Researchers teach monkeys how to use money

Found this article on /liberty/, what do you think? Have dialectics gone too far?

also by the looks of it there is no reason to think there would be prostitution in Communism

What has science done?

I'm not sure what they are trying to get at with this. Are they trying to say capitalistic exchange of commodities is in human nature? Because if so, that is pretty obvious. We can also see examples of societies where humans do not have capitalistic exchange of commodities (i.e. hunter-gatherers). Communists aren't against capitalism because it is "unnatural" but because it is in it's essence, inherently flawed, and therefor doomed to failure.
no, this is just an example of recreating our society in a closed, controlled environment.

Wouldn't it actually be the opposite?

Also, can someone explain to me why this is something us Marxists should be afraid of? Our critique of capitalism is in production, not necessarily exchange.

I don't think we should be afraid of it, but it's just interesting to observe for once what happens currency and exchange is introduced into a natural group.

I agree, this is something that I feel shows the strength of a material analysis that puts economy as the material base to the totality of human interactions, since we saw such a change in their interactions with the introduction of the new economic order.

if we invented it, it's human nature.

Orangutans and gorillas are more intelligent than chimpanzees

Where's the Baboonposter when you need him?

We don't want commodity exchange! Baboons can use currency in Ancapistan, baboons will work for porky there! Ship them all to Ancapistan!


interesting filter

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Moneyless ancoms tend to disagree with you


Where the fuck is the science!? I probably wouldnt understand it anyways, haha.

This is a perfect example of exchange fetishism, capitalists see money and exchange as completely separate from production. The monkeys get money to buy food which they don't even have to produce.
All examples of "exchange is natural" only work if production is excluded first. Another common example used is of prisoners of war who got packages from the red cross and then started trading coffee and tea cause everyone had the same ration.

Proletarian revolution of capuchins when?

I didn't read the paper, but probably to show monkeys can abstract value (a coin by itself is worthless, it only has value because some idiot researcher is willing to trade it for a delicious grape) and whether they behave like us.
It has nothing to do with capitalism. The monkeys had coins, not banana plantations.
Also while no monkey had bought sex with money before they do it with food.

Yes, apes are smarter than monkeys. Nobody said anything to the contrary. Koko for instance has an Autism Level between 70-90, although she's of course way smarter than your average gorilla.
Regarding brain size, you can use it to compare the intelligence of similar species (e.g. primates, where apes have larger brains than monkeys), but you can't compare different species since the brains are too different (you can do very coarse comparisons by accounting for body size though). So while you can compare different breeds you can't compare a dog and a cat.

IF we try communism again in america how many americans go to the gulags until we get paradise?

everyone outside of the rich liberal areas? That sounds like the kind of equality they want.

Exactly this. If anything it shows that the money-form of value leads monkeys to alienate themselves to the point of exchanging basic bodily functions (sex) for food through the experimental coins.



What have we learned from this?
1. Currency is slavery
2. Sexual liberation is needed in any society

Without his words being true to heart they're just not the same, anymore…

How do we teach monkeys communism?

They would have to be smarter than they are tbh, currently they can only handle being slaves or are anprims.

Every other time communism has happend its ended up with slave/bourguise classes worse then the united states ever was. Surely we just need one more try to make it work right?

ITs not like communism is really about slavery of people its about a better future. even though everytime its happend its basicly slavery. THIS TIME IT WILL WORK(communism is when you have a class society, and the greater the inequalities the more communist it is)

Exchanging sex for coins which are exchanged for food is no different from exchanging sex for food directly. Nature is not PC.

imagine communist monkeys

they would rise to become so intelligent that they would annihilate humanity

my advice:

keep them from learning how to read, if they get their hands on karls manifesto it could spell the end of humanity


Actually this sounds pretty good.
You know what fuck y'all I'm writing a book for quick cash.

The leaders are going to need the resources to pull this off and your absolute loyalty and surrender of free will. Ready to submit to authority comerade. It will only be slaughtering everyone that wont submit. Its only a good thing.


I though capitalism is human nature?

All the science done on Koko was utter fucking garbage, though.


humanity was a mistake

What is the filter?
Something about baboons?

Im no longer marxist, today i become primitivist

It's an Onion article

Oh god, ive been through the same pain as koko.

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