Depressed about feeling like I need to hide my beliefs

I never hide my views and am always open to respectfully talk about Socialism and Marxism to friends and others if the topic comes up but today I feel like I might have to shut up in the future.
I'm in Law School and today the topic of the Supreme Court giving constitutional sanction first Red Scare came up. To my surprise most students in the discussion defended jailing leftists. One girl even said that although the communist pamphlets the defendant was handing out wasn't the same as inciting an imminent revolution "small ideas often turn into big ideas that ruin countries." She actually advocated banning books and censoring TV from socialist ideas because "the government exists to protect the people even from themselves." Another guy mocked the notion in the case of the "Moderate Wing of the Socialist Party" and said "a moderate socialist? that's like a moderate Nazi."
In another class the topic of Allende and the Coup came up (in relation to a defamation suit between a US army guy and a movie company, I won't really get into it). Long story short I pointed out the US involvement in the Coup and my professor said they did it because "Allende was a Communist Dictator." I let it slide but just pointed out that Kissinger knew that Pinochet was going to purge and murder people and he just offhandedly said "yes they wiped out the communists" before moving onto another question.
I just needed to rant on leftypol because this shit kind of impacted me today. People I know who I'm friendly with seem to have the view that I can be justifiably jailed or murdered under certain circumstances. The worst part is now I'm paranoid that everybody at my Law School actually despises me solely for my views, that they think I'm an evil Nazi, but is friendly to my face. Feels bad.

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Sounds like conservative anti communism mixed with the aggressiveness of SJWs to protect the institutions that they're going to be working in.

Sounds like you're now realizing the truth that the average person is extremely reactionary, and that there is no such thing as a career for revolutionaries.

Just feels really de-humanizing. I've never really felt like this before. A creeping sense of hopelessness has been coming over me for awhile when it comes to politics.

get used to it. everything you believe is shit. you know how I know this? Because you're in law school, so I know you just got a degree and colleges have degraded to completely anti-intellectual brainwashing factories.

Do yourself a favor and abandon your beliefs. All they will do is hold you back. Once you're out of college and you don't have to direct your attention in the way they want it directed or display the opinions they want you to display, then start devising a worldview and adopting beliefs.

Hindsight is 20/20. I know from experience that your brain is thoroughly scrambled right now.

Law School (and the legal profession in general) is the 9th circle of liberal hell. Read pic related. If you want to make a difference pick a different profession. Shit even finance is less liberal.

He might try to do that on an individual level, but most people wont. He'll simply be an atomized leftist once he starts working.

There are no professions to make a meaningful difference.

The literal fuck did you expect, no shit the majority of people there are dumbass capitalists only in it for cash, in fact why are you even there, fighting for proletarian rights in law is like fighting for proletarian rights in wall street, it's fucking contradictory.


How does that bring about revolution? And doctors in the west are just petty bourgeoisie capitalists and loan sharks making money off of people's misery. And half their shit doesn't even work anyway.

Still better than a lawyer. Also doctors in almost every country (even the US) are being turned into proles due to economic forces. Meanwhile law jobs are just gettng automated because no one cares.

You are in law school what did you expect

this tbh

Maybe he just wants a well paying job? Did you consider the possibility of OP not being a lifestylist like your sorry ass?


Yeah maybe you should habe thought twice before clutching to a dead ideology and called everyone else a nazi.
Your ideology is dead, everyone will celebrate the passing of it and soon you will die of old age and the communist experiment will be a footnote in history.

Communism is inevitable, famrade.

Your decaying system will collapse further into crisis, and socialism and Marxism will only grow in strength and popularity. We're already receiving more interest and participation now than we have in living memory and we only keep growing. Just imagine how things will be when the economy inevitably crashes again. Communism was called the spectre haunting capitalism for a reason.

I'm a communist with social conservative views, so I hide my communism from most people and my conservatism from my comrades. It kinda sucks but I don't want my comrades to hate me so yeah


Good. You should feel likewise towards them. We ask for no sympathy.

Unfortunate, but not surprising. By and at large, law school is for defenders of the state and the bourgeoisie, a non-reactionary law grad is more the exception than the rule, tbh.

These people are scum that have to be crushed, and you can do so with a clear conscience knowing that they would have gleefully done the same to you.

have you thought about offering legal advice to unions or something similar?

And where is that school?

Nothing is easier than sabotaging ideologically driven teacher's narrative, really. Because you will look cool simply because you challenge authority/boring and forced chore.

I mean, why didn't you ask how Allende was a dictator at least? Why are there statues of Allende and not of Pinochet in Chile?

Neoliberalism is in crisis, and the only other global force in the world is Marxism in general. Add two and two and despair, poltard.

Really curious what school this is or at least where it is. My school's liberal as hell but nowhere near this bad.

yes mein ubermench, it is the jews who are out to get you

don't doubt your beliefs, race is not a stupid distraction from the destruction that bourgeoisie capital wreaks in the name of profit! the white working class wasnt brought down by shareholders, they were brought down by the jews! the jewsssssssss!

white shareholders would be much less profit seeking and ruthless towards their own kind for some reason!

ITT everyone in for a shock when they see what .. well in about 10 years youll remember this post and realise you were over estimating your position

Wait something bothers me about you and your reply.
Also you bring up race twice.
Jewish and white.
Yet you claim its whites causing issues. What if I told you it's likely a cultural problem within rich jewish elites, rather than a racial issue. What if I told you those cultural problems date back much further than the 1800s?

Prepare to be marginalized user.

I want to defend worker's rights, there has to be some legal representatives out there who help activist and labor organizing groups. Why does Holla Forums have such a strong towards doing shit that while it may suck and is a tool of the bourgeoisie, it would allow a necessary resource to be utilized for revolutionary potential.

The entire fucking system is contradictory, the only way to really lapse and fight the system is to contradict and disrupt the class antagonisms that give capitalism its hierarchical strengths

OP here, I assumed nobody was interested in the thread yesterday and left.
Is being a Public Defender the only decent job I can get after school? I took a full ride at a lower ranked law school (Top 50 school) so I could do some decent work after I graduated for less pay

How reactionary are the people in getting a history degree?

I did history and politics in undergrad and both had sizable amounts of leftists. That being said I went to a more liberal undergrad than law school.

I have no idea, but the two people that I know that have gotten one are succdems.

More liberal as in in a more “democrat” supporting way

Sounds great, user. Do you have the skills to be a top-dollar lawyer? I know you are probably hesitant to pick a high-paying, anti-worker profession, but consider that most workers themselves are anti-worker. Consider that the vast, vast majority of them support the continued existence of the people that exploit them. I think it is a good thing that you learned (relatively) early that people are like this, and I hope that you priorities yourself in the future. Deeply consider that any sacrifice you make will likely be neither appreciated nor wanted.

He puts this better than I did.

If things get on your nervs this much, especially in Law school, you probably shouldn't go. You will need to defend scumbags like Pinochet and defend morally wrong ideas. But this is the fate of all Lawyers. You need to emotionally disconnect yourself. Keep your personal beliefs to yourself. Vent them here and among comrades but never to the bourgeois bureaucrats you work with or defend. I went through the same thing.

I wanna be a public defender. I don’t think that’s necessarily anti-worker although I’ll make shit tier pay

The only thing you are not allowed to be in the western world, is a racist or a nazi. Chinese are all openly "race realists" which weirded me out, they quite openly talk about races not only existing, but China, and Korea especially, could put Holla Forums to shame..
But for real tho, race is the only thing you are not allowed to believe in, all other believes are 100% safe and no one really cares about them that much. That is my experience.

You don't have to hide, just move to some other country like Denmark or Venezuela. Get all the socialism you want. It's fucking paradise!

Every now and then I stop to consider.. ya know.. all the angles.. maybe I had missed one.. And every time I do I wind up seeing things like that statement. It is truly hysterical when you consider that Holla Forums and Holla Forums would probably get along pretty well if we just didnt have a difference of opinion on how "bourgeoisie capitalists and loan sharks making money off of…." should be defined.


I live in a Danish colony and we still have to know about the Danish monarch. Go fuck yourself.

Not only that but Venezuelans economy is 70% privatized.

It's because you're surrounded by bourgies who know they'd be fucked


time to wake up now, isn't it?
they hate and despise you and would jail or even kill you under the right circumstances
all their "law" is nothing but farce, freedom is not meant for those fighting exploitation but for the exploiters.
why do you feel the need that these people should enjoy any freedom? law school students are nothing but tools of the capitalist regime.
you need to come to terms with socialism being an ideology of struggle against that very scum you associate with.
fascism is nothing but to any bourgeoise inherent ideology they will use when capitalism falls into crisis.

Listen to Marx and you'll believe literally anyone who doesn't shovel manure is part of a machine oppressor evolved from feudalism and conspires against the serf class. A truck driver today would not be peasant enough to escape the communist delusional obsession against the middle class haves vs. have-nots.

Why do you believe you are the one resisting exploitation with an ideology designed to exploit people by rank and strive to use one side to overthrow the other?

Why are you the one talking about tools of a regime while being some kind of mouthpiece for a future state where certain people can't enjoy the freedoms they have now?

>muh freedom to exploit and oppress others. you're the real fascist!
not an argument

nazbol gang

Is Orwell reactionary? Or did he just say that because ☭TANKIE☭s?

I think there is something to be heard in Marx.

Our largest forms of entertainment in games involve leveling up, acquiring gear, fighting, struggling, grinding, earning everything.

And in the beginning of the game every starts on an even equal leveled playing field.

Imagine how you would feel if some players started off at twice your level with twice your gear, and then were able to control the entire map and you were forced to pay gold to them in order to play in their "kingdom" if you will. They never had to earn it. They never grinded. They opened a loot box and received the best gear, the strongest items. While you are still skinning boars to level leather working, they are cornering and controlling the auction house.

I think Marx talks about how many people do not know what hard work is, the labor of love. they have never plowed a field, worked the earth, planted nor sowed a crop, raised livestock, harvested, hunter game.

He is talking about a complete and total game board reset, and we have never experienced that in the entire history of the human species.

We are born into a Millennium long game of Monopoly, and every piece is already controlled before we roll our first dice.

I work in a very upmarket offlicence frequented by a lot of bourgies… ive stopped hiding the power level, and when im on the floor its generally soviet golden era classical. ive gotten questions about it but im in a whole reading phase so ive been literally able to answer every one of them with more than just GOOGLE MARX. I also recommend wines and spirits to people which have communes involved in the production chain as much as possible, while extolling the virtues of such a system for growing crops and making quality products.
Used to feel horrible being in there, being treated like crap for being a worker, but now its like 1000x better.
Even got my co-workers to join a retail workers union.
Stop hiding the power level, its harder but feels good man :D

>striver poors mortgaging larger-than-average prefab vinyl tract houses = middle class haves
yaint got shit bro
incoming recession + yuan reserve currency = bye!

You're welcome to make an argument how people in a free-market society are all somehow conspiring to exploit and oppress an underclass of laborers, particularly today. At least in Marx's time there were elements to sympathize with, given the state of labor and work conditions, etc.

There's no valid reason for communism to exist now and is unrecognizable today in any state that comically advertises itself as such while exploiting and oppressing just about every citizen except for its own ruling class.

No, he wrote an essay on how common it was at the time that people use words without having a clue what they're talking about. Seems Marxism is a good example. Every other word is codified terminology to argue and explain nonsensical theory. Cultural Marxists (SJWs) are cut from the same cloth.

Truck drivers can earn a lot of money. License for hazardous materials and you can easily earn enough to put yourself through higher education, buy some land, have your own company. You know, everything a good communist would loathe, trying to find some way to label as oppression.

If you really want to btfo Holla Forums you really need to look at what people talk about around here, it's not hard at all.

I'd advise OP to learn not to care about what people think. We know they are reactionary fools and it is part of their programming. Just the mere utterance of an opinion that is different from theirs is likely enough to shake some of them up. You are a hero to the working people for speaking up.


i like how you didn't even read what i wrote to you and just hit me with those dank-ass /r/truckers facts

One of the very first things you'll find in the Communist Manifesto is the inane platitude that the history of human civilization has always been a condition of oppressor and the oppressed; that's essentially SJW logic.

Hard to understand people who only know how to read/talk in memes.

Not even, I was just reading material lately and came upon this thread. And this is what people talk about around here, evidently.

As for OP's situation, I just found it pretty dumbfounding. I get that being peaceful and respectful with your views is noble, and those other people are pretty ignorant, but you can't get away from the fact that you're respectfully talking about ideologies driven by force at the expense of anyone who disagrees with it.

Whether it's universal healthcare, economic reorganization, or the kinds of subjugation the original Communists framed and translated into several languages to inject and influence countries around the world, you're can't pretend like your beliefs are not a threat to anyone. They are. There may be a lot of misinformation and scaremongering out there, but consider how fast someone like me would go to prison in China, North Korea, Cuba, or many other states. You're protected under the law. No sympathies here. Maybe do some soul searching and ground yourself in beliefs that would not trample others, regardless of what they want for themselves.

You do realize the hypocrisy that Leftists also advocate censorship of potentially actual ideological subversion? What, you seriously would let the bourgs just openly spread their ideology after a revolution? Just openly gather in public?

Realpolitik is not for the morally stiff.

no thanks. make your own point

as is anyone who advocates a political system. by what do you think the current prevailing ideology is driven and made dominant? hugs and kisses?
no shit dumbass. no one said otherwise
ok i've considered it. now what? am i now supposed to accept liberalism and capitalism with gusto?
what law? whose? you've changed subjects rapidly here and it's hard to know what you're referencing
please tell the same to capitalists, nationalists, imperialists, state terrorists, racists, religious terrorists, and other assorted rightists with whom you apparently sympathise

I have a degree in history, most of them are naive liberals although there are always 4-5 Wehraboos or similar in the semester who can't shut up about "badass military shit" even if the lecture is about Japanese pottery, they usually wear outdoor jackets like from The North Face or Jack Wolfskin or camouflage pants. One of them will invite you for going camping with him or something. Oh, and there is also always an extremly naive girl, total wallflower, and a guy who thinks real history is like Game of Thrones.

Also, added: There will be a guy that is exactly like Jason Unruhe, albeit in a younger and obviously reactionary version.

In this world you have no chance of living a life of total ascetic dedication to ideology, don't try.
Unless you're some sort of Marxist Ubermensch living off the land in fucking Pyramiden or some shit, you still have to live a capitalist life unfortunately, should have picked a less reactionary career.

Just share it openly, from what I see you leftists strongly advocate violence at will, so just kill everyone who disagrees with you, easy

I have a question, aren't reactionaries anti-capitalists?

nicodemism is the ultimate redpill though

I feel you comrade. I became an Anarcho-Syndicalist very recently and I'm still debating how I should tell people, namely my family. I've been thinking about telling my grandparents first. They're Roosevelt democrats but are very historically literate so they'd probably understand to some extent what my ideology is about(at least in context to the spainish civil war, since they went to Spain and heard about it). But I'm still very scared since my ideology is essentially a double wammy, anarchism and socialism, which most normies already have negative preconceptions about.


*IWW fuck this autocorrect shit

When you feel down that people that you thought to be decent folk otherwise, take comfort in the fact that liberals will get the bullet too.

This. Those who are moping about don't seem to understand that everybody has a role within the class struggle. There shouldn't be any "moral" qualms about what you are as long as you are solely on the side of the proletariat and are willing to serve their cause then there is no reason why you shouldn't grab positions of political influence. Be a union lawyer, poltical organization lawyer, or be known as one who aides proletarians.

I smell a future ☭TANKIE☭.

the solution is simple. stop being open with people and use anonymous imageboards as the sole forum for expressing your real thoughts. what could possibly go wrong?

this, but unironically


We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

I found one other person who visits leftypol at college.
I'm so happy.
Sorry for the rest of you guys, tho.

Yeah well I fuck my brother


Here's a fun thought experiment.
The FALGSC Galactic Federation in the year 2525 has created an artificial intelligence that can mimic deceased individuals from centuries past with a high degree of accuracy. It uses everything from online posting history to medical records to second-hand accounts to reconstruct a person as accurately as possible. So accurate, in fact, that if it could go back in time and replace you there wouldn't be anyone who could tell the difference.
How accurate would that mimic need to be before you'd consider it to be a form of resurrection?

Che was a doctor before he became a revolutionary if I remember correctly. Wrote a book about Marxism and medical science too.

If anything we need more leftists doctors to advacote for universal healthcare.

Law is one of the most useful skills to learn if you want to get involved with politics. Lenin and Fidel Castro were both lawyers.

t. someone trying to rationalize their choice to go to lawschool

Very relatable. It's strange these two things are never paired together, it would be the best ideology to rally workers.

Orwell was talking about people like you fuckwit.

creatively getting past the word filter I see

or perhaps you could try taking example from this guy:

Would actually be interested in reading that.

It depends on what you mean by "law." By "studying law," most people mean "parroting legalese and making a bunch of money." Jurisprudence is actually a really interesting field of study and actually, yeah, something more communists ought to be studying. Especially anarchists, who it doesn't seem like put much thought into the post-capitalist legal situation, especially in absence of all the institutions for law enforcement that industrialized society have been relying on.