Universal Basic Income is the only way we can evolve to socialism

Universal Basic Income is the only way we can evolve to socialism.

its the only way for liberals to see the way

its the only way real way for the taxation of the rich to enter the pockets of the working class currently in this fucked up reactionary society.

once we get some sort of Universal Basic Income passed through some sort of "futurist" party getting elected we can build socialism

welfare is unsustainable and only serves to keep the lower class less aware of their current situation.
it also makes them entirely dependant on the bourgeois capitalist state, making them less likely to target it, because why bite the hand that feeds you?

read marx

cant have sustainable welfare programs for everyone when you dont even have any functional heavy industry and agriculture


Dont forget to impliment price control alongside this, cant have jew employers raising the price of shit.


I think you are on the wrong board sir

Whats wrong with price control?

Universal basic income is fascist at best.

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UBI is the chicken feed that the bourgeoisie will throw to us pecking proletariat so that we may continue their capitalistic ideals.

No thank you.

bourgie scum, communism is only achievable through taking things

It would just encourage short-term labor, weakening the stance of trade unions and create more precariat into the nation where it would be implemented.

When will you realize that even porky succdemism is slightly better than porky neoliberal centrism and will ensure that the working class will be more sympathetic towards socialist causes? The only true evil succdems a la Bernie or Corbyn commit is that they have unexplainable faith in liberal and/or democratic institutions and norms.

Of course, even if Bernie was a crypto-MList, a systemic change would need material conditions that we don't have (yet). However, material conditions are not enough - we also need the right ideological conditions.

So: What should we do while capitalism is in decay and races towards it inevitable demise? Watch the proletariat flock towards fascist, racist, jingoist "my way or the high way" lolberterian bullcrap or try to get them on our side?

Obviously, once the moment is ripe, there will need to be enough support for whatever socialist collective or state may arise. But: That's in the future. What do we do in the meantime?

We organize and convince. Some inside the system, some outside. Those outside may take more extreme positions - that's most of us, but those inside the system will always have to obey porky's rules because porky built said system. So what you do is go just left enough to not be cracked down upon. That's what parties like Die Linke are trying to do. I'm not saying it's particularly effective atm - mostly because IdPol scares many would-be working class lefties away all over the Western world - but it's better than literally doing nothing to support workers.

And: These welfare mechanisms have no effect in slowing down or speeding up the process of capitalism's demise.

Marx never stated

, he instead said that the design of capitalism is inherently paradoxical and will one day collapse. He worked with unions too.

TLDR: a succdem policy is not inherently counterproductive towards our goals. it helps people identify with leftist economic causes, which can then be made useful by agitators like us if we do it right to push the overton window towards socialism. that sets the right ideological conditions ready for when the material situation has declined and action can be taken.

the demise of capitalism won't necessarily lead to socialism. it could result in fascism, it could result in mass slaughterings. our obligation is to make sure the minds and hearts are ready for those faithful days coming towards us in the not-so-distant future.

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The general feeling i get from the right is that menial fast food workers dont deserve higher pay because it will make them lazy and theyre black.

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Mods are accelerationist because poor issues aren't their issues.

UBI is Welfare State 2.0, a concession to make sure capitalism keeps on truckin'. Might as well call them Bismarck Wages.