What's the point of arguing online about socialism when the CPC controls one of the most powerful governments in the...

what's the point of arguing online about socialism when the CPC controls one of the most powerful governments in the world?
if Xi Jinping stays in power, pretty much everything the PRC does from this point forward will be towards establishing socialism. he's more powerful than any right-winger on the planet currently. we pretty much already won the 21st century

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Is she a communist?

China is only good because it is helping to dismantle the American empire. As soon as the American world order is destroyed I have no doubt that they will go full porky. Please don't ban me.


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when has someone ever been banned for thinking the CPC is revisionist

I'm sure that will come as an immense relief to all the wage slaves working at Foxxconn, and the children being irreversibly damaged by the apocalypse-tier pollution being generated in the pursuit of "socialism".

We should pay close attention to the CPC because they are powerful enough to enact socialism if they wanted to and there are many genuine Marxists in the country and in the party. The PRC is the only superpower in the world where the probability of Marxists seizing meaningful state power is higher than 0. However, don't be fooled into thinking that percentage is significantly higher than 0. We must not forget that this is a country with a big welcome sign to every major multinational corporation who wants to come and use some cheap sweatshop labour, so there is little reason believe that those Marxists are the ones calling the shots in the party or that Xi is planning to pull the plug anytime soon on the west and establish himself as the next Mao.

The CPC is already run by Marxists, they are revisionists/cappie roaders at worst.

A now gone anchored thread had someone call the CPC gay and so was Xi

How else is the money supposed to reach the ancestors?

In the minds of self-deluded left-anticommunists


that country would collapse the moment it stops proving sweatshops to giant corporations
socialism is dead in that country

I believe China has potential for socialism but not in the way you Dengist scum think it does. There'll be a second revolution.

flawless logic, that one

Xi Jinping is no Socialist. He is a Chinese Imperialist of the old 19th style.

Confucianism with modern characteristics, if you would.

can you explain how?

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He is nationalistic, xenophobic, bureaucratic, reactionary (always looks to the past and restoration) and built upon a semi-feudal system of government. It is no mistake that Xi Jinping is a member of the so-called Princeling faction, those who form the red aristocracy of descendants of China's revolutionary leadership. It is a lot like any other dynasty in Chinese history, except without a hereditary Emperor, rather a hereditary oligarchy.

What does orientalist mean?

EBIN BTFO famrade
Another butthurt liberal

I would refute your claim, but I just can't handle all that [evidence]
if that's what you want to call democratic centralism, then sure.
it's not even remotely the same. Jinping still had to work for his position in the republic, he did not simply inherit his position as governor.

Why do we have Marcyites now? Its getting almost as annoying as the ultra-lefts were I said almost keep those fuckers on /leftpol/

He inherited his position from his father, who was a revolutionary under Mao, purged then rehabilitated by Deng.

Visit China and see for yourself. That is what I did.

No, it is feudalism, it is a system of familial alliance and aristocracy built upon cronyism and factionism.

Zhongxun was never a governor.
and you met Xi Jinping along the way? what else do you know about him from this experience? did he have good manners and hygiene?
you can't even define feudalism.
either way, just because there's a larger element of bureaucracy than the united states it doesn't make it a hereditary monarchy. you are blowing a small instance of nepotism out of proportion.

He was a senior party official.

I saw the China he is building. I do not need to meet the leaders of every country I visit to know what their agendas are. It can be seen from the society they are creating.

A system of privilege build upon networks of individual loyalty which is used to manage and control the economy, often based on hereditary rule. In China's case, that hereditary rule is the rule of the CCP, who's members are increasingly generational, and built around a core of the princelings.

Well, at least you could have counted on the leftcoms to have read Marx somewhat extensively and stay moderately consistent in their reasoning especially in their criticism of everything I'm admitting they read to an extent and had a 𝑓𝑒𝑤 good critiques, please don't ban me. For some reason, despite having self-critique as a core part of their theory, I find Maoists not only here but elsewhere failing to critique critical aspects of the current socialist governance.

Marxist-Leninist-Maoists don't believe China (or even Cuba or the DRPK for that matter) are socialist countries. The people on the online left (they're all over reddit, twitter and Holla Forums for some fucking reason) who defend modern China are almost all "regular" ML's (not the anti-revisionist, Hoxhaite, or Maoist kind). Brezhnev bro's like Ismail.

I find it really bizarre that there are a bunch of so called Leninists that defend modern China all of a sudden. This is a rather new phenomenon if I'm not totally mistaken.

I don't want to believe this, but holy fuck that's even more depressing then if they were Maoists Sadly, I know your telling the truth


you can laugh, but deep down you know it was true

it's not. feudalism is a mode of production. even though it was generally synonymous with monarchy, they don't mean the same thing.

sorry, I mean to add:
how can you personally know that Xi Jinping is "nationalistic, xenophobic, bureaucratic, reactionary" all from the society that surrounds him.
you can make the claim that the CPC is corrupt and is having a reactionary effect on China, but you can't possibly know the personal attributes of the President himself. in any country.

it's not true. you clearly haven't argued with enough leftcoms to know

You live in an echo chamber, there are barely any leftcomms on this board anymore, and if they are they need to keep a low profile. If you have engaged with a "leftcomm" it was most likely a butthurt tanky being a tumor on the left like pic related

I highly doubt it. leftcoms are notorious for convulsing whenever somebody mentions anything socialist that predates marx.
labor vouchers. co-ops. democracy. it's all reactionary thoughts that receives constant vitriol in every single thread.
I may not be an oldfag, but I've been here since 2015. I have seen far too many Wolff and Proudhon threads to accept it as just "tanky falseflagging". After a certain point, a series of anecdotes becomes a statistical sample.

Maybe that's because the Left of Communism is a diverse place, that doesn't always hold consensus.
Leftcomm all piss on utopians and the such, but you will never find a Dauvefag who will sit with a Pannokeker, ya dig?
And to deny that tanky falsefaggotry has not become an issue in our ranks is blatantly inconsistent with recent developments around here.

this board fucking sucks man

best post

Here's something I copied from a leftcom response way, way back. I found it a somewhat decent explanation, though be warned it contains the general leftcom rhetoric on commodity production so if your not into reading that this will probably sound like garbage (note, this is a response to a Holla Forumsyp):

Man has nothing that is inherently good or bad. What man has is a species-being, which in its case the ability to engage in creative activity, known as labor. This species-being only tells us something about a trait that is very special and that we have, at least until now, never found any species with the same species-being, or at least not as developed as ours. As Marx put it in his first big manuscript:
It tells us nothing about whether or not this may be qualified as good or bad at all.
When Marxists speak of "alienated" labour they speak not of some bad feefees you get in your tumtum under class society, but when labour is machinically made to be directed towards producing value. The objects of his labour are commodified; he may not access what he produces and do with what he's made as he likes. His labour becomes alienated from him. For 192,000 years of human society, this phenomenon was non-existent, because there was no structure of (private) property. Today, private property and consequently the production of commodities and thus alienated labour have been generalized. Communism at its most vulgar means an end to these things as well as the State that binds it all together.
No, man is perfectly capable of being good or evil on his own. He is, after all, a sensuous creature that has autonomy within the confines of external forces; his species-being is reflected in the fact he just as much creatively deals with these forces as he does in any other activity.
You're gonna find it hard to find a place in the world that isn't engaging in generalized commodity production, bub.

Good post

Wait, leftcoms are being actively banned now? When did that start? I know the over a dozen US military bases in Syriafags got purged for supporting US military aid to the kurds, but what did leftcoms do to merit being purged?

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First thread is just badly-worded regurgitation of Lenin>>2372081

When that happens Holla Forums will call the chinese revolution reactionary and celebrates CPC using the tanks just like in Hungary. You're all fucking charlatans and you should be ashamed.

Literally nothing wrong with that.

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That is nice definition of revisionism you got there.

I didn't use the word "revisionist" in either of my two posts you absolute rube. Fuck yourself, fuck the CPC, fuck Foxconn, up with the Chinese worker and his compatriots around the world. Kill yourself.

Is anyone concerned that the BO is putting stamps of approval in every other thread now? As if controversial topics need xir permission

But there is, indeed, a chance that protests and strikes would have a foreign hand behind them, probably american. The rule of thumb is simple: is there a left-wing, anti-capitalist organization behind and in control of the majority of a given uprising? If so, support it. If not, be skeptical.

Oh wow, they have the intention of making lives better? This is enough, let's ignore all the intense geopolitical circumstances and just give them power.

Iranian, Ukrainian, Venezuelan and Syrian protesters had the intention of making people's lives better too, wasn't it great!

Movements themselves become naturally Machiavellian once in power like how you want them too, you shithead. Your imagination is just as trapped by capitalist realism as any reactionary.

You sound like a useful idiot to me, had there been a single movement that hasn't claimed such intention?

So what is even the point of a government under global military and economic pressure deliberately welcoming the possibly fatal turmoil of a sudden change in government you fucking retard

I tend to believe left wing, anticapitalist movements are more honest about their intentions than their liberal or right wing counterparts, yes, does that make me a useful idiot? Maybe, but only because the right wing and liberals literally cannot, by the design of their ideology, make anything better.

We're dandelions in the wind you fucking idiot, the world will change no matter what, so you might as well allow ineffectual posturing.

What a horrible fucking reply lmao. His points that they all claim to and want to improve people's lives remain, just because you think some are able to or some aren't doesn't change anything since your support was their intention.

You are immensely fucking stupid.

Why do posts need BO approval now?

Because xe is a tyrannical power drunk tranny, like all socialist trannies online

Their intention is changing the conditions on the ground, they don't need my support to do that you fucking idiot, convincing me, the isolated individual student is absolutely pointless, I'm one guy on an imageboard.

You use a lot of sophistry and you're shit at it. Go choke on a dick.


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Google "china labour unrest" and you'll find plenty of stuff, dengist cuck.

I didn't know you guys referred to yourselves as cuck, always thought it was a pejorative used exclusively by outsiders.




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According to the most recent annual report from China's National Bureau of Statistics, more than 2.7 million migrant workers — around 1% of the total — weren't paid on time last year, the highest number in five years.

Actually Existing Socialism (™)

Oh shut up, USSR was never as revisionist as Deng.


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