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Who /lefty biz/ here? Does it make you a class traitor?

I'm considering getting into low-risk/low-reward currency trading for a little extra cash.

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Marxism is extremely helpful in finance. I firmly believe that most financial analysts are proto-marxists even if they do no identify themselves as such. There just isn't any other way to produce accurate analyses.

Not if your a Mutualist or Market Socialist.

My mum wants to start a hair salon business out of our house (not sure if that counts for this thread) and wants me to help out here and there. We live out in the country and are 15 minutes away from the nearest country town.

I suggested giving out free haircuts to the kids at the local school (there's about 30 of them). She thought it was a good idea because then the parents will want to pay for their own haircuts and we'd probably get a bit of street cred.

Watch this, all of it.

Or watch this if you have more time:

Or read his book.

Didn't Marx himself speculate on the market?

The book

Trying not to engage in capitalism while in capitalism would just be lifestylist. You don't exist outside of the system, and you might as well try and make your living secure. Class traitor refers to someone who betrays their class's intrest in a revolutionary sense, as in a bourgeois financing a revolutionary movement that would abolish the class syetem or a prole fighting for and/or supporting a movement which would uphold it. A prole owning stocks doesn't necessarily make him a class traitor, it just means he's playing the same game everyone else is playing (though it may make him petty bourg, depending on the circumstances). Just remember there is no such thing as ethical profit in capitalism just as there is no such thing as ethical consumption. At this point someone could just say there's no ethics in capitalism, period

Class traitor is prole supporting capitalists during workers revolts. And there is nothing wrong with being class-traitor as bourgeoisie :^)

Wew lad. I sure see those old mums wanting to get their hair done by your mum if she does good job cutting hair of his 7y/o son.

Don't do shit for free. You are not corporation, you don't have knowledge how to or financial resources to turn it into profit in long term. Give first-time discounts instead.


impossible, he was pretty poor himself and his family often relied on Engels economically

best posts

what about purposefully owning two properties, one to live and the other to rent out for the sake of making profit. is this disgusting, or would doing this be alright? i think a socialist should be okay with participating in society in a capitalist way while still not being slimy with how they make money.

Mum's getting an inheritance from her dad who died last year, so we're not really worried about going bankrupt. Also, we're running it out of our house, we're not renting a space or anything, so we won't lose money there.

Good idea, thanks for the advice.

Again, refer to , there's not many ways to accrue profit in an ethical manner. Though you should know that from my perspective as a once Georgist/geoist, rent is one of the most exploitative forms of capitalist extraction as land ownership and rent is where the majority of capitalist profit is actually derived as one needs only to own land to accrue profit. Understand that you will effectively control the livelihoods of whoever lives on your land.

Does shitcoin trading really count? I don't see much of a problem with it, it's not like it affects any workers, only the people who buy into it.

It's effecting GPU prices.

OP here. By currencies, I meant actual currencies, not the crypto shit.

We’re all just doing what’s necessary to survive in the current economic system.

Anybody in this thread browse the /rgt/ thread?

Just remember that people don't value stuff they got for free. On other hand, people love cheap stuff. If normal price for haircut in your area is 10 shekels, set first time visit to 1 shekel. By giving this ridiculously high discount you are not in position where people think you are providing useless service, just that you are cheap. While many people believe that cheap services are usually of lesser quality, you can smash their doubts with providing high-quality service and setting your normal prices to somehow about average prices/ little less than average. This way you can get lots of loyal customers.

Oh and one more thing. Don't give discounts often. There is nothing worse than work all day for small pay. Don't be afraid of looking like idiot for not wanting to give people discounts all the time. Remember that you are providing useful labour to them.

Good luck to your mother, comrade.

Holla Forums defends petite bourgeoisie already?

Student living off parent's income

Nice ad hominem.
I get scholarship.

Don't worry, you'll understand what class traitor is when you grow up. Or you'll just became liberal, just to prove you are just lifestylist commie- not someone who managed to look trough his own ideology but merely temporary exchanged capitalist ideology for "more edgy" one.


I've been thinking about studying law. I'm about to graduate in Business Admin. but I don't have a job lined up plus I'm sick of school so I might take a year or so off. Being a lawyer could be interesting cause I would actually be helping some fight their drugs charges and shit. Also I could help activist and revolutionary groups whenever they run into legal trouble.
Anyone on Holla Forums recommend the lawyer path.

Not a lawyer or a law student, but I've seen guys on OkCupid who work for leftist causes, like defending protestors. Basically what the ACLU does but leagues better. I say try it out.

A vast majority of Lawyers work for the oppressors. They do not help the oppressed. This is because that is where the money is. So unless you can somehow get a legal education for free you probably shouldn't go into law.

Thanks, mate. I appreciate the advice.

Soros is a Marxist confirmed


I don't know about Soros, but Buffet claims a key ingredient of his success was reading Marx.

Wasn't he the one who told some year(s) ago something like
Very redpilled, and dangerous porky. Good thing he won't live long.

Wanting comfort, access to technology, access to the best professionals and status is something completely reasonable and human, and the fact you were born in society where money and market forces are the mechanisms regulating those things is not your fault.

Leftists who tell you that you should live in asceticism are not some shitty mix of moralism and socialism, not materialists.

He did. And Engels, obviously, owned a factory (or something).

Do you have the Collected Works in your PC? I ask because in Marxists.org it was removed so I can't link to it, but if you go volume 44, pages 29 and 34 contain two of the letters where they discuss personal shares in the stock market. Engels is basically asking Marx advice on when to sell. I remember some other letter where it's implied they both bought and sold shares. Marx wasn't that poor after he landed a job in the New York Tribune.

Does inhereting a factory that my father "privitazed" after the fall of another communist regime count as left? The conditions of the workers are basicly the same as when communism/socialism was in place so it's got to be close to left? I'm pretty sure nobody dared to invest money into painting/renovation so the old communist propaganda must still be painted there somwhere. I wonder what the wageslaves think when they see it.

I think you're overstating it. Good financial analysis is just that; there's nothing inherently Marxist or "proto-Marxist" about it. It's all math nowadays anyway.

That's really interesting. Thanks for the info

Thank you for your hard work porky. Bringing communism would be much harder without you.

after reading marx my portfolio has been consistently profitable

I scam money from elderly via nigerian emails.

day trade shitcoins and shitpost on /biz/ about the contradictions of capitalism

there are already a lot of organic memes about wagecucking

Thank our revolutionary comrades at McDonald’s for this

This is an interesting thread

I've worked almost for a decade on the local socialist party in grassroots and lots of stuff mainly in the fight against feminicides and the drug war.

Now I'm working illegally on the U.S. in order to get two cars on uber rent them and get a steady income that lets me live and contribute cash to the party which is severly underfunded due to everyone there being poor, it would also let me work full time there instead of working 12 hour shifts.

The thing is that I feel bad about exploting two people for my benefit, I could start a business that is less explotative like a cooperative but that takes a lot of time and my full attention which is why I'm thinking of working with Uber since the plataform is already built and lets me get to work faster.

I dunno I still feel iffy about the plan since I've worked as a driver and its very shitty and one has to put a lot of hours to make ends whitout any social security or benefits.