Is she our succdem?

Is she our succdem?

The premier of Ontario in the last few years has began a bunch of changes for my class: Ubi trials in three cities, free prescription drugs for anyone under 25, raised min wage to 14, soon to be 15, called out porky Tim Horton owners by name for fucking with break times, added free college and university tuition to pretty much anyone without rich parents and has barely touched idpol despite being a lesbian.


This tbh. Good succdems/demsocs advocate the IVth industrial revolution, not UBI.

On environment she added huge costs to everyone which led to far cleaner air, as any communist nonindustrializing in china would support

UBI is a Tory program.

She also privatized our electricity distribution

lmao no. she's every liberal in fucking existence, campaigning like a dipper and governing like a tory. She's doing a few nice things NOW because she needs those NDP votes if she can even hope to scrape by with a minority government.

If she DOES win a minority the NDP should prop her up on the sole condition that Ontario introduces mixed member proportional voting.


Lmao only humanists are against UBIn

UBI is a porky plot to dismantle the welfare state and accelerate the "marketization" of everything.

Don't be naive. Nobody is arguing for a fiscally responsible (tax the rich) implementation of UBI (living expenses) on top of a welfare safety net that already exists.

UBI doesn't even pay to maintain a decent standard of living, its only meant as additive, as a subsidy to off-set the low-wages being paid in the private sector.
Wew, let's confine ourselves to things that are possible. Armed communist revolution in the First World is more probable than the alternative forms of UBI that people dream up.

Assuming that UBI adds to the existing welfare state, rather then gutting it as this poster points out ( ) it will probably just create deficits that capitalist nations are willing or unable to pay. I fail to see how, "oh, just inflate away the deficit" will help things but some people just want their tendies money that badly. Can't say I blame em considering how shit things are in the working world.


Ubi is exactly a welfare program. Under the dictatorship of financial capitalism over industrial capitalism the reproduction of relations of production takes the form of credit in buying power of commodities - ubi is universal single pater credit

Wow, my man, that is some retarded shit right there. It isprecisely what it says it is–income, not credit. Credit implies the lending of money at interest and that is not what's going on.

A properly implemented UBI would alleviate overaccumulation of capital, stave of the coming consumption crash, and would be a good case of demand-side economics.

But that will never happen.

For chrissakes

Git gud at economics. Also, know thy enemy.

I'm not seeing your point tbh

The state pays it therefore it has to be paid later in other fiscal years thru bonds thru inflation thru borrowing. Its a financial scheme tard. Government financial pokicy isnt the sane as a household lmao

You don't know if they will deficit spend. They could always tax and speHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Why is this good for the working class? I hope you realize that the people who depend on UBI for their primary income will be hurt most of all, as their costs of living will increase but the money they receive won't increase or at the very most won't rise fast enough.

Bondholders generally dislike inflation. So, if you're asking them to put their money in bonds that the government will wipe out through inflation I think you need to rethink that plan. They won't just keep buying government bonds if it isn't to their advantage, they will put their money elsewhere.

Also, the government has less control over monetary policy then you might think. Even if your planning for moderate inflation, if currency speculators feel that your going weak they can drive the value of your currency through the floor even if thats not intended. It happened to the US dollar, the currency of the most powerful imperialist government in the world, in the 1970s.


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Basically all her socdem reforms were being pushed by the NDP for much longer, she just implemented them to keep from being undercut from the left.