I assume that the majority of the people on this board are familiar with this retarded fellow ~

I assume that the majority of the people on this board are familiar with this retarded fellow ~
Everyone fucking knows this guy is a closet facist, who managed to hide his disgusting nature
UNTIL he finally slipped during the channel4 interview ~~~

BEHOLD the leader of the alt-right showing his true face youtube.com/watch?v=RhdEbOzcN1U

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Eh he will peter out: the right doesn't know how to gain organisational momentum.

Why are you so bad at this?

To be fair many entrenched left wing organizations hardly have momentum.

just how paranoid are you that you confuse my low quality shitpost with a falseflag attempt

I have problems, son.

Yeah but they actually know what is praxis, how does praxis, when should praxis praxis and so forth. Tbh the left is like the tardigrade, we can revive from full death. I mean in 2014, the hard left was kill in the UK; now it is deliberalising a former working class party and reverting it back into one.

do you know what a fascist is imbecile

everyone I do not like really ~
did you listen to what he says about comunasim?

proud cummunist btw : ) totally not Holla Forums dweller invading this board to defend this human trash

He's just another snake oil salesman getting his 15 minutes of fame. He'll be old news in a year or two.

you say that but when his army of trolls will destroy the last bastions of human decency (like channel 4 which he has threatened already) we're screwed

you have to go back

He doesn't need to be a fascist to be trash. To say that he is not a fascist is not a defense of him.

That shit's been going on for decades, and his shitty fanbase is just one more symptom.

Here's your (you)

He's just an anti-communist idpol neoliberal who fights against other anti-communist idpol neoliberals (but pretends they're marxists)


this board cares way more about this guy than anyone else at this point

ITT people take a obviously edited shitpost video seriously

I just wonder, why do people take him serioously?

fuck off reddit

No comment

Peterson is one of those rare examples of someone that everyone calls fascist who actually is in reality a fascist.

Peterson has never said anything a fascist would disagree with.

The majority of his fan base is openly fascistic. If it quacks like one, it is one.

American fascism is much different than European. Burger fascists appeal to individualism and can very well be opposed to Hitler and Mussolini for whatever reasons. Doesn't make them any less fascistic.

Hasn't he criticized race bullshit? I saw Holla Forums blasting him over it. And yeah theoretically you can be a fascist who doesn't embrace racism but actually existing self-identified fascists virtually all do.

Only on as a wider critique of tribalism. He has never directly addressed the biological race meme.

no it's real

Do you all mean Fascist as the sort of vernacularized generic epithet for right authoritarians?
Or do you mean fascist in the precise political sense?

Tons of fascists use discrimination by "culture" and lauding of 'western civilization' as a cowardly smokescreen for their racism. The open embrace of WN is a very recent phenomena. Peterson being more oldschool and not using this tactic doesn't negate his fascism.

One surefire way you could tell Peterson is a fascist is that he constantly spouts that all leftists are the enemy of freedom. Not to mention his propagation of the Nazi cultural bolshevism (cultural marxism) myth. The cultural bolshevism myth is the foundation of his entire ideology.

A visceral hatred for the left is the easiest way to tell apart a fascist from a libertarian. Libertarians such as Ron Paul are willing to work with progressives and radicals on issues they agree with (police abuse, anti war). Fascists like Peterson are not. Libertarians are focused on the crimes of the government and military. Fascists are focused on the cultural subversion of evil leftists.

I like how he doesn't say exactly what "restored order" after 9/11. Really makes you think. No seriously he's just a christian version of Sam Harris with some Jung/Freud mixed in
Oh and the reference to auditing being worse than a mugging shows his petty bourg nature. Fuck this guy.

iirc Peterson is essentially a 'cultural' christian, although he will never admit this in so few words
he thinks christianity fills people with good spooks and inoculates them against bad spooks


It's not paranoia if they are out to get you.

Jesus Christ, not another thread on this ebegging nonentity. Stop being so triggered OP.

This one too, I barely even looked.

I find it strange that he considers mythological "chaos" to be evil/bad. Not even Jung was that dumb. The idea was that having too little "chaos" or feminine makes a person robotic and devoid of life outside of necessity like Vader or Ahab (I suppose this is Peterson's ideal "alpha male" though.)

This is actually a pretty good piece explaining some basic things he gets wrong:

I honestly think the dude is a fascist if not a hardcore fascist sympathizer. Anyone who so vehemently defines their politics as being in opposition to the communist cause is inevitably a fascist or one in the making.

"You can't make me clean my room you facist"
The post

Chill out, Mutt

Holla Forums LITERALLY on suicide watch

Peterson just strikes me as a "Muh Radical Centrist" of which all their fans are Aut-Rightists

While fascists both in the past and currently have incorporated rhetoric relating to cultural preservation, such a thing does not define fascism in of itself. Unless we're arguing that all liberals are in of themselves proto-fascists (which in a way is apt given how all fascism is is just capitalism assuming its more direct and brutal form), fascism is not defined by culture fapping.

I fucking hate Peterson. I don't know if there is a single individual on the right that I hate more than this disingenuous piece of human garbage.

Hitler? Mussolini? Franco?

Read this! It's a conscise explanation of many things wrong with JP's {{{thinking}}}.

How the hell does his University allow him to spend class time screeching his opnions at students coming to learn psychology?

Fascism seems to depend on a liberal class that demands tolerance of them and a demure, "just asking questions" part of the right to slowly normalize these viewpoints that they secretly they agree with. One of their talking points that has grown recently in acceptability is the idea of post-modern, culturally marxist universities and liberal media diluting the core identity of the west.
Of course, this is a totally illiterate reading of the ideologies involved, their histories, and an explicitly fashy idea there at the end, "western culture", as people in this thread have been pointing out, has long been used a dog whistle by the right to mean white people. After all, who can properly maintain western culture? This is the question they want people to consider.
Peterson, to this end, has done a great deal to legitimize the narrative of cultural marxism. It's his whole fucking shtick. If you're familiar with the frankfurt school or the post-structuralists he complains of you'll realize he's either a fraud or a simpleton but it doesn't matter, no one reads Derrida and Horkheimer besides weird leftist bookworms anyway. It doesn't really matter if Peterson is fascist deep down, I believe he'd have no qualms with a fascist state and probably be able to justify it with his ass-pull romanticism but that's beside the point, what is the point is that regardless of Peterson's internal life his position as a thinker has been an ally of fascism. In my opinion, not an unwitting one either.

*living individual on the right.

Not disagreeing, I just think we should distinguish between fascist enablers and fascists. "Everyone I don't like is a fascist" will not be accepted by anyone worth taken seriously.

Peterson doesn't understand Jung at all. I was not at all surprised to find out that he is apparently primarily a researcher/medical practitioner rather than a theorist. Fucking social scientist fucktards trying to dabble in theory yet again.
Also, from his wikipedia page:

The eternal petite bourgeoisie strikes again.

Agreed, I just want it to be clear that Peterson is not a misguided academic. He's a reactionary ideologue and it's no coincidence that he's found his largest audience among fascists.

Liberals like Sargon and David Rubin are enablers/useful idiots for fascism. Peterson's worldview shares too much with fascism for him to be a mere enabler.

Dave Rubin and Sargon complain about 'the regressive leftists'. They do not believe the fascist conspiracy that communists and Marxists are in control of the world. Peterson does and is at war with the entire left.

It doesnt matter how much he babbles about Jung. The cultural bolshevism conspiracy is the center of Peterson's ideological foundation. That is highly fascistic in itself.

you better explain cause this could be ammunition

I'm not ruling out the possibility that JP is a crypto fascist, he does tick off a lot of those boxes. What I'm saying is that we should call people fascists, when that is warranted, It's should never be a catch-all for every annoying right-wing piece of shit.

Jordon peterson is literally le intellectual centrist meme

the right and left know he's a fucking joke
but this is a bait post anyway

Not them but Peterson seems to believe that the feminine ("chaos") is somehow both gendered and inherently bad. This is not what Jung or his acolytes would ever claim.

Oh god this fucking webm always makes me lose my shit lmao

Huh what did he mean by this?

Maybe he's a nazi. Idk.

I mean, look at the way he jacks off to Solshenitzyn.


Yep, it is a JPEG image.

Confirmed. She has a red, blue and white sash.

It's his phd student assistant

What are the odds that she is fucking him?

also, everything che head said in this thread is true and correct

he is a thoroughly evil person and of course he is an actual fascist (not in the making).

American sense of invulnerability.
American imperialism.

That would be an awful rumor, theres no way to think thats true

Can you precise exactly what elements of his thought are fascistic?

I've been checking some of his stuff lately, his views on life are really bleak and brutal, no time to smile, everything revolve around achievement and competition. I can feel some social darwinism in what he is saying.

really? Is this guy somewhat bad? I know him because of his general psychology and Jungian courses, which seemed rather interesting and impassioned to me.

He'd probably just be laughed at if he just stuck to talking about Marxism out of his ass like every other status quo mouthpiece. But he made such a boogieman out of "neo-Marxists" and "postmodernists" that you just can't have much sympathy towards him or the time of day to any redeeming work he might have put out. Why are you even asking this, is this your first day on Holla Forums?

I know him as psychology teacher, and a rather decent one
can an alleged neo-nazi say something like this? it seems like you all don't care about the psychological bulk of his work, and put all emphasis on his utterings concerning politology, which are obviously not always coherent since the purpose of his profession is completely different

How fucking disgusting to know this faggot draws from my Heidegger. I feel violated.

also fucking lol

Stop demonstrating your faux-superior psychological knowledge for a while.
Psychological specialist's performance and lecture are not supposed to have a pristine philosophical form. They do not even need to be coherent according to "common sense".
Even radical left thinkers and well-informed active philosophers like Zizek have an extremely hard time trying to find common points in the tradition of the study of the psyche and philosophy, let alone amateurs who are not great philosophers to begin with.

I wasn't doing any of that.
I was tempted by those opening statements in the video, watched it, 6/10 mishmash of condensed Heideggerian ideas.

If you have to ask then that just means you lack critical thinking skills, tbh. Peterson is as good of a pysch teacher as a community college one but is twice the cost. This is just one of his "works" that blatantly just makes a bullshit citation for bc show he knows his audience are fucking delusional morons.

Fascism is when capitalism enters a crisis and becomes murderous, in a way, fascism is already here, it has always been here. Instead of railing against losers like Sargon or Peterson, we should explore how fascism is inherent to capitalism itself.Ironically, the 'cultural marxists' of the Frankfurt School were well aware of the negative psychological effects of capitalism and life under the regime of instrumental reason. Also, check out Cristopher Lasch's work, specially the culture of narcissism, he was an american thinker who applied the Frankfurter's critical theory to 'liberated' post-60s society. Capitalism can recuperate movements that were once genuinely revolutionary, harnessing them for its own ends. The system will present itself as liberal, compassionate and tolerant, but we should not be fooled by this, as it is ultimately a system based on alienation, a system designed to keep people in line.

The worldview of 'identity politics' is unrelentingly bleak, instead of empowering the marginalised it reduces everyone to the same state of misery and powerlessness, it forces people to assume the role of a sick person that can only be cured by society and its institutions, it promotes uniformity, impoverishes communication and renders it artless. The 'marginalised person' is defined exclusively through exclusion, one can only be included through exclusion, which means one is not included at all, one is subject to an all powerful system and unable to define oneself. Peterson responds to a real need in society, a sense of psychological anguish and purposelessness felt by most people. He has nothing to offer but platitudes and ideology, but at least platitudes are comforting. Are Stalinist LARPers and neurotic twitter callout people happy? Lets face it, average internet leftist is neurotic and feels vaguely ashamed for existing and for being human. To be woke is to deconstruct oneself into nothingness, to render oneself harmless at the cost of eliminating all distinguishing characteristics.


bonus pic of the cult of personality he has formed with his followers

'postmodernism' is actually a product of post-industrial capitalism, which is no longer based on the production of commodities, but in the manipulation of people, symbols and affects. This society is growing increasingly hostile to a Christian, introspective sense of self or to the self reliance of literate culture. These are useful weapons and things worth preserving. Well intentioned managers wanted to create a society that would include everyone, what we got is a totalising yet pointless society were everyone is under constant surveillance and were people are reduced to hollow shells of an identity to be filled in with the products of mass culture.

not convincing
any energetic public speaker has this kind of "cult of personality"
I've recently seen at least a couple of absolute Zizek kooks, it doesn't mean anything


That's actually a meta enough Che shirt for me to wear

Read this sentence:
Now replace 'jew' with leftist/postmodernist/collectivist/marxist. How would that be any less fascistic? How is this any more benign?

Labeling every left leaning person as an enemy of freedom and a potential mass murderer is NAKED fascism. He's not talking about 'regressive leftists' or 'authoritarians'. He is talking about anyone to the left of Pat Buchanan.

No one has called marx a LITERAL PROPHET SENT BY GOD. That is basically sacreligious.


Give me one reason why he isn't a reactionary piece of shit.



no he doesn't
this is just pathetic
he just psychologically helps beta males, whom he treats like people

perhaps he's a conservative (which I doubt, because I've seen many a lecture, and his position is rather complicated and influenced by his psychological teachings), he's definitely not a piece of shit


He doesn't help beta males at all. Everything he says is just repackaged Jung mixed with broscience. Read an actual book.

Kys you stupid fucking liberal. 98% of his dickriders are fascists. Look at the comment sections of his videos.

Anyone whose core ideology is based on combating 'cultural marxism' is a fascist piece of shit.


how do you know? I've seen his practice and courses. he does tremendously help people, at least outside of this internet bullshit bubble, which you criticise and yet in which you also seem to live

human life is not about "thinking critically", he's a practicing psychologist, not an epistemological philosopher

you're a stubborn fellow, aren't you? not everyone exists in your goddamn bubble of thought.

I explained how he is a crypto fascist reactionary who sees every leftist as The Enemy. Do you have any evidence to counter my claim?

serious question, what are the alternatives to Jordan Peterson-thought? the left sucks at providing people with a coherent sense of identity, the industrial working class no longer exists and fragmented intersectional identities can't by themselves provide a base for a mass movement. Mainstream liberal ideology as exemplified by the media and academia, provides a bulwark against reaction, but at the same time, it is a state ideological apparatus designed to sustain international capital. Middle class hispanics, asians, and lgbt could end up siding with the reactionaries.

jeez, where do you get this stuff from? They make it up, these people, I swear. I see no strong claims that can be refuted here, just nonsense.

Understanding Jordan Peterson more diligently? Not falling for opinions of utter internet fools?
Understanding modern radical theology? Shit, this is what Zizek does, circumspectly incorporates radical death-of-god theology à la Altizer in his work via (post-)structuralist psychoanalysis. Understanding that Peterson does exactly that, but via neo-jungian psychoanalysis?

Don't get me wrong, Peterson should be critiqued, but as a product of the capitalist totality, not as a fascist threat that came out of nowhere. muh 'cultural marxism' is actually the logical development of capitalism and enlightenment principles, a society of utility maximising individual units is created only at the expense of 'traditional' structures. Peterson, much like mainstream progressives, remains caught in a capitalist framework. Muh christian trad utopia is as unfeasible under current economic conditions, but to be fair, same thing goes for women's liberation

the left shouldn't fall into the trap of playing defence for mainstream liberalism, which is ridden with tons of absurd assumptions of its own.

Jordon Peterson speaks of leftists exactly how Hitler spoke of jews.

Are you seriously denying his obsession with cultural marxist subversion? Have you ever watched his videos?

Zizek doesn't spread the lie that Marxists boogeymen are in your schools, government, media trying to destroy Western civilization. Only the scummiest of reactionaries do this.

Yes I did, yet not the videos you watch, since I couldn't care less about all this recent drama. His problem that he feels a social symptom like a decent psychologist, but can't locate it with due precision, like an amateur philosopher he is. Obviously he was in a couple of ridiculous situations, not everyone's cognition is impeccable.
Nonetheless, there is substance behind his psychological(!) premonition.

There are a ton of other psychologists who are more than regurgitated Jung and I don't see how him being a good psychologist ( according to you) excuse the fact that he is spreading reactionary propaganda.

Doesn't he say that it destroyed itself in the 20th century, and constantly repeats it? You must understand how repulsive for him the 20th century's phenomenon is.
As I said, zizek is an ok philosopher and an ok analyst.
Peterson is a better analyst and a not so good philosopher, yet I wholly support his fervent rejection of any 20th century's totalitarianism, and don't support zizekian apology of the bolshevik regime in any form.

Peterson has a huge platform and is using it very often to spread extremely reactionary politics. How can you consider that irrelevant? His cancerous political views DO influence many people. If you care at all about left wing politics, this is something you cannot ignore.

First of all, psychologist =/= politician, psychologist =/= philosopher
Many philosophers do occasionally spread the most disgusting things imaginable and don't even notice it, and get away with it for some reason, with no drama whatsoever. Like those ardent Stalin/Mao's policy supporters.

I hope you have some proxies ready my black flagged friend

I hope you have some proxies ready in your non-existent country.

All his self help babble is entirely overshadowed by the fact that he spreads reactionary propaganda. Reactionary propaganda is a core element of his speeches, not some private beliefs that he hides.

He is a reliable outlet for reactionary propaganda and deserves nothing but our hostility.

If you acknowledge that he is in fact spreading reactionary propaganda then why the fuck are you defending him?

Human life is not about one thing, but critical thinking is still one important skill, one JP has no interest in teaching his beta "sons", because them accepting his bullshit rakes in more shekkels for him. Also, he says that communists are using the "not true communism"-defence, without calling out propertarians for doing the "that's corporatism, not capitalism"-defence.

Because he helped a handful of autists 'set themselves straight' by cleaning their room. Hitler also deserves our admiration because he was kind to animals.

yeah, you're right, you mistook me for a peterson "apologist", whereas in reality I don't care about him or you, fuck off

Why are you even posting then?

because of sardonic pleasure I get.
90% of stuff here is boring shit.



Tremendous post user, capped for good measure.

And how fucking uncultured you are? My "pleasure" has little to do with trolling, the fact that I was writing it for real doesn't mean my mood can't change.
How one-dimensional and petty can people be?

now that's self-deprecating. leftpol is one huge flying fedora saucer, I like to stir your fedora shit up once in a while, and then you didn't like it



with every subsequent post you manage to make yourself look twice as autistic

He is all about those le maymays.

more than what peterson thinks post modernism is

This. I cringe every time I hear Peterson talk about post-modernism or Derrida.

I know that how he portrays the left is caricatural and kinda moronic, but that doesn't make him a fascist. Most of ring-wingers, even moderates, have the same attitude towards leftists. When they want to discredit their opponents, they never fail to mention the horrors of the soviet union, the horse shoe theory, etc.

Also, could you describe me the people who were following, let's say, Mao in the 1940s. Do you think they had bad intentions in mind and were planning the disasters that the country would face because of them?
I think this is where he is getting at when he says that "post-modern neo-marxist" are potential tyrants.

That's not what he does though. You really downplaying his actual claims here user. His popularity in the political realm is due solely to his repackaging of the "cultural marxist"/"sexual bolshevism" memes which are extremely fascist.

anarchists are useless retards

You're new to this "communism" thing, aren't you?

This guy is nothing more than the Holla Forums version of leftypols Chapo Trap House.

Do you think it's possible to come back to reason once you have listened to dozens of hours of his talks?

We really need someone like him in our team (telling losers how to get their shit done while corrupting them with leftist ideas).

he loves solzhenitsyn, that alone is enough to disregard anything he says

he doesnt, he literally says that for a meaningful life you surf the line between order and chaos where you are neither complacent and stagnant nor falling in entropy and destruction, a state of permanent evolution through self-challenge.
at least watch his classes for an honest critique, forming an opinion through meme videos wont get you anywhere.

that wouldnt work for the left in the current status quo since it doesnt hold the charisma of truth right now, in other circumstances you might, but not now.
the culture is tilted to the left and is starting to suffocate speech, so only speech against it is needed to turn the balance to the center, its a breath of fresh air to people. if we lived in a moment where right wing thought had its own politically correct enforcing and you couldnt go against it without hostility from the mainstream then a center or leftist intellectual would be needed to sanitize culture. in that scenario /pol would be tilted to the left wing too since it works as a balancer of culture, the right would have to take refuge in a /rightypol.
the current left wing is in for a traverse in the desert.

communism is a third option, an alternative to both traditionalism and liberalism. In practice, it would mean more pluralism, less mass culture, and a shifting away of our priorities from the culture war and on to economics. The current cultural hegemony is not leftist, but liberal. You assume there is a natural balance between 'left' and 'right', but what if the underlying system itself is unbalanced and alienating? You talk about speech and its suffocation, but without addressing the material constraints capitalism places on speech, such as the assymetric nature of mass media and the resulting impoverishment of communication. Muh sjws are merely a reflection of capitalist alienation, not the cause of all your problems. Btw Peterson often veers into outright neocon shilling, castigating Corbyn for being 'too soft on Iran and Russia'. You need to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Read up on the history of psychoanalysis, Jung, Freud, Zizek, the Frankfurt School, Christopher Lasch, it goes much deeper than cleaning your room. Zerobooks did a good series of videos addressing Peterson from a leftist point of view.


at this moment he is mentioned more often here than on Holla Forums

t. overton window

That just sounds like an obvious truism. I don't see how that makes him worth listening to more than any other self-help type, let alone paint him as this profound thinker.

JBP is obsessed with hierarchy and the threat of "cultural marxism" destroying the west. Sounds pretty close to fash to me