Chapo Trap House

Am I the only leftist that can't stand these bourgeois, Brooklyn hipsters?

They're not funny; their "humor" is nothing more than middle school sex jokes (HAI GUIZ ISN'T CUM FUNNY?!), their "satire" of Gorka is just a rip-off of Dan Halen from Squidbillies, they're dismissive of other people in the most Williamsburgian way possible and are so insufferably pretentious that I wish they would all die in a car fire.

Explain their appeal to me, Holla Forums.

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Are you that incel poster that is obsessed with hating on them?

First time I've been on here in a LONG time. Used to browse pretty often and never saw much criticism of them.

Stop using words you don't understand

Someone doing "hai guiz" things in 2018 sure knows a lot about good quality humor

Btw we can all tell that this isn't the first thread/post you made about how much you dislike Chapo, since the handful of haters they have in this board really seem to think they'll shift the consensus against them by sheer autistic repetition. Stop this shit.

guaranteed you're the incel poster

fuck should've saged

Make me, faggot.

I came in here asking to explain their appeal and all I get is a bunch of knee-jerk, reactionary horseshit.

Yeah, eat a dick.

I don't really care enough to hate them but my god I wish their fans would shut the fuck up about them.

What really concerns me is why people that is so well off has become so prominent in the socialist spehere? We need to call them off on that.
They're SA goons after all so I imagine all of this is a plan to troll the socialist movement

I'm not going to comment on your troll theory but the fact that they're so well off, living in one of the most expensive cities in America and simultaneously claim to be "socialists" just sends up so many red flags for me. They remind me of every StarbucksiPhoneWholeFoods champagne socialist that I've ever met. The fact that they have such a massive, circle-jerking defense force just affirms my ideas.

I'm sure the proletariat in the Southern and rust belt states would really appreciate some of that $93,000 a month going to food banks or employment retraining programs instead of some hipster's inflated rent.

I don’t get the critique of Chapo because their successful. Sometimes I wonder if the modern Left really does like losing and can’t handle success. I criticize them because their soc dems, not because they’ve done well for themselves.

Engels was a pound millionaire at the end of his life, which would have put him close to being a billionaire in modern terms. Arguments about historical inflation aside that put him in a very select group there were maybe a couple hundred pound billionaires in the world and probably an upper-limit of a thousand or two so at that time.

Paul Robeson probably made millions as an international celebrity, he said himself he gave away millions to the cause. There are probably others as well.

As for the critique that they should be givzing that money to the proletariat, I think it’s better they spend it on themselves than to engage in any kind of charity. Now, if you think that should be going to fund some sort of political endeavor, than I think that’s another matter.

The contemporary left is filled with people who treat leftism like a hobby at best and a social club at worst. They hate popular leftists because they take the focus away from the "old guard" (i.e. the hobbyists) which is something they dislike strongly. Amber (the best Chapo) has attacked the established "left" for this repeatedly and it has made her the most "problematic" chapo by far on plebbit.

I get your point but Chapo ain't Engles.

If you'd care to expand upon this, I'd love to hear it. From my perspective, them contributing to people in need would do far more to advance the optics of the cause, allowing more people to get involved in socialism.

Sounds about right.

It's simple, really. Internet stardom is biased towards the well off because they have the time, energy, and equipment to build up their celebrity. It's much harder for people who work for a living to also become famous podcasters or bloggers, especially if they work more than 40 hours a week. It's also much harder to become successful with a bad computer, bad recording equipment, or bad internet connections. We shouldn't be surprised that this happens.

It's also worth remembering that this isn't new to the socialist movement. Marx was well off. Lenin was well off. Castro was well off. In fact, much of our theory crafting and our revolutions are owed to well-off socialists who come from privileged backgrounds. Why? Well, because the same things which make internet stardom easier for the well-off also make political success easier! That's what privilege means - in all spheres of life it makes you more likely to succeed.

Lifestylist puritanism is not the road we want to go down.

Basically, Charity is the least productive ruling class activity. It rarely helps anyone and it advances bourgeois financial interests. Charity in the Western world is an institutionalized system of tax dodging and “social investment”

If Chapo decided to put their money towards financing the campaign for a 4-hr day or some socialist political party that would be another matter. Engels did far more good financing the early SPD and Marx’s work than he could have done if he just gave away his money to the poor. If he had done the latter, even if it was done in an effective way, he just would have been perpetuating the system.

At last, I truly see!

Most anarchist theory was also crafted by people who weren’t exactly starving to death btw

Reminder that Engels was a "champagne socialist".Checking workers privilege is pointless. If they are actually doing shit to subvert socialist, that's another thing. Playing into the spectacle is enough for me to dislike them, tho. Their routine is style over substance, most of the time.

Very few philosophers were poor because you need to be well off enough to have time to do nothing but think.

They're soy consuming Jewish satanists

Also amber is a skeevy slut heavy into at least two different kinds of hard drugs and doesn't seem to bathe too often, I can tell by the way she talks, I am an expert.

I understand your perspective but I emphatically disagree. As much as I hate it, in this day and age optics are everything. It's no longer feasible to just present people with the facts, contribute to a political cause and expect everything to fall into place. You've got to get your hands dirty, people love an uplifting story and selflessness. Get to those food banks, contribute to retraining programs and when the media eye inevitably comes to you, then profess your political beliefs and the ideology that got you to that point. I believe this is a far more workable solution for energizing the proletariat.

Why is every anti chapo post written like a 14 year old who thinks Bourgeoisie means anything they don't like?

They are unspeakably ugly

No we have a thread about podcasts post there and shut the fuck up forever and ever

Felix would literally rape your father, your mother, you, and your siblings

"Am I the only one that"

Rule of the internet

When someone starts a thread, a post, or a comment with "Am I the only one that" they are impossibly more worse than whatever they're going to subsequently describe

ITT: Responding to meanposting with even more meanposting.

How many times do you want us to fucking care Phil Greaves

Shut the fuck up

That's a really good angle but still doesn't make the chapo guys any less revolting.

Literally kill yourself or accept that you are a retarded brainlet who has no business speaking about socialism. Classes are defined by relations to the means of production, not arbitrary income levels.

kill youare self


You literally don't understand basic marxian analysis. Working for a wage, no matter what the wage, places you outside of the owning class.

Non-labor income is a prerequisite for being defined as bourgeois.

You need to spend more time reading and less time posting.

He's right you dipshit.

Chapo trapcuck owns their own media company making $100k a month and they're the sons of the Jewish elite, they're definitely bourgeois by any definition

They are literally sitting on their ass raking in cash doing nothing more than blabbering their gums. That is the definition of "non-labor income." That's not work.

Your personal definition of labor is not really of interest since it doesn't coincide with Marxian analysis. I fail to see why it's not off-topic on a Marxist board.

You should come to terms with two facts:

1. You can like or dislike this podcast, but it's likely that no one here particularly cares

2. If you want to criticize the podcast, you will probably not have great success criticizing it on a Marxist board without understanding how to correctly apply basic Marxist concepts

I forgot 3:

3. You're player hating

It’s labor to make entertainment even if it is a podcast. You might as well say actors aren’t workers in the same breath.

I think the real question is this: are they overcompensated for their work? I think that’s a hard question to answer definitely because

Ran into a really funny illustration of this listening to a Micheal Albert talk.

He's speaking about a tennis player who's paid $20 million.

Referencing, obviously, that no matter how much a capitalist pays in wages, it is *always* as a rule, less than the value of the product created. Or he would never pay. Includes sports stars and other rich workers.

How are they cucks if you aren't earning as much as you and you love capitalism but you're failing at it

*as much as them

Lol I think it’s also true that if you made $20 million a year as an athlete you could invest your money in some way that would easily make you some kind of money or finance capitalist. So, imo what you say holds good if the person in question “squanders” their money I.e. spends it on consumption rather than investing.

Marx sat on his ass, Engels sat on his ass. Both of them wrote their way to the top

This isn't an argument

All I’m saying we should approach this question in a nuanced way. But God knows, if you ask a TWist anyone who isn’t literally starving to death is basically a petit-bourg labor aristocrat living off the fat of the peasants and true proles.

Matt is a public worker and Amber is an Associate Professor, you literally don't even know what you're criticizing. "B-B-B-B-BUT THEY DON'T WORK, THAT'S NOT A REAL JOB! FEED ME SEYMOUR! FEED ME!"

You came here to bitch, because you are a bitch







Who gives a fuck you pussy

So am I

Just marketplace my free ideas up

That's why you're jealous of them. You want to be all of those things.







Come the fuck on man, you're a Leninist, the dude who thought revolution could only happen if bourgeoisie's (like himself) defected and fought for the proles. How the hell are uneducated yokels in kansas supposed to learn and develop proper socialist theories when they get shit educations and are raised by bible-tumping morons?

mods are anti E1. Why did you delete that user's posts?

This is fucking atrocious

Show me the fucking twins


Show me the twins

Show me the twins?

then theyre bourgeois because they own the means of production, not because they make a lot of money. read a fucking book for christs sake.

What means of production do they honestly own.

Matt is a public servant and Amber is an Associate Professor.

They own no sweat shops. They just make a silly podcast

You all need to calm down about Chapo christ

You are not.

The people paying the tennis player are taking a risk. What if they fucked up? Under capitalism the player would get the agreed-upon amount, and the shareholders would be in the red. Under socialism (i.e. he owns the team or however it is things work with tennis) should the player lose money? Or socialist players never lose a game and anyone who thinks otherwise goes to gulag? I mean in theory, as in practice soviet players weren't paid anywhere close to millions.

There needs to be an anti-incel/anti-gamer ML podcast.

This is where orthodox Marxism fails to explain the material conditions experienced by workers in the West, and why Marxism is incomplete without Lenin. In advanced capitalist countries, the amount a capitalist pays his workers is buoyed by the superprofits generated by imperialist exploitation. Rather than being working class, the tennis player is a member of the labor aristocracy.

Chapo fans are the bronies of leftists.

Chapo Stans and haters both take them too seriously, if it's not specified that it's going to be a serious episode, don't listen to it if you're not in the mood to laugh about the world we live in.

No, twitter ☭TANKIE☭s like phil greaves also hate them. I unironically recommend you follow some twitter ☭TANKIE☭s, they're good and you'd like them.

They're literally petty bourgeoisie. Their podcast is a small business that makes $92,478 per month. They are booj.

wew butthurt chapo tards already smearing people and flinging shit because their brains are mush.

Do they have interns?

lmfao shut the fuck up porky

You don't have to have employees to be booj you tard.

Are any of them Landlords?


you're thinking of cumtown, you degenerate

I am asking you, how are they bouj? Whose labor are they exploiting? How does this exploitation compare with that of other jobs?

what did he mean by this?

petty bourgeoisie you god damn retard

fucking define it you dumbo

I'll stop hating popular leftists when normies who are proud to be socialist are significantly further to the left than the normies who were proudly not socialist that voted for Obama's first term.

Their analysis is pretty fucking good 9/10 times and they are entertaining.

leftypol is a Juche board

more like Ba'athist board

small scale business and property owners who have some amount of autonomy through owning the means of production, but who aren't able to purchase labor power and are forced to work the means of production themselves (either alone or alongside their employees if they're big enough). they own the means to produce podcasts, they earn an income from doing this, and they do the work themselves. petty bourgeoisie. what are you not getting about this?

–Karl Marx, founder of tumblr

Deep South proletariat here. I have no problem with Chapo.

The podcast is hit or miss, but they've at least made more people aware there's an alternative to SJW bullshit & liberalism.

I don't really care if they make bank. It's from their labor, which doesn't conflict with socialism. If they decided to start a huge empire off the back of employees, than yeah I could see your point.

Also a deep south prole and I agree.

Protip: That's why people hate them. It's the vampire castle letting out a long overdue death rattle.

I just wanted to elaborate on this point. Articles from The Intercept are often posted here and it seems no one finds it problematic that it is owned by a literal billionaire that has ties to members of the Fujimori dictatorship as well as Modi's neo-fascist government.

I admit that they do good reporting sometimes but it is inevitably distorted by the priorities of their capitalist master. Mark Ames has done good writing about this scandal.

The question of what a "left-wing" media empire would look like is an interesting one. Willy Münzenberg ran an extensive pro-communist media net-work in Europe that led one historian to dub him "a communist Rupert Murdoch". He was also a millionaire.

Was he good at what he did? Yes, very much so, he delivered one of the first great propaganda coups against Nazi Germany in the West via his publications, for instance However, his interest as a business-owner also made him liable to print what would get wide circulation rather than always publishing stuff in line with the KPD party-line or the Comintern party line.

If we go forward in the future, we may have to deal with this problem; not being able to fund ourselves means relying on deep state billionaire oligarchs with their class agendas. I think it doesn't matter so much how things get done in some matters than the fact that they get done. Ideally, we wouldn't have to choose between a Müntzenberg or the Ford Foundation, things would be organized in a cooperative manner, but I would choose the former over the latter in a heart beat.

Anyways, I'm a Deep South prole as well and I don't really care their doing well off a podcast. Better they crowdsource through Patreon than go begging to Uncle Soros.

I agree. When I hear "Gorka" I try to skip it. I tried to "get it" & give myself some time to digest it, but it's really terrible comedy. Worst bit on the show, hands down. But Felix's Rand Paul impressions are pretty great, so at least we have that little bit of entertainment. I listen because I like it. And when I'm not enjoying an episode, I just close it. No point in being upset.

Yeah they're the "leftists" most successful at posing as leftists. Their reliance on extremely crass mockery instead of discussion is the most clear sign of their socjus heritage. Pure Spectacle.

Tennis player don't make a lot of money because of Imperialism. There are rich sports, actors, artists etc. in the Global South as well. Marxist theory just has serious shortcoming when it comes to explaining certain phenomenon. The things it can't explain are mostly relatively tangential but they definitely exist.

Don't be such an overly defensive faggot just because somebody insulted your favorite podcast. t. not an incel

I do. Fuck The Intercept. They literally shill for Al Qaeda.

Why was this unlocked?

This is why you just rob banks and shit to fund your newspaper like Lenin and Stalin did.

What else are you supposed to do to reactionaries? Debate doesn't work and is liberal as fuck. Mockery helps to dehumanize them and psychologically prepares you to dispose of them. It's good praxis.


dehumanizing your enemies can sometimes be acceptable for communist propaganda, but overall it is NOT compatible with serious Marxist analysis, and can easily slip into fascoid malarkey.


You spot yourself too well.

It's just a fucking comedy podcast. Everyone in this thread is a tryhard

Buttmad mod.


He was a friend of Lenin's btw one of the stacheposters here said that the Bolshevik party ran some small-businesses to get funding, I don't know if that's true. Ideally, I'd say we would self-fund but the small spending power of workers, especially outside the first world, means we should consider the option.

I didn't know that. Gross. Can you provide me with a good source on that?


fuck off liberal

no, communist propaganda can't "become fascist," it ceases to be effectively communist if it doesn't adequately adhere to communist theory.

Just look up the Maz Hussein articles, that dude is a full-blown regime change shill for Syria.

If your alternative is Red Kahina and Phil Greaves I really would rather have Chapo disseminate the information.

Amber is far more well read than either of those two dimwits.


weird all I was saying is that podcasts are subject to criticism, now you're ranting about your albino freak waifu.

You actually said

I said, if your alternative to this is Red Kahina and Phil Greaves, I would pick Amber every time. Phil is a bougie golf playing schizo, Kahina is a playboy channel heiress, and Amber has been consistent since 2008 and is an associate professor and past protest/strike organizer.

I'm not ranting about my adoration for anyone, you however are offended someone might not find Phil or Red appealing in-the-fucking-slightest.

I would rather have Chapo. You're offended they insult people and appeal to people with jokes. The fact is, agree or disagree with them, Amber and Matt are genuinely better messengers than fucking Phil Greaves and Red Kahina, or anyone similar.

I really dislike them myself, although I haven't listened to them very much. They come off as desperately wanting to seem hip.

LOl Menaker's dad is an editor for the fucking New York Times. If that's not top tier elitist I don't know what is. The sad thing is this faggot never had his beliefs challenged or anything he was just brought up in this shitlib champagne socialist environment he wernt to the same shitlib champagne socialist schools and universities and now he and his faggot friends are steal our fucking memes while regurgitating the same talking points from Democracy Now and TYT only with more F bombs and stolen memes


Can someone explain the popularity of shlubby white guys who basically just insult their political opponents? I genuinely do not fucking understand why this is a thing.

He's better than you at your own ideology

How that feel tho

Are you asking the appeal of this podcast or are you asking the appeal of this website

People are angry at global elites, the failure of capitalist promises about globalization, and schluby white guys are represented in the media as the losers of globalization. It just doesn’t take much to figure out.

It’s not so much about them or even their ideology so much as it is what their identity represents—and that goes for both sides of the mainstream.

Oh no…the universities…how problematic…

What is it with you people quoting the terrible meme idea from Professor Richard Dawkins (because it's funny or something) and then yipping and yapping about how Ivy League makes you a satanic jew. These things don't mix.

Maybe if you went to college you would get the fucking dissonance required to keep your politics afloat, because all your politics really is amounts to laughing at jokes and yodeling at the status quo. But if I bring up the status quo, you'll say they're the status quo, because you got owned on Twitter by 500 people or something.

Only nazi faggots hate popping bottles

Underrated post

I'm not a fan of chapo trap house or any irony leftist podcast period, but i don't really see what there is to actively hate about them.

sure they're cliquish as fuck but they've done a very good job of spreading leftism. I've had friends who were very centrist or just didn't give a fuck about politics at all be radicalized in part thanks to this dumb podcast.

they're doing good work AFAIC

You didn’t really address my argument in that post. You read into something I didn’t actually say and made an argument against that.

Their Reddit is bunch of neoliberal feminists in denial, and they are 100x more lame than leftypol

Hipster liberalism repackaged as radicalism, it's a pretty boring phenomena we've seen before. This whole Starbuck-drinking-crowd politico stuff that was also popular a decade ago and also sucked back then.

lol, it only doesn't work when are too afraid of the ideas on the other side

"We're anti-SJW we swearz"

They've said on numerous occasions they fucking hate their subreddit and want it deleted

Amber has made a career out of pissing them off so I doubt it.

No, it objectively doesn't work. Numerous studies in numerous fields have science have proven that debate is totally ineffective at convincing people. All that happens is both sides end up more entrenched, even more convinced of their own superiority and even more convinced of their opponents stupidity. Nothing changes.

OP isn't alone in disliking their podcast. I've listen to a few episodes now and been distinctly unimpressed with it. They're at best capable of some vaguely amusing statements a few times an episode. Most of the time they just drone on about non-events and nobodies that I've never heard of. Perhaps their commentary seems more relevant to am audience located on the North American continental plate but that still doesn't excuse the lackluster jokes, few that there are.

why do you faggots fap to the university?
Especially in 2018? Going to university doesn't make you better than anyone else I went to university and I don't think that granted me the higher status that leftists seem to think it grants them thinking they are smarter than all the MAGA chuds and working class people. Nowadays everyone goes to university it's not the 1970's so it's a lot less elitist than it used to be and any retard can get in and succeed most of the time. It fucking doesn't make you smarter it makes you specialized if you take computer science or engineering or in most cases it re-enforces the current ideology and makes you more retarded if you go into the liberal arts. By memes I mean the images and the jokes from image boards. I know why because they want to be edgy and transgressive but it fails every time you can have Chapo Trap House go to the Davos Forum and everyone will agree with what they say just not the style they say it in.

Don't you faggots love Christianity? Lying is a sin


stop listening to chapo

oh boohoo all your prominent figures are retards and all the people on the left who are prominent are University grads, if that should tell you anything it's that you're a race of mongrels begging to be retired. It isn't even a money thing, when confronted with the idea higher education contradicts you, all you do is scream BUT SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS BUT fun REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE




Its all you do. All the while picking and choosing which parts of the University you like and dislike. Like higher knowledge is a fucking game of choice, give me a break.

Hypocritical little shitheel

You see, I agree with you that debating them doesn't work, because they almost always argue in bad faith and they do it just to get exposure and steal legitimacy anyway. You can't reason with people who abandoned the use of reason. So you treat them not with dialectic, but with rhetoric. You engage them in order to outstage, diminish and publicly humiliate them. If they could be reasoned with, then the best argument could win; since they don't, the person who argues best wins, so the best people to "debate" them are people with stage presence, who can poke holes in their nonsense, lightly mock them, leave them a stuttering idiot at the proverbial pulpit and generally ruin their reputation. The organization of the right will always revolve around "strongmen" who are loved by reactionaries for rather nebulous reasons, and they're nothing without their inexplicable reputation, because they simply have no merits whatsoever. And let me point out the "lightly mock" part. Humor can be a powerful weapon for assassinating character, but this kind of crass humor is just preaching to the choir. It does nothing against their reputation nor change anyone's opinion.

I have a feeling this is projection from Mrs. Rich From Dad's Playboy Channel Money Podcast Nobody Listens to

Seriously if you think Chapo has bad jokes please try listening to Red. She would make the "Bong Hit Transplant" and believe herself a comedic genius

I don't know why university seems so special to you considering like 50% of the millennial generation has one or more degree.

Give me a break about crass humor

You're on fucking Holla Forums. This is crass humor central.

I don't know why undergrads seem like better sources of information than Universities because SJW INFECTION SJW INFECTION ALERT, CONTAMINATION ALERT, PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT'S TRUE

The fact is you love universities to, whether you know it or not. You just pick and choose what you like, as the total psued you are

But that's my point. I like crass humor as much as any cuck, but I like it in internet crapholes. Using it in public debate is pointless at best.

pretty gay tbh

You don't contemplate what disagrees with your outlook and worldview because it's a conspiracy infecting all universities but you better believe when it aligns with what you think your sucking prof cock like a newly broke undergrand girl desperate for a grade.

You're transparent

I disagree. Exposing it to the public to infuriate establishment liberals is gold. Peter Daou's total break down was well worth it.

As far as I saw, he wasn't exposed to Chapo or user tiers of humor. He was mocked, but not to the point of being sent pics of his wife with cum on them or something.

Why is this not allowed retard? I assume you faggots don't take courses in business, neolib economics or theology. On the one hand you faggots screech about student loans and the way the system is set up to fleece and scam the students with shit tier scam programmes and courses (probably the ones you took) and on the other you defend the institution thinking it grants you higher status it's there to make a profit and the more retards attend the more money it makes especially if they attend shit like liberal arts and labor studies

and listen to some faggot attention whore on twitter instead

Lenin would be ashamed of Greaves using his image

I don't listen to it because it's pretty North American focused but some of you niggas just like to fucking lose dont ya

Students hate student loans but that does not arbitrarily dismiss university findings.

You are a brainlet who picks and chooses the most controversial findings of a university universally denied, claim its a conspiracy, then hate university all the same in totality.

Your ideology





It's full of holes.

Collective action, through "ethical buying", boycotting, donating, etc. doesn't fucking work.

Links or GTFO.


I've listened to at least an hour and still haven't heard one political position. It's all just basically pointing and laughing. No substantial commentary. Am I missing something here?

At the end of the day you are arguing semantics. It's true that being combative *to an individual you are trying to convince* isn't often an effective strategy. Although of course persuasion using critical thinking + emotional appeal (if you think the word "debate" is too formal) works and you can be combative if you want as long as it's from a third party.

Formal arguments work
e.g. the more people you have arguing, the better you do, *the sooner you are to an argument*, the better you do at convincing people

If arguments didn't work to change people's mind , you would have never learned something through another persons display of critical thinking in front of you, and you should be able to think of times when you have. I know I have.

But let's assume rationality and critical thinking has no place in convincing someone. If you don't even know what you stand for because you haven't debated it you are going to have a hard time doing anything other than pushing back against people with real agendas. e.g. the alt-right is against multiculturalism. Instead of just shouting racist, which hasn't been working, a winning strategy would be to argue a positive view of multiculturalism, your *own* agenda on the topic at hand. Put the idea in people's heads.

They are very obviously trying to cultivate a sort of left wing Million Dollar Extreme type of image for themselves, but it just comes off as tryhard garbage. And like you said, they arent funny anyway, so it just turns into some shallow friend simulator. They also arent intelligent and have nothing interesting to say. And their whole bad boy "this aint you MOMS socialism!" bullshit falls flat on its face when they constantly apologize to any feminist or black person who tells them to check their privilege

Amber more than anyone takes the style of "scumbag" and while I like most of the people in the "scumbag left" I don't like actual scumbags.

I thought her meanness was kind of cute in writing, but when I heard her outside of her writing be equally obnoxious, I just thought that she was a gross and toxic person.

I also don't like the Twitter people that she pisses off either. So don't put me in that dichotomy. She's a second class Angela Nagle, who is actually interesting and actually populist.


It works though. They do need to do more to differentiate themselves from the tumblr SJW crowd. Ironically the only female chapo is also the only one who has actually done this.

Chapo are complete tards. If you need any proof just look up their spat with Zizek.

t. incel

yea, that sort of try-hard scumbag style you are putting forward

It doesn't have a place in an ideology supposedly devoted to egalitarianism

Marxism was never about strange unsocialized freaks, especially if those freaks were already reactionary. Deal with it.


Imagine funding a bunch a
aspiring-professional's house parties at 90k a month buy donating to their fucking bourgie itunes podcast circlejerk

like if Sam Seder came into his show one day with a soviet hat and started calling himself a radical

I never once brought up incels. But here's as far as "unsocialized", you are right most people are socialized. But if not now, then soon, most people will be alienated more than ever imagined and if you think you are putting a stake in the ground between yourself and the alt-right by making fun of people with bad social skills, you are ignoring the fact that that's e.g. Richard Spencer's go to insults, and you are failing at even distinguishing yourself.

this is your brain on intellectual property

Chapo "fuck the woman haters" Trap House

An (also stupid) man is literally suing Amber for harassing him so much cuz he wasn't nice about women in his time on campus

To me, the marxist thing to do would be to figure out what aspect of the system is making people so lonely and alienated to begin with (like social media, for instance) and work to change that, rather than sit on my high-horse making masturbatory posts about how much better my social skills are than the other "freaks". But that's just me.

I don't know how this picture is supposed to btfo present-day marxist thought since the right is just idpol


All young men today look like that though. Even Holla Forumstards.

Stop fucking same fagging you cunt








Matt is married, Amber has a boyfriend, Felix is single but fucks. Will is single but fucks. Virgil is single.

Everyone on Holla Forums is single

Thank you for ruining my night faggot.

Poor baby. She's room mates with Nick Mullen too. Faggot.

More proof you're worthless

This board doesn't matter to leftist organization anymore. lol

Not bragging or anything, since outmanning those things wouldn't be difficult.

He's on Cum Town you absolute fucking idiot.

What friend simulator does Holla Forums have? Andrew fucking Anglin? Well, it suits them.

Oh no! Hipsters!

Point still stands.

Anglin apparently ran out of money


You do
I like Cum Town. Not a big fan of Adam
Stop enjoying cum town IT'S PROBLEMATIC HIPSTERS

No surprise there

Holla Forums is filled with numales calling other people numales


i don't know who these people are but i'm sick of hearing about them and i hate podcasts in general. especially ones that get piles of free money from braindead social media addicts >>2372716

This is why Holla Forums lost its momentum

Will you guys ever get new memes? That shit is ancient.

That wasn't even an associated event lol. Why do Holla Forumsyps lie so often?

No, it's to bitch about podcasts online.

the content of this thread is enough to make me think they have no place on this board

Oh, don't forget about being afraid of Something Awful

Comrade, everyone knows we let the normies do that...

That's your opinion, but I respect it as much as the playboy heiress and the bougie golf player claiming to know more than the associate professor

I have an entire folder of pictures of Holla Forums selfies



this is a communist board and if these people have nothing to do with communism then they have no place here



lmao you podcast drones are really brain damaged

Don't ever say gold to me or my son ever again

Repeating yourself consistently is sign of a stroke

Holla Forums is filled with degenerates

why was that post deleted?

Why wasn't it sooner

That pic just reeks of petite bourgeoisie holy shit.


Chuds gonna Chud

I didn't delete it. Complain to the mods that your precious shitposts were arbitrarily deleted for being awful posts.


it writes itself

I'm not dismissing university findings you fucking idiot retard.

wow what a fucking dumbass. Nobody "hates" universities. Nobody loves them either unless you are a professor or an employee at the university. People go there to increase their prospects for employment they literally have no other fucking use for most people who go there.

I don't know, I find your kind picks and chooses what they like while dismissing universities outright. In fact, I often find your kind lies about this whenever it's brought up

I often find your kind is full of trannies and people who suck cocks every day but lies about this whenever it's brought up. Also who the fuck is my kind? Let's take my kind as anyone who is to the left of Mao Zedong, my kind has a pragmatic stance towards universities but generally agree that the shit tier American for profit scam system is a piece of shit and that most students who take out loans to pursue a degree that makes them unemployable are either fucking stupid or their parents had a lot of money in which case it's somewhat justifiable but still a waste of time. My personal preference is that they should all be nationalized , and that higher education should be public but the barriers of entry would be incredibly high the rest of the populations that doesn't cut it goes into public vocational and technical schools.

OK, you might have a point here about that one guy
??? I want "my" stuff to be copied and spread I made rainbow-hat porky. That's the point.

t. incel

If they're petty bourgeoisie they're not booj and if they're booj they're not petty bourgeoisie

just giving money is basically worthless from optics sakes. A million other people who AREN'T obviously pro-communism are already giving money, the media will just do puff pieces on them instead of on fucking Chapo Trap House Funded A Soup Kitchen

Thats alotta soy

I agree. In the US, the purpose of schools is to help people network. Many people don't go into school for their desired skill/interest, as much as they need to make connections to get a job. The entire school system has been corrupted by capitalism, and is now an industrial model built to trap people in student loan debt, so they have to work to pay it off.

I'm trying to become an architect, so I have to go through an accredited program to get a license, but I once worked with someone who had a history degree. He ended up moving on to become an insurance salesman. Clearly you don't need a degree for that, much less a history degree, but that's what your teachers and parents tell you to go get so that someone will hire you.

you do need A degree for basically everything these days because you get enough resumes that you can just go "well, not even looking at anyone without a college degree"
after all, student loan debt just means they can't quit and look for another job

How can any of you claim to be serious about socialism if you let your women brainlessly fuck the enemy? These cunts are just using the left to prop their egos up, their interest in worker liberation is nothing compared to the need to get raped by Chad. The left will start making progress again once it puts the rational sex back in charge.

What? Also this fake encounter sounds like it was written by a slut.

Cope. Listen to what the experts have to say.

She was crying as I ordered food, I didn't let off the throttle on Trump till we picked up our food.

I told her she can eat in the car, and that I'll drop her off.

She said she's fine, we got home, we ate, she did happy dance while eating.

She got naked, I took a piss, came back and broke the ice:

"So this is what it's like sleeping with the enemy! This is so exciting !"

-we both laughed at that-

I said, call me "Bond, Kaotic Bond" and we both laughed.

I fucked the shit out of her that night.

She apologized profusely that morning, and she understood that she needs to be understanding of people with fundamentally different thinking, and she want to still be with me because she really likes me.

TL;DR Hold your frame, drop truth nukes when necessary, fuck your women good, and they'll fall into your frame.

lol come on man


No, user, you need to cope. You need to cope that women are not the answer to your life, nor are men. Nor are angels, nor are aliens from outer space, scheming jews, or the illuminati.

You need to cope. People will have positive and negative opinions about you, and it all depends on your outlook on life. Roosh V will never help you.

Then there are those who care not about conspiracies among gender and sex, searching for meaning in other human beings. Rare or lucky are those who find it. For although we may not be alone in the world, in our own separate ways, we are all alone.

How you deal with that information is your responsibility, not the responsibility of others.

Your sources are as serious as an alien abduction support group.


Matt has a wife. Amber has a girlfriend. Felix fucks.

Also, everyone on Holla Forums looks the same if not worse

*Amber has a boyfriend

Freudian slip



Dumb retard

Adam fucks, Felix fucks, Nick Mullen fucks, I don't know about Stav, but Amber fucks, Will fucks, I'm positive however Virgil does not fuck.

Everyone there fucks (virgil an exception) so how can they be "soy boys".

It's been all over the internet for a while now you moron.

Felix could easily defeat you dude. His arms are mountains. To him, you are a "soyboy". He is a god compared to you.


Fuck it mask off.

Felix posting time.


The main problem with Felix is his obvious dorky jew face.

You are all shells of men compared to him


I think he secretly enjoys wearing uniforms unironically. He's obviously dorky like that, always talking about Metal Gear and Hezbollah, and really referencing modern war in general.

you can tell that he has no real work and spends his money on the gym by his desktop screen tan

Eh I think he likes doing it because his views piss off so many burgers but their innate conditioning says they must respect him because he is a vet. Thus he can go around pouting leftist bollocks and not suffer from any real attack.

What's wrong with going to the gym, weakling

never change, pol

I think that's actually in fact the ironic cover.

I dont like Chapo at all, but bourgeois doesn't mean what you think it means
Literally read marx faggot