Rojava allying themselves with the US was a huge mistake

How America used then left the peaceful Syrian community of over a dozen US military bases in Syria to the disposal of Erdoğan’s increasingly authoritarian domain.

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The Kurds probably knew they would get screwed, there’s a reason why they say that only the mountains are their friends. Their alliance with America was clearly done out of pragmatic self-preservation, which is borne out by the fact that as soon as America faltered and Russia/Assad offered better protection they went over to them.

I’d also like to add that the quickest way for Assad to get the US out of Syria would be to offer amnesty to the Kurds.

Yes, the state that was torn apart by France and the UK, then controlled by the US and NATO for most of its modern existence and is now trying to break loose from that influence by turning towards eastern amd southern countries is "imperialist" while the CIA-funded Mossad-funded glorious kurdish "anarchist" paradise (which is totally not a US installation I swear!!!!) is not



of course he'd do that, assad was throwing amnesties around him for years now

but please tell me, what changed? weren't theyjust doing "lend lease"? get all the stuff you needed and develop the means to fight for themself?
i thought this is finally really true communism in one region (™) in the happening, and now you're telling me that there are foreign troops on syrian soil?

turkey is not imperialist, they're moochers on the imperialist periphery being spoonfed by Germany to keep up the border
they're an agent state for imperialism



ah, i forgot about the definition of imperialism
"when a country invades another one"
and just ignoring that it isn't acting by its own accord as i pointed out but whatever, right? imperialism as a theory? hogwash! imperialism is when the military does stuff!

Erdogan plz

that is kind of nitpicking, yes Turkey is not engaging in its *own* imperialism, it is a servant of US imperialism and a member of NATO, it is still perfectly acceptable to call Turkey imperialist.

Just like how Khalkhin Gol was Manchurian imperialism in action right? gtfo

Okay. I'm now in going "le radical centralist" on this subject I'm getting two conflicting views that either the Kurds are imperialist but turkey isn't or the Turks are imperialist and the Kurds aren't.

If Turkey isn't imperialist, the Kurds sure as fuck aren't. If anyone argues that Turkey's intervention and expansionist ideals aren't imperialist because they are a tool of America, then it makes no sense whatsoever to argue that the Kurds are a tool of America and therefore imperialist.

both arent, what the fuck

nobody says kurds to be imperialist, what the actual fuck is this shitposting?

I'm assuming it's another user then but I have seen two instances of Stalin stashes basically calling the Kurds imperialist for even daring look at the US. It could just be one person, or two. Either way, anonymous image board, bad to assume every flag is same person.


That too

Speculation on steroids.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Channers of all chans, unite against wordfilters!



So I know many posters here are pissed off at the Y-P-G for letting the US build those bases in their backyard (the word filter is a good indication). However, I believe anything the Y-P-G fucked up is more or less canceled out by them curb-stomping ISIS. They actually sacrificed their lives to go in and cripple this messed up sunni ground army, which was the main threat to Assad's rule. I assume that, as long as Assad is still in power, the Turkey-Qatar pipeline plans are off the table.

I suppose the Kurds are just going to keep grabbing for pragmatic solutions rather than the most noble ones.

You can't be serious. Turkey openly tries to manipulate politics and discourse across Europe. They have their lobbyists in America as well, and bought off Michael Flynn to delay support for the Kurds against ISIS. Turkey is run by a dictator, has the second-largest army in NATO, has its own oppressed minority that it chases across borders to attack, and it has perpetrated literal genocide, fact of which it continues to deny to this day. Taking blood money for border patrol duty is just fucking icing on the cake for Turkey.

I'm not sure what the hell you're smoking when you try to put the blame for all this on Germany. Even Germany has acknowledged the Armenian genocide, despite all those Turkish lobbyists breathing down their necks.

This is just the usual crypto-imperialist "tail wags dog" narrative.

You dropped your trip, BO.

You just ignored the dictator part, the genocide part and the second-largest army in NATO part. You either didn't finish reading my post or you're just trolling now.

Are you simply trying to kill the thread? It's not a big deal to me man, I'll stop bumping if you ask nicely.

Just to be sure: if you're an Erdogan apologist then I hope you get bombed by the PKK ;)

Ok, guess Israel controls the USA too. Fuck off back to >>>Holla Forums.

Irrelevant, Turkey is a US puppet.


Yes, they are "fighting" each other, this is not a new thing.

>only the US does imperialism, nobody else has agency, genocide is irrelevant
I'm pretty sure you're the same nerd from up here
This isn't even about Turkey. You're just angry that this thread exists at all, and you wish that why pee gee would go down the memory hole because so many anarchists called Assad a meanie or whatever. But your posts are just bringing more life to the thread.

Go on, reply to me. If you bump this thing enough, we might actually get a wordfilter for Turkey just because the BO got sick of seeing this thread around and wants to end this inane squabbling.

Wow, thanks to the magic of liberal "theory," we now know that Turkey, a member of NATO, an organization that is irrefutably owned and controlled by the USA, isn't controlled by the USA at all, because of AGENCY!

what are you even going on about you stupid fuck? if you just say "genocide" enough, then the USA isn't the world vanguard of capitalism?

why arent you making actual arguments?


Manchukuo was a Japanese puppet state, Turkey is not a puppet state and a state that increasingly wants to carve out its own space again

The PKK needs to assassinate Erogan soon and establish a socialist state if they want to survive.

what a genius, why didn't they ever think of that before?


Mehmet please.


Is this satire?

Turkey has been a willing partner in US imperialism since the 50s, has far closer relations with Israel than the PKK, and is explicitly imperialistic in geopolitical outlook.