I think we're all aware of the looming economic crisis

I think we're all aware of the looming economic crisis.
The thing is that I just released that most major websites are private and run for profit and there is a huge chance that the internet that we know won't survive the crash. Imagine what could hapen to the internet without Google's, MS's or yahoo's products, the internet is so centered on them that without them it'll be a useless desert.
Sites that barely break even will obviously go but how will big names be affected it's a bigger issue
The best case scenario is the internet going back to be self managed but that's too naive and I can't imagine the worst scenario.

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Good, internet is trash anyway


at least I won't get shitty clickbait videos recommended to me anymore I guess

I'm not, and I don't believe one is coming.
Not happening, like you said, they are integral to how the Internet runs, to matter what, they are stayin around.

Come the fuck on, that is extremely naive. Google will probably live, but do you seriously think the capitalist system is able to really sustain itself?

No, but is it "looming"? People have been saying "capitalism is gonna crash aaaaaany day now" for a hundred years.

For at least the next ten to twenty years barring unforeseen events.


What the fuck did he mean by this?

Even at this moment today, people have been selling off their stocks after a long Bull market. I'm not saying that this recent drop of the dow will certainly cause a crash, but it is hardly going to be possible for it to last for more than few years.
Then a bunch of workers will get laid off, and chaos and strife start to bubble up in the states and all across the world.

A return to the internet of the early 00s would be an improvement. September would end.

Guess I sort of misunderstood the thread, crisis are always around the corner, but any sort of final crisis (to the extent that fucking google crashes and the internet turns into a barren wasteland) is probably not.

Let's say you are right, that you actually posted proofs and made a convincing argument, global Capitalism is going to hit a huge crash within the next ten years.
So what? People will just pick it back up and carry on, there is zero reason to expect any strong non-capitalist presence post crash. We'd be lucky. Like this guy said>>2374509, it's not going to be a final crisis without some huge dollops of agitating factors just raining around it.

also this


I don't think you really understand the scope of what this next crisis is going to entail.

What will the next crisis entail?

you guys don't remember the modem era, which worked just fine
as long as there's a network, it will manage, in one way or another. It was designed to survive a nuclear attack.

My guess for the next economic collapse and what it might portend for the future would be something like this.

The US, maintaining the petrodollar for the time being, will continue to print more money to bail out/keep afloat its key industries. This money will be used to keep up the banks and other too-big-to-fail entities that the government deems essential at essentially status-quo levels, while everything else is treated very differently. People appear to have forgotten, or never truly understood, how close the global financial system came to collapsing ten years ago. Everything that made that collapse bad is worse now.

Everyone else will be dealing with harsh state-imposed austerity. Millions of jobs (many which were probably on their way to be automated anyway) will be slashed. Pensions will go unpaid and the elderly will be forced to work unto death or move in with friends/family members. Social services will be cut. We might see social security and medicare being 'just too expensive to keep'. There will be a phrase that circulates through the American media that will encapsulate this. It will sound something like 'Americans are tightening their belts'. The already disparate wealth inequality will expand greatly in this time. America will basically be a nation of a handful of banks, aerospace/weapons companies, drug manufacturers, military bases and sky scrapers for these companies' executives surrounded by abject squalor and sprawl, favelas and Appalachia-style living. It will be a grim sort of interesting to see the cyberpunk dystopia of the surveillance/police state in the 'safe' metro areas of the 2030s or so. Police drones twinkling like stars above polluted urban skies.

I expect there to be ripples of this crash felt throughout the rest of the world. Places like Japan that are already struggling to stay afloat might experience the same kind of soft-collapse of social systems while their governments attempt to keep the status-quo. Other nations like Egypt (and a good deal of African and the Middle East more generally) will be dealing with water shortages which will likely be exacerbating social conflicts among their already burgeoning populations.

Most interesting, perhaps, will be the reaction of OPEC nations with relation to Russian and China. There has been talk for a while now of an emerging petro-yuan and a Russia/China resource and trade partnership. If the world-at-large finds itself ready to shrug off America's influence in favor of that of China then things will be looking pretty bleak for not only America but the West more generally. Capitalism with Asian Characteristics(tm) will probably become the accepted dominant strategy of governance. This will be coming at a time where climate change will be making traditional agriculture more and more difficult for more and more regions (again, Middle East and Africa will see this first, but it will be a growing concern everywhere). I expect a future of nationalistic state-capitalist self-serving autocracies to be what remains of the traditional world governments as global trade slows and eventually all but breaks down.

Then we'll see the next generation of resource wars. The era of only having proxy-wars between world powers may very well come to a close this century. Of course there will still be proxy wars and hidden interests of global powers, but I would not be surprised to see the East/West dichotomy break out again, even as those governments become more and more similar in their power structure and resource-seeking natures.

that map seems fake as hell, what's it based on?

Yeah, it seems to imply the ice melting in an area means it'll be ripe for farming, but I heard the soil leftover is usually shit for agriculture?

the fall of capitalism is right around the corner
r-right guys?

The 4C warmer map is from a book called Connectography by Parag Khanna. It is supposedly based on some IPCC numbers that had a global temp increase of ~4C by the end of the century.


Regarding some of the solar panel, geothermal and land loss aspects I'd say the map is dubious, and yeah it's hard to imagine that the Western end of Antarctica would be somewhere that industrial farming becomes viable within the next couple decades, same with the Taiga, I don't see that happening - however I like this map because, despite what I would call hopeful assumptions made on the part of the map's creator it illustrates the global scope of climate change better than anything the IPCC or other research groups have put out (in my opinion). It forces people in the global North to think about where they would go in the inevitable event that their environment becomes hostile and unlivable, and hopefully that sense of urgency and fear of having to leave everything behind is something they will remember when the migrants from the global South continue to flee their homelands looking for safety from famine, drought and war.