Is Jail the Final Redpill?

I just want out of this life of having to wake up every day not having other people's shit. Is jail really where it's at?

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come on Holla Forums, you aren't even trying at this point !

Yeah but each according to their needs. What kind of petit bourgeois classcuck would want more than what is provided in prison? Three hots and a cot. What would you need money for anyway? Capitalist non-necessities?

Man cannot live on bread alone

You'd be surprised how little people can eat when they're truly dedicated to the struggle of progress. grocery shelves&t=images

Why are you even here.

Read a book.

If you don't like that response, I'll happily provide you with an explanation and reading material if you prove that you're doing anything but shitposting.

Uh…progress? Isn't that why we're all here?

Stopped reading

My favorite part of this retarded image

Yes. Socialism is when 2/3rds of the economy is private and the """nationalization""" is almost entirely limited to the government buying stocks.

You guys are right, the way to save Venezuela is to give even more power to the companies that are hoarding goods and thus causing the shortages to begin with.

At the expense of the proletariat's taxes
I don't think you know what you're talking about with this one
Depends on the prison I believe
Literal exploitation of a fellow man
I don't think you know what we mean by private property.
I don't like that
Is this idpol I smell?
Well good.
I don't think you understand how class works
Why would we want this?
Idpol again?
Restriction like this is a no no


My bad I didn't know you guys were doing REAL Communism stuff here. All I had to go on was fake current and historical communism.

it's not about what people can eat, it's about just being able to eat not being ENOUGH: The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.

Even in real Communism there wasn't starvation after 1945, ironically after the worst conflict in the history of mankind.

You are fake news.

Literally late-stage USSR and current day Russia

Was there a realer Communism than USSR or was that just somewhere in the top 3 realest?

Also what does it actually look like when the working class seizes the means of production? Is it like storming the factories (office buildings?) with pitchforks or does the government do it on their behalf? Where is this working the most effectively right now (or ever)?

Is that because roses aren't likely to be confiscated like all of her grain was and she might have to eat them some day?


Define Communism.

Violent revolution to overthrow the bourgeoise and seize the means of production. This typically means fighting against the state which exists to protect the bourgeoise property.

Nowhere because Liberal Democracy "won" the Cold War and hence leftist ideals have been suppressed by the bourgeoise in order to maintain the status quo.

every time

Grover Furr is the "Hitler did nothing wrong" of the left I'm guessing?

This is a good idea. There's no way the means of production will simply fall into the hands of another, shittier state because politicians, especially gommunist ones have a terriffic track record of creating vibrant utopias right?

Ok then where has it worked most effectively before the cold war?


Putting capital in the hands of everyone instead of private individuals sounds like expropriation (aka wealth redistribution) to me.


and capitalism does? It has access to the entire world's resources and still produces shit results

you can put a monkey in corvette but you shouldn't be surprised when he doesn't know what to do with it.

Lucky for them whatever meager scraps they are managing to clothe themselves with is the runoff from some nearby semi-functioning Capatalist zone. So even if they cant organize themselves into functioning societies with schoolhouses etc. at least they don't have to walk around naked.


Is this the power of neoliberalism?

then the revolution is doomed

oh, he's racist. didn't see this coming.

this is only accurate for democraps, what a garbage meme


Idealism is one hell of a drug.

every. time.

I was poor. Then I got a job. Now I'm not poor. Try it sometime it's really popular.

Person who posted the photo literally called it 'shit results'. Who am I to argue? It looks shitty.

Now what was that you were saying about loveley Brazilians and pretending I said again?

Clearly posted by someone who has never spent any significant time in state jail or federal prison.

Enjoy being isolated to one specific group of people based solely on your ethnicity. Prisoners don't tend to be the most well educated or socially adjusted individuals so terms like multiculturalism and diversity aren't amongst their lexicon. So should you stray too far from your race, there will literally be others waiting to beat you senseless all because you don't look or sound like them.

And those guards whom you expect to pick up after you won't. Everyone in general population is usually assigned a daily responsibility. If you don't pull your weight, either the Guard or your fellow Prisoner will come down on your ass hard; figuratively and literally.

The list goes on and only gets darker and more perverse.

No one is prison wants to be there. Not a single individual. Some simply don't know a better way.

And china. And soviet russia. and venezuela. fuck it, they aren't real communism. real communism is only real when it works: aka completely imaginary

NOOOOOOOOOO! Without free movement of capital and economic freedom there will be no capitalism to speak of! AAAAAARGH! IT BUUUURNS! My final weaknes - alll humanity in prisons!

Congrats, you're working to make someone else rich. Or if you're bourgeois, you're wealthy only because of your workers.

yes it does and it's a capitalist country fucknugget. All the wealth in that nation is being hoarded by the few, and the rest has been shipped off to the 1st world

he thinks you can avoid stepping on the backs of others in a violent revolution
woooah what are you an ancap?

define communism in your own words.

stepping on the backs of the bourgeoisie and there idiot meatpuppets (you) is a-ok with me.


So you don't actually have a job then and you're just LARPing. You could have just said, famrade. Who convinced you that you wouldn't be poor if you had a job? Peterson? Shapiro?

Amazing. So just having anything means you are being exploited or exploiting others. Well, I guess it's a dog eat dog world that favors the enterprising ones then huh? I suppose the only way out of this is being a hunter/gatherer?

Or is being poor the real objective here? After all it's the only way to be a 'good guy' in this scheme. Well this explains the communist fascination with industrialized starvation anyway.


huh? Are you so unfamiliar with the words "I got a job" that you literally can't comprehend them?

I told you about dem commies, I waned you DAWG.

Not all Jobs immediately place people in the Idealist """""Middle Class"""""

In a capitalist society, yes.

No, I'm saying that if you had a job and lived independently, you'd know that poverty is very possible even if you're employed. You sound like a person who's heard a right-wing blowhard sing the praises of employment, not someone who actually experienced it firsthand.

Not all jobs ought to. Should your paperboy be able to buy a house and raise a family?

Jobs that pay better are the ones that require specialized skills. Life 101.

Holy shit. You're the dumbest motherfucker I've ever seen.
You have ZERO knowledge about what communism is.


If a job isn't important enough to give the person doing it a living wage, it's a job that's not important enough to exist.

You actually can't believe another person when they say they have a job? You think working is right wing propaganda? How the fuck do you children survive and type on computers? Mind blown here.

Actual historical communism or unicorn never happened communism? I'm somewhat familiar with the first one. I admit I haven't bothered much with the second.

No, I have a job and live independently.

To me, the idea that someone with a job who lives independently can't conceive of a person who is employed being poor is highly dubious, and makes me think that your closest idea of "work" is when your mom makes you take out the trash before you can get your tendies.

He didnt claim that
He didnt claim that
He just pointed out that Working does not make an individual automatically independently wealthy
Rest of your post is just shit

You know little about either and buy blatant right-wing lies like "Muh Famine" And "Muh Holodomer" and "Muh gorrilions"

How many newspapers does a person have to deliver in order for the job to be considered worthy to exist. I had 30 customers on my route as a kid. Can I make my little kid fun money or do I have to have no job? Or do I have to deliver 500 papers in order to compete with whatever a lawyer makes? Do I have to pay the kid that shovels my snow a 50K salary? Genuinely curious.

Ideally the Paper Delivery job (Which no-longer needs to exist) is simply abandoned in favor of Automation and the internet thus allowing that paper boy to get into a job beneficial to society

No jobs for minors. The occupation of the youth is to learn and grow. Making kids now lawns and deliver papers is petit bourgeois Protestant bullshit.

But I liked my paper route. It was a nice way to make spending money as a little kid. No one made me do it. I got exersize and listened to my walkman. It was nice. I got to buy snowboards and stuff my parents couldn't afford. Why do you guys have such hard ons against people making money?

It simply dosent matter if you liked it
Its a Relic of the paper age along with the Newspaper itself
"Paper boys" and "Newspapers" are ancient and unneeded and useless to society
And just like all ancient useless things
They have to be put in the ground

Why make people Manually deliver papers when we have the internet and computers in our pockets?

How is having a newspaper delivered to your door in the afternoon not beneficial to society? People get to read cheap news papers in the evening. None of this makes any sense.
kids working on oil rigs? I dont get this.

How is getting news updates on your phone not beneficial to society? you can get news on a global scale whenever you wish?
Ideally kids would not need to work

It was in the early 90's. Internet wasn't that big. Everyone read papers.
No one made me do it. I did it so I could by cool stuff.
WTF is going on here?

It's petit bourgeois indoctrination. Methinks you didn't get the idea to do that on your own. Children shouldn't be encouraged to work as a part of some porky ritual.

Not to mention that those days are long past us. Get with the times, gramps, the person who delivers your paper (who even gets a paper delivered anymore) probably isn't a little kid, but some desperate prole.

waste of paper, ink, and all the labor necessary to produce and circulate it in a world where digital info spreads faster and with more variety.
It might make sense in capitalism and so does pic related. But in a society aimed to minimize working hours and maximise quality of life it is retarded.

This thing called Technological progress
Ill ask again
Why employ people to deliver papers when you can simply do it virtually?

You're right. I saw another kid making money delivering papers and figured I wanted to make a little money too.

I get it. Communism is really hardcore on their stance on …newspapers…and stuff.

It only increased my quality of life. I said it allowed me to go snowboarding, which I couldn't have afforded otherwise, got me out walking everyday, time to listen to music.

Sounds like your whole gimmick is just based around some anti-work, anti-prosperity, tell people to hate newspapers weirdness couched in terms lifted from commie books. None of it results in anything besides you expressing your dissatisfaction about your own failings and wanting others to fail too.

Were not talking about you in particular were talking about society at large

Did you know there was a time when people didn't have internet? It's true. 1995 was about the time it caught on.

Because there is a demand for newspapers? Some people want them and are willing to pay for them. Maybe they want to not stare at a screen? There are countless reasons.

wiseman points at the moon fool looks at the finger

ITT: Meme tier arguments being countered by half assed arguments. It's a deadly cycle.

gross. this doesn't even make sense. is leftypol always 13 yr olds or just at 5 AM?

Im talking about the modern world here mate
Society should not cater to an already small and constantly shrinking demographic

What is this thing about making pronouncements about what society should and should not do like you are a little jr dictator regardless of what other people may or may not want? You just like taking hard stances on consumer items you personally dont like and pronouncing that everyone else should also not like them because of you? It's ridiculous.

So, you didn't get the idea on your own. So, it's not some spontaneous manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit, but a self-replicating system that exists in a larger context than the individual.

Im not claiming that i "Dislike" Newspapers im simply pointing out that the continuous production of them has become more and more pointless in the modern world

I mean it's the shittiest paper and the cheapest ink, it's hardly a NECESSITY but people who want newspaper are hardly any worse than anything else unnecessary people will want undersocialism, because it actually is necessary to have some degree of unnecessary things

we are communists we absolutelly don't give a fuck about market forces. If a considerable amount of people decided to read paper news in a communist society they could come up with some way of having it for reasons said.
But there is no reason to have widespread newspaper production if your society aims to reduce working hours, resource waste and increase quality of life Which are communist goals.

Wow you noticed that? I guess that explains why newspapers are going out of business huh?

I get it. Commie kids twist together a little incoherent philosophy out of the taffy of Marxism to justify their aversion or inability to take a place for themselves in society. It's scary and your weak, but if you can convince yourself that anyone who is doing better than you is only there because they are evil, it can make you feel like you're somehow good without even having to do anything productive or challenging.

Think about where this line of thinking is going to lead you 20 years down the road. Try not to get too much AIDS. I'm done. Bye. Hope you figure out the whole newspaper dillemma.

No i was just trying to go from not being able to afford snowboarding to being able to snowboard and delivering papers seemed like a good way to get there…and it was good.

Do you struggle with reading comprehension or are you intentionally being dense?

What the fuck is this back and forth vomiting about newspapers. If there was a community need for it then it could be fulfilled, children just wouldn't be compellled to deliver them.

Are you the kid of who reads nietzsche once and thinks he is smart or did you come up with this projection alone?
We don't find the bourgeoisie to be evil or any other moralist concept they are just defending their interests. At the same time we belive it is in the interests of the working class to achieve a communist society where their cooperation leads to increased life standards.

Not enough emphasis is placed on the unsustainability of capitalism either. Even if this system was preferable to the majority, which it isn't even if we don't consider the third world, the inherent contradictions routinely cause major hiccups with periodic collpase, eventually that collapse is final. More existentially we're about to boil the oceans due to market forces and profit incentives, lol. What a trade-off.

Suppose your beloved 'working class' wants nothing to do with what your addled teenage brain thinks is in their interest? Say they don't want to 'cooperate' with whatever you think is going to 'increase their life standards'?

Admit this has nothing to do with helping anyone since they don't want you to help them and your 'help' would likely fuck up their lives since you don't know shit about how the world works.

It's 100% about you wanting to just wreck anything that makes you feel inferior and using 'but the working class needs me' as a cover for your spite and greed. This shit is becoming so obvious to so many people nowadays.

Lol this fucking status quo worship. Holy shit political action is rallying a base, it's convincing people that a solution is in their best interest, no fucking shit people aren't going to magically ally themselves with my political ends unless I can convince them but again, convincing others and seizing positions of power IS politics. What the hell point are you trying to make?
The rest of your post is puerile psychological analysis that you probably learned off Jordan Peterson, not really anything to respond to besides insulting you back. You're a faggot I guess.

Well, obviously we don't care for petit bourgeois reactionaries, but we aren't trying to attract the loyalty of people like you, but of the actual, living working class, for which our ideas actually have a lot of appeal. Statistically speaking.

Fuck off with your word twisting and defense of the ruling class. Their wealth does not come from nowhere it does not come from their hard work either. No billionaire works thousands of times harder or is thousands of times smarter than anyone else. Capitalism is not some kind of perfectly effcient meritocracy as you make it seem. How the fuck can its current failings be because of the proletariat, the wage earners? They are not the ones pulling the strings. Even if they are making $100k+ a year. Capitalism requires the third world, requires unemployed people, requires homeless, requires people who are just above poverty. This is all to keep property values high, costs and wages low, and profits high. Profits are not some inherent good you indoctrinated fuck, profits are why we only manage symptoms of diseases or disorders instead of curing them, profit is why so many are addicted to opiates, profit is why the great barrier reef is dead, profit is why we aren't reusing "spent" uranium in molten sodium reactors. Profit is directly holding back progress. Profit is why we have 22 empty homes for each homeless person and why Reagan threw all of those mentally unstable people on the street in the 80s when the mental institutions of the US were closed. But yeah you are the best person in the world because you are a good servile slave and have been so since you were a boy.

Posting in a decent bait thread, I guess.


Basically every communist is Bill Gates who was just about to invent windows and get computers into every home and office in the world…Except dummy Bill Gates cheated and used his evil powers to steal their idea and beat them to it.

Asshole just got lucky and didn't earn anything. It really should have been you. You're great at international finance, organizing mega corporations, constructing new machinery, managing limitless numbers of employees. He's probably a full 50 Autism Level points below the average communist. Fuck, even teenage communists now exactly how to restructure civilization from the ground up using a political and economic system that ended disastrously every time it was attempted.

All your arguments fall apart when you admit that the difference between you and Bill gates is greater than the difference between you and an ape. But that will never happen. And this is the special mental disease that commies share. They'll riot in the streets to avoid facing this: you're a pretty dim star in the sky and deserve as little as you contribute.

Really just seems like you're projecting your own resentment and gutless lack of convictions on anyone who claims to be less covetous than you.
Not everyone needs to entertain fantasies of being a brain genius to deal with the misery of their own existence. That's just you and the rest of Holla Forums

Never compared myself to Bill Gates. but this genius did:

That's where you're wrong.

Isn't that the my daddy works at KGB meme?

the one and only. so you faggots do know about memes huh?

Actually unironically capitalist.

Less poverty than both pre-USSR and immediately post-USSR (Yeltsin), afaik, with higher basic standards (ie less homelessness) than western capitalist countries.

Better economy under Chavez than his predecessor. Also actually not communist. I'd call them socialist - people will shit on that here, but I see VU as a poorly run socialist country. Ok, maybe socdems.

I'd argue the contrary, ignoring the fact that your argument rests on a fact that's biologically untrue, as you list differences between the bourgeois and proletarian it simply strengthens arguments for communism. BG was born into an already fairly wealthy family where he could afford to drop out of college to go play (which by a stroke of little more than luck caused him to be successful). That's simply not the case for many proletariats because far too many of them, if even able to afford college at the time, would certainly not have been given the education growing up that BG was, and unlike BG would have been forced to work whilst in school (BG may have worked while attending but to my knowledge he was not).

Of course we do, your ideology is one :^)

But I haven't told you my ideology, you only know that it isn't yours. :::🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧):::))

Your "argument" amounts to nothing more than ad hominem and armchair psychology and what little of it there is falls apart when you consider that we don't share your petit bourgeois aspirations. We do not wish to be Bill Gates or any other bourgeois, we want a society we can be proud of, and one where self-actualization is more than simply being at the front of the rat race.

You're artificially categorizing people into proletariat and bourgeois categories in order to cast one person as 'bad guy' and another as 'good guy'. It's just to reinforce the idea that wealthy=evil giving you some sort of justification to make a follow up statement related to how X either doesn't deserve their money and/or should give at least part of it to you.

Jargon aside, it really doesn't matter what his wealth situation was like as a child because plenty of rich kids become total fuck ups and plenty of poor kids use their brains to succeed. People win millions in the lottery everyday, how many of them start fortune 500 companies?

You can spread his billions all over the world to all the lovely people you think deserve it more than him but guess what? they'd all buy computers and shit and it would end up right back in his hands. Follow this out and essentuailly you're asking Microsoft to be some self liquidating charity organization who's future includes halting development of new projects, firing all their workers and eventually going extinct.

All these Communist dreams somehow always lead to technology grinding to a halt and everyone but dear leader sucking on wood chips .

You're wrong. He said Billionaires aren't smarter and hey don't work harder than average joes. I explain why he is smarter and is far more competent than the average joe.


The class categories refer to one's relation to the means of production.

The bourgeoisie own the means of production, the proletariat sell their labor to the bourgeoisie in exchange for a wage. In this sense, class can also be referred to as relations of production.

Our goal is not the even distribution of wealth (no one has argued for that), but rather worker control of the means of production and democratic organization of the economy, resulting in the abolition of both classes and the ushering in of a classless society, as everyone will have the same basic relation of production. This is what we mean by socialism.

On the other hand a lot of people Really Fucking Want to write for newspapers but basically can't under capitalism

They aren't. Meritocracy is a lie, and is simply the latest justification of hierarchy and class society going back to "god made me king".

Whatever "merit" is, it clearly has nothing to do with who becomes rich, or you'd expect to see a large number of astronauts among the ultra-wealthy. The only determining factor of who is rich and who isn't is one's capacity to reproduce capital by whatever means.

I could sense the autism from where you originated, stranger :^)

He said Bill Gates was born into a wealthy family and then he contrasted Bill Gates with the prolitariat. His dad was a lawyer. His mom was some some kind of administrator for a ban and a charity.

it seems they were likely on salaries or running private practices, which would make them prolitariat by your definition right?

Again, you are just using bourgeosie as a word that means "wealthy therefore evil" to frame any instance of a person having wealth as being guilty therefore subject to having what he earned taken away.

Did he say BG was born bourgeoie? I though he said he was born wealthy.
And yes, being wealthy is a big advantage.

Another commie teenager who was this close to starting a billion dollar industry foiled by those capitalist robber barrons who are dumber than he is. Must suck to not even be aware of how dim you are compared to others. So devoid of competence and merit he literally cant even identify it in others.

Dunning Kruger effect … The religion