63 years ago today this anti fascist died

63 years ago today this anti fascist died.
Rest in peace you glorious bastard. We'll always remember your contributions, even if your countrymen do not.

On this day, let us come together and say FUCK GERMANY for what they did to Europe and the jews, and honor brave anti fascists who stood up to them when spineless liberals could not.

You realize Churchill is in the same category as Hitler, right?


Fighting nazis is self defense.

churchill is far worse then hitler

kill yourself borgtrash

And so horseshoe theory becomes ever more valid.

Is this an anglo, or a well-crafted polyp false flag? You decide.

It's not horseshoe theory if they're both on the exact same part of the political spectrum.

Churchill supported the British blockade against Soviet Russia, using chemical weapons against them, sending troops and aiding the whites. You can't seriously call yourself a communist if you support this imperialist.

and don't forget operation unthinkable


This is no way a tank poster is this retarded when it comes to Mr. "labour is communist!" Man

On a related note, i don't understand why is Churchill even considered a great statesman. He was really just another mediocre politician with disastrous reputation from the past war when he single-handedly doomed the ANZAC at Galipoli. If Chamberlain didn't resign no one would even remember him. He didn't even do anything in WW2 except for holding speeches. Britain would've held on without him.

well he was still PM during the war and historians have worked around the clock to mythologize him because of that.

He was the british version of Hitler

Nice bait thread (Op)penheimer


You know I wouldn't ever defend him but doesn't it just go to show that an honest enemy is sometimes more useful then a dishonest friend? Just something to think about.


the "anti german" cancer is still crawling and found its way here?

please ban this faggot, they're literally shilling for USA and Israel imperialism and celebrate firebombing civilians in Dresden, spreading racial theories of germans being inherently fascist and other absolute insane bullshit.

also if you see again someone post crap like "bomber harris do it again", they're of the same bizarre nazi-like sect
just ban that shit, it's even worse than fucking turd positionism and actual nazis, because they're nazis in every regard, with the same ideology, just putting jews and the USA on a pedastal and attacking germans as subhumans.
that's not even an exaggeration.

An enemy of our enemy isn't our friend.

if a Holla Forumsack were to totally spaz out and pretend to be a commie according to their own insane ideas on how we are a jewish conspiracy and all that crap that want the germans extinct
they'd be 1:1 what OP is, an "anti-german"

i'm growing more and more convinced that they're not "real personas" but active genuine nazis
i've seen a lot of absurd shit people believe in (just look at the imperialism apologetic liberals jerking off to over a dozen US military bases in Syria) but this is the most insane thing, unironically believing into nazi shit but turning a 180 on which side you stand in their LARP fantasy world

that reminds me
soon after the first times i saw hammer and sickle and ☭TANKIE☭ flag-fags posting shit like "bomber harris do it again" this whole "muh imperialism doesn't exist" drama took off

BO should check on where these posts come from, wouldn't be surprised if that shit was largely pushed by a small group of dedicated antigerman losers from frankfurt or berlin…