If this is how chaotic capitalism has been in the last 5 years in a boom/recovery period with the stock market in a...

If this is how chaotic capitalism has been in the last 5 years in a boom/recovery period with the stock market in a bubble bull run what’s gonna happen next global financial crisis/depression? Seems like shit is gonna hit the fan way harder then 08

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America will start a war and get absolutely raped.

Here's hoping.

idk fam

yeah it's kinda fucked

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the masses will probably elect a fascist government and start another war


nazbols will be targeted in the war

Personally? I just hope I escape the worst of it and remain employed somehow

As long as the plebs think they need to live, we'll be fine. A cornered rat will take all the mortages at any interests. MUHUHAHAHA!

(very nice)
So sayeth satan.

This tbh, money is still on Iran for me. Rumors that some big secret deal got signed by Israel and the US over Iran happened recently.

Guarantee if something was to kick off there, the Chinese or Russians would drop off a load of ASMs and the Iranians would flatten 5th fleets base within the first hour of the conflict along with Saudis facilities

A couple months back we had a user who role played as a cappie, he’s been gone for a while
You’re no where near as convincing or witty as he was

This time, the first world worker is going to get fucked directly like never before, they might even get it worse than third world workers have gotten it since the cold war began.

Any sources on this? I would like to read up on this.

I don't have any debt, so I have no clue how bad off I'll be. Like many others, I'm hoping it happens after I move to Britain for graduate school.

Bad move to avoid combat, Corbyn's gonna make Trotsky look like a fucking isolationist.

It's from Times of Israel, so take it with a grain of salt

may happen sooner than expected, some of the macro data that's come out indicates a "hiccup" is already moving based on 10 year treasuries, Federal receipts as GDP%, and massive spikes in US interest payments as a result of rates increasing

Witnessing/being a part of a genuine left struggle is way more preferable than being in a country without any semblance of class-consciousness. It's also somewhat likely (so I hope) that I'll be in Liverpool, which is awash with comrades.

But are you prepared to join a militia and defend the factories from Tory paramilitary bombs? From NATO drones?

Who fuckin knows what a revolution in Britain would even look like. In any case, it's definitely better than staying in a country where the working class will eat one another alive for their porky patriarch. The only result of the upcoming crash in the US is just an further slide into bland authoritarian technocracy. Groucho-Totalitarianism that masks its own totalitarianism in the name of "getting politics out of your life" or what have you.

Oh, well let me enlighten you.
First you would have a number of disparate left wing groups fighting each other.
With the largest ones not even taking part in the 'revolution' proper as they are too busy focusing on id-pol related issues.

The small groups of leftists left that actually do work together will find themselves not only a tiny minority.
But a disorganised (because ranks are bourgeois, right?) and under equipped rabble with very little in the way of plans beyond 'smash stuff'.
Even if we are to be charitable and assume that the regional police forces would not quite quickly crush them (they would), then the army or royal marines would be called in to do the job.
If you want to enter the realm of silly fantasy and assume the the British military would not be up to the job (they would be), then France and Germany would be invited by the British government to commit their large militaries to crushing the revolutionaries.

The simple fact of the matter, friend.
Is that it is not 1917.
The idea of some grand proletarian uprising is a fantasy, just as outdated and fantastical as the reactionary idea of the dispossessed aristocrats rising up and returning society to a pre-industrial, feudal society.
There will be no British revolution and the sooner you reds accept that and start looking towards other avenues of taking state power, the better off you will be.
Because at the moment you are little more then a contemporary Don Quixote.

I'm unsure why everyone keeps wanting to align Corbyn with Lenin instead of Allende. A peaceful revolution is possible in Britain.

If by 'peaceful revolution' you mean voting in a particularly moderate soc-dem for a term or two, sure.

But the problem is that does not change anything tangible.
A shitty political apparatus is still shitty even when wearing red and capitalism is still shit even when it has the warm smile of a welfare state crudely scrawled across it.

Do you seriously believe believe that? Cus that's fuckin ridiculous, get over your ridiculous bollocks, leftists aren't as obsessed with idpol as your pretending they are

Given that I have first hand experience with it, yes.
I used to be a leftist and no matter what rally or event I attended, all of the largest left wing groups were devout followers of identity politics (or what would evolve into modern SJW id-pol).
While I certainly do not believe that even a thin majority of left wing groups totally support id-pol, the largest ones that contain the vast majority of the politically active radical left certainly do.
Even ignoring how utterly racist left wing id-pol is, it simply is not conductive to organising or participation in a revolution of any sort.

That however is all beside the point.
As even if you were to include the numbers of even the largest radical left wing organisations.
You are still left with a relatively small force in terms of effective power that could be handled be regional police, let alone the British military.

Next crisis probably be like 1929.

You happen to have a source on that webm, friendo?


Excellent, all according to keikaku


this has been happening since 2002 and it doesn't matter, the rich get richer on sending our boys around the world to die. war hawk culture makes it "honorable" to get gutshot & die slowly for lockheed martin and coca cola.

Not really. America's strategy today is based around minimizing American casualties in order to maintain political cohesion at home. They literally just pack their dudes in heavily fortified bases and only go out when they have massive support. Less than 10,000 American soldiers have died in the "war on terror." In an actual war that many soldiers can die in a single day.

They also cover up a lot of deaths as well, America has really fine tuned their control over their media relating to overseas wars since Vietnam

Bruv have you seen northerners on a friday night? They're ready to fight fucking anything.

The next economic crash might be the one that essentially ends American economic hegemony. Maybe not at first, maybe not right away, but If OPEC nations begin to rally around a petro-yuan America as we know it is very much over, and there's more and more chance of that happening as US ultra-capitalism continues to cannibalize the people and institutions that originally supported it.

And that's all before we even begin to factor in how fucked up and irreparable the damage done to our collective ecology is (and will continue to be). The world might be out of 'big-winners'; that is to say we may now be living in the era of 'success' being attributed to whomever can best stabilize their nation/region as global trade and traditional agriculture crumbles.

No it isn't, the thing is Corbyn has learnt from Allande and so has McDonnell: they are ready for a fight just one on their terms. It is far easier to defeat a counter revolution than to start a revolution.

Mate, if you haven't noticed: Corbyn has been making the SJWs auto-purge themselves, I mean looking at pic related and JK Rowling, they hate him while our movement grows ever stronger.


isn't this why we have a drone army now?
i don't get why burgers even think "it's ok to bomb these countries if none of _our_ people die lol"

Corbyn is kersenky you just don’t want to admit it yet.

Mass depopulation will happen this century. Illuminati/NWO is real, this was the plan all along.

fucking blarites I swear to God

I have the sinking feeling that Porky is figuring out a way to rig the game so much that the booms will only hit them, and the busts will hit everyone but them.

Stupid people don't know how to plan things. Their Mafia games worked for awhile but everyone sees through bullshit now.

The economy would have crashed by now but we produce too much, so it will never happen without some people on the inside joining us. They literally just print money backed by nothing at will, and since 99% of people are retarded golems they can do things like increase milk / gas prices.

Everyone has nukes. There is no ww3 coming. Their final card is trying to keep slave systems hurting people before they become too anti consumerism /self sustaining. There are science /tech breakthroughs which are being held back to maintain the snail world. Fuck, even I have fucking 999999 trillion ideas that would speed up society but I'm not helping anybody in this current system. Universities will go extinct because all information is online now. Also, why the fuck do people want to prevent somebody from learning how to cure their diseases? How is 500000 extra people becoming nurses for free not helping stupid Boomer parasites?

The Google/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft/Tesla agenda is keeping ahead of the psycho Boomer Republicans, and their goal is to do some UBI type shit since robotics will role out soon. They are a slightly more sane form of sociopath, but instead of including everyone in the process they have become corrupted megalomaniacs who think they are gods. They are aware of all these issues , but their solution is 1984. Instead of killing their egos, they are shooting for a system where they are always 10 steps ahead of us in their "equal utopia". Doesn't help that most of these people are kikes either so their delusions of grandeur are even worse. If you decide "wow, I don't like how the world is and want to be in the front lines solving this", you are their enemy. According to them, they always have to be in front. They will literally kill you before they let you have some input. Look at zuckerberg Tesla and bezos psyco lizard stares. The best thing that could happen is they all get killed, then everyone just builds utopia. Anyone with a billion dollars is not on your side. I felt guilty one year I made 50k on investments while my friends were line Cooks and would always share my shit with them. If you think you deserve a billion dollars because you are smarter than the majority of people you are evil and need killed.

Oh yeah forgot about the Google faggots Larry page Sergey brin. They've openly declared that they want to be immortal. While people rot in hell, they deliberately delay the initiation of operation repair earth so they can make sure their finger nails never break.

The alt right was a great movement at first, not because white people aren't retarded, but because there was a huge organized effort to destroy Jewish supremecy. Too bad nobody read the divide and conquer playbook, because all it would have taken is a temporary alliance between left and right and all these problems would have been solved. Trump had some legitimacy it seemed like he was about to breeak up the us Mafia, but his cavemen followers didn't get the signal when CIA/MOSSAD threatened his family and shit. They probly skinned Alive one of his friends to show him "they mean business"

One this is certain though, I win. I put in all the work needed to make sure humanity is saved and it's just a matter of time now. Just hoping it goes faster so I can buy weed mushrooms and lsd in a store before I'm 99