What was the deal with the centralization and the statism? Decentralized structures work better than centralized ones, and their excuse was that they needed someone to "run"(?) the entire economy(!). This led to Stalin, then Khrushchev, Brezhnev and the entire thing began to fall apart.

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what did he mean by this


there's this thing called a "soviet"
you could give those power instead of the party

Like where? Almost everything in economy is monopoly or oligopoly, let alone state itself.

There was never any long-term anarchic societies at all.

Power isn't given. It is asserted. Thus, the Soviets and the Communists are one and the same.

This lead to two superpowers, that did something, which is infinitely more than can be said about some imaginary decentralized non-statist idea.

I am so tired of seeing liberals use the old Soviets as a moralistic smokescreen for their Menshevism. The peasants had already thrown municipal independence out the window as soon as they started putting parliamentarians in power, the Bolsheviks just threw the new Tyranny in a less Western-friendly distinction, must to the disdain of proimperial anarchists such as yourself.

The only failure of the Soviet system was Gorbachev.

Then the peasants should have been taught the error of their ways and given the independence back over time instead of giving it to Moscow.

Shouldn't the end goal be to eliminate mono- and oligo-polies? For a dictatorship of the proletariat? Perhaps the lack of long-term anarchic societies is due to them always being besought by centralized ones with overwhelming force?
The Soviets could have made a decentralized system work with cybernetics, but the elite of the party chose to reject it to preserve their power, to its demise.

He was a complete moron.

dude we just need to automate the bureaucracy

Soviet Union wasn't centralized. It's a myth. In fact Bolsheviks replaced Russian governors with governors of local ethnicity and gave ethnic states a degree of sovereignty. Huge bureaucracy is also a myth. Russian Empire and contemporary Russian Federation with some other worse-of states also have very huge bureaucracy.

Many ethnic states and even kolhozes had local self government. Soviets did maintain some power.

My tovarich, how true is that the soviet union ""purged"" over one hundred billion ethnic minorities? Is there any bibliography on the topic you would recommend?

Sage because off-topic.

Closest to it is deportation of Crimean Tatars to Uzbekistan(Uzbekistan was very warm, but undeveloped country at the time)because they were allied to the Nazis. Stalin had some fighting with some high ranking Jews.
As far as I know the rest of deportations were based on class, and not ethnicity.

Gosplan was a mistake.

Put yourself in their position and consider the circumstances.

I said that the bureaucracy was not as big as people say, I didn't said that it didn't exist.

Centralized states work much much better than muh liberal decentalized states

I was discussing the options available in the real world at the time, genius. Your fantastic visions of an ideal situation for Russia don't factor into that.


No, just ahead of it's time:

Any proof for that? It was tried in China and it was inferior to the Soviet system


I'd love to see how you get to this conclusion, China is now the world superpower pretty much, and is beginning to automate at a rate that can only lead to full communism unless they have some other way to deal with the lack of employment. Their largest company is planning to automate 90% of the work force in the next years, many others are following similar policies, and this isn't liberalland of the west, this process is heavily state influenced, they have an overall plan. They can already far outstrip liberal production, they have more less outmoded the laissez faire mode of production, and as history shows and Marx writes, the revolution in society will come after the revolutionisation of production, which with its automation China is on an inevitable course towards

China is more centralized than Soviet Union was.
China is unitary state with central government having mos of the power.