Daily News Thread 1/30

Turkey orders detention of top doctors over criticism of Syrian offensive

A Turkish prosecutor ordered the detention of 11 senior members of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) on Tuesday, including its chairman, after the body criticised Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria.

Sochi Peace Talks for Syria Enter Second Day

Randa Kassis, a representative of the opposition platform, said those who disparage the Sochi talks “don’t really want peace in Syria."

U.K. Breached EU Law With Internet Spying, Court Rules

Part of the British government’s historic mass interception of emails, text messages and other forms of communication breached European Union law, the U.K. Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday.

Blockade-Induced Power Outages Force Gaza Hospital to Close

The diesel fuel to sustain Gaza's hospitals for one hour costs upward of US$2,000.

Pentagon blocks release of key data on Afghan war: watchdog

The Pentagon has restricted the release of critical information on the progress being made in the war in Afghanistan, a move that will limit transparency, the U.S. government’s top watchdog on Afghanistan said on Monday.

Putin says US sanctions list targets all Russians

Russian President Vladimir Putin says a list of officials and businessmen close to the Kremlin published by the US has in effect targeted all Russian people.

Argentina: Workers Mobilize as More Layoffs Announced

In December 2017, 3,346 people were fired, 60 percent of them were public workers.

Venezuela Govt., Opposition Resume Dialogue

The talks are aimed at guaranteeing peace and stability in the country ahead of upcoming presidential elections.

US Secretary of State to Hold Meeting on Venezuela in Argentina

Tillerson will stay two days in Argentina and then head to Colombia, Mexico and Peru, with a stop in Jamaica, until Feb. 7.

Duterte to Build a $1 Billion New City for Thousands of Workers

Thousands of government workers will be moved from Manila to a new city that’s being built in a former U.S. military base, as President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration seeks to ease a traffic gridlock in the capital.

Draft FEC Rules Target Political Ads on Social Media

The U.S. Federal Elections Commission is moving forward with a plan to introduce new rules on political advertising on social media ahead of the 2018 election cycle.

Russian fighter jet intercepts US spy plane over Black Sea in close encounter

A Russian fighter jet intercepted an American surveillance aircraft over the Black Sea in what is thought to be an extremely close aerial encounter. While both countries agreed there was an interception, they vastly differ on the specifics of the incident.

Charles Manson-obsessed neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division linked to 5 killings

A neo-Nazi group that idolised serial killer Charles Manson have been linked to five alleged murders across the United States within the last year.

Stephen Hawking takes Jeremy Hunt to court over 'back door privatisation' of NHS

Stephen Hawking has won permission to take health secretary Jeremy Hunt to court over proposals to reform the NHS which Hawking says amount to "back-door privatisation".

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Is the SyDF included in the negotiations or did T*rkey succeed in getting them excluded?

Is there any potential in Argentina?


Union-Backed Democratic Congressman Rejects $15 Minimum Wage


How To Fudge Your Findings

Do school vouchers work? Well, let me tell you what happens when they work…

Neoliberalism: How Seeing Markets as Perfect Turned into an Ideology Justifying Crony Capitalism


Trump admin. declines to impose new Russia sanctions


It's really hard not to see Trump batting for Russia with news like this.

short asnwer: no

Trump to Review House Memo Alleging FBI Abuses Before Release


You lived to see America destroy it's own government to protect an idiot.

Inb4 Comrade Hawking saves the NHS.


How many times must they do this. How many. How are they not classified as a terrorist group on the likes of ISIS at this point.

People talk about communists like we fucking are axe murderers or ready to fucking get a chainsaw and rip up some people at a moment's notice, but these fucking far right lunatics are killing people left and right for how they were born or what they believe, or if they don't dress how they like, or they were at the wrong place at the wrong time; and nobody bats an eye.

We need reverse McCarthyism at this point, these people are fucking lunatics and I'm sick of hearing about neo nazis killing people every week

Because America doesn't have a "terrorism" charge in the books.



Tension and conflict between the great powers is good imo. It creates opportunities for the left to sieze power.. Remember that it took a world war to create the conditions for red october.

Amazon joins up with US firms to enter healthcare sector


Paging Doctor Porky.

Of course, and WW3 is inevitable, but it shouldn't start on USA's terms.

dear god

I hate this dumb meme culture of ours.

Why the fuck do they need to ruin everything?


Taliban openly active in 70% of Afganistan territory after 17 years of war

Something something Graveyard of Empires something.



Antifa are violant!! Amiright?

The sooner we gulag nazis and crush their bourgeois "" right"" to push their fucking insane violance and genocide the better. But the capitalists would side with them first.

Don't you know? It's a fire sale baby! The Republicans are running this country into the ground, so everything is up for grabs!

Just wait til you see their fantastic infrastructure plan! Get your poor ass ready for corporations owning everything!

Fucking hell is robocop going to come to life?


Hell at least fucking Philip as cheap a pulp author as he often was dealt with perception of reality and what is real, what are memories and who can say for certain what's true.

Only the stupidest dystopia can parallel this fucking world

We're living in fucking Oryx and Crake

Every exaggerated parody of the future is coming true. We laughed….we laughed

mission accomplished

The mandatory waiver will allow Amazon to use your brain and organs to create cybernetic workers.