Czech Presidential election

The anti EU, anti immigration leftist pro Russia candidate, Zeman, beats Neoliberal candidate Drahos 51-49

Prague spring btfo Prague spring btfo Prague spring btfo Prague spring btfo Prague spring btfo Prague spring btfo

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sounds like he's just a nazbol. why should we give a fuck about it?


What's wrong with NazBols?

yes, this is bad.

they're fascist.

The only reason rich people and neoliberals are pro immigration is because they want cheap labour.

will Factorio be alright?

and? communists support immigrants. if you don't support immigrants, you're a fascist.


I don't even know what you're talking about, but yeah I hate Corbyn. He is a lying, scheming imperialist socdem.

immigrants are usually reactionary(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Yeah ok

How pro immigration do you think Honecker was?

seriously? 4 week ban for that?

Oh for gods sake why the ban.

you're not allowed to say immigrants are usually reactionary, stop complaining.
Looks like he's banned from Holla Forums boys
fucking lol. Expect what happened in Ukraine to happen in Czechia, only Russia doesn't share a border with them, so they can't be saved.

Oh boy…


Unless the apartheid he's talking about is in Israel…this is kinda more on racial stuff. Not directly against imperialism…(pls don't ban me)


Czech redditors on suicide watch

I mean tbf he is a BDS supporter too.


(second response)
Eh…okay I'll let it slide.

guess bernie is an anti-imperialist too even though he supports sanctions, afghanistan invasion, yugoslavia bombing, etc.


When's he gonna condemn Britain and the USA for genocide in Yemen?

he said merry christmas to soldiers you fucking infantile anarkkkist, if you don't self-criticize this instant I will get you banned.


Yes, the Labour Manifesto in 2017 involved ending all arms sales to Saudi Arabia because of the activities in Yemen: and has been a leading activities for sanctioning Al-Saud for them.
So he has literally condemned action in Yemen and is actively seeking to end Britain's role in it.


he is a lying piece of shit. he refuses to call it genocide, he refuses to name Britain and USA as the driving force behind it, and he refuses to condemn the imperialist Labour party.


He was also a part of a movement literally calling out Blair for his cocking imperialism, fuck me sideways.

He is for a United Ireland, he was a big player in the Peace Process. Would Gerry Adams and John Hume befriend a British Imperialist? No.
I don't know where you're from, but you can fuck off.

no, not good enough.

Has Al-Houthi ever condemned the British labor party?

One of you two are going to be banned for some reason and it will either mean being critical of Corbyn will be illegal or endorsement of him will be illegal and I'm honestly anxious to see what will happen

why do you think they give a fuck about the British "democratic" facade?

Typical feminist woman from the Femen group in protest against President Miloš Zeman in front of the Czech Republic Embassy in Ukraine

You know you're supposed to censor crime scenes right?

he must be an imperialist.


Burger detected.


Support Zeman in his struggle against boomer imperialism. We all know who was behind the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Prague Spring🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

This girl I knew back in Prague would do shit like this and she considered herself an anfem. A lot of her friends were of the feminist/queer strain of anarchy. Only time I ever saw and anfem flag was in Prague. I assume the lax attitude towards nudity among Czechs allows for anarcho-feminist /nudism find its niche.

Is he in any way diferent from the general west european demsoc and socdem apart from being anti imigration?

Wait, is there any actual citation this guy is a leftist?

He's a SuccDem. SuccDems are cucks, but yes, they are left-wing.

Oh he's taking steps is he? His proposals are dead in the water and he can't even bring himself to level a full condemnation at the imperialist genocide in Yemen, he is worse than useless.

Yee him being stopped by the MIC and its agents in Westminster 100% he is imperialist.

So all the ☭TANKIE☭ regimes were secretly fascist. Got it.

I don't get this attitude. The Old Left never wanted to destroy their own culture, and here's the new left saying that you have to cheer on cultural erosion or be a fascist.

The only countries in the world that have this attitude are Western European countries and their colonial guilt and American immigrant countries. Do you think China Russia and Japan are secretly fascist for wanting to maintain their cultural integrity? The african countries? Eastern Europe? Wow that's a lot of fascists.

You can still help poor countries while acknowledging immigration hasnt been a european sucess story so far.

Uhh. Anarchists unironically believe this.

Also, yes, Japan is fascist, without the militarism and jingosim, but the government is working to fix it.

LMAO, that was no necessary

Corbyn isn't a true comrade, he's an sjw cunt.
I hope he never wins for the sake of communism,he would only make us look bad

Omg why did i click on the pictures, i knew nothing good would come out of it

I don't really see how fascism without militarism or jingoism is possible tho. Japan is also a legit democracy afaik. I do agree that the government's eagreness to militarize is suspicious; but then again, they have legit rivals (China and DPRK) in the region.

You've been taking in too many USA memes. Japan is a one-party state in everything but name, the LDP has had near-unbroken control of the Japanese government since WWII.

Ethnic nationalist and class society af

give us somthing to work with, these labels are fucking useless.

hey, can anybody in this thread who never actually read Marx or Lenin tell me how Putin is any less of an imperialist proky than the burgers or the EU?

Imperialism is when you net extract wealth from your target. all Russian foreign relations are done under equitable transactions and voluntary exchange.

pick one or go wank while watching pictures of Putin, faggot

FEMEN is an astroturfed fascist organization

Presidents in Eastern Europe are symbolic, just like monarchs. The PM is from a right-wing neoliberal party and Czechia is one of the most neoliberal economies in Europe.š#Political_career


You aren't as clever as you think you are Holla Forums…

Why is this board politically incorrect again? Because national bolshevism or nationalist communism is pretty much as anti-western and politically incorrect as you can get. Fuck off globalist idpol douche.

kill yourself

Who gives a fuck? Go jerk off to your retarded fascist imperialists elsewhere, you illiterate fuck.

Also idk why you're so angry that he's telling people in the military Merry Christmas. A lot of people such as myself join the military for economic reasons, not because they wanna kill in the name of imperialism (except for Spec Ops, they're fucking crazy)

The results are in!

Realpolitik, neo-conservativism is post-fascism now

Two-party states and perpetual coalition states aren't any more meaningfully democratic than dominant party states.

None are real democracies, all combine elections that count with similar structural barriers that ensure whoever wins serves the rich anyway. Japan's not a legit democracy but neither is anywhere else except maybe the DF of NS.

Poe's law in action everyone

Literally just playing into identity politics. KYS