Given the recent shitposting by edgy teenagers and other subhumans...

Given the recent shitposting by edgy teenagers and other subhumans, we need some spicy memes specifically for pissing off Holla Forums lurkers.

Gimme your best, lads.

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I know and admit that criticizing people on their looks alone is immature and childish, but considering that they're usually the one's "defending their own superior aesthetics"'', so to say, while simultaneously doing it themselves…

Sort of unrelated, but does anyone have that screencap about some drunk guy in the USSR being taken to a police station by some other citizens for saying racial slurs against a black guy?

It’s from Harry Haywood’s biography “Black Bolshevik” btw do you have the Holla Forums version of the 3dpic?

Heh, and libs try to say that communism isn't just authoritarian sjwism

Sorry, but I haven't seen any Holla Forums version of that pic. You might have some luck checking the image archive if you haven't already. Thanks for the source though.

















this is a genuinely great one


I think this is one of those cases where any or all would be correct.

good stuff

first pic. Where are they?


Top is Rockwell and two associates attending a Nation of Islam rally, finding common ground on racial separatism. Bottom is Matthew Heimback with two associates at a meeting I don't remember exactly what it was about. Pic related.

These are the people who screeched about Pizzagate in 2016, then campaigned for proven child molestor Roy Moore in 2017.


He was Argentine you guys know that right?

and Irish.


Don’t listen to retarded Holla Forumsyp ravings you couldn’t make derogatory comments about anyone’s race in the USSR and that included Great Russians.

yes, they are all like this

a few



This is a liberal attack on people who refused to support Mother. Also that picture looks pretty good to me.

If you're a communist, this is your man, and here is your card.

HAHAHAH "Niggier" that's a new one

Back fan of images with quotes without any source

It was written by a n.gger. "hey african… watcha doin'?"


< killing teenagers
What, do you go ahead and rape 'em first, like a good commie?

If you are a fascist you are not worthy of any respect.

Furthermore, being not worthy of respect, you may be raped by a pack of communists. For example, a white teenage girl who wears the wrong tshirt. She may be rightfully raped and slain and tortured, in whatever order is desired by the pack of communists - according to communism.

New meme?

Scientific analysis.

its practically Cultural Marxism 101 class

This thread is cancer, a shame upon /leftpoly/. It's people like you that make this board the most hated of all the chans

Yep. Just the basics. Cannibalism is quite OK, for the communist, including of living white teenage girls. That's because they are bourgeoisie.

yeah, the second thing they told me at the Frankfurt school
boy i hope all these secrets dont get out
and if they do who cares LMAO
i fucking cant wait to ruin the white bourgeoisie race

Ah, I give no ear to words, but deeds. I am a scientist.


The left can't into memes.

The thing that pisses Holla Forums the most

And this you picture is the delight of the communist: the crowning crowing of the pack of rapist communists, who raped every white woman in Berlin - the bourgeoisie, you see, they deserved it. That is the thirst of the heart of every communist: to kill, to cannibalize, to torture, and to rape white women.

the delight of the communist is state sponsored sexual therapy so angry virgins will stop screeching about rape for no reason

< shut up or I'll call you NAMES!
How about idgaf, and your communist ideology only attracts due to an innate desire to rape, to cannibalize, and to torture, and to slay, white teenage women. This did they, the communists, and their "flag" place above, and their "destruction" of the competition (protective fathers).

The Wehrmacht raped women on the Eastern Front on a scale that dwarfed soviet crimes. Germans got off easy with the Soviet "revenge"
No evidence of this exists.

nobody cares about your desire to rape 14 year olds

Nazis deserve rape. Sin can only be forgiven through sacrifice. Also the Nazis raped tons of women during the war. They were animals and died like the virgin losers they were.


you don't even have to look at history. Holla Forums and their ilk otherwise insist on incel bullshit like how women secretly like being raped etc. this guy's concern trolling at best

Looking at all this Holla Forumsyp whining makes it seem to me that this thread's workin' like a charm, perhaps better than intended.

Reported, you sick fuck.

Post more of these


20 million Christians were killed by exile, famine, and the Gulags, at the hands of Stalin, the worst human to ever live in all of history, and at the hands of the worst ideology to ever persist upon this Earth, communism. Never forget. ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

What did he mean by this?


^ the true core of the communist identity is rape, as you can see.

thats a fake quote

Well damn, a commie lied to you. Surely she'll apologize.

Any one forgot the Alt-Right Dogs Trailer that was nevar completed?:

We need a compilation image with every Holla Forums or altright neet/sociopath/deranged-gamer-who-kills-a-family-member. They've had a bad year this past 2017 and it'd be a shame to waste the material.

< not a nigger (communist) kills and rapes white women, yet again list


Marx was a kike.

It's almost like the American establishment are zionist/white supremacist or something.

He evented the phrase "the Jewish question" faggot


No he didn't. "on the Jewish question" was a responce to another book called "the jewish question".


Nice rhinoplasty. I almost didn't notice he was a kike.

It's Spencer fag :^)

Yes. CIA agent, kike, in league ergo with the commies.


:^) hear about one of your buddies in the German far right converted to Islam :^)

I want Hillary to be my mommy.


Yes. All of the commie pubs in the US were and are funded through the CIA.

She does have a very nice face painter.

CIA agents switching task assignments.

commies are revolting.

You sure that isn't what's called a honeypot?
Did the KGB and CIA secretly work together?

That would be the cover story for such programs, of course. The true purpose was to support the ideology pervasive in the CIA.

It's only natural that rapists, cannibals, torturers, and murderers, would gravitate toward such kike notions as communism.

I sometimes wondered how dillusional Holla Forums can get considering how many declassified CIA documents showed how they propped up sub-fascist dictatorships in order to kill off communist opposition in a large portion of the world.

pick one. also, most of the xtians are with you guys. the core of the Holla Forums identity is rape, as you can see.

well they're the government doing stuff so obviously they're communists

What protection is afforded the white teenage girl, by the atheist communist? We can read the writings of the communist and see a thirst for blood. They salivate for such heinous acts as fill their dark hearts.

White doesn't exist, read Hitler. There is only Germanic and Nordic being pureblood.
You're a mutt.

thats the whole thing Holla Forums is predicated on
try >>>/leftpol/ if you want to escape it

can you give an example from something Marx wrote?

Sorry I don't like discussing politics with literal liberals and pedophiles.

< you're a mutt
lelz you're really a tard (communist). communists always just say whatever lie suits the situation, regardless of whether or not they have any basis for it…

< read the kike book
I am a scientist. I read the actions, not the words. communists, kikes, are rapists, cannibals, torturers, and murderers.


You don't have that pure blood faggot, you are a mutt mostly likely between Germans and Anglos and 🍀🍀🍀them🍀🍀🍀. You are a disgrace to your ancestors, mutt.


then go to Holla Forums

I wish this were true, then I'd have a laugh about how FBI agents are constantly trying to surveil and entrap communists, only to find out they're actually all CIA agents. Thanks for the idea, now I'm going to write a screenplay

affordable healthcare and livable wages

This comes out a bit desperate tbh

it's an edit, and I think it looks really nice.
the text is pretty reddit-tier though.


I want to cum inside of Trunks on the right.

Reported for pedoshit

Rightists are usefull idiots

Here Richard Spencer defends giving CP to pedobears.



An then there's this guy Jonathan Charles Koch who put up "It's okay to be white" stickers at the Iowa City Wimmin's March. People tried to confront him, then he snuck into an office.[1] He has also been convicted of CP possesion in 2010[2]. Really Master Race present before us.


He even looks like Pepe

I'm pretty sure he's talking about loli/shota and if it were literally anyone else saying that you'd agree.


mp4: Baked Alaska macing himself at Unite the Right.
webm: Baked Alaska flirting girl, finds out she's 13 years old, uploads video after finding out from her father.

Cringe more at:

About as spicy as a bell pepper



laura should just join the left. she is hot, i would fuck her, great rack. don't know why she hangs out with these stinky alt right shits

This is why I don't think children should be on the internet, but outside and playing instead. His parents should be ashamed of themselves.


His ma was from Ireland, that doesn't make him an Irishman. Even Tommy Robinson and Margaret Thatcher had Irish ancestry.



This. Only anglos are white. We've been over this.

they are

What a trash thread.
Fucking grow up and go outside. Whatever you do will be more productive than making dank pepe memes to "trigger" the right-wing nerd boogeyman

Shut up nerd.

What a trash post.
Fucking grow up and go outside. Whatever you do will be more productive than making dank pepe memes to "trigger" the cultural-marxist nerd boogeyman.


but these are literal, outspoken liberals and pedos

Post that kid with the kekistan flag on his back


That was painful


2,800 dead white civilians from the German Army. That does not even compare to the millions of potential white babies that are not conceived every year because of diversity programs making white people not desire to raise children due to exposure to foreign entities and bad actors in their society.

Birth rates in Japan have dropped enormously as they're a post-industrialist society as well, are you going to get all worked up on their behalf and blame da jooz as well and fight for their rights to breed more or are you just a hypocrite using facts selectively to fit your worldview of le persecuted wyhte wo(man)?

Just going to leave this here to remind you why your shit doesn't work.

This is the real life equivalent of the kid who loses a capture the flag game in COD but posts his K/D because he spent the entire time camping in a corner as """proof""" that he's good.

"According to current Russian figures, the total irretrievable losses among the Soviet armed forces during World War II, including the campaign in the Far East in 1945, amounted to 11.444 million men. According to official German data, the Wehrmacht's losses total 4.193 million. This ratio is so terrible that [Russian writer] Victor Astafiev's statement that 'we did not know how to fight, and just drowned the fascists with the corpses of our soldiers' does not sound all that surprising."

"The problem," Vzglyad notes, "is that contemporary Russian and German sources use different methods for counting losses. By the Russian method, 'irretrievable losses' include those who died at the front, those who died from their wounds in hospital, those who went missing, were taken prisoner, as well as non-combat losses, including deaths from disease, from accidents, and so on."

he quirks of this system of bookkeeping are revealing, and fail, for example, to recall the fact that those 'irretrievable' losses also included over 939,000 former captured soldiers who would be reconscripted in the liberated territories, and those who, remaining captured, returned from captivity after the war, who numbered 1.836 million men. Hence, "in total…the demographic losses of the Soviet armed forces actually amounted to 8.668 million men."

"The German method accounts for those killed, who died of wounds, and failed to return from captivity; the 'irretrievable losses' for Germany on the Soviet-German front amounted to 7.181 million, and that's just Germany. When its allies are included, the figure grows to 8.649 million." In total, among those killed, Germany and its allies lost an estimated 5 million men. "Thus, the ratio of German and Soviet demographic losses is 1:1.3."

"The explanation for this fact is no less terrible, Vzglyad notes. "During the war, 4.559 million Soviet soldiers came under Nazi captivity; at the same time, 4.376 million Wehrmacht troops were captured by the Soviets. Over 2.5 million of our soldiers died in Nazi camps. 420,000 German POWs died in Soviet captivity."

Holla Forumsacks are honorless barbaric scum
and severely retarded
who have guessed


well but i did fuck up the source


Good agitprop ruined by >muh russiaaaaa
Fucking libtards have to ruin everything.

Fuck off.


wtf is this shit? stop

U mad, altrighty?

Nazbol detected plz go >>>Holla Forums

So many of the memes in this thread are terrible, they really don't make sense. Not all, but a lot.

This one in particular though. Doesn't it verify the need to protect the white race if you're example of the white race is massively inferior to the examples of other races you've shown? And as for 'le master race', well, people with inferiority complexes often claim things they own/are apart of are the best. They have to, because they have nothing else. They need something to prop up how they view themselves because if they didn't they'd be miserable.

I don't know what it is, I have a ideas though but discussion site-wide is really starting to take a heavy nose-dive. You can still find decent conversations here and there, but the majority is so fucking bad it's insulting. For any anons initiated into the basics, go lurk and see if you can spot what I mean. Fuckery is a foot.


See pic related Holla Forums

Matt Forney's skull alone in meme worthy.




I remember when you faggots made better falsflags and bait threads. Bring back the anfemposts, and the ancap gorillaposting, or that one "user" namefag, these are utter shit.

You missed the entire point of the comic didn't you?
Why I even humor you morons with my time I can spend elsewhere actually contributing to society unlike you is beyond me.

Do you actually view yourself as Johnny Depp?

I seriously don't care about leftypol's image, and I don't think anybody does, but you're still trying to project your shitty fucking sjw boogeyman onto this board. That strawman in your comic is fucking terrible too, people don't want you to not post your "I'm with Her" shit because it "gives us a bad reputation" or whatever, but because it doesn't inspire any valuable discussion. I if wanted see a bunch of people on the mental level of preteens shouting buzzwords at each other for no reason other that to "LE REKT PWN XDDDD" somebody else I'd go to 4/pol/ or youtube.

You know dummy, liberals get the bullet, too.
So I suggest you get out before I'm done loading.

You reddit liberals are literally worse than fascists.
Fuck off then, and "contribute" to your "society".
Nobody here will miss you.

people here hate idpol because it's counterproductive and helps nobody.
99% of the time identity politics aids the upper class.

I agree with you in part. I think it's necessary for some form of group identity to exist within people. Inwardly however, and only irl. Whenever it becomes verbal in debate, especially online. It is almost always adding negatively.

It goes both ways.
Capitalism to attack the lower classes.
Communism to attack the upper classes.

Shitposting deserves a violent response because we can't debate our ideas which have no objective merit, thus we have no argument but "punch Nazis"… keep it up leftypol, you're surely winning people over. Love, from a paleoanarchist woke to the Kikes and the fact that you can't have anarchism with 2 digit Autism Level third world savages.

Oi Vey Avram Schlomo. We've beaten you before and will do so again.



.webm related is Great Alpha Male™ Matt Forney pissing his pants and running away with his tails between his legs because someone is filming him in a public metro station. How anyone can still be Alt-Right in CY+3 is beyond me.

Fuck off sophist. No one cares.

Bakunin had nothing against ethnics that weren't Jews.

low I.Q. is synonymous with racism, so you're right.




To be fair he's been accussed of racism and antisemitism over the contents of his doctoral thesis (written in 1933). However there's no reason to believe he actually holds these views, but is merely citing the status of scientific knowledge of the epoch:

true version



Holding shitposting as an actual strategy (which they did) is utterly retarded and actually does invite a violent response. There's a reason trolling was an internet phenomenon. To be fair, this isn't entirely why Richard Spencer got punched, though - civility had failed on several fronts there. It had failed to yield any even vaguely forgivable presidential frontrunner or mainstream political movement, it had failed in attempting honest discussions with the outrage-pornfed alt. right cuckbots, and now then civil democracy had failed to even offer up the meager relief of the slightly less despised candidate. No victory of any color here by neoliberals/neocons, Holla Forumstards, or white supremacists had been won with honesty or civility - rather, always at the cost of the representation, rights, and ideals of the majority are they propped up. Why pretend otherwise?


Whats the original version? That little book guy.

None of the rights memes have ever been original, nearly half of Holla Forums's memes are re-purposed /int/ memes

It's kinda beside the point, even.
Holla Forums's problem is less that their memes aren't original and more that they may actually unironically not understand what a meme is (was?) to begin with. Like, "soyboys" - it's a meme in about the same way Limbaugh's "feminazis" is. Ie, it's actually just an ad hominem deliberately repeated ad infinitum by a specific set for a specific purpose. That's not a meme, it's just dittoheads.

Their lack of original actual memes would itself be less notable if it weren't for their apparent sense of ideological ownership of various stale oldmemes. Again, here, they both fail to grasp the concept and expose themselves as clueless newfags. They probably think "newfag" is a meme - chan culture actually manages to go above their reading level.



I have been taking photos of the backs of their cars to upload to various sites, we just enjoy laughing at all their ridiculous tryhard bumper stickers.
What I've learned from this is that if a righty sees you photographing his car (legally, in a public place) he will flip the fuck out, threaten you, threaten to call the cops, scream hysterically, and so on. Every single time. I've had to throw a few of them down so I can run safely, when they charged at me. These people are insane. I've been threatened with death by these angry apes any number of times, but when you remind them "hey I just got pics of your face & your plates, go ahead and try something pal" they back off instantly.
There is a guy around here with a huge custom decal in flowery cursive script that says "TRUMP LIFE" in the back window of his truck. I've only see him once & wasn't able to get a photo, that guy is like my white whale.