? OR does capitalism reproduce itself primarily at the point of production by fetishizing (meaning obscuring) the commodity process and relations to production as part of the labour process itself?

Under either form of reproduction of a social system can agency exist, for either the bourgeosie or the proletariate, or is everyone always already structured by material conditions?

By the proccess of ISAs interpellating subjects with bourgeois suvjectivity*

Pls answer

Pick one.
I don't know.

Wait 4 more days mate.

Look up "ancient Rome food and circus"

It felt like a 500ish page book, and I didn't know it was the 4th book to Capital. I just saw it at goodwill, and decided to burn some cash.

It's a little hard to understand because it's Marx, but this is what I think that quote means.
"Even if one man is superior to another in one way shape or form, this shouldn't mean others should be paid less for it. The work doesn't recognize these differences."
I believe if someone has much more experience at something, he should get paid.

I haven't.
Right place at the right time.

Think as if you were talking to Sargon.

I disagree.

I takes braincells to reply to you.
It was pretty communist mate.
I don't know, Vee said I should read it.
Do as you wish mate.
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Goodwill half off day, it was on a shelf.

my question:

why do anarchists always scream "fire to the prisons" when we have fascists in prison?

something i dont get with them at all is that they would be asking for these scum to be released babck into public to do more harm. maybe someone can elaborate or maybe they dont mean what they're saying, but it has always struck me as super odd

I don't know what "ISAs interpellation bourgeois subjects" means.
Capitalism works by supply and demand, if someone wants something bad enough, he'll pay for it.
Agency exists as long as everyone has the freedom of choice.
What does that even mean? Yes, everyone is limited by the condition of the materials they can find. In the book Hatchet, Brian was limited to just his Hatchet and anything he can find in the woods. He would either work to survive, or die.

Now this is fucking podracing

I don't no, I'm not an anarchist. Anarchist in general are idiots.

abolish prisons

anyone that is too dangerous to be allowed free should just be killed

its a legit queston and i think anarchists need to answer this

your example given on "material conditions" is a bit off. him living in a "hut" (btw: who build it? what who made the tools he used?) and surviving "alone" has jack shit to do with analysis of society.

can't be arsed to read up what user you replied to said about material conditions but either he's wrong too or you just didn't get it.

Seek help user, suicide isn't the answer.

He did.
To only tool he didn't make, was the hatchet, which was purchased with hard earned money.
Correct, but it has everything to do with the resources around him, or if you rather the condition of the materials that surround him.
I'll admit, I don't have a firm grasp on commie vocabulary.

I'm joining the army, I'm not gonna kill myself.

that's because people actually have food to eat under communism

Spoken like a true authoritarian.


Communism is Obesity

OP constantly contradicts himself and shows he lacks proper understanding of theory, to the point of mental disability, mods I request you dox this man not for harm but so we can call his local mental asylum or doctor and inform them, he seems to be genuinely mentally disabled.

nice picture of an austrian hungarian cavalryman

Now that I think of it, you're not wrong.

Can you give me an example?


I fail to see the issue here.

Everyone else in the thread already has.

Anyway all of this is contradictory to all the famines capitalism has caused

Blue = cappie

Did anyone even assume for even a second that this guy is arguing in good faith?

If he is he seemingly has hard autism or retardation, no getting around it, no one can be this, and sorry for being this harsh, this fucking stupid without being biologically impaired.

you keep posting pictures spread by a guy that never was in the Soviet Union and was convicted for forgery before this job
what you're trying to say is that you are uneducated on theory as well as history?

This guy has been posting here for a while so it's either a long-form troll or he's legitimately just this fucking stupid. Being that he plans to join the army it's probably the latter.

He's either gonna get himself killed or get someone on his own side killed by mistake.
Mods I beg of you give us this man's ip address so we can report him before he harms anyone, for his sake.

None, you're right mate, commies are fucking fat.

No compare how many capitalist governments there are to commie, then compare the time limits of each.

Here's the link I got it from.
I do admit, I can learn more.


ah, you mean that famine caused by the interventionist wars and are at the hand of the imperialists
remind me, how many nations attacked the soviet union?

Nazis, other than them, none.

You seem to specialize in proclaiming stupid, half-baked bullshit, having that bullshit called out, conceding that you don't know a whole lot about anything, but posting these shitty meme images anyway.
You are a wicked combination of bad faith and imbecility.



you know i was thinking people are just throwing insults for being fed up with you
but this is very convincing now
you didn't even bother to look up when i very clearly hinted you towards something and just talk dumb shit
i mean, there really is no other explanation, you have to be genuinly retarded

or is this just a comrade false flagging to make opponents look bad?


Can you let me in on this hint, I'm afraid it's to subtle for me.


I want that commisar's hat


This one just doesn't make any sense.

He's tell the people about to shoot him, they're not real communists.

please keep posting Nazi Schmorky, it's really convincing me of your position

But their socialists not Communists. You know what the USSR means right?

Why does executing people make a country not socialist?

How and why did this happen?
No, they all died for being disgusting kulaks.

Fuck off.

That's the joke, it doesn't.

That's it, reported, enough of this bullshit.

i think the point is rather that it's socialism when the state does stuff
mainly shooting people

Burning and burying of grain underground and the mass slaughter of livestock, upwards of tens of millions of cattle and tens more millions of sheep and other livestock were all slaughted rather then handed over.
They would of lived and worked on communal farms if not for their own sabotage. In the words of Bomber Harris "They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind." Not one kulak needed to die if they didn't resist and mass kill every animal that moved or plant that could be eaten

Right from the mouth of the CIA

Are you under the impression that kulak is or is equivalent to an ethnic categorization rather than a material position?

Can you blame them?
Can you blame a dog with a history of abuse, for biting you right before you're about to feed it?
To be fair, I would have done the same if a war lord came here and tried to turn me into a well feed slave.
Fair enough.

Kulaks where the riches poor people of Russia.

Class isn't an identity you thick fuck.

Is it possible to be this retarded?

Can I blame capitalists for wanting to retain their power and control over the peasant workers. Yes
More like "Your farm is now a communal farm keep working here or the government is gonna drop any welfare or whatever". Have fun trying to get food when you don't have a job even after the government has given you one and you didn't take it.
That's rich coming from the people who were fine with starving peasants in ww1 and the kulaks paying them next to nothing while raking in fat raised grain prices. I guess the poor bankers in Russia were so oppressed and were harmed so much they fought back against the evil masses of starving,war exhausted enslaved workers of Russia. #wallstreetisoppressed
Soviet: Hand over your farm you've exploited the people long enough
Kulak: No, I'm also just gonna burn my shit to spite you and kill tens of millions of perfectly fine animals only after battaring away what I can.
Soviet: Ok now we'll just take whatever you got left over since you've basically just done treason and the rest of the population didn't really like you in the first place cause you were exploitative and shitty.

I had a very thick-headed libertarian friend for a while and he found it very hard to wrap his head around the idea that much of his concept of freedom was basically the freedom to exploit and enjoy a parasitic relationship. Someone deep in the ideology of private property liberalism will see the right of a land owner to live fat off the labor of others while starvation and poverty surrounds them as ultimately being a right worth protecting.
It's pretty cucked since, like my stupid friend, OP has no chance of ever enjoying this position. Pure bootlicking.

And yet what is the identity of someone to with not enough money to buy food is poor.

Kulaks are fucking peasants you dipshit.
Are you saying they weren't forced? It's like a warlord who just took all your stuff and then offered you a job as a slave.
I agree Russia was shitty back then.
What actually happened:
Soviets: Hand over your farm and start working on our farms.
Kulaks: Fuck you, I worked hard for this farm. I'd rather destroy it then let you steal it.
Soviets: For crimes against the people, I send you kulaks into gulags. *picks up surviving kulaks and tosses them into gulags*

I prefer the term "Ass kissing".

1,000% wrong


You mean farmers who employed people and profited hugely off sold goods at raised prices
Capitalist boss who sits on his arse all day gets his child slave run factory collectivized and now had to work like a normal person. WAAA OPPRESSION I can't live off handouts anymore!!!
And Communists even with muh superior race trying to batter their way into it made it a world super power.
What really actually happened:
Soviets: Hand over your farm and start working on our farms. otherwise your not getting government handouts ie free housing cause you already live in a house
Kulaks: Fuck you, my workers worked hard for this farm which i got from the tsar. I'd rather destroy it then let you return it to the people to feed those in the cities for the mass industrialization which without occurring the USSR would fall to foreign invaders ie Nazi's not even two decades later. Also I really like since I own these farms I can make a huge profit off my grain while jobless peasants live in shit and the majority of the population don't like me in the first place cause of how shitty I am.
Soviets: For crimes against the people including slaughtering tens of millions of cattle, I send you kulaks into gulags. *picks up surviving kulaks and tosses them into gulags*

Considering 90% of people who were sent to gulags survived - war years. I'll say kulaks got off easy for treason.

a peasant in Russia wealthy enough to own a farm and hire labour. Emerging after the emancipation of serfs in the 19th century the kulaks resisted Stalin's forced collectivization, but millions were arrested, exiled, or killed.
Pick one

Peasant in that they didn't belong to any noble class and weren't industrial capitalists. "Agricultural landowner" is probably a more apt term. These guys had the ethics of American plantation owners.

The word Kulak actually comes from Russian for "clenched fist" which is sort of a dead give-away about what sort of people they were.

The first step to leading a socialist revolution. Good luck, comrade.

class still isn't an identity, you've been told this four thousand fucking times. I really dislike people who dismiss being right wing as a mental illness but you're starting to convince me that they're 100% right. You humanly cannot be this fucking stupid.
You don't fucking pick your class, life isn't an RPG. While under the current circumstances it's possible to be a bourg while being born into a working class family (or the other way around) but it's a lot more likely that bourgeois kids had bourgois parents. I can trace back my family line to 300 fucking years, and nobody was a noble, nobody owned a factory, and most likely I'll never have any sort of private property either.
peasant doesn't mean "working in the fields" you dumb fucking burger dipshit. Kulaks owned large pieces of land, which they didn't work on themselves, rather they had a bunch of poor peasants working on it, and the kulak took most of what they harvested. Which is fucking private property, which makes you bourgois. It's really not this fucking impossible to grasp.

That was like a grade 8 student who has read a wikipedia description of marxism, complete with a reference to a childrens book. You dont even understand the debate which im referencing that has be going on within marxism since gramsci extrapolated on lenin.

Leave Marxism to the pros bucko.

'I dunno op, I can try to convince you but tbh I can't discuss anything with you when I don't know what you believe.'

Lol well Sargon is about the prototype of a centrist who doesn't really believe anything.

Seems like "user" finally realized he doesn't have the capacity to become a part of the right wing pseud clique, and has accepted his role in the movement as a brainless spammer.

From each according to his ability son.