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Full circle of your average edgy reactionary neckbeard.

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Shouldn't surprise anyone. Conservative Islam jives very well with far-right ideology: authoritarianism, absolutism, prioritizing in-group over out-groups, women are expected to be submissive with little influence outside the home, strong patriarchal family ties, etc.

This can't be more appropriate.

Neoliberal capitalism really isn't worth defending. I think deep down a lot of conservatives realize this but still cling to it because muh property.

I was raised Muslim and concur with most of that chart (even though it's way oversimplified). Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories are HUGE in Amerikan masjids, especially among Pakistanis for some reason.

On the subject of immigration: it's actually forbidden for Muslims to migrate to non-Muslim lands for any reason other than shelter from persecution. Syrian refugees are doing it right, Algerian and Pakistani economic migrants are doing it wrong.

The gender and family stuff are what's mostly fucked up about Islam though.

Holla Forumscucks will dismiss this as fake news or they'll say he was a jew all along.

I mean…

This is to insult right wingers, not insult Muslims or Jews, go to Holla Forums if you wanna do that.

One step closer to the Houellebecqian cyberpunk future


all religion is objectively shit. maybe you should return to Holla Forums where your fellow islam worshipers can be found.

I guess the closest thing to an actual living Nazi party may be radical islam, standard "nationalism" is too reasonable and sane for some people.

Whenever I get frustrated at the left's infighting all I have to do is look at this and thank fucking christ at least it ain't this bad.

White leftists who fetishize Islam have no idea what it's really like living in a conservative (meaning: right-wing, reactionary) Muslim community or family. It's not all "fuck Amerika, death to Israel, free Palestine, alhamdulillah".

That's a very small change in values tbh


Islam is only "reactionary" because America and its allies want it to be that way.

You don't understand. Being a Muslim female sucks, I mean really sucks.

Islam as a political force is reactionary due to imperialism, yes. But the actual tenets of the faith are still repressive garbage. Ideally they would be sidelined and isolated like the amish or orthodox jews, but of course they would still exist, and still be deserving of criticism.
Not that I think that right-wing rhetoric is actually criticism of Islam rather than extremely thinly-veiled xenophobia, we just need to be careful not to lionize Muslims.

Let me put it this way: the US and its allies are not the reason for the authoritarian Muslim family structure. They're not the reason why Muslim societies are filled to the brim with superstitions and conspiracy theories. Western imperialists aren't the reason for the obsession with female modesty and male dominance. Yes, western imperialism offset secular, socialist, and feminist movements in those countries, but they didn't *create* the problems I've listed.

I predict that in the next few years, more and more WNs are going to be drawn to Islam.

Not gonna lie, I expect them to form their own sect of Islam (Islam is notorious for being more sectarian than Trots) where they paint Muhammad as a white Aryan man.

honestly you might be right. Both fundamentalist Islam and WN both emphasize anti fun after all

forgot about the word filter kek

I support Hezbollah only as defenders of Lebanon, but sheesh, you know there's something up when Matthew Heimbach is prancing around in a Hezbollah flag T-shirt.

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That's what they get for making Pakistani men infertile with their devious poisons.

He and Pierre Tru-Dank should get a room.


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I didn't start reading Houellebecq until after I lost my virginity.
Someday you'll be on your way to use your friend's stolen Huawei Medical Assistance Robot, so you can figure out what exactly you caught from your latest algorithm-assigned gf. An Amazon Traffic and Security Camera System will mistake you for a white Islamist militant. A Google Public Relations and Security drone will shoot you in the chest. As you bleed to death, your last thoughts will be "user was right."

This is exactly the kind of stuff that pushes normies towards the right. You probably don't remember but OWS, before it was skull fucked by identity politics in other words the first week or two of it was entirely about pitching a fit about corruption. I don't know if people just dont remember or willfully forget about it but it started off with Holla Forums AND Holla Forums types standing shoulder to shoulder.

Until the busses full of idpol idiots came in there was almost zero political discussion at all it was ALL about everyone agreeing that the banks and cronies were fucking us over and they should not be allowed to get away with it. And now with all this talk about various corruption going on… Take a look at the facebook groups that aren't full of 19 year old edgelords, those people aren't just banding together against democrats they want the republicans held accountable too.

If we were to, for arguments sake, remove all political discourse from the conversation, I have to admit I would be siding with them. Any corruption anyway needs to be opposed and various policies aside… While they are shouting for everyone who is guilty of corruption to be brought down, the vast majority of the left is only shouting "the republicans are corrupt" while turning a very blatant blind eye towards some serious fucking shenanigans going on in the dnc, nationally and locally.

I want to set the world right but for the first time ever I am having a very hard time justifying my 'allegiances'.. What good change can come from change rooted in highly flawed ethics? And its not just me, I just got home from a weekly organizational get together and the discussion came up and it was startling how many of us were uneasy about all of it.

These fucks are insane, post that on Holla Forums that should be fun

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who is Houellebecq

Also whos that guy with the fake accent? Maoist-Hoaxism or somthing?

fuckoff faggot. israel is a right wing apartheid state, any leftist with even half a brain hates what they do to palestinians and hates their trump loving neo-fascist leadership. literally the only way you could be on the left and not hate israel and colonialism is if you happened to be born jewish, its like if just because someone was born a muslim they support isis. its gross as fuck and ill informed

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