Neo-liberal Media

Don't these guys realize that they're just the bread and circuses causing people to laugh at their problems instead of actually addressing them? That they're just as bad and the other side of the coin? It could be argued that they're even worse than Trump who presents his exploitation plain for the world to see, versus the Democrats who pretend they're helping and have a massive marketing machine to dress it up. Do they have any objective goals or actual personality behind the facade, conscience to help the downtrodden at all?

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Well remember they're neoliberals, so yes they probably really do think they're helping. They're not against class divide, they're not against being rich, they're not against worker exploitation, just that it's gone a teeny bit too far and if things get too bad then they'll also be affected.

Do they really think that laughing it up forever in their penthouse apartments sipping champagne while the plebs suffer in offices, factories, and coal mines is some sort of utopian state that should be kept forever?

the plebs won't do anything about it and will be shot dead if they try, so i guess they're just exploiting a favourable situation

I don't think that word means what you think it does.

ultimately it's more profitable to subsidize poverty than just let people die in the street. that is the crux of their ideology. some of them will moralize it and some of them won't

Of course they do.

I mean of course they know they are bread and circuses. Thats their thing. They arent socialists or commies, and they dont want revolution.

Ofcourse not. Liberals are not self aware.

It was always like that

Where are the commie comedians?



Liberals will be shot too.

Russel Brand :^)

Fam, we seriously have more hope reaching across the aisle to the fascists than to liberals.


Are liberals just broken in the head or can they develop class consciousness?

The really do seem incapable. I would like to believe that the direct bourgeoisie are the only ones who need to be dealt with, but every liberal I try to convince with class consciousness will perform the most intricate mental gynamsitcs to do anything but side with labour and stop enabling their bourgeois owners. Gulags are the only solution for these scum, and there's a lot of them. I'm a burger, I know we're a special breed of classcucked, but it never ceases to amaze me how much a vast quantity of people have convinced themselves to love their own plastic retardation of life.

get your accurate terminology outta here pleb!, R_Neoliberalism as concept_Venugopal_Neoliberalism as concept_2015.pdf

Liberal media portrays itself as the last bulwark of human decency against fascism. How true is that? Should we be worried they are loosing credibility, or should we be leading the charge against them? Liberal governance is a fragile thing. In the end it's about wielding power over an alienating labor-war machine while maintaining the pretence of virtue, of being a good person who cares.

more like flagrelated

rip Bill Hicks

First post accuracy.

Liberals, especially neoliberals, are content with this pile of shit they call a representative democracy that defends property rights. It might not be perfect, but it can be continuously improved in minuscule steps, and you're as bad as Nazis if you point out that all the people starving right now don't exactly have a lot of time to wait.

In other words, their only real contention with the status quo is that a cruise missile liberal isn't in the White House, and other "pressing issues" like minority representation and cyberviolence can be tackled by said liberal. What we would call actual problems – exploitation, poverty etc. – for them is just background noise, things that always happened and always will keep happening, and if you think they can be ended you're a radical whose ideas will result genocide.