North Korea calls for reunification with South Korea
As their ice hockey players arrive in the South, Pyongyang promises to "smash" all challenges to Korean reunification.

North Korea has called on "all Koreans at home and abroad" to "promote contact (and) cooperation between North and South Korea".
State media in North Korea also said Pyongyang would "smash" all challenges against reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Koreans are being urged to make a "breakthrough" for unification without other countries' help.
The North's official news agency said military tension on the Korean peninsula was a "fundamental obstacle" to the improvement of inter-Korean relations.

It added that joint military drills with "outside forces" were unhelpful when better relations between North and South Korea were being sought.
It came as the North's ice hockey team - dressed in DPRK jackets - crossed the militarised border to form Korea's first-ever unified team for next month's Winter Olympics.
North and South Korea will march under one flag as the joint team competes in Pyeongchang.
The Unification Flag, which features the entire peninsula and surrounding islands in blue on a white background, was last used in 2006 at the Winter Olympics in Italy.

North Korea is sending 22 athletes to the winter games.
Twelve of those are the ice hockey players who on Thursday arrived in the South with their coach, two support staff and other officials.
They were met by several dozen protesters who shouted slogans and held a sign demanding the beheading of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

The players will travel to a training centre to meet their 23 South Korean teammates and were expected to start practising together later on Thursday.
A poll in the South showed around 70% were opposed to the joint hockey team, claiming it will deprive their players of time on the rink.

Tensions remains high in the region over North Korea's series of rocket launches.
US President Donald Trump has warned the secretive state not to mess with America, and has declared the country a designated state sponsor of terrorism.

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He's starting to look like his dad

This would make a kick ass movie.

Is it just me or is he starting to look like his father.

I'm a retard, ignore "is it just me" part

Marxism-Leninism wins again.

Kim is my nigga. He can't stop winning.

Reminder KJU has an insanely gruff and badass voice and is an inspiring speaker:

These are things I know already my dude. However, I am not sure how much I like that my opinion of NK has gone much higher in the last six months.

He's very consciously trying to look like Kim Il Sung

Long live Juche!

Kind of sucks that the North Korean hockey players will probably be shit.
Imagine this, 70% of South Koreans oppose the combined Korean team, North Korean portion bombs the Olympics, ruining South Koreas perfomance. Outrage ensues (muh sports are bad because Kim didn't give his players enough freedoms to compete), and this actually negatively affects North/South relations. The media is going to have an absolute field day if one of the North Koreans slip up.
I'm saying the North will probably be worse because everything they do is 100% homebrew, while the other teams are more wellfunded/taught, assumably. Or maybe this will be an actual miracle on ice style event? No, no it wont

Why exactly?

As far as I know, any hockey skill they have is 100% North Korean tactics/training. They don't exactly have access to world-class training like the other olympiads.

North Korean teams regularly perform well in international competitions.

Cool. I hope this is the same.


Juche is ML in everything but name. Learn2materialism.

Juche is Juche its its own version of socialism

Doesn't change the fact that it is a variant of Marxism Leninism just like Maoism or Hoxhaism.

This is cool.
I mean, I think it could signal the end of NK. The Kim family is basically stuck in an awkward position until reunification, so I wonder if it's not an attempt to slip out without an escalation.

But still cool.

You say that as if was a bad thing. Sure it might not be FALC but is better than the alternative you faggot nigger.

He literally says, in the document I linked, that they had abandoned Marxism and Leninism.

no he doesn't, you got BTFO last time you tried to spread this slander.

NK's actions prove otherwise. As Marxists, we put greater emphasis on actions over words because we realize that the base dictates the superstructure and not vice versa.

KJU hair is fucking lit

Hm? No I didn't. Try reading it.

I mean, if what you're looking for is a justification for a predetermined end (support for DPRK as an M-L state), you'll find it regardless of what anyone says, and at no point does Kim Il Sung directly attack the Marxism or Leninism, most of the time he seems to be praising them, but he claims that North Korean socialism doesn't observe either nonetheless.

In what way does the North Korean state even remotely follow Marxism or Leninism beyond hollow and superficial aping of the late USSR and Maoist China?

No he doesn't you lying shit.

Yes he does, read it. Beginning of page three of you can't be assed to read the whole thing.

Just look at what socialism has built, even though it was blockaded from any and all trade with the rest of the world by imperialist countries. Even though it is shit on 24/7 by literally every other country on earth. Socialism was able to build a beautiful fucking country with tons of buildings and shit.

now look at india, a capitalist country. it looks like a dirt poor shithole where people can't even eat and it has no semblence of socialism so they won't be able to develop

Everything you know about north korea is literally propoganda, there are people who un-ironically believe that north korean olympic athletes are all starving and won't compete well because they can't eat food and live in huts where everyday they are forced to pray to kim jong un for a grain of rice

No it doesn't, post the quote where it does. What's your problem? You've posted the exact same thing, but nobody could actually find your claim within the text.

It won't let me copy it for some reason. Top of the third page.

Literally no one believes that strawman shit. Those who live in Pyonyang and have jobs that make the government look good live better lives than the rest of the country. Just because a weight lifter is given enough food to make it at the Olympics doesn't mean shit about anyone else's conditions. The only positive reports about NK only come from the NK government, even Chinese and Russian sources talk about it being a shit hole, there's no way it could be some secret socialist utopia that literally every government on earth (including "anti capitalist" or anti-USA ones) is trying to hide.

no, he doesn't. fuck off.

read the dprk thread:

Do you live in the US?

Now watch as he does what is described in pic related.

When you visit the DPRK, you are being shown the countryside and not just Pyongyang. Nobody denies thay the DPRK struggles due to sanctions, mainly the lack of fuel (no fuel = no chemical factories = no fertilizer and phosphate = no arable land), but people in rural areas are not that bad off as they are often presented. Besides, the North Korean officials themselves admit that some regions suffer from unequal development and puts efforts in place to fix it, which is done right now:
DPRK government is more devoted under Kim Jong-un to focus on underdeveloped regions as stated in every party congress.

Also, other cities like Wonsan or Kaesong have institutions that could rival those of Pyongyang.

He's says that Marxist theory presupposes the revolutions in developed capitalist countries, but the Korean conditions were a bit different. How is that contradicting Marxism? Lenin himself implemented state capitalism in the form of the NEP because Russia was underdeveloped. Korea implemented its own form of the NEP after the Korean War, until the three year plan. This is from another text of Kim Jong-il from 1996:

Like this:

Yeah he does. Read it.

you just got btfo AGAIN in this very thread and you have the nerve to tell US to read shit you are blatantly distorting:

In democratic best korea even gulag is democratic

He defends Marxism-Leninism, but at no point does he claim that the WPK is Marxist-Leninist


The theory turns the Great Leader into an absolutist, supreme leader.[45] The working class is not to think for themselves, but instead to think through the Great Leader.[45] The Great Leader is the "top brain" (i.e., "mastermind") of the working class, meaning that he is the only legitimate representative of the working class.[45] Class struggle can be realized only through the Great Leader, and difficult tasks in general and revolutionary changes in particular can be introduced only through, and by, the Great Leader.[45] Thus, in historical development, it is the Great Leader who is the leading force of the working class.[45] The Great Leader is also a flawless human being, who never commits mistakes, who is always benevolent, and who always rules for the masses.[46] The leader is incorruptible.[46] For the Great Leader system to function, a unitary ideological system has to be in place.[47] In North Korea, that unitary ideological system is known as the Ten Principles for a Monolithic Ideological System.[47]
How does Juche Gang respond?


So, no argument?

What about you wait a day so I can actually have a look at it

This is cited as the source:

Most of the citations come from pages 4 and esp. 7. But all pages before 8 render like my second pic.

Keywords not found in the pdf:

Note that this isn't an attack on the credibility of the source, just pointing that it is impossible to confirm what's cited in wikipedia as coming from it.

I don't respond to wikipedia quotes you faggot.

The average living standards between East and West Germany are still different to this day by a significant margin. A Korean unification would be even worse. North Koreans would be widely discriminated, rejected and despised like their refugees already are. It would lead only to a complete neoliberal "normalization" of the country, where people would need to become "competitive" on the "global market", or remain cheap labour. They would remain a perpetual subclass of poor workers just like Germany has.
Maybe South Korea will end up being interested in the prospect after all.

If the PRC + DPRK are successful in chasing off the perfidious american out of east asia, and work together to reunify corea under the WPK, and if they go full force on their efforts on advancing socialism, there's still hope.

Really fucking big ifs, I know.

The USA wants to prevent unification at all costs, so there's no question it would be a positive step forward. However, it WOULD pose huge new challenges to the DPRK, because they would have to be extremely vigilant about imperialist infiltration. The USA's backup plan is certainly to try to get its stay-behind spies and agents to infiltrate and subvert the DPRK through the unification plan.

First off, the living standard between West and East Germany is not "significant" in 2018, in some areas its even superior to the West due to the "soli" (subsidies form the West).

Secondly, the DPRK has the potential for decent living standards, a reunification in the form of a confederation (as it was suggested by Kim Il-Sung) would end the sanctions and the Songun policy - this means a huge percentage of the DPRK resources would become free through reduced military spending, and access to fuel would probably lead to an explosion of living standards in the DPRK. I mean, look at it: The facilities are already there, they probably just need to be modernized here and there. The food problem would not exist. All factories could be run every workday, producing consumer items.

South Korea is a rich capitalist country, but it puts a lot of strain on its proletariat. Elderly care is horrible in South Korea, workdays are long and the labor market is one of the harshest in the world. South Koreans have a high purchasing power on the global market, so they can wear fancy clothes and the newest gadgets, which gives the superficial impression of wealth.

That being said the reunification would still cause a lot of problems, but more politically.

Can't they already end Songun now that they have a credible nuclear deterrent?

thats shit, Eastern Germany is far underdeveloped.
t. Eastern German