Illegal documentary on the DPRK, watch it before it gets zucked

I honestly can't tell if this is real or not. I mean, all the footage is there, in plain sight, but the guy sounds like an actor. Could I be wrong?

He goes over many things, namely how controlled the tours are, why most of the tourist videos you see on the DPRK are fake/propaganda (tours are done through private companies who sue anyone who releases anything negative about what they saw on tour), how North Koreans fake things for show, and more.

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Are you serious?

The company who took him on tour will flag it down.

He's a well-known youtuber with 470k subscribers…


I want to kill this motherfucker too.

15 minutes in gets to the good stuff.


Spicey. Link?

dprk is just trying to protect themselves from destructive american imperialist influence.

So why are they letting in tourists? Tourism is covert imperialism. Men and women from rich imperialist nations come to ooh and awe at impoverished, pillaged people. Any self-respecting socialist should never indulge in tourism, especially is he's coming from a state that lives at expense of the rest of the world. Socialist states should ban tourism too.

Are you implying that it's better to take all information you have on living standards of people living in foreign country from TV?

please use hooktube, retards.

I can't tell if this guy is serious or not because he exaggerates his experiences and the treatment he received. That part at the beginning about moving to Iceland to hide from North Korea, and especially his dramatic narration of it, seems like something an actor would do for a sarcastic effect. He then goes on to talk about all the nasty things people said to him, although it was nothing worth getting so upset over as he had acted. This seems like one of those "Undercover in North Korea" things that'll actually get promoted by the mainstream media and get simultaneously labelled as "rebellious", just like reading those "banned books" you see on posters even though reading them is encouraged and only a few people long ago actually were opposed to them.

Arguably that's different from tourism. It falls within the category of "travel" but the purpose is not to check out landscapes and meet people in a consumerist manner, but as you say, to actually pick up accurate information on how the locals live.


I highly doubt they're leftists. They're probably just white folk who signed up because they thought visiting the DPRK was kewl.

So is Roo going to respond to this or not?

t. le american bear


LOL what an autist. He doesn't seem to understand that the reason the other tourists are getting pissed off with him is that he's ruining their holiday with his go-pro youtuber bullshit. Who wants to be filmed all the fucking time?

Is this a Neil Breen movie?

That, and also the fact that they don't want to be caught doing anything potentially illegal.

he got bullied by the other tourists lol


Whattafeck. This guy is hiding from NK in the Icelandic wilderness? I work in the tourism industry in Iceland and tourists die all the time from doing stupid shit like that. Hope he gets his leg stuck in a crevice and starves lol

How do you devote a whole ten minutes of your DPRK documentary to how you were bullied by the other tourists?

Pretty sure his "hiding" is a joke. He wouldn't be announcing where he was if he was in any true danger.


So it's like what the teens these days consider satire or whatever? I have heard some pretty fucking stupid shit from right-wingers so it wouldn't surprise me if he legitimately believed that the DPRK super poison wouldn't be able to get him if he drank Icelandic volcano water

yeah, 90% of communists were imperialists


these 90 % of "communists" are 100 % liberal imperialism apologists

Especially mr. Stale-in