Killing One Million Workers: Triumph of Capital

The Opiod Crisis in America - Killing One Million Workers: Triumph of Capital (Creating a Domestic Shithole)

Based Nazbol– James Petras, Norman Finkelstein's professor, takes pro-drug leftists and Sionistas to school. Death to the murderers of American workers!


The executioners and their accomplices have become rich, elite college-educated patrons of the most sophisticated arts and sciences. They receive the best health care services in the world; rely on docile but highly educated servants, nannies and cooks – many of whom are immigrant. Most of all, they enjoy immunity from public censor and prosecution.

But you see, this is unrelated to capitalism. When someone stubs their toe in the soviet union, it's socialism's fault. When people die en masse by opioid epidemics under capitalism it's just human nature. Hell, it's probably socialism's fault too cause drugs are socialism.

This is only going to get worse. America (especially after losing the war it will start) will degenerate into a combination of elysium and Judge Dredd where the only real prosperity to be found is in the large, highly policed cities on the coasts. My advice to Amerifats is to get out while you can.

You are now aware that the message on Georgia Guidestones is real.

The goal is to reduce the world population to a small portion of wealthy parasites who will be supported by machines and robots. The working class will gradually be replaced and left to die, if not outright killed.

The final stage of capitalism is about to begin.

That's not how capitalism works.

You're right, even in the whole "rich kill us all off" scenario they would be instituting de facto communism for themselves or resetting the system from a much smaller proletariat. Obviously, the latter scenario is not ideal in comparison to the status quo with its huge army of reserve labor.

However, I think that from the perspective of the American bourgeoisie losing a few million workers doesn't mean so much when there are tons of workers and unemployed available. Only now that the labor market is alleged to be "tight" (from the perspective of employers) are they taking notice of it but I don't expect anyone will be punished for the crimes they've committed. The bourgeoisie won't do that unless they're really scared.

Running won't help.

how could society ever become this terrible?

Alienating people from production so that only the people capable of doing this kind of thing ever have to know about it.

Also, if you think harvesting dead bodies for parts is bad, American hospitals sell foreskins cut off living babies for a number of things including cosmetics.

Oh tell me retarded socialist how you would have stopped a drug epidemic with your special state powers.

If I ban drugs and I'm a communist regime that automatically guarantees no one can trade stuff for the drugs they want. God forbid someone should steal some grain or wood and trade it for drugs. Off to the gulags with you.

google mao

You mean there wasn't enough grain to steal?

This really isn't capitalism's fault. Some individuals have made the choice to do opioids. Did "capitalism" put a gun to their head and make them do it?
No North Korean meth production is a different story. That shit is Marx's fault.

Wow we just need a murderous revolution that pits the poor against the rich. Great plan.

All revolutions are murderous. Also there is nothing wrong with pitting the poor against the rich.

This is gonna sound crazy, but what if we DIDN'T have for-profit pharmaceutical companies that produce legalized heroin and bribe doctors and hospitals to use it at every opportunity?

I'm not trying to say you won't get your class war eventually but the poor have already been paid off for the most part. The question is how bad things have to get for the poor to risk their lives to overthrow the rich. The fact of the matter is the more noise the poor make the more pay they get.

Why would you bother attacking people who have enough wealth to pay you off for the longest of times?

It's more likely class struggles will result in UBI than revolution.

Wrong. UBI can’t work on the world scale and it won’t even work medium-term in developed countries.

Capitalism gave them chronic pain from being overworked and capitalism gave them a drug peddling doctor that was payed to hook them on dope and capitalism gave them a nihilistic world view where life has no meaning beyond getting the next high. Coercion existed at every step of their "voluntary" decision to die from a drug overdose, but sure, no one had a gun put to their head.

Look up Rat Park. Yes, before you ask, we can observe this with humans as well.

I've done the math actually. You can make it work. The only problem is that developed countries have to do it within a short time of each other or the heavily taxed rich will flee.

UBI becomes feasible especially if there is very much automated work. If you really want a utopia you have to start there and automate everything so very few people have to work.

Capital needs labor to valorize itself fam. Even if a rapid automation raising productivity beyond what has been seen in recent decades and btw productivity has been low would only accelerate the falling rate of profit.


Imagine being this oblivious

Gross. Seems like an opt-out system and a sudden disaster would be a good way for certain companies to make a lot of money.

Well this thread is still up. You could still do it. The real dollars would shrink though. You could afford to pay the people less because goods are so cheap. It's like saying because things are going to be so cheap that's why it will be too expensive.