London braced for the 'biggest protest in UK history' against Donald Trump visit...

Uh oh, I bet Drumpf is quaking in his boots right now! Well done comrades!

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So I know you mean this ironically, but wasn't Trump so triggered by the thought of being protested that he threatened not to visit the UK?


Yes. He pretty much wanted Theresa May to "crack down" on protesting before he comes there.

I mean, this is mostly planned by redlibs and blairite traitors: I mean Sadiq Khan tried to coup our comrade.

Strange how all these people are so eager to show up and decry the presence of a foreign leader coming over to have a bit of a chat. There was nothing to be heard of them when our local ruling politicians were performing their own variant of Aktion T4 on our disabled people. It's almost like these people are engaged in performative political theater to satisfy their American social media friends, isn't it?

wow it's fucking nothing

Yeah there have been no protests against austerity right.

what if he doesn't want to go because someone told him they're going to let him be one of the victims in the attack?


The UK is gonna get fucked hard by the EU after the negotiations. Thus, leaving the UK's voice to be greatly reduced in geopolitics and world affairs. Best case scenario for the UK now is to go full socialist isolationist Cuba 2.0:Electric Boogaloo. but this is highly unlikely

it stopped being imperialism because of populist policies
just like germany wasn't imperialist when it left the LN

be concrete ffs

Also I'm not denying the UK will still be a force of Imperialism in the world, it's just that it's role will be greatly diminished

Would you like to point to where I said that? Look at OP: "biggest protest in UK history". The last largest protest here was over the Iraq war. Given that assembly has not been beaten prior to this point, it stand to reason that most of these people couldn't give a fuck about the suffering of their neighbours.

So why don't you go back.

I mean tbf the largest protest in British history being over anti-imperialism is pretty damn notable.

The protests against austerity and the tories over the past seven years have been in the hundreds of thousands, and your complaining that this protest is bigger than them when it hasnt even happened yet. Sort your head out m8.

Yeah, it's notable. For indicating just how much US Social Justice movement has contaminated my country and how much its supporters could give a fuck about socioeconomics.

The person you needs to get their head together is you. The anti-austerity protests in London couldn't manage to attract half the number of protesters of the Iraq war. That was with the union movement dumping money on some of the events to bus people in from around the country for free. This bloke who triggers a bunch of affluent American feminists comes to visit and suddenly the papers expect the biggest turnout in history. They weren't saying that for the anti-austerity protests. Perhaps you should stick to selling papers.

Yeah, it's notable. For indicating just how much US Social Justice movement has contaminated my country and how much its supporters could give a fuck about socioeconomics.
For starters, our country. Secondly
Stop the War was lead by Marxists, in fact it has a major member who was one: John McDonnell.
Also the Manchester March had 150k and that was what, start of October? Things are changing lad, they'll get real soon.

I don't see how anti austerity protests being under a million is proof that people don't care. I also don't see why the papers calling this the biggest protest ever means that its actually going to be unusually large.

Stop the War managed at least three quarters of a million. (Sauce, just in case anyone wants to squabble: For previously stated reasons the fact people are getting off their backsides for this rather than other things is a bad sign. I'll be delighted to be proved wrong. I have a strong feeling I won't based on prior evidence.

Ah. Righto. I suppose I should thank you for quickly revealing what your actual ideology is so we don't waste any more of each others time. Bye now.

What the fuck are you even on about?

it's only relevant in the sense that your ex-wife is relevant to your life because you still pick up the kids on weekends.

I'll only get excited if I see a guillotine

what if that's speculation based on nothing, and if anything, trump would have already blurted that out on twitter

So tank you turn back into a bitchy hissy conservative

defend daddy trump at all costs!


You can be against both you know?

The evidence suggests this assessment is incorrect.

FUCK anglos and FUCK idpolers

What evidence?

It hasnt even happened yet. For it to be the biggest protest in British history it would have to top the Iraq war protest at more than three million people marching through central london at once, thats not gonna happen.

the problem is people protesting something as insignificant as this

don't be so sure, these are liberals we're talking about.