Let's have an honest discussion about the Supermarket of Ideology

How unprincipled does a comrade have to be to change their political views seven or eight times in the span of three years?

Imagine someone who goes from anarchist to Maoist, joins the RCP but then decides a few months later that Permanent Revolution is right and becomes a Trot, joins one of the hundreds of (useless) Trot parties but then reads Bordiga once and becomes a Leftcomm, shits in their armchair for six months until becoming a born-again Christian after reading Badiou's book on St. Paul and decides to become a Christian socialist, then realizes Christianity is bunk and Islam is somehow better, converts ("reverts") to Islam and becomes an anti-Zionist, Hezbollah-loving quasi-Nazbol Islamo-Third Worldist, but then - comes to the sorry realization that Turd Worldism is useless outside of the actual Third World so just settles on becoming a garden-variety succdem and joins the Democrat Cops of America.

Does this sound like someone whom you'd you put your trust in? I certainly wouldn't, and the sad part is, I know people like this IRL. I'm fully aware political views change over time as you learn more and discover more, but this isn't that; this is jumping from one ideology to another on a whim "just because it's cool". Shit, what do we do to address this?

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Keep in mind most people here are quite young and might not fully understand what they believe yet.

Agreed, but I'm speaking more to people I know IRL.



Posadas was the good kind of Trot though.





Protip: anyone who does this is obvious susceptible to ANYTHING.



Kek, I did this, and now I am an NRx sympathizing Landian right winger, so no, obviously you shouldn't trust your friend.

praise Gnon

Absolutely, I may be a reactionary but even I know the importance of Bob Avakian's New Synthesis, everyone of us should strive to protect Bob Avakian with our very lives, he is much too important.

Most leftist ideologies all have the same goal just different structures of how to achieve it.

I used to wander the super market but after I started reading I've reliably settled on "marxism"

Chad Engels would be ashamed of you.

uhhh… do wikipedia articles count?

It's normal to change your views when you are young. When you have only read three books, there is a good chance that the next book you read will be the best yet. Not so likely at 30 books, and even less likely at 300 and so on. Likewise with journals, movies, etc.


Anywho develop your own ideology, and publish it, also remember to buy my books this Wednesday guys.

BAsics 3:16


Why not both? If the organization flubs it's mostly due to their lack of theory and discipline.

Bob AfaKKKian is a liar and not a Maoist. He might as well be Roo.



Go to YT or Imgur and wank about Peterson.

Did nobody here actually read the text?


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I've been on the right for almost a decade, and was a libertarian to alt right. Now i'm a marxist. I know i'll stay a marxist. One good thing about my past beliefs is that I've read a diverse amount authors. It makes deconstructing right wing ideology easy. These things take time tbh.

1 Why did you stay right for so long?
2 Why did you you move to marxism
3 Any tips on converting or at least countering righties?

1. Grew up in a liberal home and in a conservative town. I was a young teen and thought being libertarian was rebellion against everyone. I eventually started reading mises stuff and like it. I went to the alt right realizing that ancaps don't have a revolutionary theory. I made one and it was basically free market leninism. I went fascist then Asserist.

2. I got kicked out of many alt right groups for not believing in the jews or cultural leftism. It was all capitalism. My vision of the alt right was radically different from everyone elses. My dream was that the white race can go for one final struggle against capitalism. Then live in a post scarcity utopia and live in a green based society. My anti-market and entrepreneurship sentiments also got other Asserists to hate me. I eventually saw that if this alt right is the last bastion of culture then we are fucked. The only hope was toward the future. Toward marxism.

3. Basically tell rightists that capitalism is the root problem of destroying our traditional society and that going back logistically will be a disaster. You can't keep private property and also fight against capitalism. You'll end up being their lap dog. You have to move forward. "Neo-Conservative" but in the positive sense is the only way forward. Capitalism is the single most destruction and unstable system and we cannot share a world with it.

This is legit a pretty serious threat. People on this board in particular will jump ship onto any nominally communist tendency so long as it portrays itself as antiStalinist or antiauthoritarian in general. Once that baggage is out of the way they'll jump ship and start posting De Leon threads for a month or whatever useless sack of shit they dug out of the 19th century to divide communists even further under the name of antisectarianism.

You're a bit like me I guess, but I don't believe in 'the White Race' and I'm certainly not anti-democratic. I'm also sceptical about the masses ever rejecting consumerism, let alone doing so with a lasting impact.

I'm mostly disturbed by how thoroughly capitalism is pulverizing and banalizing cultures and ethnicities, and how liberal ideology actually encourages their obliteration (because to care about group culture below the human is now racist and p r o b l e m a t i c). Millions of years of diversity and culture eradicated in the name of 'progress' towards an atomized neoliberal hellhole.

But I really don't see how we can do something about it. People just don't give a shit, and movements that oppose this change like the IB (identitarian movement) are at heart just vapid consumerist neoliberal hipsters that want to use 'muh feels' as an excuse to deport brown people. When they get bored, they'll move to something else.

Really? Liberals seemed more like ethnic essentialists to me with their whole cultural appropriation thing.
But then you have pro trans and anti trans tendencies within feminism so i guess there must be pro and anti ethnic culture tendencies within liberals.

Liberals aren't consistent and will flipflop on anything. The patriarchy must be destroyed, but Islam dindu nuffin. They just parrot anything they are told, as long as they can feel good about "helping" minorities and being at the center of the "new" civil rights movement. The leaders of the alt-right are at least consistent in their beliefs if we ignore their utter ignorance of material conditions. Sadly the Trump co-opts together with liberals calling themselves communists has turned ethnocentric nationalists into full-fledged capitalist mouthpieces.

It is sad, but as long as there is no resolution to the "culture" war it seems that people won't move on to more pressing matters. I think the best course of action is alerting normies of capitalisms destruction of nature for the sake of profit and growth while mocking the right for denying climate change, and the liberals for ignoring these issues.

Imo liberals aren't consistent, like the poster below you points out. But when it comes to my country, they want a mocha coloured human race and don't give a shit about making sure our language isn't absorbed by English.

Yes, they are against 'cultural appropriation' but they don't give a shit about cultural plurality. They just care about it because it's a mean thing white people do and that's it.

When black people (or jews I suppose, how else do you think their culture wasn't absorbed the Christian or Muslim behemoths?) say they want children with someone like them because they care about their culture they'll be as pissed off as anyone, let alone when white people say something like that.

This is pretty much another symptom of modernity: switching religious dogmas at a whim.

>ideological identification
Don't do this. Read and critique from your position, but for the love of fuck don't label; dead generations and all that.

Also, read this: terenceblake.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/ideology-and-continental-philosophy-avoiding-the-i-word/.

Talking about the supermarket and ideology


I just puke at the tought of being a Marxist-Leninist or being le anarcho communist.

Because there are too many options. There can only be one message, one goal, one path, and everyone has to be on the same page. The excess of ideological flavors has ruined the progress. The solution is obvious.

Are these actual riots? I've yet to see any evidence of what we'd call a riot, just some people getting a little angry and yelling a bit.

Identification with non-religious ideology became popular thanks to the spiritual gap materialism ripped. For instance, in 60s counterculture, leftist ideology was promoted and the spiritual gap was almost overcome albeit occult movements, govermental authorities and private businesses corrupted counterculture into many different subcultures. Divide et impera as always. Nowadays, purchasing commodities isn't based on pragmatical values alone, but shifts more towards symbolic values. Digital revolution and such cases.
Communism = humanism = naturalism. Communistic ideology needs no revision because it's critical and already implies extensions and revisions according to new material-historical conditions. Everything else is just epiphenomenalistic ideology.

Don't confuse vulgar cynism which is in fact timonism with critical cynism which indeed helds up hope for change.