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Rojava general is at bump limit on page 15, meanwhile there are 4 active over a dozen US military bases in Syria threads in the catalogue besides that. A new containment thread is well deserved. Maybe it should even be… cyclical?


fuck america, roj*va must reintegrate into Syria and recognize the sovereignty of the Syrian government.

I'm sure someday Assad senpai will thank you for your brave anti-imperialism user.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

The highest form of Dialectical Science has endorsed it, why haven't you?

That would make too much sense


who's the creepy guy in the background? what is he hodling in his hand?

Apo hasn't been Leninist since jail, whatchu on about?

biji over a dozen US military bases in Syria

The Soviet union had a federal system though, which is what Kurds want.

The situation in Russia at the time is not at all like the situation in Syria, the bolsheviks created the civil war, they weren't born out of it

You are correct, my friend, it is as you say, and two plus two is four.

Wow an we already have two bans and the thread didn't even reach 15 replies

I know right. mods are slacking. we need a 2:1 ban ratio for a propper over a dozen US military bases in Syria thread.

It sure reeks like liberalism in here.

no, my dear naziposter, ☭TANKIE☭s are in no way very edgy liberals, that's such a silly thought.

theres like a couple more of these still in the catalog. why would you make a new one?

because too much was said in those threads

literally the first post.


no, just israel

Yeah. Israel is shit. That doesn't mean we should start incorporating Nazi propaganda into images.

it's just to trigger the snowflake liberal like you.


Real ☭TANKIE☭s support ro,java

You wish!

Quick summary of the recent events.

By that logic shouldn't you support the Syrian government instead? They have two ML parties in their coalition.


Kurds and roaches killing each other. No problem there, will make it easier for Assad to retake northern Syria at the end of the war

there is a level of faggotry most only dream of.

Do those ML parties think over a dozen US military bases in Syria is a liberal ethnonationalist CIA spook balkanizing ethnic cleansers controlled by zionists?


so what is the stance of the Syrian Communist Party(s) on the over a dozen US military bases in Syria?

There are two "major" (as in they have seats in parliament) Syrian Communist parties; they split in the 80s. Naturally, both of them put out the majority of their statements in Arabic, which I can't read, so I have no idea what their official positions are on over a dozen US military bases in Syria, but they have put out English language statements in support of the government and the SAA and against US backed forces so I think it's pretty obvious that they're against the US using Kurds as a proxy.


for sure

They literally already have recognized the sovereignty of the Syrian state in their call for a new federal constitution for all of Syria.

It's how youtube-dl saved it from twitter

The fuck kind of “arguments” are those?

Weakening the US Empire is a good thing, but it’s pretty pointless if it just means strengthening the Russian Empire, which Assad’s victory would do. Furthermore, I don’t think there is any question as to who is more progressive between Assad or the Kurds when it comes to domestic policy. The Kurds are promoting direct democracy and worker ownership of the MoP and have effectively created a dictatorship of the proletariat. The only question then is their ability to carry out their revolution, and the extent to which this is inhibited by the US. Especially since Afrin, I would say it’s clear that their relationship with the US was one of convenience and survival, meaning that they are using the Americans to further the revolution just as much as the Americans are trying to use them. Thus the Kurds can still serve as an anti imperialist force, and the fastest way for this to happen would be for Assad to recognize them in exchange for expelling American forces.

This is basically just saying “but dude what if they turn capitalist later lmao”. This applies to everybody all the time, you might as well say that we shouldn’t support the Bolsheviks in 1917 because they might turn revisionist later.

Honestly there is a lot to criticize R*java for, but so many people seem incapable of offering an honest critique and instead resort to laughable hyperbole about imperialist mercenaries sent by AmeriKKKa to ethnically cleanse all the Arab babies by feeding them to ISIS cannibals who will eat them with US provided dentures.

it is if youre a retarded western leftist that just waits for the revolution to magically happen, yes.


you have some loose conspet of a revolution. i guess the USSR was spreading revolution too after ww2 right

how exactly
sure, making big deals like this on no guarantees seems easy in your fucking middle class bedroom thousands of kilometers away from where its happening with no responsibility

yet is applicable at various degrees to various cases. and in this case its pretty obvious. a need for a kurdish state is not a result of the revolution, the revolution is the result of the need for a kurdish state

1) the stakes were much higher and favorable in that case
2) they did according to you(r flag)

its seems this way because you have so much cognitive bias that you either intentionally missunderstand or ignore the fucking point


because the middle east is much more important than southeast asia. the US stands on the petrodollar

As the other user mentioned, Turkish elites aren't exactly enemies of the United States, they're also hostile to Syria (and Iran). The only goal Turkey has in common with Iran is "Kurds are shit"

how is this adressing my post in any way





I hope that was coherent as it certainly isnt for me or anyone else paying attention to this war but basically the lots of contradictions of foreign policy in Syria are not there but seem to be as the sides are dragging it out and trying to maximize on anything. Also remember this is not set in stone especially considering I dont even feel like it is now.

Aftermath of an ATGM direct hit on a German-made Leopard 2 in Afrin this morning. Several strikes killed over 8 t*rks and and unknown number of TFSA members in counter attacks.

Go to >>>/leftpol/ if you want to discuss this without idiotic wordfilters and risking mods handing out month-long bans

We're all well aware, but sometimes you just gotta do it to spite BO.

why are all these pictures from close up where you can't even tell what you're looking at? Obviously it's blown, they're not trying to fake it. but still. shitty photography.

Either a leaked damage report from a Turk or just a dumbass TFSA mercenary with a smartphone. Don't blame me fam

That's definitely a catastrophic kill, and those are probably Leopard 2 treads, but the first pic is definitely an APC, or that's a very fucked up perspective on the cannon.

german tank designers got their shit together after ww2. not their fault the turks ram tanks into ATGM nest like retards or leave their tank idliing in the open asking for a missile strike.

It's been confirmed as a Leopard 2. Crew of five were all killed in the huge explosion. Someone on Twitter went in depth as to how the ATGM hit just the right place on it's very straight armour to ignite both gas reserves AND the shell storage.
We saw this happen in al-Bab but the S.D.F in Afrin have more complicated anti-tank equipment and everywhere to hide. This is one of three strikes yesterday.

little kids defending their homes against the imperialist army of a dictator

I wouldn't have a problem with Kurds if Murray Bookchin didn't have it out half-mast for imperialist Israel and the Kurds would stop bickering with Nestorian Assyrians. but whatever