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Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 27, pp. 160-1

Roy Howard, Stalin interview, Communist International, March/April 1936

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I'm not seeing the BTFO.

The reactionary propaganda of the day was that the world revolution was being planned from some smoky room in Moscow. Stalin just pointed out that the proletariat in each nation decides to make revolution and it can't be otherwise. It's not like the Soviets could make people have a revolution they didn't want.

He did pretty good at expanding the socialist camp in reality so maybe the reactionaries were right to be afraid.
*cue that quote about Stalin being the best Trotskyist and vice-versa*

Well what did you expect, that Stalin would admit that they were constantly funneling money and guns to communists worldwide through their diplomatic missions? That would be pretty bad opsec.

It's no small matter. It's a fundamental disagreement on an issue that Lenin believed would determine the very fate of the Soviet Union. Even more relevant given that MLs base their entire shtick on "defending Leninism" and continuing the correct line etc.

There is a difference between simply understanding that the proletariat of each nation plays the most important role in their revolutions and outright denying intentions for world revolution and ending a crucial policy of Lenin's.

True, but they could and did sabotage revolutions people did want. See Germany 1923, China 1927, Germany 1933, Spain 1936…

Put down your copy of Socialist Alternative and delete from your favorites…

But no one is BTFO with this alone, make an argument.


libcom is probably the only socialist site worth frequenting tho

the soviet union cannot bring the world revolution, it's a milestone of getting there but the propaganda of these days was that the soviet union would actively attack rather than support socialist movements, especially anticolonial liberation and such

or as stalin says in the very same sentence that you just "happen" to cut short in your "quote":

" You see, we Marxists believe that a revolution will also take place in other countries. But it will take place only when the revolutionaries in those countries think it possible, or necessary. The export of revolution is nonsense. Every country will make its own revolution if it wants to, and if it does not want to, there will be no revolution. For example, our country wanted to make a revolution and made it, and now we are building a new, classless society.

But to assert that we want to make a revolution in other countries, to interfere in their lives, means saying what is untrue, and what we have never advocated."

there is no contradiction between Lenin and Stalin

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Hey, no judgment, I was also a liberal once

no such word was said, it was denied, which is just a matter of fact, that it's not the soviet union that will bring these revolutions in other nations, such ideas are delusional trotskyite adventurism

i could tell from an earlier "conversation"


Being a quote mining nigger should be a bannable offense.

i feel inclined to agree, but i don't see the necessity just yet.
we didn't have bans of imperialism-apologets until they started swarming the place from outside influence and flat out denying core pillars of leftism in a floodwave of retarded shitposts.

i don't see such a tendency with quote-mining yet. it happens but rarely. usually they just talk out of their ass without even trying to quote anything. OP at least gave a source. it's almost commendable if he wasn't a trotskyite sore loser faggot grasping for straws.

i mean otherwise we could just auto-ban anyone bringing up Lenins letters, calling them "testament" and implying it's remotely testamony against Stalin. let's continue with just quoting the whole text along with background information on further distortions created around it.

the accusation of liberalism falls short when trying it on an ultra like myself. It's a lot like me calling you a communist, it's a buzzword

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Not an argument, though I will say that I would never read SAlt (opportunists) or libcom (libertarians). I wish it wasn't this way, but it is. The fact of the matter is that the bureaucracy in the Soviet Union was responsible for the failures of many revolutions. To take one example, in 1923 Stalin and Zinoviev advised the German CP not to stage an insurrection, Stalin's advice being "Let the fascists try first!" and Zinoviev repeating the exact same mistake he made in October 1917. The leadership took their advice and completely missed the revolutionary window, paving the way for Hitler.

I, too, am sad that the 20th century socialist movement was so derailed, but we can't just rationalize every mistake and pretend Stalin was a good leader because it makes us feel better.

The Leninist approach to world revolution is not to passively pay lip service to the idea of world revolution then do absolutely nothing to bring it about. There were plenty of countries with revolutionary situations when taking power was completely possible and in fact wanted by the masses, but the leadership under the influence of Moscow held them back. Only in your wildest rationalizations would Lenin have let that happen. He would have waged a ruthless struggle against those currents in foreign CPs and would have given correct advise about when to take power, just as he did in October 1917. Not to mention that Lenin would shudder to hear Stalin espouse the ridiculous and utopian idea that it was possible to build "a new, classless society" in backwards Russia.
Lenin would have issued the call for world revolution constantly, would have been honest about the bureaucracy that was infesting the Soviet Union, would not have made ridiculous, pompous statements about the triumph of socialism, would have rigorously propagandized in Germany through radio and flyers, and wouldn't have given CP leaders shit advise to delay insurrections or ally with the bourgeoisie.


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Be specific. I am extremely open to hearing arguments against in flaws in my analysis.

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Okay, sure. Let's pretend I used the word "post" or perhaps "understanding" instead of "analysis," which, admittedly, was a poor word choice.

If there are any actually intelligent MLs reading this, please correct me, but so far all I have received is nitpicking and hurr durr ice pick jokes.

I'm going with my theory
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just one thing i'll point out:
Stalin spend a huge amount of time and work on fighting the bureaucracy

for him it was an actual matter of policy rather than something to cry and whine about to defame the soviet union, my little illiterate trotskyite friend
if you'd actually look at Stalins work instead of eating out trotskies ass for some delicous brown chocolate crumbs you might learn something once in your miserable life

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Typical autistic ML not understanding materialism in the slightest. No amount of "policy" could have prevented bureaucracy. The bureaucracy arose because there were class tensions to reconcile, and it it couldn't have gone away while Russia was still isolated. No amount of ridiculous purges would have fixed the problem.


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