"MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE"

"MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE"

Found this autist on the /r/The_Donald subreddit.

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BAD GOYIM! I needed that undocumented worker! Without him I may have to hire some national and maybe pay tax! Fuck! i need some illegals to man my nonOSHA-compliant positions. Not to mention legals demand pay raises and vacations, fuck that.

This problem wouldn't exist if both the national worker and the foreigner threatened to quit unless both are employed at a livable wage. This would only be possible if right-wingers didn't use the state to crush unions, though.

…why do Holla Forumsredditors always look like the soyboy stereotype they love to mock so much?


The obvious (leftist) solution is to legalize and document all immigrants by default and allow unrestricted migration while forbidding dual citizenship. The reason why you don't propose that is because you're a rightist nativist pretending to be a leftist.

Who the fuck wears a watch like that?

I don't care if the prols have a purple skin or whatever. I come here to gloat at your futile attempts at anything.
And for the company. Leftists here are the most hardcore and, unlike the ones my friend runs, sencere in their beliefs. Heck, under right circumstances Holla Forums becomes the Porky.

That's why I said 'nativist' and not 'racist'. You seem to care about whether they are "legal/native" or "illegal/foreigner".

The fuck are you talking about?

My friend, also almost caricature looking(minus the top hat), runs our local communist party. He uses them for lulz and profit mostly. It's full of senile oldfucks and hired goons/students. Was at their meetings as guest, no interesting discussions.

I'm not that guy, but if you allow unrestricted immigration workers will get averse effects in the job market.
The larger the gap between supply and demand, the harder it will be for workers to stay competitive, meaning wages, especially for unskilled labor, will drop and at the same time you will get a massive increase in welfare costs. I'm a worker and I'm not super keen on fucking myself in the ass because some ideologue tells me it's "the leftist" thing to do. Let them build socialism in their own countries.


Ew, why are right wing people so ugly wtf

Go back to pol faggot, your embarrassing yourself


How long until he gets doxxed and expelled?

This, your "magic solution" for immigration would work if the job market were not a thing at all, i.e. we already lived in a socialist system. Under socialism more labour force can only be a good thing: either you increase national output or reduce the working week. Only capitalism, being the awfully inefficient way to assign resources it is, would competition between workers happen in the horrific way it does right now.

I give it 24 hours

Suburban white boys are so virginal jesus.

Wait lol is this actually a guy? I thought it was just a girl with tied up hair. What a fucking soyboy lmao

I'm actually interested to hear more about this, assuming you're being sincere.

What does he do to extract profit from it, and what are his actual ideological leanings?

That wouldn't happen because (documented) immigrants would increase both supply and demand since they are both producers/suppliers and consumers/demanders. So wages will roughly stay the same, dropping a little in the sector where the immigrants are most concentrated in but overall rising in all other sectors of the market since demand increased. Obviously only socialism will ultimately fix the economy.

If you're not willing to sacrifice yourself for a better world then you're worthless.

Their own countries is where they choose to live in.

Then you don't understand economics.

Then I guess we should be organizing and promoting socialism and cooperation between workers instead of complaining about immigrants like economic illiterate rightists.


Do you think he's trying to compensate for something with that pipe?

I'm so fucking tired of the Holla Forums transfers screaming about immigration, promoting the "illegal human beings" rethoric, siding with cops because terrorizing brown people is good praxis now, and how only whites are real working class but illegal immigrants are not workers somehow, but porkies.

You niggers need to read a fucking book.

Holla Forums's been like this for more than a year now. Half of the board consists of ex-Holla Forums babbies spouting reactionary rhetoric poorly cloaked in Marxist-sounding terminology.

This is the dumbest shit I've heard in a while on Holla Forums, and that's saying something.


Daily reminder that it's possible to be socialist but also cautionary of large immigration affecting the native working class. While immigrants are indeed working class, if the native population is *not sufficiently* class conscious, it is a recipe for trouble.

Man, such an anti-establishment bad-ass.

when do we just start cracking their heads? it would be really easy, the trumpdrones in my city are always either 1. fatass beergut rednecks or 2. skinny nerd soyboys. both are easy to beat up.
i'm only half joking. these arrogant wimps just piss me off.

I see he likes to put big black things in his mouth while whining about "negroids" impregnating white women on reddit. Really makes you think.

I love this meme. Immigrants are not real working class now. Only """"""native"""""" americans who the imperial state deems worthy can be revolutionary.

Critically support President Trump against the imperialism of the mexican peasantry.

this is how utterly crippled the right-wing is by ideology. support the rich man who would sell them into slavery for a dollar because "at least he's white".

Sure it will increase demand for certain things in the internal market, like food, housing etc. but that doesn't mean it balances out. If anything it would probably drive up the relative prices for food and housing. The increase in demand will not effect any industrial jobs that rely on export, so industrial workers would be fucked.

specifically low skilled and unskilled labor, since most economic refugees don't have the language skills nor the education to anything else. In other sectors, where there are fewer qualified immigrants, wages will increase, like managerial positions and similar. It ads up to increase in economic inequality.

I'm not convinced moving large amounts of poor immigrants in to ghettos is "making the world better". Regardless, trying to shame people into adopting your #morally superior views is just going to make them defensive and less agreeable, try convincing them that they want what you want.

*slow clap*

Is it? To say the disenfranchised should take control of their countries rather than chase the american/european dream?

That's just an elaborate way of saying "stay in your country you fucking niggers, you build your socialism in your neo-colonialist hellscape while we build ours in imperialist metropols".

This is where our socialist activism comes in but I guess it's easier to pander to far-rightists which will never be satisfied until white supremacy returns.

Neither do I, they should settled down throughout the country as sparsely as possible.

It's not possible to convince everyone. Leftists need to realize this and take matters into their own hands. The majority of people will always be ignorant and selfish and lean towards the stronger side.

This is a pressing topic and I'll try to take a stab at it.

Let us first simplify matters by positing there are two kinds of labour, skilled and unskilled. Both kinds produce discrete sets of goods and services, let's call them low and high "goods". Everyone can draw in exchange for their labour from the common pool of high and low goods. Now also assume that some of these high goods are necessities, like education and health care. In this case, even if through central planning you utilize every additional worker added to the pool, you will still have a decreasing ratio of high goods to workers if you integrate a population of which has on average less high skilled workers (through no fault of their own). Even under a perfectly planned socialist economy, you can only take in so many migrants whose average skill level is lower before the quality of life of the collective of people considered starts to decline - the hospitals and classrooms are full, and the rate of patient and child increase is higher than the amount of doctor and teacher increase.

Now you can posit against this that the low skill workers who immigrate into the higher skilled area are on average always better off than had they stayed home, leading to a utilitarian wash. But that's a hard sell to people who are currently enjoying high skill bubbles. A negotiated surrender seems more likely, where the bubbles try to develop the outside more rapidly than it naturally would. At the very least the first wold could stop bombing and leeching off the rest of the planet, though under capitalism they are not like to do so.

I fucking hate ICE and everyone who support them. To the wall with them all.

Go fuck yourself.

Working class is working despook yourself

Projection and self-hatred.

That's one hell of a straw man if I've ever seen one

if you have a question about Holla Forums this is usually the answer


I befriended a guy who was from Mexico when I was in Uni and I used to go over to his house and meet his family, etc. After a while, I realized everyone in his family was in America illegally and was working under-the-table not paying taxes and getting jobs because they undercut the minimum wage. It pissed me off so much beacuse people are really hurting for work in my town so I spent a month compiling names and numbers and contacts and addresses and relationships etc. and generated a 4 page detailed report on all of them and reported them to ICE and local immigration officials. I know that two of the 15 or so people I outed have already been deported, though it might be unrelated. It's really a shame these people are undercutting local workers by skirting the laws people fought hard for to protect the workers in the first place.


Thirty years ago, sure. Now the whole left is anti-worker, not in words of course but as consequence of their evil actions. They do their best to flood the supply side of the labor market then act blame someone else when that drives wages down.

You found me out, I just really hate poor and black people.

what does that mean? Like what are you specifically proposing to do?
Yeah, but that doesn't happen. They mostly go to the cities and stay with people of similar backgrounds.
No, it's not, but the more you convince the less you have to gulag.

Yeah I agree. A socialist state should ideally export competence to less developed socialist states, not import their incompetence. It's the most realistic and sustainable option.


Underestimate your enemy at your own risk

If antifa is so degenerate why are you so scared of them?


What makes you think I'm scared? I live in a small enough place I don't think they ever did anything here other than placing stickers protesting trashcans.


we're not antifa. but of course, you already knew that. you're only looking for (You)s

they're not undocumented, they're mexican citizens with mexican passports
they told me directly they don't pay taxes because they get paid in cash for their jobs and don't file because they don't want to get put on the radar
I never said they got handouts or complained about handouts - although I'm sure they could find them if they looked for them.
The point is, we have labor laws for a reason. When people come into the country and skirt the labor laws, all workers suffer. These Mexican workers are being exploited and have no benefits. The US citizens are being denied jobs because they won't work for illegal wages. It's lose-lose for everyone except porky. But, of course, I'm bad because muh immigrants. fuck you, read a fucking book

Turns out people have doxxed the guy, & he lives in Gainesville Florida.

I hope you die, comrade.


yeah, pretty much. I'm not saying you should be legally persecuted but you're a massive dick and nobody should have any reason to like you.

You read a fucking book. The whole "muh native working class" meme, as if there was a division between working classes, and the extremely liberal law fetishism over whether human beings are illegal or not (something which is decided by the imperialist government and enforced by their reactionary police forces) is the kind of shit I'd expect from Holla Forums, not a leftist imageboard. You might as well be advocating that black people are bad for the "native" working class because they take unskilled jobs too. Because from a materialist and economic perspective, there really is no difference between legal and illegal immigration.

Immigration is a complex issue but people who oppose it on racial/cultural grounds or because it "breaks the law" (set by the fascistic US government) are brainlets who need to read a book.

But okay I guess Holla Forums critically supports the ICE and the Trump administration in their struggle against imperialist mexican workers

Lmao imagine being this spooked

The media would sperg about "le ebil antifa gommie turrists" even more than it does currently and the trumpdrones don't even pose any (physical) risk to anyone precisely because they're mostly rednecks and soyboys. I'd rather beat the fuck out of an actual threat.

and then everybody on the bus started clapping

This is his twitter. Has has full name.


I love how he gives this smug, shit eating grin for being a huge bootlicker

This kid probably didn't report anyone. Just another dropout trying to make it big on social media before he has to get a real job.

You don't really believe that bullshit. It's only "liberal" if for you liberal is anyone from the extreme left to the center right, which is not a very common definition. Liberals as you should damn well know say nobody is illegal, it's the whole reason they came up with "undocumented immigrant" instead of using "illegal immigrant." Invaders aren't even undocumented, unless they burned their documents they still have their passport with them.
You mean propaganda instead of book. Countries with incompatible cultures don't work that well. Ask any christian in a muslim country how great it works for them, or any muslim in a muslim country of a different sect.

Again, I said I oppose it because it allows exploitation of foreign citizens while simultaneously undercutting the native labor force. I know everyone has to impose racism and all sorts of other garbage onto this view because it makes people uncomfortable.

Imaging being this much of a closet ancap

This tbh. I almost feel bad.

Nah, if you had done it to white people you'd still be a fucking piece of shit who would serve the world better with suicide.

Its what happens when you act like a fool on the Internet nowadays.

Personally I don't feel sorry for him, you should know acting like a dipshit has consequences.

wew what's even going on in this thread anymore

His Chromosomes are up, testosterones down

Borders are LITERALLY just ideas set up by the bourgeoisie to better exploit the working class. Read a fucking book.

You aren't as clever as you think you are Holla Forums.

Short story. It is about a world war 2 era nazi in my home-country. I can't remember his name, so let's pretend it was Hanz.

Do not make the mistake to think Hanz was not a genuine nazi, he was. Nor should you think that Hanz liked jews, he did not. What Hanz did was to look past his own ideology and see the jew as a man, and not as a jew.

What I'm trying to say is that you are absolutely correct about labor laws and immigrants, but if you can't manage to look past this in your personal life, and see the human element, then you will become an asshole that no one likes.

Learn how to Stirner. It can be detrimental to his interest and his community with out being "bad" in the sense of being morally objectionable.

Tell me honestly, when did you last put so much effort into "helping the working class" as you did making that detailed 4 page report?

If you hate people that somehow do nothing and just leech off the government but also steal jobs look no further than the bourgeoisie. Fucking Fox News watching idiots.

That's hard to believe, given borders predate the bourgeosie having any power by quite a while. Borders exist ever since humans settled down. Even before, tribes would avoid others' territories (which weren't as well-defined) unless they were waging war or the other tribe wasn't too violent.

Tell me honestly, do you think there should be labor laws that set minimums for wages, benefits, and worker treatment?

No, because I'm not a social democrat. I am a communist.

And I'll also take that as a "never".

Yes, tribes, cities, settlements. That's the key. Nation-states are a product of the advent of capitalism and the bourgeoisie abolishing the aristocracy.

If i went there and saw this, id left hook him outta nowhere.


Come to leftpol

Nothing more pathetic than a community full of proud snitches.

Did you ever stop to think that perhaps those labour laws, while enacted to give a facade of an advancement in workers rights, actually have loopholes to skirt around to use as cheap labour?

I do believe in worker protections. I don't believe "reforms" ultimately do anything to protect workers.
And I definitely don't think snitching on your fellow workers is very "protective".

all the time. do you think foreign citizens skirting labor laws like minimum wage in the US is a good thing for workers? we know it's a good thing for employers.

they're not "fellow" workers if they're not being held to the same level of protections as I am. They're a slave class that's being exploited harder than I am.

People in the workforce do not have equal protection. A lot of legal workers work in absolute shit conditions. Does that mean they are not your fellow workers?

This terrible high schooler bragged about reporting his undocumented classmate so they could be deported


Does DOXing actually accomplish anything? I have the dox of a Holla Forums user who makes a lot of memes and goes to a college in California. What should I do with it?

He's deleted his Reddit."
Я прокекал.

This is how Maoists are formed. Keep eating the shit your bourgeois masters hand out to you.

Yeah, that guy's life is fucked.

I need a link to this article. I hate Florida in particular because I live here.

are you retarded



I mean. Its kind of hard not to.

Why does Holla Forumsreddit do this

If you want to be evil stop bragging about being evil, people are going to treat you like you are evil and you will have to go hide your head in shame for at least a decade or more.

Seriously I know this is rhetorical because they're all fucking retards who post on r/thedonald but why the fuck do they have to brag about it, how do they not know what is about to come their way


Maybe it's some weird long-game where if it happens enough, people will start defending them because they'll be able to play the "they doxxed me for following the law retweet if you're tired and not gonna take it anymore :("

I'm sure that's it, but if they're expecting it to let up of being mocked they're going to be disappointed

this. guy. gets. it.

alcohol consumption promotes lower testosterone
all that manly scotch and whisky giving them pasty skin and bitch tits

petit-bourg scum are not working class

right now the establishment has their backs, they can threaten/murder then hide behind the cops & the courts. they believe this will always be the case, so they have no fear of reprisal.
double post.

From the aut-right conversations I've eavesdropped on, doxxing does serve to suppress a lot of active organization among the far right, especially IRL organizing
Don't do anything with your doxx unless you have a casus belli to use it though. If he tries something like this then consider using it judiciously (or full-force), otherwise you'll just look unnecessarily cruel to bystanders

That might be true but they've essentially commited social suicide anyways so even if they think they have "protection" they're fucked forever. They still get doxxed, prank called constantly, associates are contacted and told they're a fucking knob.

It's still stupid. Why are they this stupid. Why do they actually think they can post their face and say 'Hey look at the thing I did that everyone will probably hate me forever for in my community and beyond!" These questions are all rhetorical.

I know they're dumb, but even ridiculously stupid people would realize "this is a mistake, I've made a huge mistake"

you must grok the overclocked, white-hot postmodernity that lies at the heart of modern reactionary "thought". losing is WINNING. they're big & strong, everyone else is a SOYBOY. they worship the establishment but they're also dangerous REBELS. whites are endlessly victimized but also THE BEST AT EVERYTHING. and so on.

This picture's file name implies that you have 33 other smug akkos, minimum
good job brother.

Soooo, it's the guy who made pic related… he's claiming to be doing disinfo stuff at the college and that one of the profs is a neoreactionary.

His name is Cory J. Carnley His address is 5818 NW 45th Drive, Gainesville Florida



What do we gain by not letting people have dual citizenship?

Should add, that info was confirmed by Cory himself. In (now deleted) reddit comments someone confronted him with the address and he responded.

Also some more photos from his now deleted reddit account

More freedom from the control of other nations. Most cases of dual citizenship are for purposes of evading taxes, and often cause steep rises in the costs of property, adversely affecting the lower classes.

How old is this kid? He looks like a senior in highschool but is acting like a freshmen (if that.)

lol wat? Since when? I have dual citizenship because my parents are immigrants… because they needed work and moved to the US. There's no "control" from their native country, their citizenship just means they can return there instead of languishing in the US without healthcare after retiring.



This sounds like a right wing excuse for refusing immigration. People can live in a foreign country without being citizens, and drive up property prices by just having more money.

Not only, but it's also not a problem that has anything to do with citizenship. Vancouver has huge problems with Chinese expats buying up property in Canada and just using it as an investment, but their solution is to prevent non-Canadian residents from owning too much property. Preventing them from gaining Canadian citizenship wouldn't do shit.

Not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about foreign businessmen, not normal immigrants who participate in society. These people rarely set foot in the other country and use their citizenship to get around taxes, property rights, and other checks and balances meant to protect the people and their government from manipulations of power and economics.
I could dig up examples pretty high though so I won't unless called on it. of how one chinese corporate fatcat was paying under a hundred dollars in taxes while owning millions worth of property in canada I think it was, and was using his dual citizenship to pull it off.

Oops, forgot.
Dude, the way around that IS dual citizenship.
No, thats exactly what it prevents. Ug I should actually find some of those articles, I think the vancouver reference is what I was thinking of.

I'm so glad I grew up before Everyone posted their face and pictures online. My parents and the Chan's taught me never to share personal info etc And to always be suspicious of others online. We should really go back to that.



I honestly believe most Holla Forumstards are LARPing failsons taking out their frustrations on the worls, but this is just vile. It's one thing to spew shit on /r/The_Cuck, but I cannot imagine personally knowing someone and thinking, "I can get this person forced out of their home and ruin their lives forever", and then gloating in self-satisfaction about it online. This guy probably thinks he is a good person and that he is going to heaven.

I'm all for laughing at aut-right chuds but this just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't worry, this ruined his life

fucking over other workers to own the capitalists

Some people here have really short memories. The pro-immigration crowd here is a wreck, they don’t really have any arguments except muh feels. Even the stuff they claim open borders will help can be accomplished far more effectively through anti-imperialist and socialist revolutions in the Third World then it can be through this immigration-as-charity ideology.

They tend to be the same people who are former redditors but the catch is these people absolutely worship American blacks while failing to see how immigration has been used as a cudgel against the black working class, black protest against racism/national oppression etc. whatever you want to call it.

Their busy giving away jobs that would otherwise go to poor blacks but pinning all the blame on poor whites whites and screeching about white racism and failure to compete. In reality, it’s the blacks who get hurt the most by immigration and it’s the enforcement of their democratic civil rights that are harmed the most by immigration.

Why do I say this? Black unemployment rates are higher and black workers tend to work lower-skilled low-wage precarious more frequently than the white population.

First, the capitalists used immigration to undermine and destroy (mostly white) labor unions and then they used to destroy and lumpenize the insurgent black proletariat and neutralize their hard won rights.

Amazing. I hope the moral leftists are proud of themselves.

Oops someone dropped this.

i guess jews truly are the master race

Would be a real shame if the most heroic nationalists that lost their IDs or don't have one were reported to ICE as sispected illegals and get deported to Latin America by mistake from the immigration courts being so overrun. They would have to live there for up to years.

Every pro-immigration person in this thread is blaming capitalists, not muh poor whites, you dishonest shit


found his twitter, but looks dead.

Good, love your 🍀🍀🍀masters🍀🍀🍀, gobshite

He's jewish isn't he?

Has a secondary one. Last activity was last week.


Can we Swat him? Or at least get an FL user to shoot him for us. I've always been pro doxxing, but ruining a person who has no future or reputations essentially non existent reputation will only do so much damage, that's why people self dox, because they have nothing to loose, hell I'd do it myself if I were in FL.

Before anyone asks, the nigga has a Confederate hat, he's a slack jawed yokel who would have ended up fucking his sister and doing nothing but live in a outback incest community.
He had no future beyond being a hick neet. We're doing nothing unless we put his life at risk.

Nice false flag. Reported.

The Chapo subreddit already contacted his school and bought an ad on his city newspaper with his photo on it.

These are the people who will help us bring the revolution comrades! We'll totally have a communist utopia by 2020!


Ok, but that's not my point, my point is that that seems bad for the average person but you're all forgetting this is some fucking outback white trash hillbilly nazi, he had no future, this does not hurt him, he openly posts the confederate flag on his Snapchat. Everything you do that is not violent is not hurting him, this entire thread is pointless without putting the victim in physical danger.

I don't have the image but I'll say it again, when did Holla Forums become more scared of the radical left than they did the right?

Wtf I love public school administrators now

Fucking lol


Top lel

Ruining your life to own the libs.


There's already rightcucks in the comments saying that the site doxxed him & they should be held accountable for it. Some twat said someone should sue the school. (Which would go absolutely nowhere.)

I don't care if he or anyone else saw his actions as justified, but did he really think there wouldn't be any consequences? Did he consider any potentialities at all beforehand?
For fucks sake, you'd expect perhaps the oldest tip for interacting on the internet to basically be: "Nothing can be deleted, do not publicly reveal anything personal of yourself unless it's for a fucking well thought out reason". Hell, they've taught such sort of things at school for ages now! Is this the true power of right-wing newfaggotry?


I would love that because I don't understand at all how dual citizenship aids in this.

Yeah I would love to read those. I have no idea what that would have to do with dual citizenship.

Are you some retarded third world Maoist that think's every poor person in the first world "has it too good"?


What is cucky about that

I know it's hard to believe….but this kid is gonna be sporting an even bigger more shit eating grin than he already is on rope day. Sorry you weebs drew the wrong cards out of the deck on life.

Unlike conservative beliefs which are rooted in predestined elements such as nationality, religion and skin color, leftism is the rational conclusion an adult reaches after studying politics and economy in a scientific and historical manner.

What out guys, he's gonna get ya!

Illegal immigrants are the definition of lumpenprole, they are union breakers and willing tools of the bourgeoisie.

Reporting them does more good for the native working class and removes cheap labor for porky.

No, you fucking retard.

Kindly educate yourself on what a "lumpen" actually is before making these kinds of statements.

Yeah yeah yeah. Day of the Rope whenever.

You rightcucks have been saying that for years.

He's a senior.

Reporting to ICE is the new SWATing I guess.

if he wants to call the cops to get someone in danger, why shouldn't he be swatted himself?

Read a motherfucking book

Because we're not boot-licking snitches & there's much more important targets than some shitstain highschooler. He's been expelled & name rightfully dragged through the mud already. He managed to fuck himself without us having to do anything.

There are millions of us doing this every hour of every day all throughout the country. You can't stop us. They're all going back. Deal with it.

Being anti immigrant like this is astonishingly racist and nationalist. Are you lost?

Haha did you not keep up to date with this or something? He got expelled like a fucking idiot.

Better than reading, amirite?

Damn, so bad-ass and anti-establishment XD
ZOG is gonna fall any day now!

Yeah maybe I should deport your non-white ass.



Yeah everyone has the one neighbor the rest of the neighborhood talks shit about, this isn't news.

Most people don't give enough of a fuck to do this to people in their own community. Most adults don't go "Today I'm gonna fuck over high school students!" without being a pariah

Which is what you are

He was expelled from school. Which keeps him from attending most colleges. Since expulsion on your record doesn't look too good.

Also good luck for this asshole finding another school that isn't a shitty charter school.

How embarrassed his parents must be. Now even other people think they're shitty because of their own dumb petulant failson

So this is the power of MAGA.

Getting expelled and doxxed and humiliated and ruining my future to own the libs

Honestly coming back to this, how does this guy move on in life? Your name is tarnished for quite a long time, your face & all your racist posts are on the Internet. Plus, people know where he lives & also know that he has been expelled from high school.

This shits a mess & I find it kinda funny.

The questions you asked are rhetorical. He's fucked.

"I could not disagree more with the ideas in these posts. They certainly do not represent our school's culture. GHS is a wonderfully diverse school where students come together and do amazing things. One student does not speak for 1,800 classmates. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students. If any of our students want to behave similarly to Cory, and disrupt our learning environment, and the education of our students, then you will not go unpunished. And you will not return to campus."

t, Cory's now former Principal on Cory

lmao his classmates are calling "demonic" and "a gremlin"

True. I wonder how his parents feel about this.

Hell, they might be racist as well, & it would show they are not really good role models.

Usually these idiots are trying to rebel against their parents, and in the process end up making their parents look terrible to their community, family, and friends. He's not only irresponsible to his classmates, but also probably to his family without their knowledge.

But you may well be right about them being racist. This is North Florida after all.

He's got a great future mopping the viewing booths in an adult book store ahead of him

Sounds like a chill job tbh.

Mopping up dry sperm would sound like a chill job for an ML

We live to serve.

At least MLs are willing to work jobs you fucking cuck

It was a joke calm down you sperg. Besides, if you you were cleaning someone else's dried sperm and sex juices from the floor, with a wet mop and rubber globes I'm fairly certain you would be an actual cuck.

I honestly fail to see what good can mass immigration do to society within the framework of capitalism. Especially in this age of contract based work where capitalists are practically partaking in quasi-slavery in the west, when it comes for example construction contract work, rights of the labor and raw power that trade unions still hold. What does the left have to gain form this struggle, where does the self-intrests of workers truly lie?

Particularly interesting to hear the opinion of someone from fucking Finland's opinion about mass immigration in the topic of a high school senior threatening the deportation of fellow students younger than he was. Really interesting. Especially since he was expelled.

And guess fucking what. They didn't even get deported because they weren't even illegal. This kid was expelled, for threatening students with deportation and calling them racial slurs, and naturally got expelled for it, and they couldn't even get deported because they've been there for decades.

You have a pube beard

Yeah let's stop mass immigration for capitalism by agreeing with the US government…on immigration? Oh shit that can't be right


You've lied about a majority of your life here. You're worse than hoochie.

What are you proposing then? To continue the current ratio of immigration with its skill and brain drain consequences that is going to harm countries of southern hemisphere more and continue to rot the current institutions in the west further weakening the unions?

Shut the fuck up since you know absolutely nothing about the world outside of your frozen shithole

Stop talking about high school students being threatened when you look like a pedophile

Yeah if only we could rely on the intelligent white Americans from Florida…oh wait fuck, I screwed up, fuck, shit I'm sorry

Fuck off. There is no way I would be worse than that deluded liberal since I actually partake in the realpolitik due to my work with the party.

Talking about "brain drain" in regards to minors in high school trying to make it in this fucked up world (partially defending the actions of this impotent loser who got expelled for calling black students apes, hispanic students wetbacks, and threatening to deport them [they weren't deported because they've been there for a while]) is extremely low even for you pube beard.

You don't have any grasp on this situation and just decided to bring up immigration and seemingly defend the ideology of this retarded expelled failson

I wouldn't want an 8can politician for my life. Finland must have it fucking hard. Anyways I could just leak all the posts you make here since you fucking post your face all the time.

I doubt that it would be much of relevance, considering that probably half of the votes that I got in 2017 came form users of Finnish chans, since I pandered quite heavily there.


You went shitty when you decided to come with an agenda over high school students being harassed by a shitty kid.

I don`t have a personal stake in this nor any interest to speak of since I was clearly only talking about immigration in general terms.

That would be illegal and also overkill. This however may not be as illegal or maybe is but at least isn't overboard. /leftypil/ should show more restraint and responsibility than redditers and Holla Forums.

Plot twist: That kid is a Criollo Mexican American


I mean….