BREAKING: Half of Zizek's face is paralyzed

BREAKING: Half of Zizek's face is paralyzed


Oh no, our boy is getting old

Symmetry is bourgeois.

Do you guys think it was a stroke?


He's been complaining lately about his heart, so sadly yes, it's very probable. There's also Bell's palsy related to diabeetus – something he also has.





I know this is a shitpost, but step it up, regardless

Zizek's going to pump out four full volumes of Capital before he croaks.

It's less than nothing, really. He's been known as the "most slime hysteric" for decades, for a reason.

Please get better zizek.

He's only 68 he'll be fine

He already had several heart surgeries, is a diabetic, and complained lately that every next summer he finds worse to suffer through. In one of his latest lectures he half-jokingly says along the lines "Oh, my gott, I nearly had a stroke again. That's life!"

karma for being a retarded faggot communist.

There is no big other jimbo, you and everyone else are on your own. God was real, he died on the cross, now we're here.

Are you really going to wait for them to die before reading their books, user?

karma is real and it has nothing to do with a Judaeo-christian god or supernatural forces.


except there isn't, there is not ultimate judge in the universe, it's just you and your fellow men to decide what's right and wrong. We haven't got any aliens to compare our values with, and there is no god, and there is no karma.


*passes sticky, grease-covered torch*

karma is simply a cyclical force. Fuck off nigger.

If by karma, you mean the material dialectic, then yes, but karma as most people call it? no, that doesn't exist, there's no "balance" in the universe nor are there mechanisms to uphold it.

*spits a mouthful of mucus on your face with his last breath*

Famous last words, Zizek edition. Go!

"a socialist america will crush the world under her might, and this, I am okay with"

This makes me sad.

confirmed for proletarian lifestylist


Zizek I'm sorry, but…

They are in the Marxist tradition. I agree Mouffe and Laclau went full potato and Löwy is a Jew chauvinist.


Here's an alleged picture from the event. Paralysis not that noticeable. Notice his nose however. Is that a bruise? He might have collapsed after a stroke, bruising his nose.

damn that man looks gooood

I warned you

defy death, you stupid cunt!

So Zizek had a stroke? Shit.

What's wrong with Lukács?

He's the wrong kind of Marxist Hegelian since he chose the obvious and easy road (uniting Young Marx's Feuerbachian influence with Hegel) and not the good kind of Hegelian like Zizek (reading Hegel through Lacan to read the Mature Marx).

Shit like the teleological conception of history or the proletariat as historical subject are rather weak theory-wise (not to mention already outdated back in Lukács's time).

Am I speaking to a certain much-hated pseud on this board whose name starts with A?

AFAIK that pseud whose name start with an A considers himself supreme to Althusser (one of the proponents of the distinction of young/mature Marx) and doesn't "get" Lacan, while thinking that Zizek is okayish. But let's try avoiding summoning namefags, okay?

No, the pseud who masturbates to Hegel.

You know the guy I'm talking about.


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fuck life

Anyone want to place a bet on when Chomsky is going to die?

I predict before this year's May Day.

i don't care when as long as he outlives Kissinger.


I didn't think I had any more reasons to cry over Mark Fisher's death, but look at me now folks


yeah he has bell's palsy, I heard it a few days ago from friends who went to see him

So this is how the left ends… drowned in brainlets

Update: ZIZEK BRAINDEAD for the past 30 years or so (since his stunt as a candidate for the liberal party at least, probably for longer).

The left doesn't need any more theory. It needs praxis.

Good, too bad it didn't finish him off.


haha :D

I never even heard of that till now. Strange condition.

they tried to tell him to stop putting cream in his coffee….


Yes but it will be a gulag with a human face!

"And I didn't understand him"


reposting from getchan:


I know this isn't supposed to be a "comparison" moment but isn't the only other prominent left wing philosopher left Chomsky? Chomsky will turn 90 in December so Zezik possibly dying before him (not via a murder) just seems bizarre as shit to me.

All my heroes are ancient and dying.

What we need is a socialist culture that is able to consistently call for universalism and reject liberal identitarian "leftisms", which Holla Forums agrees with, but also one that embraces the material contradictions of gender, race, sexuality etc as critical fronts for universal struggle. Which Holla Forums is really loathing ever acknowledging considering that every thread about these topics becomes "idpol get out" or "Holla Forums false flags" even tho the ideological superstructure that rises from the organization of reproduction of labor (sex and birth producing and rearing new workers) clearly reveals that capital is invested in a certain configuration of gender and sexuality. Thats historically at least, but now of course the proliferation of new genders and sexual identities is being done with the support of certain powerful factions of capital presumably with the goal of a further commodification of identity that allows traditional social relation like gender and courtship to be shattered into countless personalized brands. This exploitation by innovative capitalism of genders material contradictions produces the obnoxious and counterrevolutionary SJW culture, but it does not mean that the material contradictions of gender are any less crucial a point of struggle, and to refuse to engage with them on the grounds of universality would be only a false performative mockery of universality that ignores the particularities the universal is made up of, and is as a result then dissolved by what it refused to incorporate – a dialectical process.

For a new leftism to emerge with any influence it needs to be able to recognize the way these superstructural identities reflect material contradictions crucial to class struggle. Our enemies are already utilizing it against us, burying our heads in the sand and pretending everything that isnt only about early 19th/early 20th century conception of proletariat vs bourgeosie can be dismissed as "idpol" (completely meaningless buzzword at this point) is a good way to surrender a ton of ground to liberalism and condemn ourselves to irrelevance.

This doesnt mean start policing language or stop saying faggot online or some shit, those are liberal idealist conclusions to what addressing problems of gender and sexuality look like. Materialist conclusions are hard to imagine and exactly what their strategic applications might look like even harder, but it is certainly the direction to be looking in. Even tho im using the example of sexuality and gender, same goes for race and ethnicity and so on

Lol tldr fag

Hope he gets well soon and lives on for at least 30 years

Fucking hell
I always try to read Badiou but then realise I understand almost nothing he sees because I'm a brainlet. I hope one day I'll be able to understand him more properly.

This is the best post of the month. Fills me with optimism and anxiety.

Not as good but a worthy effort-post.

smh. if this is the price let them die

Well thank you user. I'm glad you think so. I'm not an expert on Socialism or 20th century labor history, and my experiences are limited to things going on in the US, so it's reassuring to see my ideas resonate with others.

It's been my job to inform and radicalize my friends, and connect them to relevant material. They're all heavily exploited low-wage workers, and were ignorant about just about anything political. They could still tell that they were being shit on, and who was doing it, but like most people they didn't know what to do about any of it. They didn't all turn red over night, but not only do the ideals of socialism resonate with them, but the proposed solutions to their problems make sense to them on a practical level. They know they don't need their bosses and supervisors, and they know they're getting screwed while their bosses go to the bank, and they know that they've been doing their jobs long enough that they don't need to be told what to do. Employee ownership, self direction, and the abolition of private property make sense to them.

I don't know if I'd say they have any kind of coherent political theory, but to me that doesn't seem like a detriment. My library is limited, and because I have a broad interest and pick up what I can get when I can, that means they're as likely to read Lenin as Kropotkin, and even if they like one or the other, knowing both (or at least being able to convey their ideas) will often pique their interest. One is an anarchist, another a state socialist, and another the last I saw had picked up an armful of second hand books about Stalin and the history of the Soviet Union. We all got together and celebrated the centennial of the October Revolution, and we have pretty lively debates. Without some ridiculous allegiance to ideological purity, they've started to cobble together an ideology of their own, taking what they think are the best ideas and discarding what they see as historical mistakes, and the diversity of viewpoints encourages them to learn more to defend their positions.

I think I share you optimism and anxiety, though. I think me and my friends are pretty typical for post-Cold War young people, at least as far as our living circumstances go. I'd like to think that if this sort of thing is happening to me, it's happening elsewhere to other people to some degree or another. I think Holla Forums is another manifestation of these circumstances. With no vested interest in pre-established cliques or states or whatever, genuinely curious people come looking for information and are able to direct their own educations. Even obscure authors like Max Stirner have been given a second wind. A whole generation of people are being exposed to new old ideas, and without the dogmatism are free to mix and match and explore what they find interesting or practical.

It's ironic to think that we have capitalism and its use of post modern ideas to thank for this. Ideas have been divorced from their contexts, and this frees them of the historical baggage they've accumulated. It has lead to a sort of supermarket of ideology (isn't that the phrase?), but that might not necessarily be a bad thing, if only for enabling the propagation of these formerly extinct ideas.

I try not to let myself get carried away with optimism, but I can't help but think that circumstances are producing the real possibility of positive developments.

You just assume this out of hand. Where is the proof? I don't see any. Even in your own post you offer only a negative example, the so called SJW language police.
Emancipatory struggles can be good in their own right, but it is not a given that they are good for socialism, it has to be proven in concreto and you are not doing this. Nor are any of the other diet-idpollers.

We had a decent feminism reading list, and we used to discuss the topic far more often than we do currently.

Old photo.

Human reproduction is crucial to any mode of production. Under capitalism our family labor dynamic and our sexual relations are all organized in such a way as to serve the interests of capital. That is the substructure, and the superstructure is the ideological manifestations justifying such organization is where we get our concepts of gender, sexuality and family

More generalization as obfuscation. How has access to abortions stymied capital? No fault divorce? Birth control? #Me too? It's easy to say "our family labor dynamic and our sexual relations are all organized in such a way as to serve the interests of capital", but how do you account for an ongoing women's liberation on one end, and an actually increasing power of capital in our lives over the past five decades on the other?

Women are more liberated today, which is good in it's own right, but please stop pretending it does anything to fight capital. Same for civil rights for African Americans, and the decline of antisemitism in the west. All good, but not socialism.

Badiou is a fungus

Zizek: Carry on my legacy
8ch: Yes, father

that's an anti-semitic list goy! Only 4/10 of the authors are Jewish, which is unproportional to the Jewish contribution to feminism.

If you look at the demographics of communists today it's either old baby boomers or young millennials/generation Z's. Generation X bought into the whole 'communism kills propaganda'.

I give it two decades and the young generations will have developed their own Zizek and more.

polite sagepost
meant to be
'communism kills' propaganda

Can confirm. I'm a grad student in the humanities, and pretty much EVERYTHING is PoMo. There is nothing about historical materialism, class struggle, the standard base and superstructure model, etc. Everything is just "muh performativity", "muh colonized bodies", "queering X", "for an indigenous theory of Y", and so on. While some of the topics are fairly interesting, the academics presenting them have their heads ridiculously high up their own asses.

Between their attack on Lenin and Zizek, are strokes right-wing?

We should try to arrange that

Ask Chaya to do a pulsa dinura on Kissinger.

Chomsky is still alive tho

That wasn't Chaya, that was Adriana.


Ding dong the witch is dead

I'm sorry.


What's wrong with that site?

not bad

Was it the half of his face that sniffs?

Does he not have healthcare or something?

Poor slavoj


he's just morphing into his transcendental form


Joke: Talking normally
Broke: Talking with a lisp
Woke: Talking with a lisp and constantly sniffing
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