Based Maoist student BTFOs 'former soviet' parasite

An old video but this is exactly how leftists should present themselves to reactionary bullshitters. I'm talking about the Asian kid in the thumbnail. Unafraid and assertive but backed up by undeniable facts. No defensiveness, no apology, calling out all of Jaffe's bullshit. Way too many intellectually retarded brainlets represent and taint the image of socialism during public events.

Comrades, we are empirically correct and our confidence should reflect that. We have nothing to hide. Also regardless of your preferred ideology, conceding to reactionary anti-Stalinist anti-USSR memes of is a sign of weakness and should always be avoided.

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I know that guy. He used to go by "Taffy Laffy" on FB. He was obsessed with Althusser.


on an ordinary day I would sage this because it promotes shapiro-tier dogfighting, but today there's a rabid shitposter loose on this board.

no. revisionist socialism is still socialism.

also lol at the dumb kid who doesn't have a job and can't even defend post-Stalin USSR from a stupid porky


While I agree that the optics are bad for the general public and that ideally party membership will be restricted mostly to proletarians I just think this is a really bad argument. You don’t need to be a genius to know that when you finally do get a job under this system your gonna get fucked. Better a student that understands he’s gonna be fucked then a worker who doesn’t understand he’s getting fucked imho

Just finished watching the video all the way through. I just wanted to point out that this kulak got owned by a group of baby-tier Maoists and yet conservatives just lap this guy's shit up like cats to warm milk. I just don't get it. This guy just laughs when they make serious points and repeats what they say and then conservatives get in the comment section:
Milo and Shapiro are reactionaries who do a much better job countering arguments in real time tbh

Have you ever actually listened to his talks? Most of his "arguments" are just eloquent ad homs.

just pointing out the least he could do as a petty booj student is defend actually existing socialism

Have YOU ever listened to him? I personally dislike the kike but he actually provides good arguments. The ad-hominem you speak of comes from the Xxx_FeMiNIsm-DeStROyED_xxX videos.

Sure, but sometimes he can also make substantive arguments. For instance, in one talk, he admitted that he believed that communism would make a comeback because it gives people a cause for people to believe in and die for whereas liberalism doesn't do that.

I don't think Shapiro would do very well against a communist but he does well in debate against liberals who haven't even bothered to think out their positions.

I have to give credit where it's due and say that I respect that more than someone who just chuckles behind a camera and says "I'm a racist???! xDDDD" he might as well just insert a laugh-track and memes of SJWs while he's at it so his audience knows when to laugh.


I wonder what ordinary russians think of this jaffe guy?

That one argument is just an example, it's not like I'm going to write up some list of every time he's made a good argument.

Also, the argument he made isn't one that I actually agree with. People are drawn to communism for many reasons, but the most obvious is dollar-and-cents issues and issues revolving around questions of war and peace. Most people don't come to communism because they need meaning in their life, you could get that from a suspension of disbelief when reading the spook book, a successful career or even just caring for pets or children.

What Shapiro is trying to do there is paint communism as an insane ideological cult along the lines of radical jihad rather then acknowledge there are material reasons people become communists. It's not an argument I agree with, nor is it something that I think should be appropriated as a badge of honor.

hes just yelling at him, it wouldve been better to prove him wrong by showing gaps in his logic instead of just getting upset and talking over him.

What was there to debate? The guy would just chuckle "hurrr durr durr not real socialism" then when he pointed out that he believed the USSR was real socialism at one point he just peal-clutched
He just said, "Yeah, you're going in a labor camp" and the guy didn't even anything to say except "You're gonna put me in a labor camp???"

They started debating his videos and the guy didn't even really deny that he'd made racist comments about blacks and Palestinians, he just acted coy about the whole thing.

They pressed him on the fact that he supports the capitalist system because he's a capitalism and he agreed but he didn't even try to make an argument as to why they should support capitalism as workers. He brought up his anecdotal experience as an immigrant and even admitted its not like it would convince anyone.

According to Jaffe, public assistance was good when anti-communist expat Russians got it but not so-good when unspecified undeserving people got it. Honestly, expat Russians were probably the worst welfare cheats in American history yet unnamed (probably non-white) workers are undeserving.

Then he topped it off by saying he thought that disabled people should get public assistance–how fucking magnanimous of him. But its not like even disabled people need assistance because Churches once took care of them and he didn't explain why government stepped into fill that need either.

I do think comrades should engage in debate when it can serve our purposes but its not like Jaffe was bringing anything of substance to the table. They gave him more time, attention and patience than he deserved.

*he's a capitalist

keep in mind every right winger who argues against socialism doesn't even have a baseline elementary understanding of what it means. None of these people know anything about the USSR or socialism or anything even remotely related to socialism besides "its when everyone gets paid the same… and you starve.. and look at stalin he killed 100 zillion trillion billion million people to do socialism"

"Actually existing socialism" hasn't actually existed for 25 years.

And, no, you aren't under any obligation to defend any socialist country. There is no International, "actually existing" socialist countries certainly aren't going to help you, so there's no reason to feel obliged to to help them, even rhetorically.

they won't help worthless western chauvinists who wouldn't know a revolution from the hole in their ass, but cuba and DPRK regularly render real material assistance to revolutionaries and resistance governments around the world.

Exactly, they won't help you, so why should you help them? Even you admit it, albeit in the most assblasted way possible.

I just don't get AES-folks in 2018: China, Vietnam, and Cuba have all made major market pro-private capital and pro-market "reforms". North Korea hasn't done it because the major powers have went along with US sanctions and plans to isolate the country.

And Laos…well, let's be honest, no one gives a fuck about Laos. The country is the backwater of Indochina, I don't know much about their economy but I do know they furnish a great number of economic migrants to Thailand. The communist party even encourages it.

Comments on that video are cancer

Its called youtube

This is not how you present yourselfs to reactionaries under a audience. You need to have the full context of what your accusations are to the reactionary so allow the reactionary to rant and then just point them out in the video unedited. A normal viewer would see this as just hostile and making accusations without any evidence.
Seriously who is the guy and what is the guys backstory? Why does he hate communist?