Long-time Holla Forums youtube channel responds to /leftpol/ criticism

See "pinned" comment and its reply from the channel:
>In my opinion the whole "Rojava a shit" thing got blown out of proportions from its very beginnings: if you looked at the process from a communist perspective (see the article "Rojava: reality and rhetoric" on libcom, [ffs]), you could see that it was a really limited, rather nationalistic/revolutionary bourg. political project from the very beginning – one that was far, far, more "progressive," for sure, than their surrounding countries world view, but does this permit a communist (or in general, a radical) to support it without the responsibility of criticism? I think not.

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is of good postings gomrade :–D

Please stop adding to the drama

I honestly don't think that this "adds to the drama." I think that the drama objectively exists. The "drama" is ridiculous. The so called split is not, first, a split in boards, but a split of analysis and perspective. Therefore any criticism that highlights this fact is constructive.


not bad
your assesment of over a dozen US military bases in Syria was something i read also a year ago before the liberals couldnt help but keep digging a hole for themself with their uncritical support of it
even now they go to ridiculous lengths just to damage control whenever the other US partner turkey starts fucking with their little pipedream, when they jump from justifying US support as "lend lease" by simply claiming it to be the same thing (which it clearly fucking isn't) to flat out denying it and pretending that they're great allies of Assad, just after slandering him as a fascist.
they have completely lost their mind.
i don't see a flawed analysis as the cause though. this shit is deliberate.
i suspect a group of anti-german dedicated trolls shitting up Holla Forums.
seen them post on occasion openly about their mutation of literally nazi ideology ("bomber harris do it again", "churchill was an antifascist"), usually they just stick to shilling for over a dozen US military bases in Syria and trying to keep up a cover.

the fightings between "anti-germans" and "antiimps" as they call anti-imperialists very much reflects that pathetic display of the shit leftpol scum is spreading
this was purposefully injected on this board to disturb it

you'll also see the same muster for their slander against opposition towards them as seen from antigermans in regard to israel

anyone attacking israel for imperialist crimes gets slandered an antisemitic. rejection of over a dozen US military bases in Syria will get distorted to calling for genocide against opposition to Assad.
criticism against imperialism in general is ridiculed with similar slander.
opposition towards israel is displayed as fascist. the term communist for supporting the communist party of syria was repeatedly used already.

this shit is no coincidence. they're just repeating their old "tricks".

*the term "r3d f4scist"…

There do appear to be some unironic antigermans on there. You might be on to something here.

It's true. The Zionism thread there was full of Zionist where Israel was praised as the most progressive force in the Middle East and how criticism of it is basically Nazism. They also use the same "mudslime" rethoric Holla Forums uses. I don't know how much in the 19th century you have to live to think ethno-nationalist settler-colonialism is a progressive force in 2018.

1:1 same shit going on here

Adding up to that, I remember in the beginning of /leftpol/ there was a threat where the consensus was that people who are critical of Israel ("progressive force") and defend the DPRK ("failed state") are actually Holla Forums or alphabet soup. I really don't want these guys as my comrades, I dealt with these guys in real life before, you can never talk openly about things with them because they call you a fascist or "Querfront" (a term anti-Germans use to describe leftists critical or US imperialism).

querfront = "turd positionism" = nazbol
did they push this meme in preperation for their attack?
i didn't check out leftpol so far, only its crybabies posting here gave it away
if i had seen them post about israel this openly i would've dropped any doubt right then
this is a clear cut case
anti-german infiltration confirmed

Is this a fucking joke? What the fuck is happening on /leftpol/?

anti germans:
obfuscating the class character of fascism
"all good from above"
celebrating the western allied bomb terror against the civilian population in Dresden
not opposing "victim cult" by nazis, no
celebrating the deliberate terror against civilians with fire bombs

they're very much a western german product of US occupation and propaganda
americans inisted on a racist "collective guilt" on one hand while whitewashing the capitalists and covering for them as opposed to the soviet class justice against the real nazi elite
remember the US propaganda about the DPRKs "purest race" ideology they made up to slander their antiimperialist struggle that's going on here? how they view roj*va as the "most progressive"/"real socialism"?

that reminds me
that meme of "support hitler in his anti-imperialist struggle against western imperialism" as a mockery against assad (who then again also is a "good ally" and they're just working so fantastically together with roj*va*…)

that's very much based on identifying the people with the leader to justify acts of imperialist terror against the population, and that's just besides the simple hitler-comparison

the more i look at it the clearer it gets and i'm left wondering how it took me so long to see this familiar pattern

k this is just you going full retard. All enemies of the Nazi party by this point are already in concentration camps. Any German still living happily is de facto an enemy. Stop with your revisionist nonsense. Holy fucking shit this is the first time I had to call out a ☭TANKIE☭ defending nazi germany.

yes, that's the spirit of socialism

The foreign Press sometimes carries such twaddle as that the Red Army pursues the aim of exterminating the German people and destroying the German state. This, of course, is a stupid lie, and a senseless slander against the Red Army. The Red Army has not and cannot have such idiotic aims. The Red Army’s aim is to drive the German occupants from our country and liberate Soviet soil from the German-fascist invaders. It is very likely that the war for the liberation of Soviet soil will lead to the exile or destruction of Hitler’s clique. We would welcome such an outcome. But it would be ludicrous to identify Hitler’s clique with the German people, with the German state. The experience of history indicates that Hitlers come and go, but the German people and the German state remain.

The strength of the Red Army lies, finally, in the fact that it does not and cannot feel racial hatred for other peoples, including the German people; that it has been trained in the spirit of equality of all peoples and races, in the spirit of respect for the rights of other peoples. The Germans’ racial theory and the practice of racial hatred have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become enemies of fascist Germany. The theory of race equality in the U.S.S.R. and practice of respect for the rights of other peoples have caused all freedom-loving peoples to become the friends of the Soviet Union.

Herein lies the strength of the Red Army.

And herein lies the weakness of the German-fascist army.

The foreign Press sometimes carries such twaddle as that the Soviet people hate the Germans just as Germans, that the Red Army exterminates German soldiers just as Germans out of hatred for everything German and that therefore the Red Army does not take German soldiers prisoner. That, of course is a similar stupid lie and senseless slander against the Red Army. The Red Army is devoid of all sentiments of racial hatred. It is devoid of such degrading sentiments because it has been trained in the spirit of racial equality and respect for the rights of other peoples. It should not be forgotten either that in our country any manifestation of racial hatred is punished by law.

Of course, the Red Army has to destroy the German-fascist occupationists inasmuch as they wish to enslave our Motherland; or when, on being surrounded by our troops, they refuse to lay down their arms and surrender. The Red Army annihilates them, not because of their German origin, but because they want to enslave our Motherland. The Red Army, like the army of any other people, has the right and is duty-bound to annihilate the enslavers of its Motherland, irrespective of their national origin. Not long ago the German garrisons in the towns of Kalinin, Klin, Sukhinichi, Andreapol and Toropets were surrounded by our troops, who offered them surrender and, in this case, promised to spare their lives. The German garrisons refused to lay down their arms and surrender. It is obvious that they had to be driven out by force and that not a few Germans were killed. War is war. The Red Army takes German soldiers and officers prisoner if they surrender, and spares their lives. The Red Army annihilates German soldiers and officers if they refuse to lay down their arms, and, arms in hand, attempt to enslave our Motherland. Remember the words of the great Russian writer, Maxim Gorky: “If the enemy does not surrender he must be annihilated.”

hitlers come and go, but the german people remain
"firebomb them all to death becaus they're not in the camps dying already"

hmm… who is right, Stalin or some antigerman terror apologetic scum?
well i guess i don't want to be a ☭TANKIE☭ defending nazi germany, so better promote massacres against civilians

Maybe he's a Holla Forumsyp

i mean how could i honestly be in line with the Soviet Unions approach, when clearly the racist regimes in the United States and Britain, with race segregation and colonialism, were the ones actually progressing towards real socialism?

i mean, really, indians truly are disgusting creatures that brought the famine upon themself and niggers shouldn't mingle in white spaces
so better roast those fucking germans that all are just nazis!

except their military officers
Churchill, a true communist, got pretty triggered when Stalin jokingly suggested to kill them off
what is the life of a german nazi officer in the military compared to some civilian totally nazi scum living in the city? he better be in a fucking concentration camp and just die if he doesn't want to feel the rage of an impotent american teen getting off to apartheid regimes as the true progressive socialist movement


Are you fucking retarded? That's "the janitors are as guilty as the CEOs" type of nonsense. Besides, the allied bombing was retarded as fuck, it rallied the German population behind their leadership therefore prolonging the war. Plus liberal guilt-tripping of an entire population is a very good way of preventing a population from liking socialism - especially when you start race-baiting instead of being a materialist. Besides that, Churchill was a genocidal racist. Fuck him.

This is not a "defense" of Nazi Germany, such actions are surely to be expected as a response to what they did, but to go through a German village promoting the death of German civilians and Jewish supremacy is very likely to create Neonazis. These retards have already alienated so many people from the left, I hate them with a passion.

The "support Hitler against imperialism" is the shittiest meme the imperialist "left" has come up with. Nazi Germany was a hyper-imperialist power and not everybody you don't like is literally Hitler. It's toxic smearing, because it implies that everybody who holds slight anti-imperialist stances is supposedly a closet Nazi.

Here a few stickers of the Antideutsche, I see them in my city as well. Second one means "demolition work to be done in the German left", celebrating the downfall of the GDR and the removal of a Lenin statue. I've seen one that said "I put a settlememt in your Nazi mouth", celebrating the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians through Israeli settlement colonization.

These people are Neocons at this point


I don't disagree, I think that upholding over a dozen US military bases in Syria as socialism is retarded, but why are ☭TANKIE☭s allowed to not just uncritically support Assad but even praise him and his socio-economic policies? (Assad replaced Syria's social democracy with neoliberalism just like european countries did)

Christ alive, I didn't know it was this bad in Germany. Is there any hope left? Is Die Linke at least committed to antizionism?

and "turkroach" as well

literally never happened
there's absolutely no consistency in whether what you say gets you banned, even the mods agree on this.

jesus christ stache poster just keeps getting more retarded "Hurr durr,people online said mean things about assad but the YРG itself has declared neutrality regarding the SAA, they must be INSANE". What a fucking infantile retard, turns out Stache has absolutely no context for over a dozen US military bases in Syria outside of the arguments he's had on the internet.

Literally the first post ever on /leftpol/ promised the board would be a continuation of Holla Forums with as few changes as possible, even including keeping the same moderators. he must have literally imagined "more democracy" because it sounds more like what /leftpol/ promised was consistency.

Honestly this is the problem with the dogmatic “anti-imperialist” hardline leftists. You guys lack nuance, think you need to uncritically support one side and dislike the other instead of being agnostic to certainly conflicts.
Let’s be honest here, you guys decry over a dozen US military bases in Syria for not being socialist and Assad for what, being a neoliberal and getting aid from Russia (also not socialist) instead of the US? I just don’t understand the cognitive dissonance.
I get opposing US imperialism but why not Russian? Russia clearly has a geopolitical stake in the ME, likely pertaining to control of oil to Europe. Call a spade a spade here. Neither side is righteous, all all pawns to greater forces then themselves, who have their movements co-opted to serve greater masters. Our focus as leftists should be, if we are in the “belly of the beast” to subvert imperialism from within, including both US and Russia, not petty squabbles over which flavor of imperialism we prefer half a world away from our own personal struggles.


Stop browsing Holla Forums

It's a shame bomber Harris wasn't able to finish his job on this earth, we would be living in a better, kraut free world if he had.


Make me nerd

I dunno, I dunno. Hitler's party wasn't unique in screaming about jews. Can you remove the reaction from the people and make it stick without making it painful and inducing trauma?

I have a question, do you know if the USSR engaged in similar mass civilian bombings? Were such actions needed to win, or just genocidal?

How did it get this bad? If it makes you feel any better the anti-Japs of the 60s make anti-Germans look little babies

These are great points and seem to indicate that, at least in theory and rhetoric, the USSR and the Red Army were against mass-murder such as that which happened in Dresden. Still, I'd like it if there were some statistics actually showing the Red Army killed proportionally less civilians, because it'd be useful for BTFOing people.

To my knowledge, the Soviet Union never carried out mass civilian air bombings. This could be because their Air Force took a heavy hit during prior to Barbarossa and wasn't really ready until the end of the War, or it could be due to greater scruples of the Soviets. I could be wrong about this.

Stalin said that the atomic bombing of Japan was "super-barbarity"

Rather than falling into the trap of a "moralism-off" and either cheering or being outraged at Dresden, I'd rather go to the source itself, Giulio Douhet. A general that abhorred innocents suffering in war, which bizarrely made him come to the conclusion that targeting civilians may be justified, if it helps to end the war faster.

Yeah I think this is the usual rationalization, but it must be either objectively true or false according to Marxists. If the USSR did not follow his theory in WWII, then they must have assumed it was false on top of barbaric.

Both Germany and USSR were of the opinion that blitzing and capturing industry intact was better than reducing it to rubble.

However, USSR also had Pe-8, a quad engined heavy bomber, and the only one of its kind, and capable of reaching Berlin from Moscow.

This. I’ve seen plenty of R*java supporters admit that they are concerned about their relationship with the US, but I have yet to see a single ☭TANKIE☭ admit that Assad’s domestic policies are reactionary as fuck.

And nevertheless, we have the right and the duty to criticize the causes of the destruction of Dresden.
The right is guaranteed us by the lifeline of our republic, drawn over two decades, which was a hangman's noose for the Nazi spirit of Potsdam. We have driven it out and buried it… We have earned the right to name the guilty…
Only an unbiased, Marxist historian was capable of working out its quintessence:
The 35,000 inhabitants of the city died, sacrificed by Fascism, as victims of anti-communism. They died because there was the Morganthau Plan… They died because the advance of the Red Army was supposed to be impeded - scorched earth, destroyed road and information networks never facilitated marching. They died in a bloody lightning flash of atomic policy and the Cold War, which made its debut with Operation Thunderclap.·

t. Bernt von Kügelgen, chief editor of Sonntag

Holla Forums / leftpol/ unification now!

Assad's domestic policies have for the most part been more reactionary than his father's, but the socialistic (but not fully socialist) policies of old have been accentuated during wartime and we'll just have to wait and see if they stay. Assad is not ideal, and I wouldn't even call him a socialist, but his government is vastly better than any current, realistic alternatives, and memes aside, he is a strong deterrent to Western imperialism.

my god

Rate my meme


Holla Forums is the 3rd International, /leftpol/ is the 2nd International


/leftpol/ is Anarco-American Bookchinism. Seriously 90% of the board users are Americans.

It was a joke on NATO. If I could I would’ve put Turkey as /leftypol /but I couldn’t.


Proofs? Because that makes their sarcasm about American imperialism both funny and very very not funny at the same time.



My hypothesis on the matter is /leftpol/ formed out a reasoned thing but it failed miserably since everyone doesn't want to jump ship onto another board unless they get banned for 6 months (and they don't want to pay for VPNs since Tor posting is disabled here) or the board is a dying.
Of course, the only people willing to jump ship is obviously newer people unless you were as mentioned before, banned for a stupidly long time. And the Ro.java issue in my opinion was just the dumb as shit thing that broke the camel's back from previous issues which were slowly pissing people off (but not enough that people would want to jump ship).

Some do, yeah.

Part of this inconsistency is due to BO not rigidly enforcing his views on moderation. The only firm directives I was given when I volunteered was to 1. remove trash 2. remove Holla Forumsyps.

Holla Forums has problems but the mods that threw in with /leftpol/ are being hysterical faggots imo


Also making a certain tripfag a mod really made posting here a chore for a while. Fun threads would get anchored almost immediately and you could get banned got completely arbitrary reasons.

Jesus these are the r*java die hards?

Slight adjustment.

Antigerman infestation confirmed.

i'm still mad i didn't recognize the antigerman ideology working in the pro-rojava infiltrators from the start. that's a really bad oversight. at least i can say i never had any sympathy for them and hated them just as much.

Literally untrue. Most of the people in that thread are meme supporters who fetichize militias without thinking critically and others who say they support Hezbollah when they fight against Israel, but ideologically, and why the fuck would any communist support a conservative religious movement anyway?

Excellent meems my friend :DDDDD
You still won't get banned for disagreeing with the BO unlike here

*but not ideologically

because Hezbollah is revolutionary.

So your BO doesn't ban fascists and reactionaries? Thanks, I know to avoid /leftpol/ now.

Hoochie wasn't a bad moderator. But then, I'm not a shitposting moron, so maybe I'm biased.

Exactly the level of discourse I expected.

How are they revolutionary? They are firmly in favor of the status quo in Lebanon as far as politics and representation are concerned and are in no position to fight and offensive war against Israel

Exactly the sort of vapid meme response I expect from a dipshit from /leftpol/.

I'm assuming your BO isn't a nazi, and if he's sincere about making /leftpol/ "just like how Holla Forums used to be" then let's assume that he's both a sincere leftist and is maintaining Holla Forums's position banning fascists or their sympathizers. If I'm a fascist and I come to your forum of faggotry to rant about niggers and kikes, and I get banned, then in what way am I not getting banned for disagreeing with your board owner?

You faggots aren't mad that BO is banning people for disagreeing with him, you're just mad that BO isn't banning people along whatever your personal biases are.

You are so fucking thick it is sad. Is not supporting Assad fascism?
Is saying the Iranian government is shit is fascism?
Does he give you e-cred to suck his dick or do you do it for free?

Thanks, your mom thinks so too.

Are you going to just sputter and smack at your keyboard or actually try and refute the point? You can't, because you're a child asshurt about getting banned.

And your point that getting banned for arguing for fascism is the same as getting banned for disagreeing with BO' s pet issues is pathetic. He's such a bastion of this community that he managed to more than halve the board population and make the quality go to hell

yeah, well, but what if you just killed yourself, brainlet


He won't actually. They'd rather ban xi jinping memers than actual shitposting nazis.

It’s ironic because the group leftpol supports is actually, literally fighting a NATO country right now while leftypol shrieks on Twitter.

Newfag detected. Fascists never got banned just for posting here, they got banned when they ranted incoherently and shat up the board. Coming here and being retarded was allowed as long as they actually tried to argue, and there were numerous threads that went on for 100+ where fascists argued here. Fuck do you not remember baboon poster?

This. Most people in that thread explicitly supported actual anti-Israel revolutionaries like the PLFP, and a lot of them support Hezbollah in their conflict with Israel but opposed their reactionary ideology. Leftypol can’t criticize leftpol without strawmanning all to hell and insisting that because they are critical of Hezbollah they must move Israel, or because they support R*java they aren’t also critical of their relationship to the US. Ironic that ☭TANKIE☭s will call for “critical support” of right wing dictatorships but will reject all actual criticism of them, while attacking others for critically supporting R*java.

It's pretty telling that you're too stupid or just incapable of arguing that you have to mischaracterize your opponents arguments as idiotic memes, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Brainlets like you keep saying this and you never, ever post any substantive proof. Comparative to the board population very few posters actually got banned, and I really don't think most people even noticed some assmad autists arguing over Syrian politics. Board population rose and fell regardless of BO's perceived "spergouts."

In fact the board population seems more influenced by seasonal patterns. A substantial portion of Holla Forums has always been students, and what do we see? Population rising in the spring, peaking in the summer, and then declining over fall and winter. The population Holla Forums is at now is almost exactly the same as this time last year. This is after the fuss caused by the autistic retards arguing over board migration.

Use your brain for like one single fucking second.

Wrong again, brainlet. Being a class cuck has always been bannable, and being a fascist is class cuckery par excellence. Asser posts? Banned. Nazbol posts? Banned. Fascist posts? Banned. They are allowed within the very narrow confines of certain discussion threads, but no, reactionaries didn't and don't have license to post here.

I don't agree with everything BO has done, but I think all you dumb fuckers complaining about them are just insufferable at this point. If you don't like the board or how it's run, fine, fuck off already. I think it's disingenuous that you retards will blame BO for the board's "decline" with only the barest of circumstantial evidence, and then fail to give them credit for Holla Forums growing in the first place based on that same circumstantial evidence.

I do think you are right that BO is responsible for board quality declining, but not in the way you dullards mean. If anything, BO is too lenient on you all. They tolerate your shitposting and give you a wide berth when it comes to inane board content. A board is only as good as its users, and its users are attracted to the content of the board. Most of you retards do nothing but fill Holla Forums with stupid bullshit. The substantial content that attracted people to Holla Forums in the first place is displaced with shitposting, in turn displacing the people that came here for discussing theory and history and organization.

And that's what's particularly frustrating to me. Holla Forums is the trash heap that posters like you have helped make it, and while BO has done a lot of shit wrong, the quality of the board doesn't lie exclusively on their shoulders because they've given you retards exactly what you wanted.

Lmao the BO didn’t do jack shit to make this board grow and become what it did. It was he community that did this, the BO’s presence has been entirely destructive. It’s not as if the BO’s bans have been based on content or quality, they have been based on ideology. Not simply opposition to blatant classcuckery, but based on extremely strict sectarianism over a specific issue. If their bans had been based on quality then all stacheposters would have been banned long ago, and still they are permitted to spew their shit because it’s ideologically in line with the BO. If effortposters are leaving it’s because they are being driven away by an environment that it’s not conducive to free and intelligent discussion, mainly because a long, well thought out post in favour of R*java is bannable but an incoherent mess about how KKKurds are throwing Arab babies out of incubators is allowed.

will angry cat ever be able to ""argue"" without resorting to hyperbole and make believe?

Is there anything in my post that was untrue? Because there was in yours. Before the imperialism debacle people were not banned for ideological reasons, and if you honestly think that there weren’t threads made by fash and lolberts going on for hundreds of posts then you are either a newfag or have extremely selective memory. Bans were handed out for arguing in bad faith or just plain shitposting, not for reactionaries coming here to actually argue or learn more about leftism.

She was randomly banning people for disagreeing with her. She was bad.

I think you are the newfag, or have cognitive dissonance. Before the BO drama Holla Forums mods were mostly Leftcoms or anarchists, and people got sometimes banned for Marxist-Leninist talking points, including me. There was absolutely no outrage from the anarchist side about this, so I go ahead and call you guys a bunch of hypocrits. Reminds me of the days of Revleft, the mod team was entirely composed of Trots and banned Marxist-Leninists all the time, but once a single. Leftcom/anarchist got banned, my gosh, the humanity! Drama! ☭TANKIE☭ conspiracy!

Depends on if those ML talking points shifted into borderline Nazbol screeching about how fags deserved gulags.

I’d also add that the scale of bans now is clearly far greater than anything that came before. Bans now don’t even have a specified reason half the time and happen regardless of whether or not any rules were broken.

Why are you saying this? Socially.conservative stances are not dependent on whether or not you are a ML or an anarchist. I've seen plenty of anarchists saying things like that. Isn't there a brocialist and a manarchist flag on /leftpol/? I hate this stupid strawman, everytime you want to smear ☭TANKIE☭s we are either mentally ill Twitter trannies or NazBols. Whatever is convenient at the time I guess.

Interestingly enough, some Antideutschen have since come full circle by adopting pro-war and anti-immigrant rhetoric on the grounds that Islam is a heir to Nazism.
I mean, look at fucking pic related, the front page of what is arguably the most popular Antideutsch publication. It's basically indistinguishable from a low-effort caricature you'd find on a crass alt-right Facebook meme page.

Far enough, but my point about the scale and context of the bans still stands, you have to admit that something is wrong when people are being banned without a stated reason because they didn’t break any rules and are just being banned on a whim.

Did your post imply anything but that I was mad and didn't engage your felating excuse of an """argument""" for BO?
Wrong. And it wasn't just with people discussing Syria

There weren't tons of threads with hundreds of replies discussing his spergouts, volunteers and content creators didn't leave us with some actively shilling for /leftpol/?

See pics

I think Antideutsche have truly lost their mind. I'm serious, they are pathologically ill. I've read a publication of them how complaining about austerity is structural antisemitism a couple of months ago.

you disgusting, anti-german piece of shit. you are no comrade to me, you don't belong here. you belong to Holla Forums.

my grandma and my grand-grandfather, who was oldschool- socdem, escaped together the inferno with a lot of luck and saw the burning city from a couple kilometers away. tens of thousands of injured refugees from silesia and citizens of dresden including children did not have such luck, they burned to ashes.

is right, you neoliberal fucks are here and you try to subvert the board with your disgusting ideology, just like you subverted the whole political left in the western regions of germany during cold war.

I'm not the previous user you were replying, the post I cited includes a particularly gross hyperbole combined with anecdotal bullshit, and this post includes even more hyperbole.

oh yeah, totes legit

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Nice one OP>>2377475

Nice try ##Board Volunteer

People doxxing?

holy fuck
Holla Forums BO is a turk

Yeah, It's fun, a skill I picked up in Holla Forums and honed over the years

The fact you have to even ask that when they have succeeded in two revolutions against Israeli occupation is proof you're a retard.

Kek, ironically, Anti-Germans are in and of themselves one of the best arguments against Germans.

The good thing is that they are a loud minority. They are universally hated by both the left and the right and usually being excluded from responsible positions in Die Linke.