US escalates war for annexation of Syria

25 January 2018

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So is this article condemning laying siege to ISIS capital?

Also I can’t tell if it’s unironically pro-Roach or not.

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Its actually a deal between Turkey and Russia to contain Al-Nusra
fucking fake news

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Yeah, because Aleppo totally stayed intact throughout the siege waged by Assad.

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I guess this means another war in the middle east?


Too much reading, this is far too right wing for me.

I wish this “US is backing two proxies to fight each other” meme would die. It makes no fucking sense. Why would they back IS even when they are in direct conflict with literally every other US ally in the region? Why would they attack ISIS at the height of their power with a bombing campaign and stop them from taking Kobane? Why would they back a faction that is in direct conflict with their interests around the globe such as in Afghanistan and Iraq? The only interest they have in common is opposition to Assad, but clearly the US isn’t going to compromise their goals all over the world just to accomplish that, and even if they were they directly intervened against ISIS and severely weakened them in Syria when they backed the Kurds, who are now running headlong to Assad and Russia for help to fight a war against a NATO country. Explain how this makes any sense.

Because the US wants chaos in the region and doesn't give shit what happens as long as Israel stays safe.


No, the US wants hegemony and control of resources and strategic areas. They don’t go around causing chaos for no fucking reason, they cause chaos for the purposes of installing friendly forces. Especially when you consider that backing ISIS would directly conflict with their other goals like establishing a lasting presence in northern Syria or maintaining a friendly government in Iraq. All the supposed evidence has been sketchy at best, usually coming from sources like random Shiite militia commanders in Iraq or literal Syrian state media.


What doesn’t make any sense is backing a force that is in direct conflict with the faction that is currently hosting 2000 American personnel, while simultaneously bombing them.


The world lost the plot after Trump got elected.


Honestly these narratives get more absurd the more I think about them. To suggest that the US is causing chaos for its own sake just to sell weapons would also imply that this is what every major arms producing nation (such as Russia) would be interested in doing, and yet nobody suggests this. Furthermore if chaos itself were American policy we would expect to find similar trends in other conflict zones. If the US backs both ISIS and it’s enemies then why don’t they back both North and South Korea? Kiev and Donetsk? R*java and Turkey? Iran and Saudi Arabia? Israel and Hezbollah? Or Assad himself for that matter? Whenever America intervenes in a region they typically do so with the establishment of a friendly regime in mind, which in the case of the ME means maintaining the current government of Iraq and establishing a friendly government in Syria. Backing ISIS would directly oppose the former goal, while it’s ability to accomplish the latter is questionable, especially since it would conflict with US operations with the Kurds.

Iraq is now in Iran's sphere of influence. Being majority Shi'a, and having a Shi'a party in power. Destabilizing Iraq again isn't bad for US.

Here's the plot
>establish no-fly zone "to protect the Kurds" (

Why is it that nobody can give me a consistent story on what the US is actually trying to accomplish? Some people say that the US backed ISIS initially but then switched sides when it was apparent that they were going to lose. Some say they are backing multiple sides simply to sow chaos. Now you are hitting me with this 4D chess bullshit. They all sound like half baked 9/11 tier conspiracy theories, probably because they have to justify why the US would back ISIS while also dropping bombs on them and arming all of their enemies save Assad. The end result is that the Americans appear either as insane chaos demons instead of rationally self interested imperialists or else as super intelligent 4D chess masters when in reality they are so incompetent they blew millions of dollars on arming less than a hundred FSA fighters who all immediately disappeared or never even made it to Syria.

Take yours for example, if Iraq was firmly in Iran’s sphere of influence then why did the US begin arming them and launching air strikes and special ops against ISIS in 2014? Why not let them overrun the country and threaten Iran’s western border?

It seems far more likely that the US isn’t backing ISIS, at least not intentionally, even if some of their allies like KSA are, or have been. The US wanted a friendly regime in Syria while trying to maintain and expand its influence in Iraq, which is currently a soft power battleground between them and Iran. After regime change was no longer a possibility in Syria they turned to the Kurds, hoping to carve out an enclave where they could establish an indefinite presence. Even the success of this is dubious, since the Kurds clearly have their own agenda and are willing to work with America’s enemies and fight it’s allies.

They think the US is literally GOD and all powerful . The US fails all the fucking time. The US wanted to back anti-Assad rebels to remove Assad and cut off Syria from Iran. They failed. They tried using the over a dozen US military bases in Syria they also failed. So now they can't really lose fully and completely and have to do damage control and a tactical retreat and cut their losses. Also the US doesn't want chaos, whenever the US causes chaos they lose credibility and prestige and allies. The US want's the staus quo maintained it's everyone else invlved Saudi Arabia Israel, Iran, Turkey Russia etc that create chaos because they all have competing interests and competing interests create chaos the US backed up all their allies and vassal states against Iran and Russia because it wants the balance of power to be in favor of pro US actors in the M.E and they failed because they were just incompetent and the other side wanted to win more

lol I meant the K*rds

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It's all just an excuse to put enough boots on the ground to occupy both Syria and Iraq. Plans like this have redundancies. Including the redundancies collapsing on each other and creating a mess, which you totally promise to fix ;).

why can't they do this pipeline instead? Seems cheaper than starting a massive war involving everyone.

Because Syria and Iran don't trade their oil in US dollars. Protect the petrodollar, screw Iran and Russia.

Kill multiple birds with one stone.

Russia doesn't want Iran selling gas or oil into Europe either. Qatar could have just built my pipeline instead. It's a lot more plausible that there actually was an uprsing in Syria sparked by legitimate concerns like corruption the Assad dynasty ruling for like 40 years, rising food prices and decline of living standards after 2008 then the US saudi Arabia Israel opportunistically saw that the country has a lot of dissent and weak institutions and can be brought into their orbit so they jumped on the opportunity and funneled weapons and money into the rebellion and hired a bunch of mercenaries/ ISIS and al qaeda then mission creep set in and they didn't get a knockout blow so Russia and Iran intervened and kept the Syrian state intact

That’s why you’re pipeline can’t be done. Forget any other technical or political considerations. The country is an absolute wreck since the NATO bombing of the country, its split into factions that make the biker gangs of Mad Max look like a Mormon social club

As for the comment about the Syria unrest, the US planned to destroy Syria from te start. They used the same model in Libya.

The US isn't one thing it's many things. They backed the "moderate" FSA rebels their allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia also backed "moderate" rebels but also brought re-enforcement's veteran jihadists from Cehcnya Afghanistan and to them it was easier to sell this as a religious war because it get's people more motivated to fight than muh democracy and gay rights which nobody in the M.E gives a fuck about, the US knew this was happening but for appearances kept up the narrative that it's moderate democratic rebels like they did in Libya, in Libya the moderate headchopers ended the war quickly and the US supported them from the air ending the whole thing quickly with nobody noticing that Al-Qaeda took over and opened slave shops and rented out the pipelines to western companies that had CIA and the French Foreign legion guarding them while Al-Qaeda was in the village next door executing apostates and setting up smuggling networks into Europe.

In Syria the US couldn't get in there fast enough with the air campaign against Assad since Russia cockblocked them and as time went on it became increasingly clear to the public that muh rebels funded by CIA and Arab friends went from moderate headchopping to indulgent extreme headchopping morevoer they also started fucking shit up in IRaq taking Mosul and the oilfields in essence they where off the reservation and fucking shit up and making America look retarded furthermore Russia was setting up shot in Syria with air defenses ships and shit and Iran was sending in IRGC and Hezbollah so shit was getting out of hands so the US establishment felt the need to do something so they started a moderate bombing campaign against ISIS they had nothing agisnt ISIS taking territory from Assad so the plan was to remove them from Iraq and have them go fuck shit up in Syria so the US pretended to bomb some shit and Iraqi army was also proving to be fucking incompetent so ISIS was gaining more and more ground making the US look more retarded at this point the US was prepared to just let ISIS take over shit and blame Assad and Iran for everything while occasionally bombing some shit here and there but then Russia went in and started to actually bomb shit bombing actual squadrons of thousands of oil tanker trucks in the desert that the US didn't feel like bombing and bombing ISIS command centers troops and killing everyone the US didn't like that because what the fuck now they look retarded again if Russia god forbid kills off ISIS then what the fuck are we even doing here so the US decided to start properly bombing ISIS this time in Iraq and Syria it became a race of who kills more ISIS the US was now in a tough situation because as ISIS is killed off their territory was ceded to the Syrian government and that's bad because ISIS occupied good real estate that blocked Iraq from Syria and therefore Iran that's why the US was ok with ISIS but now ISIS is being BTFO at a rapid pace and Syria will have a landbridge with Iran so the US was like what the fuck are we gonna do now and shit?

So the US goes back to the drawing board it needs ground troops to cockblock the land corrdior to Syria so it finds the fucking K*rds and quickly funnels money and weapons to them to take territory from ISIS before Russia Syria and Iran get tehir hands on it so images of stronk women soldiers start appearing in western media and now the K*rds are the new thing in town for anti-Assad proapaganda, now around the same time Erd*gan sees that the US is being fucking retarded and this joint venture to fuck up Syria isn't going as planned and that he may end up looking retarded as well especially given the fact that the US is supplying a massive amount of weapons and money to his sword enemies the fucking K*urds so Erdogan is like what the fuck my sweet dealings with ISIS for cheap oil to Turkey -Israel are getting fucked up here and I am backing the losing side so he does a self coup d'etat blames America and attacks the K*rds. America is like what the fuck are you doing bro and Erd*gan was like fuck off faggot nigger you aren't long for this world anyway because it's an election year.

So this leaves us where we are now ISIS is pretty much BTFO the US failed to block a landbridge from Syria to Iraq-Iran Erd*gan is trying to kill of the Kurdshits and the US is stuck doing damage control to make its middle east policy appear less retarded than it is while trying to pester and cockblock Russia Iran Syria at any opportunity and to the best of it's ability while it's ally Israel is getting more and more flustered about having veteran Hezbllah IRGC on it's fucking border backed up by Russian's and Qatar and Saudi's themselves going into full retreat mode with Qatar defacto capitulating and Saudi Arabia also in damage control mode with shit fucking up in Yemen and internally with the game of thrones like power struggle

I thoroughly enjoyed these posts

Your tldr doesn’t make any distinction between ISIS before or after their invasion of Iraq. I don’t doubt that they were getting US support before then, but attacking Iraq on such a large scale was clearly an example of biting the hand that fed them.

Are you having a stroke or something?

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What in Marx's mighty beard makes you think that they don't? Do you really think Russia doesn't take advantage of all the trouble the US kicks up to sell weapons to this or that or each side? They're a major arms dealer, and they're not the only ones.

Then why do ☭TANKIE☭s constantly shill for them and their lackeys like Assad? What frustrates me is not their position on R*java or even their support for regimes like Iran, but their utter inconsistency when it comes to anti-imperialism. It really is just irrational anti-American edgeposting instead of a coherent analysis of geopolitics from an anti-imperialist standpoint.

I'm sorry not everyone is as intelligent and clever as you user.

That is because most ☭TANKIE☭s think that America is the only imperialist asshole out there.
And those who are aware of Iran and Russia's ambitions simply choose to side with the lesser evil therefore becoming anti-american

Are you retards unable to differentiate between two countries assisting the government of Syria based on the explicit consent of the government of Syria which is perfectly legal as opposed to America that has stated that multiple times that it wants the Syrian government overthrown that supplies weapons to the rebels that trains the rebels and has setup illegal bases in Syria by itself with no consent from anyone.
what kind of faggot is unironically "pro-American"

99% of the american population

most of the American population is retarded and even they don't support the Syria fuckery

they support the pursuit of american interests, especially if it includes killing people who say they hate america. the specifics don't matter

no they don't. They have no idea what American interests are in the first place. Most of the Trumpfags are "isolationists" It's not like they have analyzed that to maintain their international status and way of life that they need to maintain control of the M.E and to check the growing influence of rival powers like Russia and Iran they don't operate on that level the debate is basically :
" democracy, good", "but muh Islam", "but muh democracy tho" "but Islam bad tho" " democracy betterer than Islam tho"
"but Islam=/=democracy"

they know it mostly means continuing america's domination of the planet. that's enough
so they elect a president who routinely spoke of attacking north korea and killing terrorists across the globe. if they're isolationists their choices don't reflect it

it all comes down to a basic choice: america or not. they choose america every time and always will

No I doubt it most of them aren't consciously aware of the "domination" aspect they think in pop culture superhero terms bad things are happening somewhere and Murka is there to rush to the aid of goodness and righteousness. Also Islam=bad. The ones that are a little smarter want to maintain America's status but they don't want to do anything for it that might make them uncomfortable they don't want to waste a lot of money on it or lose US troops for it.

Why ☭TANKIE☭s refuse to see the bigger picture?
Once the syrian war ends Iran plans to become the new M.E hegemon making every other country in the region their vassal and Russia is just boosting their international image so they can reintegrate the ex soviet states.

Trump supporters are useful idiots

useful idiots have power. that's what makes them useful. if they're helping the enemy achieve its goals, that makes them the enemy too, and practically its soldiers

Show me those plans faggot. How Is Iran gonna make Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia their vassals those countries have US military bases all over their countries and spend more on the military than Iran.

How the fuck is being shat on by all of Western media"boosting your image"? They want to block Arab energy pipelines to Europe it would be imperialism if Russia invaded Syria itself to block an energy pipeline and removed the government

Israel is fucked if the "shia corridor" is established that's why they are so desperate with muh Iranian bases, Saudi arabia will get surrounded but to be honest they are losing do to their own incompetence and Turkey will simply be cut off from the middle east, i don't think Iran cares about Turkey tho.
Russia is getting its influence back in the ex soviet states by appearing like a super power while at the same time they make america appear like a declining power, suddently the ex soviet states feel the pressure of a resurgent Russia just outside their borders and Russia uses this in thier favor pushing this countries to join the Euroasian Union which is entirely dominated by them.

israel has nukes pointed at tehran and has threatened to commit nuclear suicide if its existence is ever seriously at stake

most of the "middle east" is a u.s. client; israel, lebanon, egypt, iraq, jordan, saudi, all gulf states. iran doesn't have the power to defeat any of those countries, let alone all of them

So what's the problem here? Did you think that nobody would be taking advantage of the fucking malicious incompetence that America displayed in foreign affairs for the past 20 years?

Who gives a fuck if Israel and Saudi Arabia feel uncomfortable? Israel is not "fucked" they are jsut in a less advantageous position if the war that they have been planning to start with Iran for years now actually starts because then Iran will be in a position to retaliate directly and that makes Israel mad because they would much prefer a war where they don't take any losses

Also nobody who wasn't in the Eurasian Union before 2008 when Russia wasn't doing anything is in it now if anything the West flipped Ukraine and decreased Russia's influence in the former USSR.

Sure is spooky and liberal in here.

faggot if you are at the point of your life where you post Stirner memes on Holla Forums then maybe you shouldn't be having an input on discussions that pertain to foreign policy because clearly you don't even give a fuck. In fact maybe you shouldn't be posting here at all maybe reddit is where you should be posting.

We are not talking about a military invasion, no Iran wants to pressure and seek accommodation with countries like Iraq, UEA, and Bahrain also it's highly unlikely that Israel will nuke Iran, the consequences would be severe.

Ukraine is a whole other story but Russia has regained a lot of influence in the former soviet state, specially in central asia and caucasus.
I don't give a shit about Israhell and Saudi Arabia but i'm concerned about the countries the i mentioned above

so how does iran plan to become the "new hegemon in the middle east, making every other country in the region their vassal" without sufficient military power?

all American puppets Iran has influence through the Shia populations more so Iran because America made Iran a parliamentary democracy and the Shia's won the election but the other two are monarchies and Saudi/American puppets.

The same way Saudi Arabia keeps every other gulf country in check, diplomatic pressure and forced aliances. Also Iran does have a considerable military

I don't think those countries have a choice, is either ally with the devil or be alienated, just look at Qatar for an example, also Iraq is a US puppet because they got invaded not because they want

diplomatic pressure requires military and economic force to back it up. iran's economy is in the toilet, thanks to u.s. sanctions, and its military is configured to, in event of war, simply defend the country long enough to allow diplomacy to set in. it is not a sufficient offensive/expeditionary force. sorry but what you're saying just doesn't align with the facts



The new silk road.
It has been about Russia/China v. Saudi/Israel from the very beginning.
Syria just happened to be the gateway to European markets.
Iran is only relevant if East prevail in Syria.
Kurds are screwed.
Ally with US and die.

haha wattup greater Judea my fellow israelites

so wait a second. was the soviet invasion of afghanistan justified in Holla Forums's eyes? not bait or Holla Forums, just brainlet and i want to know peoples opinions on it

soviets did not invade. They sent support to the current Afghan government to stabilize the region from terrorists.

it was imperialism but they did improve the standards of living by a longshot. so justified

you were born just in time to see another empire fall

2,000 US troops fight in 1 Donkey Syrian farm town Because of the pro-Israel neocons in DC

Last summer, I was positioned just across the border from the Syrian town of Afrin around which Turkish and Kurdish and, possibly, American forces, are now poised for a head-on clash. It seems crazy to me that anyone would want to fight over this one-donkey farm town. We were there on a mission to rescue wild animals trapped in a zoo in war-torn Aleppo, Syria.

Why on earth are at least 2,000 US troops mixed up in this fracas in darkest Syria? Because the pro-Israel neocons in Washington, who pretty much run US foreign policy these days, are determined to have revenge for the defeat of US-backed rebel forces in Syria. So it’s once more into the breach near Afrin and the town Manbij though America has zero national interests in Syria. The US first tried to overthrow Syria’s governments in Damascus in 1948 because it was too independent and flirting with the Soviets. Today’s intervention is part of Israel’s plan to fragment Syria and gobble up its water and fertile land resources.

Worse, the Pentagon decided to enlist and arm rebellious Kurds in southern Turkey and Syria, and use them as ‘native troops’ to fight first the rag-tag bands of ISIS, then the Turkish armed forces. This was a terrible idea – compounded by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s incredibly foolish recent announcement that the US would mobilize, arm and finance a ‘border force’ of 30,000 Kurds that was closely tied to the Kurdish PKK rebel group. Washington has only a child’s understanding of events in Turkey and the dangers involved. Washington bills the PKK ‘terrorists.’ Clearly, it can’t even keep its ‘terrorists’ straight. The neocons under Trump have gutted the State Department.

The captive wild animals we rescued from Aleppo, Syria (see, are still in large part in shock from being trapped in the middle of a war zone. One of the hyenas we saved just died of organ failure.

Think of the suffering of Syria’s people as the great powers and their mercenaries turn this once lovely land into a giant cemetery

All this is a huge, dangerous mess. US and Russian forces are now at rifle’s shot from one another while their warplanes buzz the skies overhead. Iranian and US forces are nearing a confrontation, something that would delight the Trump White House. US and Turkish forces are nearing confrontation.

Were it not for the steady hand of Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin, a US-Russian clash might have already occurred. While this dangerous game of chicken goes on, US and NATO forces are busy probing Russia’s border in the Baltic, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. The hunger for war grows