What job do you plan to have after the revolution? Farmer, factory worker, or something else?

What job do you plan to have after the revolution? Farmer, factory worker, or something else?

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most factory worker jobs would be automated, and farming jobs are actually pretty cozy. i would be doing what im doing right now

I'd be a lawyer.

commissar :)

What's the point of risking my life in a revolution if I'm just gonna have to get a fucking job afterwards?

Central Planning AI designer.

Seems like a pretty sweet gig to me.

Something transportation related. Already a truck driver. Maybe a pilot?

Realistically, I'll probably be either too old or dead to see it happen.
I'm already middle aged.It'd be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.
Hopefully my kids get to see it.

I probably wouldn't mind doing factory work.
the reason there's so much disdain for factory work nowadays is due to the extremely poor conditions and low wages. with communism neither of these things will be a problem.

id be okay with most hands on jobs

that's pretty fuckin edgy

I just cant wait for state mandated homosex. State mandated qt boyfriend is going to be amazing!! I'll prolly be something in the gay propaganda ministry. I'll put dicks on everything. Cereal boxes, milk cartons. Its going to be amazing

I'm an acedemic, so I'll most likely be executed

how many layers of irony is this?

We have job openings in shoveling conservatives, that wave around 1984, into furnaces.


Whats ironic about it?

your mom bitch

Might join the secret police or enlist
If not those then probably go back to school so I can teach history.

I imagine the culinary arts would flourish without the mad whore of profits breathing down everyone's necks, so I'd probably work in a restaurant.

Whatever's needed in my community. If this is honest to god communism we're living under then chances are I'm only working like 3 days a week anyway.
My abilities would likely be best utilized as a teacher but I'm up for anything really.

I do wonder if serving staff would exist in a socialist system. It's pretty demeaning, unchallenging, and unproductive labor all things considered. There's a weird power dynamic at play.
Obviously passion for the culinary arts is a real thing though. I imagine it would function more like a dining hall, where you have to get off your ass and go get your food.

Hole digger yo.

Brulag (brothel+gulag) warden. All I ever wanted is to be a state sanctioned pimp.

Impregnating my harem of teenage wives.
Wait, what kind of revolution are we talking about?

Ancap please go.

Politburo Minister without Portfolio

You work so you can do the things you want, and most work will be community or self-directed anyway so it doesn't really matter much. Its my free time that will define my enjoyment and who I am, not my necessary work.


I'd really like to do manual labour, hopefully around 10-15 hours a week, mixed with a programming job, also 10-15 hours. I don't need much, and I think that work should be diverse.


That's a bit problematic, because interdependence of highly specialized segments is currently the best way to produce abundance. So we're kind of stuck in socialism until we develop technology that goes beyond mass production and monoculture farming.

what about the good old
-8h of work
-8h of rest
-8h of education

Waaaaaay too much work.


I was happiest with farming and science. Of course, I will never see "after the revolution" in my lifetime. No, some manner of orthodox left-wing government may take over, but society won't transform anyway.

So, NKVD investigator.

What I'm going to be doing. Be a physicist, developing socialist Cybernetics and participate in building and automating large industry projects such as a space bridge and automated agriculture.

A week maybe.

Going into capitalism as a nurse, hopefully leaving socialism retired and growing a big fat dude weed lmao while reading theory and telling the kids on my porch how absurd and stupid capitalism was and how I'm proud to have served the Industrial Democratic revolution or whatever.

Hopefully once science is actually a meritocracy without profit motive we'll reach Star Trek technology sooner rather than later.


Uh uh kid guilds are not allowed

an armourer is one who provides and maintains arms (guns)

Is there a better alternative? What do you think is the progression of agriculture is going to be?

Interested, what language will be most apporpiate. Gplv3+ only.

Being able to grow imitation meat means we don't have to do animal agriculture anymore, I'd say that's a pretty big development, cows and pigs make a shitload of greenhouse gasses and take up a sizeable chunk of land that could be reforested and repopulated with wildlife.

Okay, but I mean modes of farming. We get rid of the animal portion and there is no pastures. Where do we put the animals? What's the next mise of farming that you think might replace it?

Specialization is a capitalist concept. People should be able to do multiple different overlapping things.

People can only do so many overlaping things. I think there is a nice balance between the two.

With the exception of horses, I think the killing of most farm animals (especially chickens, beef, and pork) and outlawing their reproduction would be needed to reverse even a little bit of the environmental damage up to this point. As for the rest of farming I think we genuinely have enough food of all the needed groups for everyone to have a healthy diet as it is, we just throw all those fruits and vegetables away. We might not need to keep reinventing horticulture other than making GMOs that people can trust.

Gplv3+ GMO's

the whole point is to not have a job, why would someone have a job after the revolution?

It's not as if jobs didn't exist in noncapitalist political economy, primitive communism had shamans and doctors that were always on call. Humans need to run the ER dude, having only robots for your bedside manner would kill thousands of people over the years. Being a patient sucks dick enough.

border guard

One day physical work, one day clerk work, rest of the week free. I basically have no hobbies aside from reading and games that run on a toaster, and I don't think the world needs a miracle in technology to give everybody that standard of living for that amount of work.

I want to work in government until I know that the DotP is safe: then I want to move to my grandparental home in Scotland to be a teacher.

I think you missed the whole "abolition of the division of labor" part. There would be no jobs. Everyone would simply be a productive member of society.

What, the day after the revolution? Pal if there was one tomorrow most of us would not live (unless CRISPR turns out to be as dank as they say) to see communism.


Bruv, you don't get how this works, do you?


Money, markets, the state, the division of labor, etc are abolished by the time we get out of DotP and into communism.

Yes which is why that happened in 1919 in Russia OH WAIT. It's almost like capitalism is an endemic structure that will take time to destroy, HEH.

Its almost like you can't have revolution in one country

Even with a world revolution (which Marx said might take decades), you will still need time to recalibrate and reorganise the economies of the world. Therefore, you will need to engage in specialised labour user, what will it be?

In diactatorship of the proletariat yes.

WHICH COMES after the revolution user, which it says in the OP. So what are you going to do?

Yeah Russia being attacked on all fronts by 14 countries and being unable to develop proves the failure of Marxism

Yes, which is why there was specialisation of labour user, WHAT WILL YOU DO AFTER THE REVOLUTION.

Would you like to be operated on by somebody who dabbles a bit in doctor stuff? The important thing is that management doesn't get a small specialized sphere.

snuggle with you user (●///▽///●)


Are you actually this retarded? How do you expect to survive if nobody does any work?

The same as now: scientist and journalist. But in addition I will farm some health promoting drugs in the local agricultural production cooperative.

Move here and find work

no, revolution is the period when DOTP is established and continues until the abolition of class and we move into socialism/lower phase communism.

agroforestry , is more productive and less demanding on the soil.

Would language teachers still be required? I know 4 languages and studied teaching methods for my master degree.
Or I could be a translator, assuming translation software doesn't stop sucking dick all of a sudden, but even something outside my field would be fine as long as it's not 40 soul-crushing hours a week .

Greenland comrades best comrades.

How likely do you think it is that people with common interests will move to same cities and some places will become global/continental capitals of a specific subject? Much like Hollywood or silicon valley except not being shit.
It can make global resource mangement quite easier.

What revolution lol I'm just gonna keep doing the job I like right now and continue to vote for social Democrats

Wait, do other people tend to work less than 8 hours?

most people work more

That probably won't be a thing unless sex bot's become a reality.

I thought it was weird
Thanks for the clarification
You may rent this lolo

sounds utopian


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And precisely how might a white person prevent himself from being sent to the gulags? What would be the mechanism to provide a white woman safety?

Gulags or the pits. Whites will be exterminated one way or the other

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Computer programmer, farm, food and poop automation.

Excuse me. You seem white. All whites will be going to the Gulags.

But, sex bots would defeat the purpose of a brulag all entirely. Maybe you didn't know the goal of goal of communism this whole time were brulags in every town and city.

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toothbrush collector

I think I will try different careers after the revolution. I want to sample everything life has to offer.

All whites are to be placed in the gulags, especially white women and children, as they are far less likely to engage in work with their hands, after the packs of communists rape them. After all, it's the right of the revolutionaries to have a bit of fun with the bourgeoisie, to whom all things can be done - what god can protest?!

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Janitor. That's what I am, and that's what I'll be. I want to clean, fix, and make sure everything is safe for people. I fight for socialism and the revolution because I know many have higher aspirations. But for me, I like my job. It's slow, quiet, and I make the place a bit nicer looking.

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Same tbh
Only thing that'll be different is that there won't be any business class douchebags to serve week-old brie, wine and lunchables to

Not without a state you wont be.

Read Bob Black.

Hopefully the same thing I'm doing right now which is vermiculture but on a larger scale. Or I'd like to go to school for computer science so I could help with automation/robotics.

Or just someone doing menial paperwork somewhere.

Political commissar of penal anime battalion.

Hopefully fishing and doing environmental restoration and cleanup projects

A teacher. A well designed education system based around socialist values would be a huge joy to be a part of. I could also see myself doing some amount of manual labour, it can be pretty enjoyable if you are able to work outside.


When people collectively own shit, being a janitor will be a lot easier. Instead of thinking "eh, it's company property. A janitor will clean it up," they'll be more likely to think "I don't want my workplace to be a mess."