Is there any diference between normal muslims and conservative christians?

Is there any diference between normal muslims and conservative christians?

I mean, both hate gays, are conservative, believes in god, believes God made women to stay in the kitchen, hates sin, hates whores, hates alcohol, etc.

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Don't Christians consume alcohol as a religious rite?

They're pretty similar desu; islamists look like the religious right on steroids and even "mainstream" Muslim countries are pretty culturally conservative/authoritarian.

We tried to fix that, and are trying still in places where we have any power, but the CIA armed jihadis to stop us and we're losing everywhere these days except Hasakah and Kobane.

There's little difference between conservative muslims and conservative christians, no.

Is that supposed to be a surprise? That's what we've been saying all along.

beyond memes, is there anything wrong with punishing fun?

I'm not a muslims nor westerner, but a spic in spicland and I'm a conservative.
I don't hate gays but I also think their garbage should not be promoted, and I don't care if they get killed for being gay.
Should I celebrate islamic conquest of degenerates in western shitholes?

I dunno what to think, maybe we should celebrate islamic conservative ideas if I am a fucking spic conservative.

Yes. We're trying to free all human beings, not to make them conform to your (or anyone else's) arbitrary ruleset.

No, fuck off with your slipery slope faggot.

literally the thing that causes the collapse of a civilization.

So you don't want people to conform to socialism? Would you tolerate counter-revolutionaries because you don't want to infringe the NAP or some stupid shit like that?

Take off that flag and put one of the anarkiddie ones.

Yes you dolt. Fun is fun. Once we start punishing 'untraditional' activities where does it stop. So they'll kill all the gays and leave your NTR hentai alone right? Please.

Income inequality and hierarchy destroys social cohesion, it doesn't bother me me what people do in the bedroom so long as they stand together on the production line.

Post proofs, you undialectical faggot.

Really, user?

women being whores destroy social cohesion, literally read about cycles of civilization.


Goddamn, if God is real, his ass mine.

Go home Holla Forums, you are drunk.

Watching Stefan and co ramble on and sharing this image is not the same as reading, if this shit was even true then conservatism would be self-defeating, why try to preserve civilisation when it will inevitably fall? If this is real, you're just one more weak little civilised man.

The only acceptable version of that meme.

It has to do with hard times creating wealth, wealth creating materialism, which creates hedonism which causes a bunch of problems and the only solution is to return to more conservative ideals.

Muslims hate dogs.

wow, so this is the power of the left.

Also I'm not even going to read that wordpress entry (lol), because women had more rights under the early Roman Republic than the late Roman Empire when it collapsed.

I understand the concept, I mean it has to be simple enough for fashies to understand, but it makes no sense. hedonism per se is nothing to be concerned about, it's just that it's often a side effect of a dissolving society, not the cause. Civilisation needs a common goal, a unifying force, and you idiots want it to be war and tradition just like in every other civilisation that has collapsed in history. Why can't we fight for liberty and not slavery? Why can't we build a better future for everyone rather than new weapons? Every man and woman on Earth working together to improve the lot of all humankind. Isn't that worth anything to you?

I don't get why people have a problem with Muslims reforming their religion.

Really, why do rational skeptics even care?

that line of thinking now gives us pedos who rape girls and claim they're trans age.

Have fun without your state-mandated qt bf then

Now you're literally just making up strawmen to terrify yourself.

How exactly are transgender people going to destroy society, you clown? Don't you think the huge chasm between rich and poor, our destruction of the environment and waste of resources, and failing political systems are more likely to do that?

I know it's probably pointless to try to convince you but at least think about it.

I'm not talking about the economic system, retard.

holy fucking shit
Please tell me you are only pretending to be this retarded.

The economic and political system are the whole basis of the social system, you fucking clown.

Wait, I don't get it. If ethnic nationalism is okay for the Japanese, why is it bad for whites?


no, they are both πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§porkyπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Imagine being this oblivious

Stop being such a revisionistfag and read Kollontai you stupid moron