/leftpol/ defends Twitter banning leftists for being "Russian agents"


So apparently /leftpol/ believes that criticizing NATO imperialism or showing up on RT makes you a hormone-taking mentally unstable Twitter ☭TANKIE☭, that Twitter can do as it pleases because it's a private company, purging accounts both on the left and the right because of supposed "Russian subversion" is a-ok, and also America is the most progressive country in the world where leftist opinions are featured in the corporate media.

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better run to leftypol to cry about it!

these are the kind of people BO "unjustly" banned.

But everyone's shitting on that person, OP.

When I first visited and scrolled over the catalog I thought to myself that the thread quality on leftpol was hilariously bad. Then I opened some and realized that all of our trash has migrated there since I recognized some posters and their reoccurring topics (menshevik-apologia, US exceptionalism, defense of over a dozen US military bases in Syria at all cost, etc.). Now, mind you, these were the posters that were vehemently argued against here and haven't been able to drop their obsessions and anti-communist beliefs.

wait, I was under the impression the actual leftists were all there and the only people left here were guys like me

Not to mention the fact that their "criticism" of BO is to regurgitate the Holla Forums invented sucky meme. If I have to take a guess the average age on leftypol has gone up a few years since they left.


I assume this is the same person.

That's probably the same person as above as well. But there is more:







It goes on like that. These hot takes are retarded.

Saying that you are an obese tranny because you critcize American imperialism is literally Holla Forums. These people are not shy of using fascist talking points, but would whine 24/7 how the USSR was and the DPRK is "communism".

forgot about word filter

The reason why I made this thread was to point out the hypocrisy of the people down there, which I think is toxic for the left. Twitter does something objectively shitty, and I bet my ass that corporate Democrats or alphabet soup are involved, and the knee-jerk reaction of these individuals is to whine about Russia and to this into the 542986th debate about imperialism and Russia instead of attacking the bootlicking cunts who run Twitter or the people behind those shenanigans. You realize this is what the neoliberal establishment wants, right?

I mean, I hate to say this, but even fucking Holla Forums would deliver more quality content in such a thread. They would put aside their infighting, dig into this, and actually may or may not come up with some background connections behind this, even if 90% of their investigation is just paranoia its still more useful than a neutered "left" calling each other FSB-shills or CIA-shills. And I think the people who keep Russia-baiting in these threads know this very well.

R0java fanboys are losing their minds after Turkey (and America) did what everyone here was saying they would do. Try not to be so hard on them.


Tbh I'm starting to think /leftpol/ is either half liberal or Holla Forums has been shilling on it


Or maybe just rub it in as hard as you can so they get a memorable lesson. The left shouldn't be a safe space. Your criticism can be devastating yet polite.

Is /leftpol/ filled with butthurt Ameritard liberals pretending to be socialists?


Well, looking at the flags and posts they definitely have more "ironic" posters (meaning recent Holla Forums converts) like Manarchists, market "socialists", anarkiddies, and flat out liberals.

From their R0java General thread. They are realizing that the boat is sinking.

Even if R0java succeeded and even toppled Assad and established a socialist Syria (lmfao). How long would it last between Turkey, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia?

Also notice the unironic "turkroach" memes.

Turkroach memes are pretty great.

It's just a specific branch of the mudslime meme. Dehumanizing, in one word.




No autism wars between boards. Last time that happened a mod went rogue and deleted everything

Go to hell, ya dumb tank. You think I enjoy working for a company that literally sets up death panels for cancer patients? Literally the only reason I'm here is because it's the only job I could snag after months of searching. And I'm one of the lucky ones; some folks I know have gone years without a paid position.

Is that a sufficient reason to anchor this thread? It's like saying "no schools from now on because school shooters." Besides, still a high percentage of posts in leftpol are about the BO butthurt, so not allowing us to reflect seems counter-productive as hell.

He was clearly joking.

vol is right, we have to engage the anarcho-liberal population of /leftpol/ there.

seems very productive, indeed

My bad. It's been a long week.

Half-joking. Citizens of an imperialist country are complicit until they are actively fighting against the establishment.

t. not even a Turd Worldist

PS Do it again, bomber Harris

If you btfo them adequately, lurkers will be less likely to turn into anticommunists.

Even if we collectively suck at doing that, they're just gonna grow in /leftpol/ and BO is just going to ban them if they come here to spew black book of communism propaganda.

Sorry mate, but is complaining about /leftpol/ taboo now? I mean, they have dozens of threads complaining about Holla Forums as well.

We're the farce, I see.

Make a better thread then, this is just cherry picking retarded bait and encouraging shit flinging.

fuck off Asserist

(not my thread)

the circle is complete

Save my soul
Been alternating between >>>/leftpol/ and Holla Forums. The moderation on the other board is a bit too lax and just a bunch of liberals, Holla Forumsaks and shit are just shiting up the board.

The only better thing at /leftpol/ are the flags. They have a cool Marxism-Leninism flag and a Juche flag.

Flags here are more uniform which is aesthetically pleasing. I'm not too fond of every snowflake ideology getting a flag like its an actual thing outside the site. What's the practical use of a Juche flag? Nobody is a juche-ist outside NK.

at least they have a decent ML flag while we have this one.

Jesus Fucking Christ that pro-American rhetoric.

Absolutely infantile. Not even anarchists and leftcoms are this fucking naive.

Do you have to fucking rub it in?

can you explain what he's rubbing in? I thought The Kurds were winning the battle of Afrin, and they rejected SAA occupation.

I can pick a dozen examples of people on leftypol being just as retarded. It really doesn't mean anything.

For all of the circlejerking about the people that have been banned, noone seems to be able to muster any decent counter arguments to their positions, but then I guess thats why they got banned in the first place.

they got banned because BO is a sectarian nigger, there was discussion aplenty before the big glorious uprising.

Who is more sectarian the BO or a group of people who made a new board out of butthurt over a single word filter?

Holy fucking shit

What is more concerning to me is the fact that this place became a literal leftist subreddit. Holla Forums used to be fun, creative and diverse, and now I see anons using the term "manarchist" unironically. What happened, seriously?
I mean, you should rather ponder on the fact that this board lost half of its posters in a couple of months, you bunch of fucking intellectual half-wits.

I used to love this place, now it's just reddit. I'm glad someone created an alternative, let this place die with what little dignity it still has.

The alternative is shit. It's only shitposts, e-celebs, liberals and Holla Forums astroturfing. I like Holla Forums the way it is right now. Look at the average post quality of /leftpol/ and it becomes clear we haven't lost the intellectual elite.

Call these fags out then. This isn't new, you could always spot a skinwalker here or there by these slip-ups, and they should always go through a struggle session.

Americans are so mind-washed with Russian boogeyman propaganda that it gets even in the left.