Living below the poverty line?

Living below the poverty line?

I made $18 000 last year (about $2500 below the poverty line in my area). It isnt any kind of desperation or anything.

What do I do? Does it even matter to be below the poverty line in the west? Sometimes I feel I miss out on society b/c I generally cant afford to be part of it. All my clothes are super old and i havbt left my town in 5 year or been on a holiday in 5 years.

I dont go to a dentist and rarely a doctor, i make compromises on presp meds when I need them, and use cellphones my friends dont want anymore and that kinda thing.

It doesnt bother me a ton to be at this income lvl, but it can be stressful. I just assume ill die by 50ish abd thst will be that.

How much are you making?

I used to be "happy in poverty", with my family and hobbies, until I started getting ill due bad working and living conditions. Privatized healthcare in my country is pounding my ass.

Are you a burger OP?

Had this same experience, was ok working minimum wage until I started getting chronic pain. Then my option was either torture myself every day or go unemployed. Had to torture myself for quite a while as I did a job search.


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I barely afford to pay a thousand dollar rent on a shitty apartment in NY and sleep on a yoga mat, not to mention live on foodstamps, boohoo you're doing fine, if things get as bad as they have for me do what I do and start stealing, lifestylism is great tbh.

I live on $6000 a year after rent but expect your rent is higher than mine.

Post your income and rent its important poor people actually start talking about their income and stop keeping it a secret

Close to a thousand, all spent on rent, the rest is all food stamps.

Also how many rooms, and in which country.

What do you steal?

Everything that isn't food.

Smoking implies the desire to improve or escape one's material conditions, but the inability to do so in a lasting and meaningful manner.

Plus leftists tend to appreciate a gal who's been around the block a few times. Having experienced the alternative, it's not hard for me to see why.

It's a psy-op to convince us to smoke and kill ourselves.

It's possible to live on very low income if you are smart enough to plan a balanced budget months ahead of time. But of course the paradox of this is if you are smart enough to do that you are perfectly capable of getting a better job.

It's amazingly easy to live on low money when you actually pay the fuck attention to the long term. It amazes me how many poor people do stupid shit like drugs and ordering expensive takeout every night, then wonder why their balance at the end of the month is single digit. And lets not even get started on the absolute retards who fall for the credit card Jew scam.

The only exception to this is if you intentionally work a super easy low hour job. This is a thing I did when I was younger. Got a 1099 gig that let me work my choice of hours. I made roughly 20k a year by only working 2 days a week and then basically lived NEET life at all other times. Honestly wasn't bad, got to spend all of the early 2010s shitposting. But eventually I realized I just had to move on. You probably will too.

Cigars are the one thing I've seen unify class in the modern age, I've seen a business suit , a construction worker and a nurse all smoking together in a designated smoking area before, they all shared one thing in common, pleasure in smoking.

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Proletariat? What are you stupid? Why cant you live on almost nothing!? It isnt our fault it's yours for buying takeout!!! If you didnt buy takeout youd be fine.

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I guess one room. Canada

Death is also the one thing that unify class in the modern age, which is a neat coincidence, since all smokers are effectively killing themselves.

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This tbh.

My income: $17k(before tax)/per year
Rents in my area are about: $708/month
utilites are about $425~/quarter

Considering smoking affects those around you, I rather you inject.

get roommates then,or are you too much of a softie to consider living with other people? I make 41k and still rent out a bed in a shared room since I'd rather pocket the extra cash then throw it away to the rental porky

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He's not wrong.

I'm a German student, and I basically live below the poverty line, with low chance of employment once I graduate. I work a job at minimum wage, which is 8,84€ per hour. Low incomes get taxed a lot as well and healthcare is expensive as fuck.

Basically I have to postpone bills all the time, with the time you learn which bills you can ignore for a month before they file a claim. Then I usually set up a payment plan and that's that. On the last two days of the month I'm usually short on food and have to buy cheap can stew for 80 cent.

Doesn't Germoney have universal healthcare? Why do you have to pay for healthcare?

No, healthcare isn't universal. It's mandatory to have it, and you can choose public of private healthcare, which leads to the richest 10% getting a private insurance and they are the biggest payers since payment depends on your income.

Germans pay insane amounts of healthcare. I am on a student insurance and pay 100€ every month. Since it's progressive, a significant amount of your income goes into it. Let's say you earn 4000€ a month, you would have to pay arround 350€. They justify it with increasing healthcare costs when you get old, but that's a scam. Our health insurance doesn't cover a lot of things like many dental issues. My grandpa recently had to get his teeth replaced and ended up paying 15k€ all by himself. It's an utterly shitty and ineffective system.

Recently our SocDems suggested universal healthcare and all the classical liberals, lolberts and conservatives were getting an absolute tantrum about that and the media published article after article how this would be the end of world, so it's probably not gonna happen.

You don't know the definition of insane until you go to America.

After universal healthcare there really should be universal food, and universal housing. It really isnt that big of a jump. Also universal pay for nonpaid labour in the home

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"Oh yeah I washed the dishes and va(cummed) my house. Please give me 5k."

Reading comprehension motherfucker do you know it. >2370927 isn't saying you would be rich or could buy a mansion if you stopped spending money like an idiot, just that it's easier to live in poverty than it sounds.

Uh yeah, It reproduces capitalism u mong

But it's not, he basically states you have to live ascetically, plan ahead, and forgo luxury. None of that is easy, and it is not made easier by being wrung out after an eight hour work day, and all the domestic labour you still have to do on top.
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You are confusing "porky" with "anyone who is not retarded."

How do you steal your stuff?

< What are medical expenses
< What are robberies
< What are comforts and enrichment opportunities every human being deserves to have

Tbh your contempt for the poor already flagged you as a dumbass who has no idea what he's talking about. Now be a good little wagie and fuck off back to /liberty/.

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Contempt for the poor is not the same thing as contempt for the stupid.

You are arguing like a grade A retarded SJW. Misunderstands people and then labels people based on your idiotic misunderstanding.

neet life is actually healthier for you then working all the time to pay for those things, at least assuming you eat healthy, so you should be fine

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Rent for an entire like 500/mo
Hell, you can BUY a whole house (3-4 bdrm) for around 15k or less

You might be so ugly that no one loves you, but this is not the case for a good portion of the rest of the world.

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